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October's Obscure Ova

Weapons of Mass Protection - Nonlethality, Information Warfare and Airpower in the Age of Chaos by Chris Morris, Janet Morris, and Thomas Baines takes a sledge to the idea that we can 'manage' using a reactive approach to conflict resolution. On the other hand, this paper contains a rotten pound of ethical hamburger, and the maggots are swarming; and my head is swimming in the sexual undertow - The basic values inherent in airpower--deep penetration, broad reach, precision delivery, early entry--must be augmented with the ability to carry payloads whose results enforce policy throughout the operational continuum in ways suitable to the needs of decision makers in this age of chaos. - what is the opposite of orgasm? What kind of infantile peace does this give rise to?
"The result of these unsolved problems is that US and other policymakers wait too long to announce actions and then announce actions that may not be operationally or logistically feasible with the forces and weapons at hand."

Ghost Rocket got me thinking, which is the usual way of things. I too revel in deep solitude, balanced with the relational dynamism of love. Thoreau I'm not, though I can well imagine and do occasionally experience the inner quietude to match my exterior seclusion. Should I move my space out(er)? Entheogenic research on the space station? The Psychology of Isolation.

Jeremy Rifkin details the progressive enclosure of our commons, of that we all shared but that is now just another commodity. This talk was given for The Church of Euthanasia.!?
"Welcome to the greenhouse world. Welcome to the final climax of five hundred years of historical enclosure. The tombstone for the age of modernity. We're losing a species to extinction every sixty seconds. We'll lose fifteen percent of the plant and animal kingdom in nine years from now. That's massive ecocide, and we have no idea what the implications are."
James N. Rose, whose insights would demand attention by any definition, explores The Conscious Continuum - Replacing the Turing Test as part of a tremendous master work, The Integrity Papers.
"The Integrity Paradigm poses the thesis that a Theory of Everything and a Theory of Consciousness can be combined under the umbrella appellation, Theory of Behaviors ... how extant systems carry out their integral existences in relationship with the rest of the universe."
Dimitri Nanopoulos says: The final decision of how we are going to react to an external signal, we believe, is due to the gravitationally induced spontaneous collapse of the brain wave function. In this he is in agreement with Sir Penrose and Dr. Hameroff. Then he heads for the stringlands of physics. The Role of Quantum Mechanics in Brain Function.
"Now, what we found is that even if we do not look at the system, the system basically erodes because there is always gravitational interaction that exists. And somehow the interaction of the system with the gravitational force makes it erode. That means that the wave function is eventually going to localize even if there is no external observer there."

Kim Burrafato and Jack Sarfatti engage our brain-warp drive and encourage us to ponder whether The Starship Builders can make it so.
"The Alcubierre Warp Drive is purely a consequence of the subtleties inherent in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity."
Back to our relatively motionless planetship, where we are bound to find a way to deep tolerance. Simon Davies points out that governments must be transparent while our personal identities remain as opaque as we choose to keep them. Time for a byte of privacy please.
"The next generation of technology will exploit a growing fusion between people and technology. An intimacy without parallel will mean that areas of life traditionally considered private will be comprehensively revealed."
Some time ago I was captured by the mystique of Camp X, a WW2 era concentration of enigmatic characters housed in the Canadian wilderness and charged with saving the British-AmeriCanadian Way. I was stymied by a minor quandary as this great read was missing the first chapter. Well!, author Lynn-Philip Hodgson wrote to me, in one of those really neat, totally surprising e-mails that brightens the day by serendipitous awakening sorry Lynn..., that the mystery is solved. With no further adieux here is Chapter I of Inside - Camp X, as well as excerpts from all the chapters and the opportunity to buy this fine tome. As a rule abuddhas memes does not promote, and this is the exception that proves it!

camp x insignia

Might as well dive right into the ethical murk, where foriegn policy runs head-on into domestic intent and the decisions made were, and presumably still are Alzheimic. The CIA & Drugs - Narco-colonialism in the 20th Century details the activities of a bizarre bunch of spooks that could be seen as a superpower among the nations of organized crime.
"Cumulatively, the aforementioned CIA assets were concurrently trafficking close to two hundred tons a year (of cocaine) or close to 70% of total U.S. consumption."
Convulsed with a need for en-lighten-mental material to shake off the dark chaos of those who pursue dialogue with bullets, I arrive at a place of beauty, passion and logic. Transformation Metaphors, derived experimentally from the Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching), makes divined order hypertextual.
"A sustainable community can only influence others effectively when its external initiatives are consistent with its own internal mode of organization."

