Magic Mushrooms May Alter How You Feel About Nature (and Politics)

Image by Eric Grundhauser/Arp/NASA
(Image by Eric Grundhauser/Arp/NASA)

“According to the researchers, patients report feeling more connected to nature months after treatment with a dose of psilocybin. In addition, they show a general shift along an axis of authoritarian and libertarian viewpoints.”


Illustration by Oliver Hibert
(Illustration by Oliver Hibert)

“Long-held beliefs can become entrenched over time, making them hard to change. But psychedelics might provide a way to alter them, a study suggests.”

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Scientists Say Humans’ ‘Lack of Empathy’ Is Leading to Global Species Annihilation

“‘Sadly, our descendants will also have to do without the aesthetic pleasures and sources of imagination provided by our only known living counterparts in the universe,’ said Ehrlich.

“In the meantime, the overall scope of population losses makes clear the world cannot wait to address biodiversity damage, according to the authors. They call for curbs on the basic drivers of extinction—human overpopulation and overconsumption—and challenge society to move away from ‘the fiction that perpetual growth can occur on a finite planet.'”


And why are humans coded to have no empathy toward all other life on Earth? Because they are extremist religious fundamentalists like Scott Pruitt who believe some old guy with a long white beard who lives on a cloud wants us all to harvest biodiversity like we’re mining for gold? Evil fuck.

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When your coding makes your species a cancer upon your own home planet – you got malware, bitch.

(but hey, you don’t want these old white men to make any less $, do you? after all, this is who the whole planet is working & dying for. where is your compassion for the 1%?)

David Korten – Change the Story, Change the Future

Now, hold on there – I know these days when many of us see an older white man behind a podium – a numbed, dulling fatigue immediately begins to set in, like right behind the eyes, but trust me: this is one of the good ones.

“Deep democracy, real democracy is the only way that we can organize as a society, to achieve balance with Earth – and to do it in a way that meets the needs of all.”– David Korten

@dkorten | David Korten’s Blog | Living Economies Forum | YES! Magazine

“We can almost be literally be anything we want to be – and I’m not talking individuals; I’m talking about societies.” – David Korten

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Eat Greens Every Day

Leafy greens super food for super gods
leafy greens – super food for super powers

“The study results suggest that people who ate one serving of green, leafy vegetables had a slower rate of decline on tests of memory and thinking skills than people who rarely or never ate them. The study results also suggest that older adults who ate at least one serving of leafy green vegetables showed an equivalent of being 11 years younger cognitively.”

One serving of leafy greens a day may slow brain aging by 11 years

green vegetables veggies leafy greens yum eat every day
delicious yum yum plantstrong power

Mas, from 2015: Lots of leafy greens might shield aging brains, study finds

Nutrition questions? Go see Dr. Greger — he’s got you covered.

Plus: January salad porn by NYT

The Senses at the American Museum of Natural History

The Senses at the American Museum of Natural History
interspecies pov exchange

“A walkthrough of the new exhibit—Our Senses—at The American Museum of Natural History may not be as easy as it sounds. The 11-room whirlpool of perceptual delights is a completely novel experience in sensory perception. In it you will experience the five senses not only as a human, but also as animals with different sensory domains. You will see in infra-red like a snake and in ultra-violet like a butterfly”


The Senses at the American Museum of Natural History

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