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A Very Brief History of Time
"I just had a chance encounter with a garden slug, and it got me thinking about time."
are you clear?

Some convoluted by-way of follow me here boinged me to Don DeLillo, and in one swell whoop brought to attention perhaps the most beautiful and most dangerous snippet of prose that I have grokked lately:
"A single seraphic word.

You can examine the word with a click, tracing its origins, development, earliest known use, its passage between languages, and you can summon the word in Sanskrit, Greek, Latin and Arabic, in a thousand languages and dialects living and dead, and locate literary citations, and follow the word through the tunnelled underworld of its ancestral roots ...

And you can glance out the window for a moment, distracted by the sound of small kids playing a made-up game in a neighbor's yard, some kind of kickball maybe, and they speak in your voice, or piggy-back races on the weedy lawn, and it's your voice you hear, essentially, under the Glimmerglass sky, and you look at the things in your room, offscreen, unwebbed, the tissued grain of the deskwood alive in light, the thick lived tenor of things, the argument of things to be seen and eaten, the apple core going sepia in the lunch tray, and the dense measure of experience in a random glance, the monk's candle reflected in the slope of the phone, hours marked in Roman numerals, and the glaze of the wax, and the curl of the braided wick, and the chipped rim of the mug that holds your yellow pencils, skewed all crazy, and the plied lives of the simplest surface, the slabbed butter melting on the crumbled bun, and the yellow of the yellow of the pencils, and you try to imagine the word on the screen becoming a thing in the world, taking all its meanings, its sense of serenities and contentments out into the streets somehow, its whisper of reconciliation, a word extending itself ever outward, the tone of agreement or treaty, the tone of repose, the sense of mollifying silence, the tone of hail and farewell, a word that carries the sunlit ardour of an object deep in drenching noon, the argument of binding touch, but it's only a sequence of pulses on a dullish screen and all it can do is make you pensive -- a word that spreads a longing through the raw sprawl of the city and out across the dreaming bourns and orchards to the solitary hills.

Demonstration of transient weak gravitational shielding by a YBCO LEVHEX at the superconducting transition.
"We have recently succeeded in partially reproducing the weak gravitational shielding effect..."
There are people that not only are worth reading, but are in fact best read. Film-makers, as opposed to any other breed within the distractive projection, should be injested; unwrapped and in raw verbal glory. tinnighi also not found

By the time that our honored visual maestros have managed to bring their film to the screen, they really need to talk!! Transcript from webchat with John Pilger
"You ask what they gain? What great powers gain in the Middle East is a strategic hold over the world's greatest oil fields. That's it in a nutshell."
Contributions to The Revolutionary Struggle, Intended To Be Discussed, Corrected, And Principally, Put Into Practice Without Delay
"We must never, at any time, place any trust in the statists nor agree to any truce. Instead we must spread our movement as quickly as we are able and never lose sight of the ferocity of the bourgeois and the bureaucrats in their repressions."
From 1990 to 1995, Rick Strassman, M.D., conducted pioneering, federally approved DMT trials in human subjects and has recently published "DMT: The Spirit Molecule". In this interview we are hugged into the grasp of caution while grokking the potential of options...total coolness...Rick Strassman Interview
"How many of us really are willing to take the next step, and live a life fully informed and influenced by the psychedelic experience?"
If you are not sure which seers the quotes below are attributable to, Waking Up in Time is a wake-up call.
"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."

"Society is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. Society is a joint-stock company in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty of the eater."
Hidden Agenda
"The war against terrorism is a fraud."

Free Time! Ludicity and the Anti-work Ethic
I am, that I am
"To sustain itself, consumer capitalism relies on (1) the maintenance of an outdated survival imperative and work ethic, and (2) a totalizing commodification and consumerism, which necessitates work beyond perceived survival needs."
The Right's Fights for Free(ish) Speech, a la The American Prospect, basically puts shame to all of our adorned versions of grey ethicality. Am I for freedom, or willing to accept degrees of fascism? What happened to our visceral abhorance of central control?
"The Left's regrettable history of suppressing speech -- however well intentioned it might have been -- has empowered a much more powerful conservative movement that is now moving to take advantage of the pro-war climate."
Is the Russian zeitgiest characterized by an excess of deep thought Jack Handy? In this Overview of Russian Philosophy, Mikhail Epstein has me see that we, distracted AmeriCanadians, have a constitutional anaethema of significant discourse.
"In a certain sense, Russia has suffered not from a lack, but from an excess of philosophy. In other countries the supreme value and the highest level of authority is assigned to religious or mythological beliefs, or to economic profits, while in communist Russia it was philosophy that served as the ultimate criterion of truth and the foundation of all political and economic transformations."
Those lives are more human than ours - Thoughts on the debris of the New World Order
"What crashed against Twin Towers was History. The same History, which reduced to ruins powerful empires such as Egyptian and Roman, started to corrode former untouchable yankee kingdom."
Intrinsic Contextuality as the Crux of Consciousness
"A stream of conscious experience is extremely contextual; it is impacted by sensory stimuli, drives and emotions, and the web of associations that link, directly or indirectly, the subject of experience to other elements of the individual's worldview. The contextuality of one's conscious experience both enhances and constrains the contextuality of one's behavior. Since we cannot know first-hand the conscious experience of another, it is by way of behavioral contextuality that we make judgements about whether or not, and to what extent, a system is conscious. Thus we believe that a deep understanding of contextuality is vital to the study of consciousness."
The quantum machine:
each state is given by a point P on the sphere of radius 1,
and can be parameterized by the polar coordinates (q, f).