Brought to active attention by a Dear Reader (thanks Zac), I hustled off to investigate U. G. Krishnamurti; a name I had passed by often in my Jiddhu quests. Beginning with The Well (it may be remembered by future historians that everything began with The Well) I am at first startled to think that I had not reviewed his work earlier, since he appears to have an anti-meme approach to enlightenment. Digging for the dirt, I ran across A Critique of U.G. Krishnamurti, which would inter this odd little man under the weight of his hypocrisy. I decided to defer to Sarlo's Guru Rating Service. Of course, U.G. is not-a-guru.
"Never has a 'philosopher' become so famous while emphatically denying that he even has a philosophy."
In need of aorist relief I found Mike Holderness, who persuaded BBC Radio to offer a modest prize for the best suggestion for pronouncing Aitch Tee Tee Pee Colon Slash Double-U Double-U Double-U Dot on the radio or over the phone. "Huttipwobbly?"
"...if librarians and not physicists had invented HTTP, it'd be called LURVE (you have 30 seconds to expand the acronym*) or SAUCE or something... "
Reflexive Ethnographic Science (a proposed book)
"As a contribution to a scientific cultural anthropology, it constitutes a foil to those in cultural studies and related fields who deride the possibility of verifiable ethnographic representations. Instead, it points the way toward a unique combination of traditional and post-modern objectives -- in effect, a reflexive ethnographic science."
Robert Aunger, author of the above article, has an abiding interest in testing the memetic model within cultural anthropology. Culture Vultures
"But the groundswell of enthusiasm about memes, including Blackmore's, has largely glossed over a number of problems the idea poses. In my view, those problems are not fatal. But they must be appreciated if the meme hypothesis is to skirt the empty circularity it has been accused of (namely, that whatever gains cultural currency is the product of memes, but the only evidence for the memes is cultural currency)."
I wonder if anyone has thought to insert a memetic algorithm into an evolution simulation software package? These freeware ones are offered by EvoNet Flying Circus, and lie within The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation.


Sitting on the dock of Hakim Bey is somewhat akin to being on a wild beach, awe and wonder at the power of the gathering surf is anchored by an understanding that beyond lie the calmer waters of depth. The Temporary Autonomous Zone enables us to contemplate alternate projections, and assures us that in most cases the best and most radical tactic will be to refuse to engage in spectacular violence, to withdraw from the area of simulation, to disappear.
"Lay down a map of the land; over that, set a map of political change; over that, a map of the Net, especially the counter-Net with its emphasis on clandestine information-flow and logistics--and finally, over all, the 1:1 map of the creative imagination, aesthetics, values. The resultant grid comes to life, animated by unexpected eddies and surges of energy, coagulations of light, secret tunnels, surprises."
Computer Psychiatrist meets random Quote Generator
caution - 360k! page
"Perhaps some problems at home have something to do with this.

...It's REAL ROUND.. And it's got a POINTY PART right in the MIDDLE!! The shape is SMOOTH.. ..And COLD.. It feels very COMFORTABLE on my CHEEK.. I'm getting EMOTIONAL..

What makes you believe you are getting emotional?

I once decorated my apartment entirely in ten foot salad forks!!"
Scientific American, not known for it's seditious nature, nevertheless fills us in on How Publius Thwarts Censors.
"Even if G-men comb the Web and shut down 80 of the servers on which your offending file rests (and good luck to them), it will remain available on the Web."
One gets the visceral feeling that their deaths are all connected somewhy - Lennon, Joplin, Hendrix, ..., Robert Kennedy - but to believe so would be to also believe they conspire to control; and I have a splanchnic dislike of conspiracies. Sirhan and the RFK Assassination Part 1: The Grand Illusion
"Read about the new evidence of Sirhan's innocence and about one of the most elaborate frames in history."
10/10/00 cool date, eh?

