All Hail The Giant Pacific Octopus, Master Of Disguise

All Hail The Giant Pacific Octopus, Master Of Disguise

fucking gorgeous, right? on this planet? which we are killing?

So good at disguise, scientists just recently discovered one species was actually two:

“Of all the animals kept in aquariums around the world, one always stands out. The jellyfish, the sharks, the skates, the giant sea bass, and the clownfish—they’re beautiful and often impressive, sure, but in the end, behind their glass enclosures, they’re basically moving wallpaper. There’s only one creature that knows everything that’s going on, watches everyone who walks by, and judges it all.

“The giant Pacific octopus is both my favorite and least favorite animal to visit at the aquarium.”


via: Octopuses are so clever, scientists missed a species right under their noses, by Elijah Wolfson

giant beautiful pacific octopus

fucking beautiful, the life on this world

. . . if only all the beautiful creatures on this big blue Earth could hide from humans.