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September's Dysphoric Pensiveness
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World New York led me to an article in the National Post suggesting that our uniquely Canadian journey of distinct national sovereignty may be coming to its natural, if perhaps hastened, conclusion. The end of Canadian nationalism - aftermath pushes North America to inevitable union strikes me as a spurious argument that is based on the pretense that financial coupling, while deceptively pleasing, is equal to penetrating cultural intercourse.

I would go further and suggest that while the U.S.A. is based on the great melting-pot of cultural uniformity, Canada was founded and thrives on the great challenges and possibilities of cultural diversity.

The three main thrusts of the Canadian experience have been the shared knowledge and values of the English, French and First Nations societies. This is always a work in progress.

Our poly-society in fact provides the perfect counterbalance not only to American hegemonous projections, but also historically and presently supports peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts worldwide. We are a unique people, radically if subtly so, and will not be swayed by misbegotten or fearful designs on the multi-coloured Canuck tapestry.
"Since 1776, the essential Canadian question has always been what kind of Americans we would become. We were wrong to think we would evolve into a radically distinct people."
Michael Bliss; mirroring a capitalist's dream-reality.
teach your children well

Pointing out what most of us already know, Dalton Camp does not see a population of blood-lusting retributes. There is no question that we, the people, are media-savvy savants sick of surreptitious nonsense; and are looking for honesty and a voeracious context. Canada need not be lockstep with U.S.
"I spent the past weekend in Regina, engulfed in bright sunlight under cloudless skies, in the company of Canadians who were worried about the threat to democracy from media convergence, a contagious communications virus carried by money. These concerns struck many of those present as more serious than the risk of attack from crop-dusting aircraft spraying anthrax."
What leaves current attention when we are misattentively co-opted by the tsunami of mediated mass attention, is the tending to pre-existing psychic wounds. The War on OurSelves has not gone away whilst we otherwise emote. Last year's Narco-of-the-Month, Carlos Castaño, is undoubtedly still spreading his own brand of terror, funded by the good 'ol you. said. abysmal. Narco News has not named a Narco-of-the-Month since May. The case is so strong against Carlos Castaño that we hereby designate him Narco-of-the-Months for June, July, August and September of 2000.
"Not since Nicolai Caucescu -- the Romanian dictator who appeared on national television every night (until the popular revolt when, in a poetic turn of media history, he himself was shot to death on Christmas day 1989 on live TV) -- has a war criminal been able to use the media so effectively to postpone judgement for his crimes against humanity. "
Stealth tactics, Moonies and the art of cynicism
"Look out your window, baby.
There's a scene you'll like to catch.
A band is playin' Dixie.
A man's got his hand outstretched.
Could be the fuhrer,
Could be the local priest.
Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace."
Sri Dylan
The magnitude!, ideological, sensual, political, judicial and in every way imaginable, of the decriminalization of presently censured psychoactives would go beyond any ken. Our species is egged-on, and in no way hardboiled, by the wise and educated use of all entheosubstances that are nominally safe and perception expanding. Excusing the boldness, LSD, Faith and Blind Faith by Carrie Drake is a worthy addition to enhanced understanding.
"Science grants the same acknowledgment of the similarity of chemistry in the brain as in the other organs among all people."
islands in a stream of consciousness - the underlying principle of the Universe revealed is a lecture prepared by Matthew Piscioneri. Surely the philosophical magnitude of sane grokness could enlighten the dreary banality of capital userousness. Need we beg, now that a prime sin has become a primary example of primacy?
"...I guess I find answers I like, anwers I am sympathetic to, in the wholistic sic-ly, eh contiguous Universe of David Bohm, Fritjof Capra and a great many other contented material monists."
Greg Burch...coolness

Okay, although I am prone to deceptive self-rationalization and so often give the appropriate rather than honest response, I must concur that my initial reaction to the Bushy one's initial reaction to being told of the devastating attacks, was one of disbelief.

The supposed leader of the 'free world' cavalierly carries on with a cartoonish charade while the twins of 'Rome' burn? It is very important to examine the first reactions President Bush had concerning the events of September 11.

