Excerpt from Carl Sagan's Cosmos plus Commentary

“Our generation must choose – which do we value more – short-term profits or the long-term habitability of our planetary home.” – Carl Sagan, Cosmos Episode 4, 1980

This show was written over thirty years ago by Sagan and Ann Druyan and Steven Soter. Since then, the problem has only gotten worse. Not only are global polluters like Big Oil and Big Coal still polluting, they are more powerful than ever and have completely corrupted the American government.

While still reeling from three years of economic recession caused by Wall Street crime and greed (of which still not one single person has been prosecuted by the Obama admin), Americans are now threatened with loss of basic benefits of citizenry, like Medicare, while Big Oil titans sit in front of Congress and bellow and belch arrogance, obnoxiousness and a true sense of entitlement toward the 2 billion a year of American tax dollars given to them like a welfare handout.

Except no one in the U.S. media – including NPR – will call ‘this’ an entitlement. Somewhere along the way, the word ‘entitlement’ has been sabotaged by right wing think tanks to mean only the money government gives the poor and middle class in America and not at all to the billions in welfare we give transnational corporations every year who – while officially centered in the U.S. – also manage to pay little or no taxes.

In addition, Big Oil pours millions every year into pseudoscience to delay the education and resultant action needed in regards to climate change. Barack Obama – a ‘progressive’ only to the dim – does absolutely nothing about it.

Fellow Americans and fellow humans of the world, are you ready to stand up to Big Oil, Big Coal, Wall Street and the completely corrupt U.S. government and change our world around? Are you ready to save our planet and save ourselves?

Because I sure as fucking hell am.

Start here: 350.org

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