My dogs do not eat each other, or the cat. Re-perceived slavery padded with the Calvinistic lottery, as exercised by so many of our more fortunate as well as most government policy, is many orders of magnitude less humane than any animal behavior that I have observed.

Perhaps the only way to subvert the userous wont is to reassert local autonomy as the basis of democracy.
City Brain: Iain Sinclair interview
"How do you think ideas of sacred space apply to cities today?

Well it's certainly applied to any city I've known - it has to. Over periods of time, by repetition or by design. Things that work survive, and things that don't won't."
International Russian-Alaskan park in the works
Beringia Projects
"The park, which would span the Bering Strait, would include and protect lands in each country."

Singularity, freshly planted in the left table for future reference (erk), offers a subtitular self-description: Singularity: Online minds, Weblogs, and Lifestreams and is, as far as I know, the only blog dedicated to .
"The Singularity is a tough concept to grasp, let alone act upon in daily life. It's confusing. Most people have an intuitive sense that technology is accelerating. They feel it. However, the end result of this acceleration is beyond understanding. I personally, will focus this site on the effects of technological acceleration rather than the escatological result. Why? Because I don't have a clue where this will ultimately end up."
Terence McKenna writes eloquently and convincingly: I Understand Phillip K. Dick. Thanks to B.A.'s Weblog for that fine pointer.
"When I compare Phil's system to mine, my hair stands on end. We were both contacted by the same unspeakable something. Two madmen dancing, not together, but the same dance anyhow."
Somehow I don't think the people responsible for Whitehorse public transit have read Planning and the Two Coordinations, With Illustration in Urban Transit.
"Hayek's idea of the free economy was not atomistic exchange and mechanistic markets, but rather a system of voluntary planning embodied in the nexus of property, consent and contract. Hayek's line of reasoning points toward proprietary governance. Urban transit serves as a contextual example to clarify Hayekian thinking about planning and coordination."
What No Revolutions?
"Perhaps if Marx were alive today, looking back, he would acknowledge the possibility of a capitalism just tame enough to allow us to live our lives, pursue our own happiness and ignore the injustice of the system. Alternatively, he could insist that the revolutions are still yet to come."
Fences are put in your path;
it is up to you to find a way.
Freedom is a gift from the Great Spirit.
Honor this gift.

The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America
"A brilliant study of America today - and the "ominous parallels" with the chaos of pre-Hitler Germany."
Remarks by President Bush at Signing of USA Patriot Act of 2001 - read it and weep.
"This legislation is essential not only to pursuing and punishing terrorists, but also preventing more atrocities in the hands of the evil ones. This government will enforce this law with all the urgency of a nation at war."
also not found encountered An Evening with Noam Chomsky - Transcribed from audio recorded at The Technology & Culture Forum at MIT - The Talk (audio)
"We certainly want to reduce the level of terror, certainly not escalate it.  There is one easy way to do that and therefore it is never discussed. Namely stop participating in it. "

I wonder what cognitive shift is required for us to realize that driving is the most dangerous activity of our culture? Forty to fifty thousand fatalities per year, ten times that many injuries, all in the cause of free mobility. Why, why??, have we not adjusted our methods of getting around so as to reduce this indiscriminate humanocaust?
Up to 20 die in Swiss tunnel fire

I understand that horses were not much more safe, and certainly left behind effluent of magnanomous proportions, yet we can relate with a horse - I mean it's people, right? With a horse and rider/driver there are two paying attention to the scene, which taken as focus squared equals four times the attentive potential.

This equation backfires, or at least becomes far more prone to rabbit influenced chance, if my team of dogs were judged. Well, okay, I have two dogs, neither of which could in any way be considered a team, but I am hoping to teach Aurora to skijourn this winter...

Speaking of which, our snow is here to stay now, with about four inches down so far and gentle white falling as I write; with the temperature at -8C (20F) and dropping. So beautiful (and the gods want to go for a walk) that I must go... love you all... namaste...invigorated.

The warnings were there in the late fifties, clearly and openly stated by illuminated ones like Huxley (Brave New World - Revisited), and Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., a psychiatrist who was detained and interrogated by the Nazis. The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing
"Actually the thought-control police no longer need drugs, though occasionally they have been used."
Fire. I don't think there is any other word that could describe the intensity of cognitive focus we need to make it sanely through the next period of our evolution. We need attention that burns yet accepts, a personal projection of infinite possibility tempered by that which is possible.
"Transtopianism differs from kindred philosophies such as Transhumanism and Extropianism in that it's much more specific about its goals and the means to achieve them."
whither ye go, ye are there

The Utopian Blues
"Islam is popularly believed to "ban" music; obviously this is not the case, since so many Indian musicians converted. Islam expresses grave reservations about art in general because all art potentially involves us in multiplicity (extension in time and space) rather than in the unity (tawhid) by which Islam defines its entire spiritual project."