Unknown Gnus gnus are cute, eh? consistantly brings best-known neus hardly sic at all to my attention - in this case lawgiver.org's obscure goat story. Now you may bray and shit, you may even nay and quit, but don't discount the observations of so many; even if we'd like to not admit such complicity.
"One of the basic instructions taught to every U.S. military and civilian police trainee is to "watch and observe". Let's observe what really took place before these headline stories are buried in a sea of obscurity."
What is Global Hawk?
"Its long range and long endurance combined with satellite and line-of-sight communication links allow worldwide operation of the unmanned aircraft."
other aircraft could be remotely operated

More of these remotely dangerous, yet perhaps ultimately useful (for peaceful remote sensing) robotic flyers may be grokked in an article from Jane's: UCAVs spread their wings.
"The larger UCAVs are big enough to carry off-the-shelf weapons and have as great a range as any tactical fighter. They carry onboard sensors, including active radar, and are designed to operate as autonomously as the rules of engagement will permit."
stealthy, too

Acoustic Monitoring of the Ocean
"It has been said that we know less about the ocean depths than about the surface of the moon. Yet, deep-ocean currents and temperature structure affect not only long-term global and regional climate, but also interannual weather patterns and the distribution of nutrients upon which all marine life depends."
The World Health Organisation has prematurely released its report Responding to the deliberate use of biological agents and chemicals as weapons ---- Frequently asked questions regarding the deliberate use of biological agents and chemicals as weapons.
"Any infectious agents or toxic chemical could in theory be engineered for deliberate use as a weapon. Experts in this field believe that smallpox, anthrax, botulism and plague are the pathogens most likely to be used."
By way of also not found I was returned to an old haunting interest - electromagnetic disruption. An E-Bomb wouldn't outright kill anyone, but could utterly redefine our existence.
"Knock out electric power, computers and telecommunication and you've destroyed the foundation of modern society."
harden our electronics?

Operation Arrogant Hypocrisy
"Somewhere, just this morning, a writer was citing the fact that none of the bought and paid for media have raised the question about it being just a bit odd to have a non-elected president encouraging the nation and the world to join him in a "crusade" for democracy."

Penned a few months ago, The Growing Threat of Biological Weapons, shows that bio-weapons have already been used and are a very likely choice for those who would inflame.

We are perhaps at a confluence in which the river of cooperation joins a torrent of incongruence. Please, any of you who may have input with those of decision-making influence, help them recognize that radical disenfranchisement can only be ameliorated by a massive redistribution of wealth. It is too late to stop our past copious consumption; but it's never too late to start a program of tolerance and redistribution. Listen to blues, act green, and be pink.
"Although it may be something of a misnomer to label most current forms of these agents as "weapons of mass destruction," their power is nevertheless considerable. Worse still, it is now increasing, and these weapons are emerging as a serious threat to peace in the 21st century. Here I explore the historical development and use of biological weapons, as well as some recent trends in their evolution and the prospects for containing their proliferation. "
Potential biological agents

Historical use of biological weapons

We each have the power to resist the memetic influence of retribution and faux-justice, to love the one we're with, and to make our own lives an active peace. We have the power to reject the mass projection of insanity that is the self-serving dichotomy of good versus evil, and to actually integrate with those of our relatiosphere; which is us all, eh? Namaste.

Sadly, desperately, we are actually closer to the edge of our species' oblivion than ever before, not because of any attack on our country but because of the concerted attack on our common sense by the Bushshit military complex.

Don't dig in, but rather dig; and bring everyone in.

Chomsky Compendium Interview From Greek, Spanish and French Press
"A response that is too abstract may be misleading, so let us consider a current and quite typical illustration of what such plans mean in practice."

UnderNews (Progessive Review) - The longest running act on the off-Broadway of Washington journalism has some great, thought provoking words; including a nugget from their "this day in history" section.
"1986, Hunter S. Thompson says he spent the whole day sober."
Rachel Attituq Qitsualik provides ample cause to pause in a wonderful four part series; Lost in the translation. A thoughtful, informed mediator of intent is far more valuable that any amount of hand shaking; and certainly decreases hand wringing due to misunderstanding. Competant translators are absolutely key in trans-lingual communication.
"Most people understand that Inuktitut stems from a completely different language group than English (or other Indo-European languages). Nevertheless, the ramifications of this fact are lost upon many. They do not understand that its differing origins mean that the logic upon which the language is structured — the very thinking itself — is different."

"To quote my friend, Betty Harnum: "Everyone has hands — not everyone can play the piano." Few realize that translators are academically accredited."

Grass is a bane, a weed, no better than dandelions; actually far worse since dandelions are at least edible. Now, rock gardens are cool...unless badminton is your game, in which case long live grass. Cannabis is what grass would be if it had it's 'druthers...

Bush warns Canada: be on-side or I won't mention you in my speashes hic. While heaping praise where it was due, firefighters and rescue workers, and stroking those countries whose help is needed, the Precedent of the Excited States appeared deeply vacuous in his diatribe before the assembled elite.

An international coalition to deal with terrorism is itself a fatuous exercise, as the category would be moot in a world of tolerance and shared wealth. By creating a hard perception of good versus evil the U.S. government has performed the memetic magic of obfuscation since, as we all know from personal experience, the shrub of ethics is brown with grey flowers.

