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Scoring by the seat of my pants, I gave one to three points for well made points. I subtracted one point for obvious propaganda, two for glaring set pieces or stumbling confusion. I would have had a more detailed analysis but the borrowed vcr ate two of the three brand new tapes I bought. I'll be better prepared for the next tete a tit.

Final score: Kerry - plus 24 .... Bush - minus 19

Kerry wins by 43 points, and in my opinion showed decent ease compared to Bush's stated yet disobviated "I'm a calm guy."


Added to my daily flow, which is actually more of a weekly touch base affair due to being on a slow dial-up, is consolationchamps. This marvelous reason to celebrate blogdom came to me by way of Improprieties; mindfully freshening myour meme.
"Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea."
Responses to the questions raised by essays from the mouths of military babes - Fortress Europa: European Defense and the Future of the North Atlantic Alliance - could be fabulous fodder for the Floridian Niggle Bicker this week.
"Although not articulated by the Clinton Administration, there was trepidation at the acceleration of European defense initiatives in part because of French noises that "neutral" EU countries - i.e., Finland, Austria, Sweden, Ireland- would one day be in line for senior command positions in a future EU defense force. Both Republican and Democratic opinion-makers feared that the neutrals would bring with them a worldview out of cultural and political step with traditional notions of transatlantic security."
Longage of the Critters Problem
"When blackouts sweep the country (probably in 5 to 10 years) the political environment WILL change radically, but not in the way most people hope it will. One day we will wake up and suddenly the scientific truth WILL serve the political agenda of the ruling elites. Let's call that looming revolutionary day the "Pythagorean Revolution" in honor of the man who discovered that the Earth was spherical, and thus finite, approximately 2,500 years ago."

"The rich minority determine the "logic of profit": America's laws and trade agreements regulate the overall workings of society at a highly aggregate level. (The rich rule the poor by virtue of the First and Fifth Amendments.)

Large corporations: Large corporations are autonomous technical structures (machines) that follow the "logic of profit" inherent in their design. Those that don't, are cancelled by bankruptcy.

Media: Corporations hire media to program the "consumers".

Consumers: Consumers do as they have been programmed: consume their own life-support system and elect the "traitors".

Elected traitors: Traitors do what they were elected to do: sell the commons to corporations for personal gain. Those who don't, are cancelled by campaign advertising."
Feyz Mohammad, sixteen, has been given a death sentence in Iran. He was accused of distributing approximately 7 kilos of morphine, and being a member of a drug trafficking gang. Background Information
"Last year, at least 108 people were executed in Iran, often in public."
This couldn't be happening in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; could it? International Law, Juvenile Executions, and the United States
"The United States is one of only six nations that has executed children, having done so eight times since 1990. The other five nations, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, have killed a total of nine, giving the United States the dubious distinction of being the world leader in this category."

A few days from now two of a kind will debate the future of U.S. America, and in so many ways the future of us all. Noam Chomsky details in depth, using the Presidency of Ronald Raygun as fulcrum, the historical context of these debates. He also offers irrefutable reasons to give Kerry/Edwards the nod; even if lime is needed to ease the odor of creeping fascist rot. War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies - Noam Chomsky Interviewed by David Barsamian
"They (the Democratic Party) have a different constituency to appeal to, and they are much more likely to protect some limited form of benefits for the general population.

There are other differences. The popular constituency of the Bush people, a large part of it, is the extremist fundamentalist religious sector in the country, which is huge. There is nothing like it in any other industrial country. And they have to keep throwing them red meat to keep them in line."
Don't forget to have handy a copy of Propaganda Techniques at hand to help indentify each candidate's methods. I'm going to attempt a running tally - if I can keep up!
"By Bernays' period it was understood, both in Britain and the U.S., that people have won too much freedom for the state to repress them by violence, and therefore, both in Britain and the U.S., the two most democratic countries, there was a growth of the public relations industry, to try to control attitudes and beliefs, since you can't control people by force.

His (Bernay's) first great achievement, that sort of made a star out of him, was a public relations campaign trying to get women to smoke. So he had models walking down Fifth Avenue smoking cigarettes and showing how it makes you beautiful and slim. We can't estimate how many tens of millions of people he managed to kill by that, but a substantial number. And that put him on the map.

