Sensual Liberation Army

(I’m just gonna copy this in here from the SLA about page):

Sensual Liberation Army | est. 2000

presently (2018)

Attempting to navigate the delicate interstitial space between nonsexual body-positive nudity and sensual, sex-positive erotica against a moving backdrop of humanitarian struggle and progress since 2000.

origin story

Sensual Liberation Army was first created and launched as a blog on the Dr. Menlo domain in October 2000.

Its original mention on the web was in this piece on Exquisite Corpse: Copernicus Grape Loves Ivy, & Ivy Loves Copernicus Grape, by Dr. Menlo (April/May 2000).

Designed with one simple, nonprofit guerrilla marketing mission in mind: divert nude pageviews (back then the number one source of traffic on the internet — before social media came along) toward good, progressive causes.

Thus: See Some Nudes/Save the World! was born.

Becoming also the world’s first nude/adult/sex/porn/babelog blog — entirely by accident.

sex-positive pr0n?

Of course, then, the challenge from a progressive POV was: is there any erotica out there eligible in this category?

Luckily, sex-positive was a thing back then, so yes. It is a delicate dance, to be sure. Here is where we are on it now, if you are curious — SLA presents the Best Erotica Out There 2018.

nice words

“We here at Fleshbot have been huge fans of Sensual Liberation Army ever since we were still wearing our porn blogging training wheels.”Fleshbot

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fun facts

  • When Suicide Girls first launched their site, they wrote to us to help them promote it.



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