Bush, and both houses of the supposed American democracy, behaved like the puppets they are. Uniting behind a great leader is quite understandable, uniting to support a dolt is the response of a usurped people.

Accept this fact folks, we have been usurped by they. Who they are and what they want can be easily seen by the brainwashing techniques that are used, the draconian laws that they enforce, and the distractions that they would have us pay attention to.

It is vital, as in that which propels life, that we recognize the nefarious nature of those who have political power. By the time one of our number has been elected, their soul has been soiled many times. This ideological diaper is applied not because of any innate desire on the part of those who are most sincere in their proclamations of decent intent, but rather due to the overwhelming weight of uninformed, and far worse, coerced, public opinion.

Pay attention. Give no quarter to what you are told, especially by the mass media. Ignore those who would inflame passions, embrace those who are tolerant and full of care. Above all enjoy life; because they don't want you to.


The Hot Big Bang and The Guide to Ultimate Reality are both superbly presented - and probably just the kind of wonder grok we need right about now.
"This tour introduces the Big Bang cosmology and its successes, while emphasising its incompleteness and the areas in which Cambridge Relativity group members are working."
And as the seas boil, and the land retreats, the people go, the gods reclaim what is rightly theirs

Another milestone in history and technology is being reached, and I believe it is time to address this serious issue.
"Sources tell Sierra Times.com that information released deemed classified, in any manner may result in an official visit to your residence."
Strange but False?
"At 10:48PM, Thursday, September 13th, a Unix C Makefile created to aid in compiling the DBD-Oracle Perl module on HPUX gained total self-awareness."

Due to the largely clandestine nature of the the forthcoming "justice", and the fact that I have made significant effort over the years to expose the inconsistancies, incongruities and insanities of the intelligence reseau, I find myself unable to continue the pretense that I don't have a clue. One doesn't have to be a Holmes to see the field and not just the players.

More than anything we must keep pressure on those who would use power. I feel deeply that the alter-press, as so well embodied by the weblog community, stands a good chance of bringing a vast sea of diverse sanity to the attention of those that are so immersed in general projection that anyone paying attention perceives them to be particularly blind.

It is understandable, considering the reliance on the mass media that we generally attend, the mass religion we rarely attend but generally espouse and most importantly the mass consumption that all but the most Luddite of us embrace, that we are most protective of the status quo. It is also understandable that our desperate desire to protect these indefinable entities that we so inconsistantly and insincerely call freedom, democracy and the AmeriCanadian Way would render us hypocritical; even while we claim just purpose.

We have an opportunity, perhaps the only one left, or perhaps one of the very few available in any given age, to actually make a purse out of a sow's ear. Tolerance of alternate views and an acknowledged recognition of our own complicity in the current events would be the first move in a truly pluralistic yet unifying reply.

Also we must grok that our Gaiaship needs implicate understanding, not explicate greed. Any group of our species that feels outside of the whole of humanity, and so perhaps only partially human, will measure themselves against the common denominator - money. This is not what I want to be judged by, and I'm sure not many do.

Being a member of the global community counter-intuitively raises the stakes and immersion for each of us. It means that I am not only responsible for my family, local community and country, but also for the entire galaxy-revolving rock that I inhabit. Think about it.

There are some informed guesses that are best left unstated, some intuited conclusions that would be cruel to project. There are also those obvious connexions, and missed connections, that have already been reported.


I am now going to suggest that the intelligence nexus pointedly and deliberately decided to ignore what was known, and that the Bush Administration deliberately desired a war, for both economic and ideological reasons.

However indirectly, your own government has completed a Troux. That is, a triple coup. A stolen election, a re-setting of the humanitarian agenda, and a complete misdirective disregard of the domestic war on some drugs; which in fact affects far more of us than even the most bizarre terrorist attack imaginable.
"After the recriminations, the CIA's bona fides will be enhanced, rather than diminished, by this event. It's possible to imagine the private optimism of many of its embattled officials: for if ever there was a case for renewed political and financial investment in this institution, it will find vigorous advocacy now."
Why is everyone buying, lock-stock-and-barrel the media frenzy of anti-Islamic and pro-Capitalist direction?


Conservatively Incorrect - Wit, Wisdom and Peurile Name Calling is a Liberal Dose of Political Humor & Opinion by Rack Jite, whose casual coherence often hits the right with a solid left. This is a book length, 22 chapter text that could well be read in fits, as it starts to moot-ate.
"Thousands of companies large and small, including every facet of local, state and federal government needs people like you to watch other people pee! Not only do you get the satisfaction of watching strangers drop their pants or lift their skirts to fill a jar, but you get to walk around all day in rubber gloves hauling steaming beakers of piss!"
No Treason - The Constitution of No Authority was written in 1869, and considered a most seditious document of its time.
"The government does not, indeed, waylay a man in a lonely place, spring upon him from the roadside, and, holding a pistol to his head, proceed to rifle his pockets. But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful."

