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November's Numbing Nefariousness

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As most of you know I live 'north of sixty' where at this time of year we should have a meter of snow and temperatures hovering between minus 10C and minus 30C., with the occasional slightly warmer day. What has happened this year is nothing short of phenomenal - when I woke up this morning the southern Yukon (I'm at 60 degrees 20 minutes north latitude) was10C warmer than Florida (hey, that's what you get for kiboshing chads for the devil).

Our first whiff of fall blew in on August 21st, and it is still autumn!! We have been consistantly 10 - 20C above seasonal norms, have had only minor snow which has then promptly melted, and what I can only describe as a bizarre mildness in what should be wildness of the first order. We get the majority of our snow from mid-October to early January, creating a mighty snowpack that fuels our watersheds for the rest of the year. Absent of that, next summer could be a firestorm of Territorial proportions.

Is this a prolonged weather modification exercise so as to set up ideal invasion conditions in Iraq? What the HAARP is going on??

Carcross Cam - What's wrong with this picture?
"November 30th - sunrise today will be at 9:35, sunset will be at 4:01. We're losing the sun at the rate of about 4 minutes each day now."
As happy as a bee finding a flower in full bloom, the discovery of Stephen Downes (by way of bla, bla, blog) is an epiphany. I think that in the few words quoted below, Stephen has managed to embody the fundamental difference between Republican suppresion and Parliamentary diverseness. An education based on (sequences) of content only would be meaningless. The Lattecentric Ecosystem
"In my utopia, values are individual and personal, and the role of the state is not to embody a certain set of values, but to create a means whereby people with different values can live together."
The Making of an American Tyrant
"No foreign terrorist can strip the entire American system of its basic freedoms -- the inviolability of the citizen, the right to due process, the constitutional separation of powers, the people's right to know what their government is doing in their name.

Only an American tyrant can do that. And he is doing it, day by day."

Allow me to go to the edge of off-the-wall with the promise that my content can only get more concrete in future. Coordinate Remote Viewing is the manual for training psychic sponges. Yes, you too can visualize venal vixens voluptuously and voraciously vomit vim due to plutonic psilliness. A literative lark.
"What, then, is an "eight-martini" result? Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good that it cracks everyone's realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover. Remote viewing does have its amusing aspects, you know."
This Timeline of Important Dates in the History of Electromagnetic Technology and Mind Control by Cheryl Welsh gives some context to why the military would spend sixty million dollars (that we know of) on such a program.
"From USAF Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, Ancillary Volume, p89. Prior to the mid-21st century, there will be a virtual explosion of knowledge in the field of neuroscience. We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated (both positively and negatively). One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. This will open the door for the development of some novel capabilities that can be used in armed conflict, in terrorist/hostage situation, and in training...

This timeline demonstrates how classified the electromagnetic and mind control technology is. Scientists have been killed for revealing this technology. They have lost government funding. They can be prosecuted and or lose their jobs if they reveal national security secrets. And some scientists have been targeted with the technology and have been unfairly labeled mentally ill."
Implanted chips ahoy! The thing that bothers me intensely about this is that all of the technology to implement such intrusions is already over-the-counter or, in the case of satellites, available for lease. All that remains then is nefarious will, which is The Capitolist's (sick) wont. Timmy McVeigh Was Telling the Truth! - It's Not Your Father's Mind Control Technology
"The IIC is a constellation of integration or "smart" satellites that receives all-source information. Within the IIC, resident intelligent software will run decision support tools, correlate and fuse data into useful information, identify inconsistencies and information gaps, and task collectors to seek data to fill information gaps.

