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Malcolm a Satire, Part One by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.
Malcolm | A Satire: Part One by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

Malcolm is not from here. He is from far, far away. He has just 30 days to save Earth from imminent global warming disaster, or as he calls it: ‘global roasting.’ Malcolm has superior alien tech, of course, but he has a handicap on this mission: he can’t kill anybody. He must do it systemically. So he takes the form of a human and . . .

U.S. President Dick Boast — a real estate developer and convicted con man from Miami who inexplicably became president not too long ago and immediately set about becoming the ideological arch enemy to the Pope, Robin Hood, and every childhood dream everywhere — is not amused.

Malcolm | A Satire: Part One, by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr. — FREE thru Sunday!