"In heaven itself the harpists will be drunk and disorderly. "And the Angels knock at tavern doors" (Hafez.)."
Peter Lamborn Wilson (ed. Geert Lovink, Ted Byfield) gives us a timeless yet succinct thesis that embodies sense. Neurospace - Tracing the origin of the psychoactive experience through the development of agriculture, the rise of technology, and out through cyberspace and virtual reality...
"So the entheogenic version of this knowing, however, implies enlarging the definition of the body to include neurospace, while the cybernetic version implies the disappearance of the body into information, the downloading of the consciousness. These are perhaps both absurd extremes, images rather than political situations; they are also potent myths, powerful images. We need a politique here - not an ideology but an active cognizance of actually persisting situations, as clearly as we can grasp them in our jacked-in or stoned condition. We need a strategic sense of where to apply the nudges of our material art, the little martial Zen moves, whereby even a weak person can win a battle."
The Most Biased Name in News
"The key to the Grapevine is its story selection, and there is nothing subtle about it. Almost every item carries an unmistakable partisan message: Democrats, environmentalists and Hollywood liberals are the perennial villains (or the butts of the joke), while Republicans are shown either as targets of unfair attacks or heroes who can do no wrong."

In order for Christianity to survive as a coherant spiritual philosophy that is both relevant in a current context, and intellectually and emotionally cogent, there needs to be an utter reperception of what it means, personally and collectively, to be Christian.

Alan Watts was a narrator of our deepest stories, bringing western and eastern traditions into memetic focus and demanding critical, yet joyous exploration. If it isn't fun (viscerally and brightly invigorating) it isn't of the spirit, and if it isn't rigorously coherant it is not of the mind.

We are at a cusp of our species' evolution. Whether this particular moment is the actual intersection point is moot; days, months or years, the fact is that we are so close to the decisive intersection that delimiting decisions must be made now. Our folly has been to hang on to past paradigms, for whatever reason, and so cloud our perception of the wider understanding. The trouble is that as our understanding expands to accomodate singular possibilities (somewhat akin to a Cro Magnon trying to grok bioengineering) we refuse to relinquish the conveniences of the past.

This is a unique situation: Homo Us is at once conscious (knowing and perceiving) and self-conscious (cognizant of our place), and so we recognize truth in all of greyshade. By divesting responsibility for our personal understanding to the few, elected or not, we are also voting away our immersion.

Giving last word to a serendipitously found page: What has been called "God's judgment" may only be as good as our own in this case. Jesus' words, "For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man." (John 5:26-27); it is obvious - I am responsible.
"Alan reaches deep into the history of Christianity to describe how it has changed and, in so doing, how his views on it have changed, ending with New Testament proof that Jesus' awareness of his own divinity was no more than the divinity within everyone."
Thoughts In the Presence of Fear is Wendell Berry enumerating truth - attention is divine.
"National self-righteousness, like personal self-righteousness, is a mistake. It is misleading. It is a sign of weakness."
Are humans a cancer? From the vantage point of our orbiting satellite, and without our human ego-centric bias, there can be no other diagnosis. Sacrifice For Science
"The point is, that by viewing each exchange as PRIMARILY an information transmission we can begin to fathom just how this bio-sphere operates. There are some people who will never believe that the Earth is a living thing, but the Bio-sphere, that thin layer that nestles against the surface of the Planet and supports life as we know it, MUST be understood as a total organism, more than the sum of all of its parts, with more "alive-ness" than any of them."
As much as westerners need to en-joy our own spiritual traditions with reference to modern conditions, so do all the groknesses of our homosphere. Islam and Ecology is a far more an accurate exposition of Islamic thought than any media-presented expose.
"There is no veil between the lover and the Beloved;
Thou art thine own veil, O Hafiz, remove thyself."
As for Hinduism, Unlike the West, which lives in a historical world, India is rooted in a timeless universe of eternal return: everything which happens has already done so many times before, though in different guises.
"In this account, the entire universe in said to be a manifestation of the paramatma, or supreme soul. Hence, everything contained within the universe is also a manifestation of this paramatma. As a result of this definition, a person can be said to be no different to an animal or anything else in the universe except in the way that the paramatma has manifested itself. The only real differentiating factor is the "levels of consciousness" that all living beings bear."
the web of space-time

Undernews, a compendium of informative material "they" would prefer left where it is swept, points out that the UK planned to wipe out Germany with anthrax. In the same counter-intuitive flip that so often turns firearms owners into shooting victims, the weapons we as cultures develop for self-defense will be used against us offensively; it's just a matter of time.
"The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands -- perhaps even millions -- of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths."
If there is a page that can bring me to the point of cognitive orgasm, Tony Smith's concise exposition Cosmology is not only it, but is the best description of IT that I have found.
"The Pontrjagin topological term that must be added to the MacDowell-Mansouri Lagrangian to get Ashtekar gravity (with a cosmological constant and an Euler topological term) is the Pontrjagin term of the D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model."
Inflationary Universe Quantum Fluctuation

Tony Smith is dubitably the brightest filament in our current human bulb, so I am rapt reading his report on Divine Justice 2000 or erection interruptous. Slightly dated, but fully cognizant of the flow of political expediency, my final impression is one of exasperation.
""Al Gore may have lost the presidential election not because of a badly designed ballot, dubious counting practices in Florida or the defection of independents to Ralph Nader, but because of the criminal justice policy that he and President Clinton pursued for the past eight years.