"A man is none the less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. Neither are a people any the less slaves because permitted periodically to choose new masters. What makes them slaves is the fact that they now are, and are always hereafter to be, in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute and irresponsible."
Lysander Spooner
In response to Nick Bostrom's query, Are You Living In A Simulation?, Robin Hanson sensibly provides a guide: How To Live In A Simulation
"Obviously we cannot now be sure that we are not living in a simulation. The more likely our descendants are to be rich, long-lasting, and interested in simulating us, the more simulations of people like us we should expect there to be on average, relative to real people like us. And so the more we expect our descendants to be rich like this, the more we should expect that we are in fact living in a simulation [Bostom 2001]."
If this is a simulation, someone fire the sysop! Military-Industrial Complex Revisited - How Weapons Makers are Shaping U.S. Foreign and Military Policies, by William D. Hartung, World Policy Institute.
"The conjunction of an immense military establishment and a huge arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, and even spiritual—is felt in every city, every state house, and every office of the federal government . . . In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Farewell Address to the Nation
January 17, 1961"

Thanks to Present Attention for bringing me to Stratfor. I too will return to abnormal programming....tomorrow. Today my brain is worrying the clandestine bone, perchance cracking the marrow. The Intelligence War
"Attention is turning to the need for an intense, covert war in which the American intelligence community will play a leading role. At the same time, there is a crisis of confidence concerning the ability of the intelligence community to wage that war."
Coming soon...check local listings, by way of Liberal Arts Mafia

Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World, From Tape Of Shiekh Salman Al-Odeh, by the same title. Lesson 66, on Monday 12th of Safar, 1413 Hijra.
"I talked about this in details in a previous lecture titled "Why do they fear Islam?", but, concerning their fear today, i will add something new to it. Islam in central Asia and previous USSR republics: It has become a danger to them, they decided not to allow any Saudi muslim to get a visa to go there, it appears that this is a cooperation between Russian and American intelligence because of their fear of Islam is spreading or getting stronger. Another example is Afghanistan, there are great threats to destroy the Islamic government in Afghanistan and to establish a state in northern Afghanistan that doesn't apply Islamic law so that it stands between the control of what they call the "fundemantalist government" in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan."
We might as well have some inside understanding of the intricacies involved in "going after" "them". USAF Intelligence Targeting Guide
"Major topics addressed include the targeting process; combat unit level functions; target value analysis and assignment of priorities; analysis, both quantitative and qualitative; target materials and target location; special targeting problems, such as information warfare; and international law as applied to targeting."

The OSINT List - The Intelligence Network, The discussion and free trade of any and all Open Source Intelligence.
Sept 16th: "An unannounced military exercise over Duke Power's nuclear plant in Oconee County sent a scare into many residents Saturday night and brought out law enforcement from local, state and federal agencies."
Two months ago Larry C. Johnson opined in the NY Times that with The Declining Terrorist Threat, there are bureaucracies in the military and in intelligence agencies that are desperate to find an enemy to justify budget growth.

President Bush's first presidential directive. Organization of the National Security Council System
"Except for those established by statute, other existing NSC interagency groups, ad hoc bodies, and executive committees are also abolished as of March 1, 2001, unless they are specifically reestablished as subordinate working groups within the new NSC system as of that date."
Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts
"Regions, countries, and groups feeling left behind will face deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation. They will foster political, ethnic, ideological, and religious extremism, along with the violence that often accompanies it. They will force the United States and other developed countries to remain focused on "old-world" challenges while concentrating on the implications of "new-world" technologies at the same time."
The Idiots Guide to Intelligence
"The United States intelligence community is strictly bound by the Constitution and Public Law. Lawyers have become so ingrained in today's intelligence operations that you really can't do anything without one, even in wartime."
broken through, to the other side

The only reasonable response to terror-ism, aside from ensuring the accountability of those responsible, is to shower the regions of our Gaiaship that harbor intolerance with buckets of tolerance, feed the hungry, house the homeless, treat the sick. Tolerance and understanding can only be taught, and most importantly accepted, by example.

We are quick to ignore our hypocrisy in international affairs while quick to anger at the hypocrisy in others. Yet within most of us thrive the spirits of cooperation and relationhood. We, individually, collectively, help our neighbors and care for each other - even give our lives for the greater good. Our supposed democratic collective soul, our government, has however become an entity, as has "big business", that is separate from the mass of us.