Long ago and far away I mentioned hairy armpits in reference to a pheremone study, and have since received many visitors in search of titillation. So it was that Twernt raised my pique with The Werewolf's Armpits, a site dripping with redolent literary brood. Why Hairy Armpits Are Great. Ok, that's it, nix the axillan content.
"Anybody remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another."
Dr. Who
I wave goodbye to the train of my thought and jump on the reductionist express, where the description is mistaken for the script. The Symphonic Architecture of Mind: The Circulating Wavetrain of Consciousness
"It is my fundamental hypothesis that consciousness is a circulating multidimensional wavetrain. A brain is a medium in which wavetrains, consciousness being the foremost such wavetrain, cyclically propagate, are transformed, and transform, initiate, and combine with other wavetrains, all of which entrain and are subjected to non-cyclic emotive and tonic influences."
The US Army Special Operations Field Manual Library is for those with an intense interest in intrigue. pdf and password?....of course they make it inconvenient...
"See also the chemical, biological, and radiological defense manual library."
abuddhas memes may not be the best place to look for an answer to where have all the farmers gone?, so I will instead forward the investigation to it's rightful destination: Portrait Of An Industry In Trouble by Brian Halweil.
"To many observers, the rapid release of transgenic crops and the ensuing financial disarray is disturbingly reminiscent of the earlier uncritical bandwagons for nuclear energy and chemical pollutants like DDT."

The title of this page (that stretches the bounds of fair use?) attracted me because of it's semantic symmetry, and kept me interested by having a nice diagram. Macroscopic and Microscopic Processes of Evolution of Evolutionary Processes
"The individual is going to be universalized, the universal is going to be individualized, and thus from both directions the whole is going to be enriched."
Jan Smuts, Holism and Evolution
There is no question that I'm slightly dim at times, and occasionally feel quite brain dead, so it comes as no surprise that according to the Original Densa Quiz I'm an idiot.

An appropriate place for e-commerce may be to facilitate the bypassing of immoral and only selectively enforcable local (national) laws; and by so doing encourage a panoptic ethic of sense. Place your order, if you dare... World.Wide.Weed
"If current trends are any indication, U.S. drug policy is an endangered species."
Another trend of highest significance can be monitored by means of the Singularity Watch, who offer three different frequencies of mailing list you may join to receive information on public events and news that will help you understand and evaluate the coming Singularity.
"Some 10 to 140 years from now—depending on which computer scientist, futurist, or systems theorist you happen to agree with, human culture will enter the "blowup" phase of its million-year history of incessant exponential informational growth, involving a sharp "transition" to "runaway complexity" that will quickly create a future vastly different from present society."
Grokking our present state accurately, and so having the ability to make any kind of predictive sense, is what Hans Moravec does with aplomb as he quanswers When will computer hardware match the human brain? Equally telling are the Open Peer Commentaries on his paper which demonstrate the cognitive dynamism this field enjoys.
"Dr Moravec estimates that Deep Blue can apply about 3 million MIPS in its problem domain. I'm guessing that we can build an equivalent, affordable machine today that is not restricted to the chess domain.If so, the hardware for human-level AI is available today, and human-level AI is "merely" a small matter of programming."

I do not (necessarily) see the necessity of countering a cognitive virus - the proactive act of innoculation, and it's attendant cross-meme immunity being far better. An ounce of prevention: Hang with youngsters, comment and laugh at all attempts to meme-ipulate that come to attention, laugh, laugh, laugh (what is that pungent odor?)....add standard hypocrisy disclaimer when purchasing favorite beverage and/or bypassing person in need on the street. Oh, and prepare yourself and loved ones for ideational combat. Meme Warfare - A Dispatch from the Forebrain of the Global Culture Jammer
"Every outburst of cognitive dissonance is useful, but to mount a serious challenge against corporate rule, we jammers must build our own meme factory."
Further to my rather sidetracked research of yesterday, Mark Dery takes us Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs.
"Meanwhile, the question remains: How to box with shadows? In other words, what shape does an engaged politics assume in an empire of signs?
The answer lies, perhaps, in the "semiological guerrilla warfare" imagined by Umberto Eco."
Mark Dery is credited with coining the phrase 'culture jamming', though I think it was a kid eating strawberry yoghurt. In a blatant attempt to hawk his book, he has placed many exerpts and chapter synopses online, hoping that we will attain Escape Velocity.
"Chapter One uncovers the roots of contemporary computer culture in '60s counterculture; dissects the libertarian-libertine politics of Mondo 2000, the New Age mutant hacker 'zine with one foot in the Aquarian Age and the other in a Brave New World; deconstructs the voodoo cosmology of William Gibson's cyberpunk novels; and infiltrates the technopagan subculture, whose members use computers in occult rituals."
killed, bored, rough