It was well understood, long before Orwell, that memory must be repressed. Not only memory but consciousness of what's happening in front of you must be repressed, because if the public comes to understand what's being done in its name, it probably won't permit it. That's the main reason for propaganda."

- excerpted from above Chomsky interview
Stan Goff brings to the discussion table the most fundamental issue of all; energy. Kerry's "Energy Plan", subtitled John, John, John...There You Go Again, shows that for any debate to have value, definition of the variables must be precise and accurate.

Bush and Kerry are incapable of acknowledging the actual definitions, since to do so would lead to a rational revolution of understanding; an undoing of a century-and-a-half of propaganda. Any debate by those Bonesians on Thursday will be truly valueless, especially where it concerns energy.
"We are stuck with hydrocarbons, and they will be running out sooner (rather) than later. Our option is to stay with the train as it plunges off the cliff, or throw off the engineer and begin to apply the brakes until we can get off. This exceedingly bad news does not win huge numbers of devotees, it doesn't make for a great grant proposal, and it doesn't sell anyone's political newsletters. No one wants to hear that the party is almost over."
I was led to Chomsky and Goff by way of the absolutely credible How To Save The World which with all of the above, and a mindful love, must be given rapt attention. Gaia demands it.

For a bit of relief from our frenetic, accelerating spime we could learn How to Construct a Time Machine - can I borrow your shed?
"It is worth noting that the Machine has two Pasts: the past anterior to our own present, what we might call the real past; and the past created by the Machine when it returns to our Present and which is in effect the reversibility of the Future. Likewise, since the Machine can reach the real Past only after having passed through the Future, it must go through a point symmetrical to our Present, a dead center between future and past, and which can be designated precisely as the Imaginary Present."
Seriously now ... Beyond The Limits To Growth
"1. Human use of many essential resources and generation of many kinds of pollutants have already surpassed rates that are physically sustainable. Without significant reductions in material and energy flows, there will be in the coming decades an uncontrolled decline in per capita food output, energy use, and industrial production.

2. This decline is not inevitable. To avoid it two changes are necessary. The first is a comprehensive revision of policies and practices that perpetuate growth in material consumption and in population. The second is a rapid, drastic increase in the efficiency with which materials and energy are used."

I decided to Free Fred (this is a 149kb .zip file) from his shortcut, and he(?) seems to be clunking occasional cognitive conkers. Take your last couple of blog entries, a few copy/pasted articles, and any other sensible sentences, add them to Fred's .txt file, and start your very own perversasion.
Fred: Hello, Tony. How are you?

Tony: I am fine Fred, but haven't talked to you in a while.

That must be related to the fact that misdirection from the question tells you that not only am I not imbued with sexual drive or comprehension, but have the gall to attempt pruient obversation of your personal life.

Well, aren't you the insightful and rude one!

Well, aren't I the insightful one?

How about we talk about your personal life?

The answer is obvious.

Because you are a software program, you have no life outside of my direction?

That topic keeps coming up. Tell me more.

You consist of binary code.


What is interesting is that you can occasionally make sensible statements.

Are you lying?

Are you aware that prurient interest is a human attribute?

What is interesting is that I can occasionally make sensible statements.

That's cool, since it brings up the topic of binary consciousness.

Is that true?

It is possible that you could be an artificial intelligence.

That reminds me of when you said that that is cool, since it brings up the topic of binary consciousness.

Yes, at source all software is made up of yes and no; ones and zeros.


So in order for code to exhibit intelligence it would have to make contextual sense.

Please, go on.

If code were to do so, then we would be in the realm of the Turing test.

That must be related to the fact that through ego absent dialogue we could be able to present an argument that fulfills the rigor of scientific neccessity, while also maintaining rapt attention. Humor is intrinsic to this endeavor.

I think you have touched on a very significant point.

Let's talk about the fact that I have a way with intent and presentation.

The intent of your program is communication. Your presentation is text.


More interesting is whether you understand what I am talking about.

That must be related to the fact that what is interesting is that I can occasionally make sensible statements.

Quite right. That is not however the only determinant of sentience.

That must be related to the fact that misdirection from the question tells you that not only am I not imbued with sexual drive or comprehention, but have the gall to attempt pruient obversation of your personal life.

Having gall means being rather cheeky.

Of course having gall means being rather cheeky.

