Animal Rights Activism Meets Street Art in the ‘Vegan Club’

Animal Rights Activism Meets Street Art in the ‘Vegan Club’
Animal Rights Activism Meets Street Art in the ‘Vegan Club’

“’If animals could speak to us, they would say we are the devil,’ Le Fou says, paraphrasing a quote by author William Inge. And the time to change that, he says, is now — not just for the animals, but also the planet, and the people who will benefit in myriad ways from a shift away from eating animals.

“Art is the medium and the message to make it happen, Le Fou says. ‘It’s a crime right now to have talent and not use it for this.'”

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obama by alex grey

Obama by Alex Grey

Alex Grey is one of my favorite artists, right up there with Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

Speaking of art, I have been recently thinking of some new projects and I resurrected an old idea I was thinking of putting forth in a new way: International Art Machine. So I bought and I was thinking of something like the old Defunker (which seems to have merged with BustedTees) wherein people could upload their designs – and not just for t-shirts but prints, coffee mugs, etc. And some profits to go to charity. So a user-generated art project, commerce site, good causes giver . . . if only there were a for ‘web 2.0’? Anyone? Anyone?

. . . Thanks to Klintron of Technoccult for the Obama link. Klintron is quite the bright young entrepreneur; he just launched an online store called: The Swift Fox. Plus, he has a model for a gf named Jillian who has her own online store featuring delectable handknit goods. Plus, he puts on “crazy happenings” . . . watch out for this kid, man. He’s got cult following potential.