Why has it become common to talk about "the" government instead of "our" government? All mainstream media refer to Our Elected Representatives with that dis-possessing article. Even those who work for our government refer to their employer as 'the government'.

I was brought up believing that the Second World War, and its echo in Korea, were fought to ensure freedom. I now grok the insight of economic relativism.

Let us now espouse economic equality; and spiritual relativity.

The Chronological History of the New World Order
"The United Nations 420-page report Our Global Neighborhood is published. It outlines a plan for "global governance," calling for an international Conference on Global Governance in 1998 for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification by the year 2000."
Patterns of Global Terrorism provides a few graphs made in July that one may now extrapolate into a vastly changed picture.
"The report was released April 30 by the State Department's Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism."
The Culture of Future Conflict, penned in '95, points to a rapidly approaching future. Major Ralph Peters is assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, where he is responsible for evaluating emerging threats.
"By the middle of the next century, if not before, the overarching mission of our military will be the preservation of our quality of life."
It's been a year and half since one of the brightest cognitive bulbs in our intellectual chandelier returned to brahmin-time. Alexander Chislenko - what happened, my version
"Sasha committed suicide on Monday the 8th (2000) probably sometime around 5 in the morning. I was Sasha's very close friend."

"History shows that representatives of consecutive evolutionary stages are rarely in mortal conflict. Multi-celled organisms didn't drive out single-celled ones, animals haven't exterminated all plants and automobiles neither killed nor eliminated all pedestrians. Indeed, representatives of consecutive evolutionary stages build symbiotic relationships in most areas of common interest and ignore each other elsewhere, while members of each group are mostly pressured by their own peers."
Alexander Chislenko

be unique



After all this time weblogging I thought it would be a smashing idea to give a smidgen of a semi-guided tour of where I Live. Snow is brushing Mt. Lorne, Aurora the god and Melody, her minion, have blown their coats and are getting ready to sprout winter down/fur; and lead me to hope that perhaps this year I will get my shit together and train the three of us to skijourn - without chasing a rabbit or stopping for an olfactory inspection - it's hard to stop quickly on cross-country skis.

With a landmass ten times the size of Denmark and a population of around thirty thousand!, space is probably the best single-word description of the Yukon Territory. We can boast a disproportionate number of artists, musicians and moose. As a consequence we also roast our share of neurons, axons and moose. Unique objects fall from the sky, but we hope none will be missile defence fallout. Yukon Community Profiles, and the Yukon Arts Branch are both decent local encyclopages that could induce terragasm; depending on receptivity - results may vary.

The oral traditions are still very much alive in the north, and the Yukon Storytelling Festival gives you a great reason to come.

The History of the Book In Canada: The Yukon is a really neat, dare I say unique, resource.
"The advent of European civilization often had an immediate and direct impact on Yukon First Nations, including Tlingit, Northern and Southern Tutchone, and Gwich'in. The steamers that brought prospectors to the territory in 1897, and the bulldozers that further opened the territory to the outside in 1942, exposed indigenous peoples to waves of migrants who brought with them printed material and a desire for more of the same. Native peoples retained a traditional oral culture for many years, however, due in part to the relative isolation of the territory from centres of European culture. The integral role oral tradition played in social relations also contributed to its endurance and vitality."
The Life of Jack London as Reflected in his Works reveals that although he spent comparatively little time here, the Yukon "made" him as a writer; and his writing was to a large extent responsible for the Klondike gold rush which, for ill and good, brought the old world into contact with the oldest part of the new.
"In July 1897, only twelve days after the Excelsior landed with the first word from the gold-laden Klondike, he and his brother-in-law joined the mad exodus to "the frozen North"; he was about to find his literary niche."
Trail of '42 - The History of the Alaska Highway gives a quick overview of the titanic feat that easily equated to the Panama Canal in both scale and human tragedy. Many of the military personnel were southerners utterly unaccustomed to and ill prepared for a northern climate.
"The soldiers of the army and the civilians of the PRA faced countless days of below zero temperatures, snow, rain, insects and even intense heat coupled with the problems associated with building a road in an unknown environment."
Ethical Principles for the Conduct of Research in the North. is a decent guideline, but somehow I think GlobozoCorp will only honor those recommendations that are expedient.
"Greater consideration should be placed on the risks to physical, psychological, humane, proprietary, and cultural values than to potential contribution of the research to knowledge" (or economic benefit - ed., eh).
Arctic Circle - History and Culture is produced by the University of Cincinnati!, strange enough on its own, but doubly odd considering the quality and quantity of the site! Ah, Yukon College had a hand in this...
"When undertaking developmental or other activities of any nature, planners and decision-makers must not simply view the Arctic as an exploitable frontier ...Northern development must refer to more than economic growth. It must allow for and facilitate spiritual, social, and cultural development."
Studio of Master Carver Wayne Price

Oh my, have l'il ol' i stumbled on connexions of bizarreness? There's the Bushes of Crossed Bones, which is weird enough if'n ya think about it, what with the OSS/CIA and stolen election and oily demeanor.