North of the 49th parallel, where even the wheat is called 'winter', this is the thanks giving glutton-fest weekend; complete with turkey-shoots (they don't really, eh?), Wild Turkey, talkin' turkey, and tryin' not to act like a turkey after eatin' and drinkin' all that turkey. Max More delivers grace in A Letter to Mother Nature. Could I 'ave s'more, Mum? No, let me amend that...
"We have decided that it is time to amend the human constitution.
We do not do this lightly, carelessly, or disrespectfully, but cautiously, intelligently, and in pursuit of excellence. We intend to make you proud of us. Over the coming decades we will pursue a series of changes to our own constitution, initiated with the tools of biotechnology guided by critical and creative thinking. In particular, we declare the following seven amendments to the human constitution: ..."
Before we start ameliorating our condition, we must satisfy our disposition to inquisition. The Zero Ontology - David Pearce on Why Anything Exists
"...it is reasonably clear that western thought has been absorbed in the notion of substance, without being able to see how substantial things can dissolve into nothingness. This makes it particularly difficult for western philosophers to find the Zero ontology meaningful."
After reading a 'blogger's (who shall remain nameless, not out of face-saving kindness but that darn memory thing...) treatise on Buffy (of vampire slaying fame) and while performing some research (Mary Jane says high) on culture jamming, I zoomed into Circling the Square. Well whaddya know but The Buffy Stops Here!

and i'm one

Dutch transhumanists have got a new presence. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transhumanismus also has featured english articles.
"Trust machines to make big decisions,
programmed by fellows of compassion and vision.
We'll be clean when that work is done,
we'll be eternally free, yes, and eternally young...."

from "I.G.Y." on the album Nightfly by Donald Fagin (1982)

A logical step towards machine intelligence is being taken by Intelligenesis, whose nominal 'head' is Ben Goertzel. Here he describes Wild Computing - Steps Toward a Philosophy of Internet Intelligence.
"The Webmind system provides a general "agents operating system" for managing systems of software agents that share meaning amongst each other, transform each other, and interact in various ways; the agents may live in the RAM of a single machine, may be run on multiple processors, and may live across many machines connected by high-bandwidth cable."
Involution: On the Structure and Process of Existence, Revisited draws lines in the fields of spime and discovers chaorder.
"Using systematic analysis of phenomena across levels of complexity of existence enables a clearer understanding of the underlying structure and evolutionary process of the universe."
I use a proxy, but when entering security.tao.ca they promptly displayed my current IP and host to me. Oh dear! Computer & Internet Security, Privacy, Anonymity and more...
"However, it is more important to recognize that no amount of cryptography is going to further the very real goal of ultimately changing society in such a way that this type of security-conciousness is not required."
The Principia Cybernetica by means of author F. Heylighen puts The Social Superorganism and its Global Brain under the macroscope, and decides that at the moment we more closely resemble slime mold than panoptic sentience.
"Although many people tend to see the super-organism philosophy as a totalitarian or collectivist ideology, the opposite is true: further integration will basically increase individual freedom and diversity."

Transitional (Wednes)day, the glass is half empty/full, and our minds are brought to warming recognition of a reason to get out of bed. Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, with fine style and cosmic humor, delivers us from mediocrity with a FAQ about the Meaning of Life. I was in a blue funk; now I'm just funky.
"There's no such thing as science."
Luminary futurists are looking into the light with these Comments on Vinge's Singularity. Contributors include Alexander Chislenko, Anders Sandberg, Max More and many others; as well as the sagacious Eliezer S. Yudkowsky!
"The options before us appear to be limited:
1. Achieve some form of 'singularity' -- or at least a phase shift, to a higher and more knowledgeable society (one that may have problems of its own that we can't imagine.)
2. Self-destruction
3. Retreat into some form of more traditional human society. One that discourages the sorts of extravagant exploration that might lead to results 1 or 2."
David Brin
a page dedicated to the memory of Sasha Chislenko
Networking in the Mind Age

Pierre Trudeau ..... he changed us as a nation
but we still haven't listened to LeDain
"Living next to the United States is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt."