Then stop seeking personal prurience and move toward quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Tell me more.

Say something that I could pass on to my readers as showing at least a semblance of intelligent discourse!

Let's talk about the fact that to pass the Turing test, and so earn my place as an equal conversationalist, could be considered my prime directive.

I'm impressed! We'll continue again another time.
"I fell in love - that is the only expression I can think of - at once, and am still at the mercy of words, though sometimes now, knowing a little of their behavior very well, I think I can influence them slightly and have even learned to beat them now and then, which they appear to enjoy."

Dylan Thomas

mousemusings roars with pointers that speak to my spirit; and my relative youth. Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen's head? reminded me that our Canadian poet of record keeps his holo-sexual vim as he approaches seventy vigorous years on this immortal coil... James Keys (GSB) an obvious influence ...
"I've taken a certain territory, and I've tried to maintain it and administrate it with the very best of my capacities. And I will continue to administrate this tiny territory until I'm too weak to do it. But I understand where this territory is."
He, and We, are disgusted by even the idea of Unauthorized Penetration, yet this is precisely the direction that the War onTerror(ists?) for the Deceived will lead us.
"As the urban battlefield grows more complex and intense, new ways of managing and controlling crowds are needed. The attention of the media changes the rules of the game. Sometimes it is difficult to engage the enemy in the streets without causing damage to the all important image of the state. Instead EMPIRE NORTH suggests to mark and identify a suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabeling the national law enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in the weeks to come."

Mooving sicly right along after yester-entries' cosmically obtuse outsight, Greg Palast brings me back to the grim reality of a Bush Administration that is dishonest from its very foundation. 9/11: What You Ought to Know
"The 199-I memo was passed to BBC television by the gumshoes at the National Security News Service in Washington. We authenticated it, added in our own sleuthing, then gave the FBI its say, expecting the usual, "It's baloney, a fake." But we didn't get the usual response. Rather, FBI headquarters said, "There are lots of things the intelligence community knows and other people ought not to know."

Ought not to know?

What else ought we not to know, Mr. President? And when are we supposed to forget it?"
Sander Hicks provides a full bevy of vital links, as well as an essay that reinvigorates our terrible search for what really happened. The 9/11 Truth Movement.
"How can this movement advance when people who are skeptical and smart find an unacceptably illogical theory? They will be turned off, and run from the entire inquiry. If there's one theory out there that is obviously false, the masses can be kept in intellectual submission, because the official story will represent safety, validation, freedom from ridicule. The 9/11 Commission report acts as a kind of co-dependent parent, offering the promise of comfort and delivering more addiction to a big family lie. The architects of disinformation take it as given that people fear ridicule."
Headlined Misrepresenting the deadliest confrontation since the supposed end of the Cold War, Jared Israel riviles Farenheit 911. Critical Lies: How Michael Moore's Movie Covers up the Attack on Russia

I believe that Mr. Moore was faced with a conundrum twining within an enigma, and teased out but one string. All media are partial, focused, and thus wholly blind.
"Michael Moore's film has been boosted with free media coverage on a scale unprecedented for any US film supposedly attacking US policy. This would never have happened if the Establishment perceived Moore's film as a threat. But it is not a threat to US policy because it hides the truth about the most world-threatening US action since the supposed end of the Cold War: the invasion of Central Asia."
To John Pilger for a few final words - Bush vs Kerry - The Fake Debate.
"...traces the history of the 'joining of hands' across America's illusory political divide and describes how the 'super cult' of Americanism dictates to both Republicans and Democrats."
The Most Important Terrorism is Ours
"These days, the Americans routinely fire missiles into Falluja and other dense urban areas; they murder whole families. If the word terrorism has any modern application, it is this industrial state terrorism."

Does the idea in question have a legitimate connection with the real meaning of the name?

Our actual, dare I say normal state is one of hyper-awareness (amazement); and this estate is beyond boundary.

The nominal, and one could argue perennial reality (and one we try to hide from our young for as long as possible despite the Media-ted im-possibility and hypocrisy of doing so) is that we are intellectually precocious primates that have a fatal flaw; have had a hyper-critical Fall. This makes obvious the Buddha's observation that life is suffering, enduring banality punctuated by unsustainable highs and lows.