The implanted microscopic brain chip performs two functions. First, it links the individual to the IIC, creating a seamless interface between the user and the information resources (in-time collection data and archival databases). In essence, the chip relays the processed information from the IIC to the user. Second, the chip creates a computer-generated mental visualization based upon the user's request. The visualization encompasses the individual and allows the user to place himself into the selected battlespace."
end conspirative mind-bent - back to one
"The reverberations of the resonances of the creation become visualizible, discernible and physical when the space-time and the quantum theory are unified."
thanks to Booknotes - 'Stein was interested in the theory that Buddhism had spread from India to China along the old caravan routes

I am not Christian, except by choral extension and cultural immersion. I am not atheist, barring an absence of proof. I am not agnostic, excluding proof of absence. Taking all this into account, whilst enjoying the Long View my eye is attracted to Antipas Ministries. Yow!...yet...YHVH
"...the Hebrew word for spirit is ne shamah which means "wind," and the Hebrew word for soul is nephesh which means a "living (thinking) being." They are two totally different words, and mean two totally different things. In addition, the Greek word for spirit is pneuma which means "breeze," and the Greek word for soul is psuche, which - like the Hebrew word, nephesh - means a "living (thinking) being." Again, they are two totally different words, and mean two totally different things."
David Bohm: Of course, one of the main legitimate functions of thought has always been to help provide security, guaranteeing shelter and food for instance. However, this function went wrong when the principle source of insecurity came to be the operation of thought itself.


I have been conspicuously absent from myself lately. This could, under nominal conditions, be a state of welcome ease - I mean "I" want to focus, or more acurately obsess, on the continuously increasing diminution of human rights within AmeriCanada and our projection of righteousness spawned by our introjection of shame.

The absolutely non-sensical nature of this self who would attend a bicameral fantasy provided by Mediated experience is a testament to those who would pretend. Disneyland, man.

Aldous Huxley let us in on the secret with his penultimate essay Brave New World, Revisited; and we all have nibbled on the bait of faux-value. A highly condensed version of Huxley's transvision was brought to my attention by Unknown News. I think that Propaganda in a Democratic Society goes down easy like late-night Chinese food, but is similarly upsetting upon clear morning regurgiflection.
"In their propaganda today's dictators rely for the most part on repetition, supression and rationalization - the repetition of catchwords which they wish to be accepted as true, the supression of facts which they wish to be ignored, the arousal and rationalization of passions which may be used in the interests of the Party or the State."
The 'quality time' that we as fully mature meme-burrs of our species must stick on our children therefore starts with ecology. The whole and the relations that make it so are the bedrock from which the soil of all else transpires. So, as Huxley so well proposes in his novel (truly) Island - teach the children wellness (whole-ness) and their parent's hell will quickly go bye.

Assuming that we have grokked the eco-social poly-meanor and ensured our young'uns cognitive freedom, it is now time to head downstairs and turn to lesson number two - physics. John Walker provides the ultimate multi-generational project: Bending Spacetime in the Basement.
"It's best to use a nonmagnetic material like lead for the weights on the ends of the balance arm. The forces we're working with are so small that if you use, for example, steel ball bearings on the arms, you may end up accidentally reinventing the compass instead of detecting the force of gravity."
As a fundamental given, we wouldn't want to break any laws (uh huh, real ones that is). Brig Klyce fills us up and then adds vigor to The Second Law of Thermodynamics. How has meaningful information emerged in the universe?
"As for the origin of information, the fountainhead, this must lie somewhere in the territory close to the big bang"
A.W. related grace in inimitable fashion with a lecture titled The World As Emptiness, (or, How the Dharma Bum Spent His Easter Vacation).
"The difficulty of Zen is the almost overwhelming problem of getting anyone to see that life-and-death is not a problem. The Zen master tackles this by asking the student to find out for whom the world is a problem, for whom is pleasure desirable and pain undesirable, thus turning consciousness back upon itself to discover the ego. But of course it turns out that this mythical "I" that seems to confront experience or to be trapped in the world is nowhere to be found."