Then I ran across the name of Frank Wisner in the usual serendipitous way, and did what any curiosity junkie would do - Google'd it. Well blow my neurons sideways, the current geno-form of that name is a prime memebersic of the present government and ex-Ambassador to India, and his father of the samelarsic name was deputy director of the CIA/OSS and # 3 at the Pentagon before he comitted suicide in 1962.

The Power Elite : Enron and Frank Wisner points out that Frank Wisner, Jr. was a big catch for Enron Corporation. Is this the smoking gun in the very sic connection between PanoptiCorp and Big Brother?
"Wisner Junior was well-known in the CIA and he worked as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs; his current boss, Kenneth Lay, Chief Executive Officer of Enron Corporation, also worked for the Pentagon during the US war in Vietnam."
The War on Drugs: An Impossible Dream - Remarks By Senior Judge John L. Kane of the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado Presented to the Western Governors' Association in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 15, 2000 The judiciary blows Plutocratic Shrubbery, and advises: grow up!~, eh, eh.
"A monster gnawing in the belly of the human spirit impels us to abandon both cherished values and common sense. Like Don Quixote we depart from reality to pursue imagined demons and leave naught but carnage and confusion behind. The sated monster laughs at our folly and awaits the next imagined peril."
Edward A. Shanken carefully places this oeufs d'amour into our perceptual basket, and with this statement: I would like to propose, therefore, that technology and intuition are inseparable, provides incubation for a non-dual understanding; or at least a rousing round of cognitive masterbation. Technology and Intuition: A Love Story? Roy Ascott's Telematic Embrace is at once warm and cozy, and scary as hell.
"Kristine Stiles has suggested that the international intelligence community now has the educated classes right where they want us -- at home, in our computerized cottage industries where our behavior can be most easily monitored. In this light, it is doubtful that telematics or any technology will enable the radical reorganization and unification of global society in the near future."
The Daily Rotten
News You Cannot Possibly Use
"The controller is an oversized glove with extended index finger."

Now that the silly season of cooking perfectly good food on the outdoor propane-bomb is coming to an end we can stop swatting the bugs and start thinking about other family traditions; especially considering that there's a high-tech stove right inside the house. A barbeque might still be useful for one last feast, in which we take directions from the Wari Family Barbecue.

Killing the Buddha cheaper than church kills me again; come for supper if you like.
The right thing to do and the tasty way to do it.

"During roasting, grind corn and wrap tightly in palm leaves to make kapam, the dense cornbread that is the proper accompaniment to meat."
Jeff Lord reviews Manuel de Landa, A Thousand Years of Non-linear History, and begins by noting: I suppose the main way I coped with it at the time was to see the history of philosophy as a sort of buggery or (it comes to the same thing) immaculate conception.
"The reader must be dynamic to face de Landa's materials, concepts, and portmanteau, and must adopt the compound eyes of a Kafkian insect to sight his multiple movements.
OR we may look at de Landa's text from a different angle to make sure we have not missed the mark. Structures, segments, bifurcations, singularities, markets and antimarkets, hierarchies and meshworks, monopolies and oligarchies, species and ecosystems, major languages and minor languages, memes and norms, hardenings and loosenings.... Life and the folds it makes through time. Everywhere there is an AND."
Our children back at school, we need to go back to 1970 - Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich.
"The state of mind of the modern city-dweller appears in the mythical tradition only under the image of Hell: Sisyphus, who for a while had chained Thanatos (death), must roll a heavy stone up the hill to the pinnacle of Hell, and the stone always slips from his grip just when he is about to reach the top. Tantalus, who was invited by the gods to share their meal, and on that occasion stole their secret of how to prepare all-healing ambrosia, which bestowed immortality, suffers eternal hunger and thirst standing in a river of receding waters, overshadowed by fruit trees with receding branches. A world of ever-rising demands is not just evil - it can be spoken of only as Hell."
A.A., like Scientology, periodically needs the sunshine of sanity to pour into it's castle of dark cultness. When so breached, the alarmed minions rush out to deny; and render vacuous protestations. The Semantics of the Twelve Step Neurosis : Surrender, Disease, Denial and other dysfunctional 12-step pathways to personal dis-empowerment and cult dependancy gives a valuable solidity of understanding for those relating to step-people, and should be prerequisite reading for any court, physician, cleric or other professional who would recommend such "treatment".
"Only through increased controversy and confrontation will A.A. be extricated from its current position of power and control and re-confined to those areas of influence appropriate to its actual worth, church basements."
LSD, Alcoholism and Transcendence is the kind of research that Bill Wilson, co-founder of A.A., was investigating toward the end of his life. By bad twist of human consciousness, Dr. Bob Smith outlived Bill; and the "disease concept" appealed to both medical and prohibitionist sentiments - and the rest is hiourstory.
"Ordinary psychotherapy brings out a person's shortcomings and not his assets. But LSD allows a person to face his shortcomings with honesty, and at the same time experience some of the wealth and reservoirs which lie within him."
"Visit either you like: they're both mad."
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat.
"We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Juiciness is probably what keeps bringing me back to the often rotten fruit of the espionage bush. Yet another expressly-ignored story drips succulent by way of CounterPunch. From the Bloodbaths In East Timor to a Suicide in Arlington
"In May of 1999, Jenkins came across an AUSTEO (Australian Eyes Only Document) cable from the Department of Foreign Affairs describing the activities of the Indonesian militias and troops in East Timor. Jenkins, under extreme pressure, slipped the information to his contacts in the CIA. He was soon reprimanded by his superiors. An email from his superiors at the Defense Intelligence Security Office warned: "Issues are becoming extremely sensitive as there are foreign policy implications. It is imperative that extra care is taken with the passing of material to the US and Canada." "
Stephen Hawking, recently in the news for comments outside his area of expertise, clearly demonstrates his ability as a communicator of his physical vision with a series of public lectures. The Beginning of Time
"Because time is not going to go backwards, I think I better stop now."
George S. Howard assays The Tragedy of Maximization, and finds a golden ore in moderation.
"Adopting a "both/and" integration (where our society tempts us to see issues in terms of "either/or" dichotomies) will make us less likely to fall into the traps of radicalism, fundamentalism, extremism, and maximization that stalk contemporary intellectual life."
carnivorous consumption