A total of 4.2 million Americans were not allowed to vote because they were in prison or had felony convictions. Of those more than one third, or arough 1.8 million, were black, according to the Sentencing Project ... Nationally, this amounts to 13% of all black men."

Imagine a School

I always thought that A.S. Neill's vision, brought to actuality in rural England in 1921, is the ideological antithesis of the educational fascism that he saw ahead. Adolf Hitler said: The boy must be transformed into the man; in this school he must not only learn to obey, but must thereby acquire a basis for commanding later. He must learn to be silent not only when he is justly blamed, but must also learn, when necessary, to bear injustice in silence. Neill said, fuck off!!
"Neill's educational philosophy can be summed up in some principles:
- A belief in the basic goodness of the child.
- Setting the happiness of the child as the goal of his education.
- Responding to the emotional needs of the child, not just his intellectual ones.
- Taking into account what the child wants, not just what others want for him.
- Limiting discipline to a minimum.
- Allowing freedom, not license, and respecting the rights of others.
- Making sure teachers are honest and sincere toward their pupils.
- Not teaching religion."
Coming, excuse me, much more deeply than the Freudian constraints of merely democratic education, is relinquishment of all state or local control of/on the education of the minions; excuse me, our children. Grass roots (marijuana shoots are not yet potent) action means that demonstrably free education is our key to an observably free (not only uncoerced, but non-coercable) society. The Free School, and so many others, such as the NeoHumanist Educators, have been saying: "give discourse a chance".
"Neo-Humanist Education unleashes infinite learning potential into our lives by expanding our understanding of ourselves and our potential. Spirituality, creativity and love are at the centre of this new force."
Education is that which liberates
"So that there may not be any intellectual extravaganza or any physical subjugation human beings require proper training both physically and mentally. And this is what is called education - properly training the physical existence and also the psychic world. Because of this want of such a training in proper time there remains no co-ordination, no adjustment between inner being and outer being. Sometimes people are very sincere in the vocal field but there remains not an iota of sincerity in the inner world, in the internal world. And this is what happens in the modern world. The existence of both individual and collective existence has become one-sided, that is, it has lost its balance. For this what we require most is a proper system of education."

Claims that China paid Bin Laden to see cruise missiles
"China paid Osama bin Laden several million dollars for access to unexploded American cruise missiles left over from the US attack on his bases three years ago"

Aw, man, domestic chemical-errorism. The Chemical Threat to Kids
"Over time, the nature of childhood illness has evolved from epidemics like scarlet fever, smallpox and measles to chronic and disabling conditions like cancer, asthma, neurological impairment and hormone disorders. Though genetic predisposition certainly plays its part, Kenneth Olden, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, likens the gene code's influence over illness to merely loading the health risk gun. "The environment," he says, "pulls the trigger."

"Studies have shown that clear plastics, including baby bottles, can leach an estrogen mimic into hot liquids. Choose opaque, tinted or glass varieties, and promptly replace worn, scratched bottles."
Orion Magazine ethe-really good presents Living on the Rocks, by Peter J. Marchand - the stuff that my dreams are made of.
"Living here, I take pleasure in the water I have because I harvest and filter it myself. My roof has become my watershed, and in the scant rainfall of the high desert I find ample supply. I store solar electricity by day, eat dinner by candlelight to conserve a little, and have sufficient power in the evening for my computer, music, and lights. I cook and refrigerate with propane and nothing in my house hums or whirs. I compost organic waste and grow flowers. I heat my shower with the sun, bathe in a warm sauna, and drain wash water to the outside plants. In winter I burn an armload of wood before the sun is up, and another after the sun goes down."
The Common Good, Noam Chomsky
"That problem confronting Madison - the same as Aristotle's problem - could be solved in one of two ways. One is by reducing poverty. The other is by reducing democracy. Aristotle's choice was the first. Madison's was the second. He recognized the problem, but since the prime responsibility of government is to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority, he therefore urged that political power be put in the hands of the more capable set of men, those who represent the wealth of the nation, with the public fragmented and disorganized."
Chaos Politics is a small essay that decries conspirative notions, posing the argument that ...no conspiracy actually exists because the center can't hold. In my world I see that no two people can easily hold a simple marriage together, so why should we imagine that corporations the size of nations can conspire within themselves to hold a conspiracy together?
"To paraphrase hackmeister John Gilmore's statement about the net... the new cynical cultures of diversity will interpret attempts at government or corporate conspiracy as damage and route around 'em. And in that there's real hope for a sane world folding inward from the fringes."
Reminding us to keep magic in mind, an Interview with Dennis McKenna is a welcome salve for tired ka.
"I think clearly Soma has to be either a psilocybin mushroom or a Peganum harmala/DMT admixture combination. I don't buy the A. muscaria theory; clearly soma is a tryptamine. It could be S. cubensis; it could be P. harmala and...what? Lots of possibilities. Did you realize that the burning bush that God appeared to Moses in was an Acacia? The N. African Acacias are often loaded with DMT...what was this guy smoking? Acacia could be the lost DMT admixture of soma."