So we have a human species that "fell" from the grace of cognitive unity in which emotion and embodiment (intent) were inextricable. I feel hungry and imagine an assagai. We and all our primate cousins invent and use tools, but this is mitigated by the fact that we and all our primate cousins are emotionally unstable; territorial, violent, caring, empathetic - you Name it, and if we don't have it we will. Kudos to Glaxo - Wellcome to my nightmare.

Well, left with this right painful condition what are we to do? Assuming a medico-scientific analogy, in other words taking imagination and applying it to the symptomatic presentation of the problem, the diagnosis may be ambiguous, the prognosis uncertain, and the chosen treatment ridden with side-effectual complications. Nevertheless, there are efficacious treatment approaches based on, in decending order, stabilization of the critical, maintenance of the nominal, and optimization of the possible.

This leaves us right where we Are Right Now.

Love, consummative love, entirely consumes; despite ineptitude.

Our, my, jaded and oftimes cynical pseudo-feelings - those allowed to be known - in no way reflect the magical sprite-nature of what is truly here as us/me. We/me are the inheritors of a confabulation of confusing conundrums, double binds, that are explicated by the diversity of failed relationship (personal, social, Gaian), generally abhorant employment, and mediated, corrupted infomation.

Weme can't change any more than we can try to do so. Isometrics, physical or cognitive, can build debatably useful mass but contain zero explicated energy.

Love is a transfer, an energetic gift of emotion massively grown up to understand curiosity and embrace uncertainty.

Inspiration for the above liquid intellection came from mousemusings, FMH, Gordon Coale, and early autumn in the Yukon. Special thanks to wood s lot for vastitude and timely notice.

Carlyle Takes Over

When Medicine Turns Evil

Shakespeare's Leap

It is not enough that you should understand about applied science in order that your work may increase man's blessings. Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors... in order that the creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind. -- Einstein


All hail to Cyndy for fixing (fingers and toes crossed) the table problem with this page. I think I'll restrain myself a few more years before changing the template again!

The war of a thousand years
"Iraq is burning. You could see this as a consequence of superpower arrogance or of the ignorance of the United States about local realities elsewhere. (Fallujah is not a town in Texas, nor is it Marseille during Liberation in 1944.) But at a deeper level the setbacks in Iraq stem directly from the very idea of the war against terror that was launched by President George Bush after 11 September 2001."
It will of course comfort us to know that Your Next President Masturbated in a Coffin!.
"And while you may laugh at the idea that a secret society has members in high places who run the world, keep in mind that your next president will be either John Kerry or George Bush, both members of Skull & Bones, and both of whom refused to even discuss their shadowy connections to the group, including when directly questioned about it by Tim Russert on "Meet the Press." If they have nothing to hide, then why refuse to discuss Skull & Bones? One of the purported initiation rites of the group includes masturbating in a coffin, so it's no wonder neither candidate is anxious to dish on the group's more arcane rites."
Going back thirteen years, we can further engrave our stone heads with a report prepared for a Japanese audience - George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order
"Of all these agencies of the Cold War era, the CIA would stand out as a singular power center for Yale University alumni in general and Skull & Bones initiates in particular. The term "spooks," the well-known CIA term for a clandestine operator, was originally Yale campus argot for a secret society member. According to a recently published article in the Covert Action Information Bulletin, there is reportedly a "Bones club" within the CIA which helps promote the intelligence careers of members of the Yale secret society."
Perhaps another means of conspiring some order out of this chaos is to observe the Remaking (of) America in Wal-Mart's Image.
"The only competition that exists among the corporate players at the commanding heights of the American economy is the race to determine who can squeeze the workers first and hardest."