Elimination of poverty is really quite simple. Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle Of The 21st Century
"Intellectuals in the wealthy world are moral, honest, and want to alleviate poverty. But they have never been taught how the impoverished world was kept dependent and thus they cannot honestly address those causes. Only by this full understanding of economic history can the impoverished world gain their freedom. Wealthy world intellectuals would not push their nonsense when they know that their audience knows a lot better."
The road to hell
"Since everybody is now playing to the global gallery, and no party any longer has an interest in reaching an internal agreement, the conflicts are prolonged and intensified."
Care to join me for a spot of Camellia sinensis?
"The infusion is also recommended for neuralgic headaches."
The Neurotransmitter Collection

Human Habitats at Mars: Defending Against Contamination tells me that not spreading our spawn may be harder to accomplish than it would seem at first glance. In fact, the increased radiation in space causes a vastly higher rate of mutation in microorganisms. Stranger than fiction, the dreaded Space Fungus: A Menace to Orbital Habitats.
"If you take a space-grown microorganism which used metal as a part of its habitat and keep cultivating it by increasing the content of metal in its habitat, you can potentially get a destructive biological weapon which will literally 'eat' arms."
Science Frontiers, a compendium of more than two thousand short articles, turns the Mars rock over and poses that we are seeding the solar system by Ballistic Panspermia. A free ranging discussion, Meta vs Cosmic Ancestry explores the issue in sometimes testy but always tasty discussion.
"Strong panspermia accords well with several phenomena that have troubled standard Darwinism, including life's rapid start on Earth, punctuated equilibrium, convergent evolution, the ubiquity of certain master control genes, and the fact that many genes appear older, by sequence analysis, than they should be according to the fossil record."
A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge goes on my bedtime reading list; I wonder whether I could get a discount as I've read the Prologue
"There is a bleakness in Vinge's writing, a counterpoint that haunts and subverts any simple optimism he may at times appear to proffer. In A Deepness in the Sky, his grandest space opera yet, he sets historical optimism and pessimism at war, and the novel's shrewd triumph is that neither is the winner."
Racism - Where it Comes From
"Racism is a product of capitalism. It grew out of early capitalisms' use of slaves for the plantations of the new world, it was consolidated in order to justify western and white domination of the rest of the world and it flourishes today as a means of dividing the working class between insiders and outsiders, native and immigrants and settled and Travellor in the Irish context."
The Best System the Moneyed Can Buy
"Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate."
Bertrand Russell
The sad case of an LSE formal thinker deconstructs John Grey, while Taking power from the global corporations by Robert Silver puts the case for social ownership and global governance of the transnationals.
"The fact that the global economy is increasingly in conflict with the social and political structures of capitalism is a paradox that confounds formal thinkers and sends them into a deep crisis."

