Ten Excellent Documentaries On Food

“Food, Inc.”

The best primer on the modern food business that I know of.

Full film:

“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

Juicing ftw. Drops your weight and reverses some diseases.

Full film:

“Forks Over Knives”

Love their work but personally, not ready yet (or convinced) to give up olive oil, Earth Balance or A1 steak sauce (which is vegan and makes Boca Burgers edible).

First ten minutes:

“Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death”

Not technically a documentary, but a presentation given by Dr. Greger. Excellent.

Full presentation:

“Dirt! The Movie”

Fetishize the soil. No, seriously – to know it is to love it. Go barefoot in the dirt. Grow something.


“The Garden”

They grew. They fought. They lost.

“The Real Dirt on Farmer John”

Less about a cross-dressing farmer than about organic farming and local food.

First twenty minutes:

“Orlando Permaculture”

Kind of slow in some parts but I recommend sticking with it – this is the future of food.
Full film:

“I Like Killing Flies”

Has nothing to do with health, compassion for animals or the environment whatsoever. About a greasy spoon in NYC and the idiosyncratic chef/cook who runs the place.



The amount of food America wastes is unconscionable.