Disgusting does not begin to describe the people who profit from others suffering, the indescribable suffering of children and their parents, suffering squared accepted as currency in the True World Order. The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations - Part Five: The American Empire and business of Iraq (Series conclusion) - there is a most comprehensive set of supporting documentation for this special report from the Online Journal.
"Since its creation in 1996, US oil companies have used the UN Oil for Food Program as a means to steal billions of dollars of Iraqi oil and reap significant profits. Through the exploitation of this program (in which Iraq has been forced to sell its oil at below-international market price in exchange for humanitarian aid) US companies such as ChevronTexaco, Exxon-Mobil, BP-Amoco, Valero, Clark and Marathon-Ashland have purchased cheap oil for resale through Russian, European and Chinese traders and intermediaries. These companies have made billions from this scheme for years."
Springing from the same clear source, Bev Conover laments the fat lady singing. It has happened here, the USA we knew is no more
"You didn't count on another stolen election-this time with little to no way of proving it-coupled with the bungling of spineless Democrats who were afraid of standing up for the people lest the corporate media eat them alive.

Tom Ridge is right when he said, "This is a day for the history books." The history books will note this as the day our democratic republic ended in a whimper to be replaced by a corporate-controlled fascist dictatorship led by Dictator George W. Bush."
Moronity as a given, if Intelligence exhibits complicity with cretinous management does that imply morontelligence? Inside America's Secret Court: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
"It was the threat of such a process that led the constitutional Framers to enact the Bill of Rights to prevent the government from using such a judicial vehicle against the public. The numerous protections articulated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were expressly designed to prevent the gross judicial abuses of the British government Star Chamber under King George the Third - abuses and powers eerily similar to those currently granted by Congress and the Presidency to the FISC."
Ever aware that the best means of innoculation for memetic viruses is humor (a memebit that locks into the tensile memetic code and renders the structure funny, and thus unstable and incapable of straight transmission), I muse over a transmemetic highball. In Praise of Close-Mindedness - A Manifesto for the Thoughtful Asshole
"This all assumes, of course, that you are not a moron. If you are a moron, you should listen to your betters. You should also go far, far away - this very instant, mind you - and never trouble us again."

Government without effective opposition combined with a population divided and confused equals a functional opportunity for integration of The Calculus of Control
"Snooping and gossiping have now been elevated into honored functions of protecting society from imagined threats. Those among us who have long wanted to dictate to others how to live their lives now believe they've been empowered to persecute anyone who doesn't conform to the dictator's view of a proper life-style. And these former busybodies turned defenders of society are very eager to take on this imagined new duty."
With more than three million defences readily at hand, the Excuse-O-Mat could inject some undefined variables into the above calculus.
"No one can regret these circumstances more than I, though I emphasize I remember none of the details. All I can do is trust in the compassion of the American people, and move forward, sadder but wiser."
Now, they may wish to test your sincerity. How about just popping down to the station for a Brain Fingerprinting? Apparently named by Time Magazine as one of the top scientists to watch, Lawrence A. Farwell, PhD promotes yet another righteously intrusive New Paradigm in Counterterrorism. And guess who's a major player...
Drew Richardson, PhD, Vice President for Forensic Operations and Senior Forensic Scientist

"Dr. Richardson has collaborated with Dr. Farwell in research on Brain Fingerprinting at the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA. He headed the bureau's chemical/biological response team, served as the coordinator for NBC scientific assets at the Atlanta Olympic Games (and other special events), and assisted in the formulation of congressional budget requests for the FBI Laboratory's counter-terrorism needs."
Thoughts on the Spirituality of Atheism

DOD Elaborates on Total Information Awareness.
"But the answers seemed unlikely to assuage critics concerned about violations of personal privacy, expanding government surveillance and eroding constitutional values."
The nature of transparency is, like that of nature itself, mutually dependent. - GWB, September 17, 2002 - I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours - Tony, November 24th, 2002


I do hope things "come in threes". First the phone got cut off due to undue diligence on my part. Next my darling canine with a tail of loving choas swept my glass of water onto the -eyboard, which once dry seemed to worc fine except, as you may have noticed, no letter "cay" (for today I'll use the dash - for that letter and hope I can find another board). Third, and with luc- the last malevent for some time, was the development of a nasty biobug eliciting green projectiles, cacophonic coughing, and copious consumption of chesty counterirritants (camphor).