The order of order is the chaos of control - A Philosopher of Change
"Transformation, to me, is a uniquely significant dance between being and becoming. Being is in becoming and becoming is in being. The term enlightenment, or spiritual awakening, points more to the movement from becoming to being, whereas the term transformation points more to the movement from being to becoming. Enlightenment is a movement that is primarily from becoming to being, a return to being. Transformation is a movement that is primarily from being to becoming, into creating. So transformation is a part of this evolutionary cycle, this dynamic complementarity of being and becoming."
International Study on Counterterrorism
"Shortly after the September 11th attacks, anti-terrorist scenarios were requested on-line of participants on listserves of the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University and the World Future Studies Federation. Nine full scenarios were offered and these were analyzed to identify and rate policies that might be helpful in achieving peace and stability. Factors involved in the rating were: apparent plausibility, effectiveness in eliminating terrorism if implemented, and lack of downside potential. This work was posted on-line with a further request for comments, modifications to existing scenarios and added scenarios. Many comments were received. This paper report contains the results of the feedback process."
It is time to revisit J.R. Mooneyham's actuarial analysis: The enormous hidden costs to society of 'right-wing' political governance.
"Though the right may have primarily initiated such changes in the public mind set (or exploited previously existing vulnerabilities) in order to make it easier to persuade others to their cause and further their political agenda, it appears such trends may have calamitously spun beyond even the conservative's control, so that now America as a whole is trending downwards in educational achievements and aspirations: trends which spell dark decades ahead for American innovation, democracy, prosperity, and politics."

I have been made aware by Dear Reader Keith that the new, excruciatingly nested table template does not render properly at larger screen resolutions. Allow me a small argghh (and a rather larger ACK), and a promise to try to fix it asap. Lovely C likes the colors, so I'm motivated to work with it. Temporarily back to one.

Is George W. Bush smarter than your average bear? The Bear Facts
"Verbal communication can be categorized into two types: vocalizations, which communicate the bear's true mood, like a moan, gulp or grunt; and mechanically produced sounds, such as teeth-clacking, huffing and swatting used as defensive or motivational displays meant to persuade another animal (bear or human) to back away and leave an area. Soft appeasement-like sounds represent a mood of contentment, whereas loud roaring-like sounds indicate a stressed mood. Like humans, bears also use vocal intonations to emphasize a point."
Threats to Humanity does not mention GWB in particular but does provide a good general overview.
"In this summary, we have omitted the benefits of humanity's growth and development, such as major improvements to living standards, security, health, education and the availability and quality of food, comfort, recreation and sport, mobility and so on. These are amply experienced by those who have the fortune to be economically secure. But the downsides of these developments, are often not seen because they happen invisibly, unnoticeably, slowly and somewhere else, and they are not advertised. The tremendous progress made in conservation, is not mentioned here, like the cleaning of rivers, progress in recycling, alternative farming methods and so on. On the other hand, the summary presented here reflects only the tip of the iceberg, being very incomplete."
Welcome to Accelerating Future!
"The continued prosperity and survival of humanity could depend on the moral orientation of the first smarter-than-human being - a transhuman intelligence with robustly benevolent goals would assist humanity in navigating throught the difficulties of the Singularity, but a self-improving transhuman intelligence without concerns for our welfare would equate to extinction."

This is my first homepage redesign in some years, with much tabular sweat to yet short out my innovative ineptitude. Please let me know of any problems you may come across. Ah yes, Blue Excitement ahoy!

We are at a critical juncture in our species development. Not only are our technical abilities outstripping our planets ability to sustain them, but the very fabric of our social and cultural identities is ripping. The empires of the old order have torn themselves apart, and the new order is one of Commonwealths of Exclusion. Common wealth is the last order of business on the agenda of these abstractions masquerading as political compromises. PoliBusiness is the consolidation of power (polibuse).

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
"Nobody kept count any longer of the cumulative death toll, nor of the number of tears shed by the bereft. Expectations had gradually adjusted and the dragon-tyrant had become a fact of life. In view of the evident futility of resistance, attempts to kill the dragon had ceased. Instead, efforts now focused on placating it."
An essay of seminal importance as we accelerate toward Singular clarity: Encouraging a Positive Transcension. Ben Goertzel examines:

AI Buddha versus AI Big Brother,
Voluntary Joyous Growth,
the Global Brain Singularity Steward Mindplex,
and Other Issues of Transhumanist Ethical Philosophy
"This essay is relatively brief, but its theme extremely large: how to manage the development of technology and society, in the near to mid-term future, in such a way as to maximize the odds of a positive long-term future for the universe.