Chemtrails - Covert Climate Control? is a provocative essay by Hornby Islander cool place William Thomas, penned for Nexus Magazine.
"For nearly three years, chemtrail observers have hoped an official would step forward to explain the origin and purpose of broad white plumes criss-crossing the skies above a dozen allied nations. Their wait is over..."
Seeing as this patented Russian Machine That Tranquilizes People was said to be obsolete some thirty years ago, I wonder what the current model of psychotronic medical aid (weapon) does.
"The manual says it is a "distant pulse treating apparatus" for psychological problems, including sleeplessness, hyper- tension and neurotic disturbances."
One more nod to this cranial intrusiveness suggests things most sinister. Psychotronic Weapons - Letter To Senate Committee
"How many members of Congress and of the Administration have investments in firms which are engaged in the development and testing of directed-energy systems?"
An extensive review by Hedweb of David Chalmers' The Conscious Mind is a truly remarkable ascent into the high country of recognition.
"At its most Idealistic extreme, a panpsychist approach assumes that the values of a minimal, intrinsic and ontologically primitive what-it's-likeness are exhaustively encoded by the solutions to field-theoretic equation(s) of the Theory of Everything. The maths says it all. There's no need to import anything else and graft it on, or for that matter to spin anything else irreducible off. We live in a Multiverse where mathematical literalism works. We're just not much better than medieval numerologists at deciphering the significance of the formulae. Like aspirant sorcerers, too, we know that getting the magical symbols even slightly wrong can sometimes have catastrophic practical consequences."

Self-reproducing, information-bearing patterns of quasi-discrete, base-paired micro-sentience have stumbled across one highly effective way of leaving more copies of themselves. They don't promote their own inclusive fitness by throwing up vehicles hosting hippified minds which go on to commune with Nature in celebration of cosmic consciousness. On the African savannah, this is a good way to end up as lunch. Instead, information-bearing patterns of micro-qualia have enhanced their fitness by coding for vehicles hosting macro-minds. These minds simulate something different - squalid, harsh and cruelly adaptive. Our genes include the instructions for, in effect, self-assembling, self-differentiating patterns of subjectivity. These functionally coalesce into egocentric - because genes are selfish - but object-ridden virtual worlds. Such worlds, whether dreamed up while the host organism sleeps or environmentally-selected after one wakes, feature simulacra of insentient classical objects. Intrinsically subjective stuff can simulate something else altogether. In fact many of the several tens of thousands of genes expressed solely in the mind/brain are coding for the substrates of virtual macroscopic worlds. Virtual macroscopic worlds are 'what it's like' to be the mind/brain's topographic maps."
Any sort of existence strikes me as daft;
but I've had to learn to live with it.

Deepest gratitude to Steve for parsing concern into edible ideas. The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold is seminal.
"I took away from my talks with the professor that the solution to world poverty and crisis is simple: remove the bloodsuckers."
"Rosa Luxemburg's words are truer than ever right now. We are not faced with a choice between socialism and capitalism, but socialism or barbarism. And what we can least afford are denial and timidity."
pulling together the pieces
"In part, strength and vulnerability are a matter of scale. A grizzly bear is less likely to be crippled by competing carnivores like the fox and weasel than by disease-carrying parasites such as lice and ticks, against which its sharp claws carve no defense. Likewise, the bombings that began this week may determine whether the U.S. military machine is any more effective against these terrorists than a .22 against a cloud of buzzing tsetse flies."
each of our parries will in turn invite a new strike

.,. there are moments when it becomes possible
to say things which could not be said before.
" It is not Osama bin Laden who threatens our liberty. Our liberty is threatened by an illegitimate president, appointed by a treasonous Supreme Court, watched over by a Fourth Estate which is no longer free to penetrate lies. All the while, a capitulating Congress allows Attorney General John Ashcroft (a Christian extremist) to interfere with liberty and property under a "war power" theory that does not, nor will not apply. Legally speaking, "direct interference with liberty and property and abridgment of constitutional guaranties of freedom can be justified under the 'war power' only where the danger to the government is real, impending and imminent".
James Higdon

..."widely dispersed and largely undefined; the distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point." So said The Marine Gazette in 1989, proving in some perverse way to be just as prophetic as Dylan. Homeland Insecurity is a Counterpunch essay by Douglas Valentine that points out the au courant nature of the CIA's Phoenix Program.
"And being "against us" is a dangerous proposition. As noted, Bush is considerating totally sic the formation of Phoenix-style military tribunals that operate beyond due process of law."
Unknown News
A Note on the Role of Deception in Information Protection is far more than its diminuative title would suggest. An essential read, not only for those of us lay people frustrated with trying to get the bigger picture, it also provides access to The Deception Toolkit - the first publicly available off-the-shelf deception system intended for widespread use.
"- deception is a viable technique for information protection on scales ranging from individual systems to global networks
- deception has a very positive effect on detection and a very negative effect on attacks and attackers
- deception can increase availability
- deception is a valuable tool for intrusion detection
- deception is a morally reasonable protective method if exercized with suitable caution
- deception can be implemented with unlimited scalability in modern computer networks without significantly impacting time or space utilization."
I am really distressed that my range of interests has been lean lately. Is it a mania or deep memetic infection that has precipitated this decline in joix de vivre? Have I been living in a rationalized entheo-bubble along with everyone else, knowing that macro-suffering was taking place yet not owning my pieace?

