Malcolm a Satire, Part One by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

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Malcolm is not from here. He is from far, far away. He has just 30 days to save Earth from imminent global warming disaster, or as he calls it: ‘global roasting.’ Malcolm has superior alien tech, of course, but he has a handicap on this…


Why Schools Fail To Teach Slavery’s ‘Hard History’

“‘In the ways that we teach and learn about the history of American slavery,’ write the authors of a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), ‘the nation needs an intervention.’ “This new report, titled Teaching Hard History: American Slavery, is meant to…

Blvck Vrchives - photo by Johanne Rahaman

Blvck Vrchives

“Launched and created by Renata Cherlise during the summer of 2015, Blvck Vrchives has evolved from a photo-based website of visual narratives, into a collaborative platform featuring archival histories and modern-day stories from across the African diaspora.” Blvck Vrchives Insta | Tumblr | Vimeo

David Korten – Change the Story, Change the Future

Now, hold on there – I know these days when many of us see an older white man behind a podium – a numbed, dulling fatigue immediately begins to set in, like right behind the eyes, but trust me: this is one of the good…

They Live (1988)

Trailer: Did you know “They Live” inspired Shepard Fairey’s famous OBEY campaign?