"What we are seeing, therefore, is the close of the chapter of the evolution of capitalist democracy and the opening up of a direct struggle between the mass of the people and global corporations and their supra-state institutions like the World Trade Organisation and the North American Free Trade Agreement..."
Hank Hardy Unruh's lecture in Tampere. How do we at the WTO fit in? Well, that's easy: We want to help you achieve those dollar results. When roadblocks to dollar results arise--protectionism, worry, even violence against physical property--we want to help make sure that none of this stands in the way of your dollar results. A more enlightening perspective may be had from the Finnish newspaper Helsingen Sanomat - Electronic social disobedience .
"In the final part of his talk, Hank's business suit was ripped off to reveal a golden leotard with a three-foot phallus. The purpose of the "Management Leisure Suit", Hank explained, was to allow managers, no matter where they were, to control their remote workforces in the developing world. Using a video interface at the end of the phallus, the manager can see the workers and give them electric shocks when they don't work fast enough."

"The Yes Men provide a detailed breakdown of their actions on their internet website, publishing videos, Powerpoint® presentations, and the full transcripts of the correspondence that went into the hoaxes."
I feel screwed, do you?

Also contained within the international edition of Helsingen Sanomat is an interview with Vladimir Putin, who proclaims Stability the precondition of reform in Russia.
"Please note what kinds of steps we have taken in foreign and security policy. We have adhered to all of our international commitments. We were long pushed to sign the START 2 Treaty. We did it; the United States has not done so even now. Now we are saying that we should not send weapons of mass destruction into space. Such a dangerous step should not be taken. Let us see how our American partners react to that."
September 1st, Naughty-One

Jammed with information, this resource helps duct tape together a more full-blown explanation of what-the-HAARP is going on in the Alaskan bush. A trice more conspiratorial, yet chock full of chunky cultish tidbits and freshly butchered science, is Esoteric Info on Electromagnetic Weapons.
"Human Tolerances to whole body sinusodal vibration: Head Pain 13-30Hz, Impaired Speech 13-20Hz, Jaw Pain 6-8Hz, Chest Pain 5-7Hz, Abdominal Pain 4.5 - 10 Hz, Lombotacral Pain 8-12Hz, Urge to defecate 10.5 to 16 Hz, Urge to urinate 10 to 18 Hz."

"Possible effects include instantaneous death, heart seizure, severe emotional disruption, loss of control of internal functions, diseases, disabling of the immune system, and even implantation of thoughts, emotions, and ideas which are interpreted by the subjects as their own."
Biohazards of Extremely Low Frequencies by Dr. Nick Begich takes a less alarmist, and more concise view; and brings attention to the tranfers of these nasty technologies from military to domestic users.
"The United States military has taken advantage of the basic research which demonstrates the effects of various types of electromagnetic radiation. This research is being used for weapons development. These new technologies have been, in part, transferred to the United States Justice Department for use in domestic police actions.

The Air Force documents indicate that these weapons can be used for mind control, inducing heart attacks, causing electronic failures and creating computer malfunctions. More recently these new weapons have been revealed in International Red Cross documents and in other press reports."
fallen angels play with HAARPs

If you share my scepticism about the efficacy of these monstrous machines (considering that we could counter-attack with powerful mind control defences of our own, such as dropping five hundred mics of acid and a half dozen of Canada's finest beer - let's see 'them' get through that!), perhaps we need to revisit the doctor - in this case Dr. Eldon Byrd. Have Doubts That Mind-Altering Radio Waves Work? How about a Russian Machine That Tranquilizes People?
"The LIDA machine (U.S. Patent # 3,773,049) was made in the 1950's by the Soviets. The CIA purchased one through a Canadian front for Dr. Ross Adey, but didn't give him any funds to evaluate it."
To recapitulate, if only so that I can deeply soak in the muck of our collective expletive before having a refreshing verbal shower. Might be good for my skein.

Over the last month I have linked to documentation that indicates US or US-led military forces have used the gamut of weapons available to them. Many have also been used domestically by government agencies in most countries; including, or especially, ours.

Chemical (Iraq, Columbia, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia...too many to list), biological (Africa and others?), ELF (Iraq, probably worldwide), audio (Panama, Kosovo et al.), and radioactive (hardened warheads...Iraq, Kosovo, et plus) have all been euphemistically justified or kept under wraps...and our mediated attention continues to be brought to bear on sex and scandal.
...end despairing...

Besides giving me the personal-ad line that I've been looking for - "Are you an irregular verb?" - Steven Pinker demonstrates that The Irregular Verbs are a hallowed, nay sacred part of our language. Going, going, gone?
"Not only is the irregular class losing members by emigration, it is not gaining new ones by immigration."