Not being qualified (rendered receptively reduced) as an economist, I am in awe of the simplicity with which we have been defrauded. Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (originally comissioned by Ezra Pound) - this couldn't happen today...nah.
"Only the innermost council of "The London Connection" knew that it had been decided at this "mystery meeting" to bring down the curtain on the greatest speculative boom in American history. Those in the know began to sell off all speculative stocks and put their money in government bonds. Those who were not privy to this secret information, and they included some of the wealthiest men in America, continued to hold their speculative stocks and lost everything they had."
MoD rejects fears over defence sell-off
"Ministers today defended plans to sell part of the defence research industry to a US-based company that has several former international leaders on its payroll.

George Bush senior, his former secretary of state James Baker, the former prime minister John Major and many other figures from international big business and politics are employed by Carlyle Group, a US-based private equity and defence group."
Guilty as charged, I do admit to not reading every word of every document that I point to. Besides being physically impossible to do the range of research that I do and still have life (or rather have a completely still life), many longer essays that I believe vital to re-enter into the wider consciousness I have read before, or at least fully understand the jist, deftly scan and collate, and am able to ma-e reasoned comments.

Michael Finley's blog vagaries & vicissitudes comments on Michael Kinsley's admission that he didn't read all the books as judge of the National Book Award.
"It's a dirty little secret that unless you are OCD, there is no way you can make a living reviewing books that you read cover to cover. This explains why book reviews are usually "book essays," tangentially touching on the book at hand, focusing instead on the silken subtleties of the reviewer's mind."
J.R. Mooneyham, prognosticator of WebFlux, ruminates on The possible (but unlikely) Iraq surprise - do they have the stomachs for it?
"The latest news reports regarding the USA, Russia, and Iraq got me to thinking."
Gallery of  Psychedelic Sketches  & Diary Pages  by Hans Taeger - from the early 70's.


I feel a deep need today to focus on the mis-attended realities that the corporate press, and I'm ashamed to say even our weblogging community, are largely ignoring. There are compelling reasons for this ignore-ance of course, what with the withering erosion of human rights at home and (a) domestic government(s) usurped by oligarchs intent on murderous international intrusions.

With 45,000 homo-sentients dying of starvation each day and such meta-disasters as disease, malnutrition and capital-complicit carnage wreaking havoc on the rights, cultures and ability of a major portion of humanind, we have been distracted to distraction.

African News
"I come to you today to appeal to you for prayers to ease our most serious situation in Zimbabwe and to appeal to you to lobby by all means possible for a peaceful solution to the Zimbabwean crisis. We face an absolutely desperate situation in Zimbabwe and the government is lying to the world about it. Our government continues to engage in lies, propaganda, the twisting of facts, half truths, downright untruth and gross misinformation, because they are fascists."
Archbishop Pius Ncube, Archbishop of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
To lobby or not to lobby - a right for an individual, dubious for a group, a corporate evil. Special Interest Puppet Masters
"The moment has come for everyone to raise their voice and admit that true freedom and democracy are in danger. It is time for all of us to act against these puppet masters that threaten our very humanity. To face the facts that many of the most gifted people on this earth have been manipulated into extermination by genocide or have been subjugated by wars of aggression; oppression; attrition; liberation; ideology; religion; national interest or race wars based solely on the back room manipulation of foreign special interest groups."
Survival - for tribal people
"Around 200 Guarani-Kaiowá have been driven from the village of Tey Cuê in central west Brazil and are now camping by a highway under plastic tarpaulins. Their homes and possessions were burnt; they have little food and no clean water."
As a nominal nod to the presently directed attentive disorder, The Experiment presents a youthful troup of memengineers: Ladies and Gentlemen ... the Band: Selling the war in Iraq
"The Band started, not coincidentally, right after the White House had to pull an op-ed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that The Washington Post was planning to publish on Sunday, Sept. 8. The piece was an argument for preemptive strikes-President Bush's new foreign-policy doctrine.

