Friluftsliv: The Nordic Concept Of Getting Outdoors

Friluftsliv: The Nordic Concept Of Getting Outdoors
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“Their passion for nature cuts to the heart of what Scandinavians call friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv). The expression literally translates as ‘open-air living’ and was popularised in the 1850s by the Norwegian playwright and poet, Henrik Ibsen, who used the term to describe the value of spending time in remote locations for spiritual and physical wellbeing.”

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Eat Greens Every Day

Leafy greens super food for super gods
leafy greens – super food for super powers

“The study results suggest that people who ate one serving of green, leafy vegetables had a slower rate of decline on tests of memory and thinking skills than people who rarely or never ate them. The study results also suggest that older adults who ate at least one serving of leafy green vegetables showed an equivalent of being 11 years younger cognitively.”

One serving of leafy greens a day may slow brain aging by 11 years

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Mas, from 2015: Lots of leafy greens might shield aging brains, study finds

Nutrition questions? Go see Dr. Greger — he’s got you covered.

Plus: January salad porn by NYT

Ari de Leña – “Farming for Cultural and Ecological Resilience”

Thanks to Mike McCormick of Mind Over Matters for this enlightening & inspiring eco-POV. After watching this video, you might just want to wander over to Kamayan Farm:

“The word kamayan is Tagalog for “with hands” and refers to the traditional Filipino style of eating food with your hands. It is a reminder of the intimate connection between ourselves and our food, the joy of a large meal cooked with love and shared with family, and survival of culture through food.”

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Kamayan Farm, WA | Community Alliance for Global Justice