This personal (and I presume pandemic) situationism may be amenable to koanic insight. To this sic end I searched out Raoul Vaneigem, and immediately got what I was looking for: A Warning to Students of All Ages.
"...so their existence flows away into the frozen shadow of an absent life. But when there are plague-ridden times, the exterminators make the law."
Remaining within the whorl of a wonderfully neuro-refreshing pool, The Fascination of Time - The impossibility of realization: Power as sum of seductions is chapter 16 of The Revolution of Everyday Life. Now I just need to re-cognize my own, the only, revolution.
"We were born never to grow old, never to die. All we can hope for, however, is an awareness of having come too soon. And a healthy contempt for the future can at least ensure us a rich portion of life."
Due to a hitch-hiking experience today during which I most horridly experienced a person throw a styrofoam cup cavalierly out of the truck, it was decidedly serendipitous that Ghost Rocket (definitely on the left, g'wan have a look, go there!!) led me to the expose: Garbage In, Garbage Out: America's love affair with littering. Thanks Ryan, for bringing me 'back to one'.
"Not so long ago in America, the very idea of littering--the wanton, stupid and illegal disposal of trash--was generally regarded as barbaric, something piteously subhuman and far-fetched, like a missile shield, faith-based government programs or Creationism."
Northern News
"Three sets of discarded moose ribs with meat still on the bones have raised the ire of a Liidli Kue First Nation councillor. Andy Norwegian said an elder mentioned to him that there was moose meat wasting away at the landfill site."
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, are entheogenically inclined, have a good eye, spare time, attention, love and, well, luck, then Mushroom John's Shroom Worlds' Psilocybian Mushroom Identification Guide is the penultimate, well, guide.
"Finally, I would like to add that there are three species described here in this guide which are not psychoactive, but I have placed them here because they are the three most common mushrooms collected and mistaken for those which are psychoactive."

Every bit as alarmist as our overseas introprojections is the unabated War on OurSelves, currently explicated as the war on some drugs. The implications of our momentous distraction at this epilate time, for those who wage this war of prohibition, are immense.

Every ounce of civil right we sell, in order to pay those who offer protection, will equal the full 28.35gms of fresh penal colony fodder. This is human fusion, folks! The only way that Americans, and so all the rest of us can win, is to insist that nothing changes.

In fact true patriots, surely, would be redoubling efforts to increase a wider and more open understanding, considering that only in secrecy may crimes occur. (I am absolutely implying something...)

ephemeral peace - Sean Cubitt
"Peace may be defined as the acceptance and celebration of difference."
Understanding The Cultural War Against Medical Marijuana
"Anyone who advocates cutting a deal with government sponsored terrorists is naive and a threat to all of us. That may sound harsh, but it is the nature of terrorism that as soon as you give an inch, they want it all."
Robert Fisk: Bush and Blair have already lost the talking war across the Middle East
"Even if the reasons which led to the US war against terrorism are important, the US, as the great political and economic power, should have been more objective and refrained from hasty reactions."
(Tishrin, Syria)"
It's long time past to get Sirius, I fear.
"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to- your rifle and blow out your brains,
And go to your Gawd like a soldier."
- Rudyard Kipling; The Young British Soldier
Probably time to take a refresher in The Technology of Social Control, eh?
"So we have, I guess, a bifurcated notion of what science is supposed to be for. We have no common agreement within any recognizable community about science's goals and the social uses of its output."

Perhaps closer than we have ever been since Truman's Decision of 1945, in my opinion the nuclear clock is a hair's-breadth from going off; and there's no snooze button.

During the course of one 70 minute conversation between Bush, the ex CIA chief, and Putin, the ex KGB chief, the stage for the final battle has been arranged. The setting, at the confluence of Russia, China, India and Pakistan, all nuclear powers, has been designed in detail. The set of public sentiment righteously stirred; and shaken.

So here we the people go, led by those same war criminals of Kosovo, Chechnya and Iraq fame, those same human right's violators of even wider infamy, those same industrial militarists who thrive on conflict, and that same media famous for misinformative propoganda.

Our hope is that the cumulative weight of sane discourse will blanket the hyperbolic rantings of all those within whom violence lives and profits. Let's not be distracted by entertainment or sport while Gaia is assaulted, nor tractable to any infringements of our civil and human rights.

I'm going to walk in the forest, breath deep draughts of clear air, and Imagine.

Robert Perry - Bush's 'Crusade'
"So, the inexperienced president now is faced with a two-pronged challenge: how to live up to his strong words about an unrelenting war on terrorism and how to do so without tanking the economy and creating deeper divisions in the world."
Adam Porter - Bombing The Truth
"Once again the media is trying to give a shadow show of debate. To try and pretend that ordinary people's concerns (What are the aims? When does it end? Where is the evidence? Will we make it worse?) are being voiced. But in the end the strapline remains, "America Strikes Back". And there ain't no truths enough to stop them."
Tactical Nuclear Weapons and the Challenge of Arms Control is a briefing from a few months ago.
"Despite several decades of nuclear arms control initiatives, thousands of nuclear weapons—substrategic or tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs)—are not monitored or controlled by any existing treaties or formal agreements."
The hawk with his finger on the trigger is Donald Rumsfeld, as told by The Sunday Times, and to which I was summoned by Follow me here...
"He led a blameless family life, collecting bronzes of his hero, Theodore Roosevelt, and branding cattle at his New Mexico ranch."
With a foreword by Edward Teller, Nuclear War Survival Skills is "the book", man. Relish its deep irony combined with concealed justifications for use of these mad weapons.
"Protect AM radios by using only their built-in short loop antennas. The built-in antennas of small portable radios are too short for EMP to induce damaging surges of current in them."
Abashed that such an accident could happen to him, 
Shiva realized that he had forgotten
to pray to Ganesh before his departure,
and this was the cause of the obstacle...