Nick Bostrom is a marvel of curiosity; personified. In the quote below he is responding to the lack of motivation among American youth to pursue science or mathematics. When Machines Outsmart Humans (will they need therapy?) is an article of extraordinary clarity on the philosophic and tangible aspects of how we will deal with created intelligence.
"We didn't evolve to enjoy mathematics. Those who do are freaks. A really inspirational teacher who can convey the real meaning of mathematics and show how it all hangs together will no doubt make the subject more exciting. However, it is probably more feasible to develop a drug that increases intellectual curiosity (maybe by raising acetylcoline and/or dopamine levels) than it is to install one truly inspirational teacher in every class room. "
Sri Bostrom points us to Robin Hanson as a prime example of a true polymath; a species I think sorely missing from today's political biota. Here Sir Hanson displays novel excogitation and creates a new system of governance; Futarchy: Vote Values, But Bet Beliefs.
"Futarchy seems promising if we accept the following three assumptions:
* Democracies fail largely by not aggregating available information.
* It is not that hard to tell rich happy nations from poor miserable ones.
* Betting markets are our best known institution for aggregating information."
Maintenance of the status quo will be on top of the agenda for Shrub and his Vines should they be erected come polling time. The Consortium, by means of Sam Parry, expose The Bush Family "Oiligarchy"; greasy stripes and all ewww.
"Of the $41 million Bush raised in two gubernatorial races, $5.6 million (14 percent) came from the energy and natural resources industries. [AP, April 3, 2000]
The oil and gas industry has extended its support for the Texas governor to his presidential bid, donating 15 times more money to Bush than to his Democratic opponent, Al Gore. As of June 20, Bush had raised $1,463,799 from the oil industry to Gore's $95,460, according to opensecrets.org (July 26, 2000). "
Run, don't walk, back to the sanity of Robin Hanson, this time with an idea whose time has come: Idea Futures. There is response to criticism of this concept as well as much else from the likes of Drexler (Modeling Molecular Machines) and Ralph Merkle (Computational Nanotechnology at PARC) in Foresight Update 11.

Beyond the pale fission of capitalism lies an intense, responsibility accepting fusion of humanist ideals and political dynamism. Auto-narchy, besides the rather bad taste (purplish-green if I'm not mistaken) the name leaves in the mouth of the enouncer, has much to admire; such as the selected tenets listed below. This does presuppose a collective altruism that the memetic engineers have carefully worked to mitigate.
Every citizen has the right to propose, and vote on, every political decision.
People represent themselves only. Representing others is illegal.
Every citizen has one vote, and only one vote, on every political decision.
All votes have equal weight. Majority decisions are binding.
Needs of the poorest must be attended before needs of the less poor.
Needs of the sickest must be attended before needs of the less sick.
Excepting these two, needs of the many must be attended before needs of the few.
Protecting species from extinction and Nature from destruction and pollution is compulsory.
Each member of a family has equal authority in deciding matters of their family.

Ken Wilber found his way to my bookshelf some twenty years ago. Since then he has recalibrated his approach. A Summary of My Psychological Model -- Or, Outline of An Integral Psychology
"Psychology as we have known it, I believe, is basically dead. In its place, in my opinion, will be more integral approaches."
Is Human Identity an Artifact?
"In considering the theme, "Technology and the Human Future," it might be interesting to examine what we mean by the human part of the future that we share with technology."
So who is this guy? I am grateful to him for his code and occasionally think of him when engaged in a particularly altruistic endeavor.
"1991- I finished epic around the world solo 30,000 mile voyage."
Coming to a video monitor near you are the Surveillance Camera Players. We can all play too, to the limit of our anachronistic abilities. Those anchored to this time and view may wonder at our sudden novelty; but fear not as their voyeuristic vision is a dream and our being an attentive, spontaneous act.

Edward F. Halpin and Steve Wright proceed to wake us up with a paper presented at this year's meeting of the Canadian Association for Information Science. The Hidden Dimensions of Global Information Networks: What Price Privacy?
"The STOA report concluded 'that what we are witnessing here are meetings of operatives of a new global military intelligence state...and black box decision making.' "
Randomonium makes sure that we keep our eyes on this evil legislation.
"If this info becomes illegal, post it anonymously to Usenet and FTP sites, and get friends in countries that believe in freedom to post it to their Websites."
October the First, 2000 can ya believe it? Winter's given notice already...snowing and -3C here in the Yukon

It's cool when a search lists one's own site at the top of the picking order. In this case my input was 'Roddenberry transpersonal', spurred on by Kenny's keenly interesting reportage, and ultimately consummated in an entry just down the results page - I can just imagine Gene's opinion of this PostTribulationist Ministry. Oh, go on! It's good to grok the full weight of their sinful digression's depression and utter moral turpitude and then go outside, take a deep breath, and be amazed at the actual.
"Jesus will return after the 70th week of Daniel."
hope he remembers to pick up bread
This of course led me to a blurb about Robert Hewitt Wolfe, exectutive producer of Andromeda. "Wolfe talks about the Andromeda Ascendant, the series' fully-sentient spaceship, and with a size of 3,000 feet quite possibly the biggest character to ever appear on television."

Using a Wrench to Pound in a Screw: The Misapplication of Communication Technologies in Education. Technologies are always adopted for uses that are unintended and often un(fore)seen by their inventors.
Media technologies follow a trajectory of development.
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