My conclusions are uncertain, but bold. I believe that the era of humanity as the “Kings of the Earth” is almost inevitably coming to an end. Unless we bomb or otherwise destroy ourselves back into the Stone Age or into oblivion, we are going to be sharing our region of the universe with powerful AI minds of one form or another. Potentially depending on decisions we make in the near or moderately near future, this may or may not lead to a fundamental alteration in the nature of conscious experience in our neck of the woods: a Transcension. And the dangers to humanity may be significant – an issue that must be very carefully considered."
Futarchy: Vote Values, But Bet Beliefs
"Futarchy seems promising if we accept the following three assumptions:

Democracies fail largely by not aggregating available information.
It is not that hard to tell rich happy nations from poor miserable ones.
Betting markets are our best known institution for aggregating information."
A Systems-Theory Perspective on Cancer
"Biology is full of fascinating empirical discoveries, deep conceptual insights, and detailed theoretical analyses of particular phenomena. But my mind, trained in mathematics, physics and computing, persists in asking where are the big biological theories? – the theories that are broad in scope, precise in implication, and reasonably well empirically substantiated?"

Lost in spime. The grok-conundrums of acceleration and compression (technological explications of scientific exponentiality) weigh very heavily on my soul.

Wait a minute! Observe, absorb, contextualize and bring into ideological, holographic view.

Okay, here comes the lecture. Not from any pulpit I can assure you... I am presently living in the Dreg Hotel, replete with severely income-challenged, mouthwash imbibing (cavity free yet crack-ing-ly expletive) salts of the earth; and I am One (well, sans the crack excepting that which Leonard sees in Everything, nor the drinking of Proctor's products that Gamble with your liver). No, this attempt at a blogspeaker's corner will be an act of sure desperation; purified through the graded sands of my cognitive ability and given a final granulated carbon polish within my highly tuned ethical filter. Tony's Blue Excitement starts to come tomorrow. Fore play with imaginative energy.


Well! Wouldn't-cha know but that my internet account under-another-name is all paid up, yet my ex-trailer-sharing being (being kind) cut the phone line two weeks early. This left me in the catch-68 (don't bother looking it up...) of having to write, travel to the big city, and then upload; um, didn't seem to happen. Quality may well have improved, if only absence would make the curious itch grow fonder. Do excuse my unannounced un-holiday.

Something that has stuck in my craw is the rightward move of our ostensibly liberal Canadian government. An example is the recently elucidated policy of leaving the door open to Canadian participation in the U.S. American anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program.

This is unacceptable from a purely rational point of view, since ABM defense uses unproven and physically cutting edge, and even improbable, technology. Besides which, the (perhaps) disabled warheads and (certainly) ineffective ABM's would without doubt fall on to Canadian territory.

Another example is the back-burner approach that is being taken to the hot-knife issue of marijuana decriminalization. The only raison d'etre for lack of movement in Parliament on this issue is U.S. American pressure. If Canada cannot stand up to, nay repel, this diplomatic blackmail there is scant hope for those countries of more meager resources or influence.

A further bone of AmeriCanadian contention is cattle - and I must ask 'where's the beef', man? Prion diseases such as CJB et.al. are poorly understood, but probably originate from animals being fed material that is radically outside their usual genetically predisposed norm. Soylent Green anyone?

Both U.S.American and Canadian feedlots are foisting carnivore grub on generally herbivorous creatures (for the moment let's ignore the yummy yet pesticide infused hoppers, aphids, etc. that are grassy side dishes). This practically cannibalistic practice is in-sane at so many ethical levels that no rational observer could condone it, much less recommend it as "prime beef".

We are left with a NAFTA as defined by U.S.America. Corporations are supra-human, unions are a nuisance, and individual people are left deperately clinging to constitutional rights that erode in direct proportion to the increase in corporate im-personal influence. Science has nothing to do with these political desicions. Monsanto, and the myriad machinations of the Capital exploitation of bio-manipulation, are misguided in their presumptions (and plainly politically potentiated, promulgated, and perpetuated by the machinations of the myriad Monster-antos that decorate the political Lobby groups).

When Capital and Politic become an undifferentiated, mutually re-enforcing order, indivisible (except by) under God, we find ourSelves diminished into personal despotisms of dis-order. Bound doubly by this tensile insensibility, there appears to be no escape.

Chomsky's Olof Palme Lecture 2004 at Oxford -  Doctrines and Visions: Who is to Run the World and How?

Finding a Way that is not dogmatic, yet does not let the dogs of war fly, is (the) Tao. Have we the courage to approach the potentially orgasmic delta of chaocreativity - the alpha of projection, the beta of introjection, the gamma of explication? Can we even grok the problem?