Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?

Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?
Danielle Cooper | Photo by Zachary Krevitt

“We set out with a mission to figure out where all the butch dykes had gone, but like most things in the queer community, we found that just because we aren’t acutely aware of them, doesn’t mean a community isn’t thriving. It’s just changed and evolved as our conversations around gender have shot lightyears ahead in the past 30 years. Masculine-presenting lesbians haven’t disappeared. We’ve just opened our understanding of who fits into those categories.”

Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?
Cade | Photo by Zachary Krevitt

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Ari de Leña – “Farming for Cultural and Ecological Resilience”

Thanks to Mike McCormick of Mind Over Matters for this enlightening & inspiring eco-POV. After watching this video, you might just want to wander over to Kamayan Farm:

“The word kamayan is Tagalog for “with hands” and refers to the traditional Filipino style of eating food with your hands. It is a reminder of the intimate connection between ourselves and our food, the joy of a large meal cooked with love and shared with family, and survival of culture through food.”

kamayan farm near seattle vegetables medicinal herbs earth love

Kamayan Farm, WA | Community Alliance for Global Justice