The Danish Dilemma
"He dreams of returning to his birthplace, Uummannaq, in northwest Greenland. The only problem with Uussaqqak Qujaukitsoq's dream is that it conflicts with U.S. plans for national missile defense."

A day that will persist within famay...negate as ye will.
Coverage from around the Web, prior to today...
"Pakistan's sinister Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) remains the key to providing accurate information to the US-led alliance in its war against Osama bin Laden and his Taliban hosts in Afghanistan. Known as Pakistan's 'secret army' and 'invisible government', its shadowy past is linked to political assassinations and the smuggling of narcotics as well as nuclear and missile components."
The Algebra of Infinite Justice
"Now the US government is asking (asking?) Pakistan to garotte the pet it has hand-reared in its backyard for so many years. President Musharraf, having pledged his support to the US, could well find he has something resembling civil war on his hands."
Iran says it will resort to force if US uses its airspace
"Iran's Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani has warned the US it will use force if it enters its airspace for attacks on Afghanistan."
0 to 100 in 68 balls: Sehwags celebrate master blaster clone
"I saw yesterday's match too and when he got a duck, I was sure he would score a big one today."
A Cautionary Tale for a New Age of Surveillance
"Visionics was quick to understand that the terrorist attacks represented not only a tragedy but also a business opportunity."
have we the guts ...?

Women in Black
"In 1962, at the age of seven, my mother took me out of Catholic School. The hairpulling, verbal degrading, and other severe and frightening punishment seemed excessive to her. Thirty five years later, as a filmmaker, I found myself asking questions about my experience and I recognized a similar need in others, as they related their experiences that were painfully close to mine."
Our Friends Are Killers, Crooks and Torturers
"Almost four weeks after the crimes against humanity in New York and Washington, we are playing politics on the hoof and allying ourselves to some of the nastiest butchers around."

A highly sensible but proclaimed anti-stateist look-see at things is Robert Hutchinson's plea : Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
"Rhetoric is not intelligent simply because shaken people want to hear wisdom. Taxation remains theft in the direst of emergencies. Regulations are intrusive despite astounding poll numbers. Democrats still blow. Republicans still suck."
The Real War, by Ken Kesey
"I am from Afghanistan, and even though I've lived here for 35 years I've never lost track of what's been going on over there... Some say, why don't the the Afghans rise up and overthrow the Taliban? The answer is they're starved, exhausted, damaged, and incapacitated. A few years ago, the United Nations estimated that there are 500,000 disabled orphans in Afghanistan-- a country with no economy, no food. Millions of Afghans are widows of the approximately two million men killed during the war with the Soviets."
Tamin Ansary
Stormy Weather: Bin Laden's quest is a first-person yet roundly dispassionate insider/outside view from Robert Loch, observer extrordinaire.
"At the time I found the reality of this very bizarre. Whilst I spent my spare time sat by a hotel pool side, sipping cocktails with bikini clad Gulf Air girls (Bahrain is home to over 5,000 of this highly accommodating species), 26 miles away anyone caught in possession of a magazine showing bare armed women would be locked up."
My read of the Bush Administration's ability in the current melieux closely mirrors that of Mark Lilla in his inestimable The Lure of Syracuse.
"When Plato set sail for Syracuse in 368 BC or so, he was, by his own report, of very mixed mind."

"The events of the last century merely provided the occasion for extraordinary displays of intellectual philotyranny whose sources will not disappear in less extreme political circumstances, for they are part of the makeup of our souls."
I always wondered what the Russians (Soviets) were up to while the CIA was piddling around with psychedelics like LSD. Vladimir Muzhesky assays his information in From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials.
"On January 31st 1973, in one military unit, an experiment was made which, if it were as widely known as CIA psychotropic research on soldiers, could have had an even stronger public resonance: it probably violated more than a dozen human rights conventions. The complex which was tested was Radiodream. The objective of the experiment was to investigate the influence of modulated electromagnetic radiation on a human system."
Trying to Understand - A Systemic Analysis of International Terrorism was brought to attention by Kenny, and brought to completion by the erudition of Fritjof Capra. Sparkles are not just fot kids...
"There is no simple defense against international terrorism, because we live in a complex, globally interconnected world in which linear chains of cause and effect do not exist. To understand this world, we need to think systemically ‹ in terms of relationships, connections, and context."
I think George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order is essential background reading for any kind of understanding of today's current.
"This special report is intended to assist the Japanese audience in more fully understanding the present policies of the United States under the administration of President George Bush. It explains the thinking behind America's military adventure in the Persian Gulf and its current attitudes toward the Middle East region.

In so doing, we provide a glimpse into the most powerful organization in America--the Order of Skull & Bones."

The snow creeps down Mt. Lorne ever closer to replacing our verdant sphagnum moss with a fluff-blanket, and then the inevitable toboggan plunge into an ultimate deep freeze. Except that things are changing here in the north, every year seemingly warmer and wetter.

