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abuddhas memes by Tony Tross was one of the first blogs I ever came across way back in 2000 — indexed at the legendary “metascene” blog run by Fred Pyen. Tony hailed from the Yukon and was brilliant, erudite, soulful and funny . . .

While I absolutely loved his blog, it was hosted on some server in Canada that gave him a very long and complicated url — so I offered him free hosting here, which he accepted. I think his was the first blog I hosted on this domain other than my own.

Tony also became a contributor to my group political blog American Samizdat.

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abuddhas memes, the portal
abuddhas memes, the blog

where are they now

Tony Tross very sadly passed away from our corporeal world in March 2018.

[I am working on a longer piece in memoriam to him now.]