I'm willing to bet that we will have only a couple of days of -40C, as opposed to the historical norm of a few weeks, and that we'll be able to grow bumper crops of snowcones and slurples throughout the dark months snik. We had the first hard frost last night, bottoming out at minus 5C, but have had the most smoothly, butter-sunny, bug-freely, incredibly, gorgeously great fall.

This utterly belies the devastation, both actual and implicate, that has happened in what often feels like another, sci-fi universe. We had our own brush with the terror of Sept. 11th as two U.S. bound Korean Air 747's landed at our (fortuitously?) recently lengthened airstrip. Apparently there was some confusion amongst the local emergency measures people, and schools and offices were evacuated. The mayor of Whitehorse was discomfited by his lack of inclusion in the decision-making process. Perhaps a first glimmer of imposed emergency states to come...

Today I heard that the troubled Canadian airlines will be passing along the names of all passengers, prior to embarkation, to the RCMP. This is a serious abrogation of our fundamental right to freedom of movement, and not in any way an effective deterrent to those of nasty intent. Hey, it sure solves the airline's ticket re-selling problem, eh; no more discount fares in the classifieds...

I guess I needed a full-body guffaw, and thanks to the Landover Baptist Church, via Ethel the blog on the left I got one: America's armed forces have a secret weapon against Muslim terrorists
"Any farmer having an especially bright and intelligent pig is encouraged to contact the Central Intelligence Agency as there are currently three managerial openings in the "Terrorist Warnings" mobile Winnebago unit."
Ten years after (I can hear them now), The Little Green Nineteen-Ninety Book is not only vital and sane; but insanely tomely.
"This is a book for caring people. It tries to formulate the hope that will see us through the Nineteen-nineties, if we act fast. It says little that is new but much that is basic. Its logic may frighten some adults, though this is not intended, but appeal more to younger people."
Amos Jessup gifts us with Excerpts from Notebooks and Published Works, all graciously wrapped up as The Conscious Explorer.
"From here the delicate tendrils of art are
splicing space in their search to achieve unity
with science, like the fibers of a dividing cell
running backwards..."
Uprooting the Tree of Ignorance
"Why do we fail to do the good that we know we should do? Why do we fall below our own standards? Why do we try so hard to make progress in life and yet have little to really show for it?"
Yogic Philosophy teaches that all our problems in life arise from Avidya, more conventionally known as Ignorance.

Computers, Science, and Extraterrestrials: An Interview with Stephen Wolfram is a wonderful post-facto deconstruction of Kubrik/Clarke's 2001 that leaves me with the good-feelies and yet pragmatizes...
"I think that trying to do engineering to mimic the high-level aspects of thinking that cognitive scientists or psychologists have identified is not going to go anywhere. Thinking is, I'm pretty sure, a much lower-level process."
Beware: Reading This Article Could Make You Into A Felon, But Not Reading It Could Get You Arrested. The allowance to grow yer own stone is contained within all free societies' understanding. I can make wine or beer in my basement but gaia-help-me if a proscribed plant is a preferred neuro-adjustment.

Just as NSA COMINT (choke the carnivore!) jamming is essential at the mo', if'n we are to remain a truly free and fear free society, so the mass horticultural endeavor of growing proscribed plants and fungi, whether we use them or not, is every green thumb's obligation.
"Poppies are among the easiest of all flowers to grow. Their brilliantly colored flowers look like crinkled sheer silk and are often delightfully fragrant."
Octglobular Prime, Naughty Prime

Ethel has been beyond bitchin' lately, with some of the most telling, scitillating, chilling and yet steamy cook-linkery. A Social History Of Spin is one of those tomes that must end up on my shelf. How we forget, ever so quickly, that the primary purpose of the corporate melieux is to manipulate understanding rather than encourage grokness. Somehow I keep lending-out more words than I get back.
"...we live in an age of "virtual factuality," an Age of Public Relations in which the construction of "reality" has become a diagnostic feature of American life."
The Long and Winding Road is a great tune, but an incredibly frightening essay.
"It cannot be over-emphasised, the results of mind control experimentation, which has been conducted by a number of so-called "civilised" nations, have led to a new breed of weapons, and those weapons are in use today."
Am I who I presume to be or in fact a construction of memetic engineering? As George Orwell so finally put - Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present, controls the past.. Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston show within their multi-chaptural The Brotherhood and the Manipulation of Society that we we we all the way home-grok; unless we're paying attention.
"History has convinced me that it is possible to get away with virtually any crime as long as it is on a large enough scale."
I absolutely must completely dig! the corporate moniker "Double Twist". Linguistic and scientific genius rarely come together, but in this case I don't think there can be any doubt. Now, as an innovator in the application of information technology to life science research (which groks as self-serving hype to me) this is obviously intended as a resource for the professional geno-geek. An entree for us of both genetic and productive sensibilities...wait a mo', is this a product endorsement??...
"Featuring our exclusive Annotated Human Genome Database and Annotated Human and Mouse Gene Indices, the Prophecy™ database and tools suite provides the most extensively annotated and cost-effective view of the human genome available today."
Ah...just score yer fix here, eh?
"Mr. Siegrist says that, even before these problems, there was increasing concern about self pleasure, and it is only likely to grow now."

Eyesore of the Month