They'll be playing soon at a TV, newspaper and radio near you."
The Montau Project and Camp Hero Today - We have been unable to reach Mr. Quinn for permission to reprint this excellent and important article. Our contacts and information sources have lost touch with him as well. This is disturbing to say the least.


Michael Finley (vagaries & vicissitudes) deconstructs Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone and provides an exegesis that at once inspires and disgusts.
"A nation that is a rolling stone is one that has come unglued from its certainties. Like Adam and Eve awakened to their sinfulness, we stagger outside the garden gates, wondering what will become of us. Consciousness of our shortcomings deprives us of comfort unless we continue to delude ourselves. How does a nation "conceived in liberty" cope with the reality of war crimes, and worse, selling its own children into the bondage of consumer culture?"
Wellstone: a motive for murder - thanks Michael
"Because of the timing of Wellstone's death, absentee ballots figured to be the decisive margin in the Coleman/Wellstone contest."
Before I scare the bejeebers out of y'all with not-at-all-tall tales of Russo-American weapons (and defensive?) developments, a little bit of scientific history is in order. In this Interview with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden, absolutely remarkable for its timely prescience, we are given a geosynchronous view of the State of the Fields; circa '91. Muddle through and you'll see that he's served an EM ace. (15 - love)
"Whew! You've asked for a complete explanation of how to unify the three major disciplines of physics, specify what's wrong with the three present versions of those disciplines that has prevented their unification, and how this was in Maxwell's original quaternion equations (some 200 of which are actually his theory, not the pale four vector equations written by Heaviside and Gibbs). You also asked for an explanation of scalars versus vectors, and how the present vector analysis (of Heaviside and Gibbs) misses the boat with respect to structured scalars. And you've asked me to do it simply, in layman's terms. To say that that's a tall order is the understatement of the decade!"
A bit more simply - What is Scalar Electromagnetics? (30 - love)
"If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object."
The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics (40 - love)
"After over 30 years of development, and extensive testing around the globe, these new scalar electromagnetic weapons are up and running and ready to go. Tom Bearden, at his website Cheniere, dicusses the history of these new scalar electromagnetic weapons in his paper Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons."
Which brings us back to the future and the question of whether this new "crusade" will again be the testing ground of bleeding-edge technologies. Iraq: World's First Scalar War? (game - set - match)
"In what is called an "exothermic mode" the howitzers (a Tesla Howitzer) can cause a blast of heat at the interference zone, an explosion of near-nuclear proportions. It could topple buildings and cause other destruction. Or it could be set wide and heat the atmosphere in that region. Or it could be set to simply destroy all electronics in that interference (target) zone, or to destroy the hubs of the electric power grids of a very wide area. Although it seems unbelievable, the actual energy of the blast is not traveling through space to hit the target, but actually being made to emerge from the local vacuum in the interference (target) zone."

I consider myself the opposite of a corporate shill, yet find myself compelled to point to yet another commercial product under development. Applied nanotech hits the streets with fashionable yet potentially life saving style. RST Research
"Demron's patented nanotechnology has been in development for almost a decade. From its humble beginnings to the technological leaps of today, Demron has been continually enhanced and refined. Using the latest molecular engineering techniques, Demron offers the kind of radiation protection only associated with traditional heavy metals like Lead."
I am happy to have found the temporarily lost-to-me technoccult, a superior weblog with high intensions. Led by aforesaid importer of fine ideas to The Trip Receptacles (Imagine that you had unfettered access to nine hours of commercial-free airtime on a major FM radio station with a 60,000 watt signal covering a third of California. What kind of material would you broadcast? Well, what else? Why, you'd enthusiastically promote the extensive use of powerful psychedelic drugs, obviously!), I am now jealous of those with high bandwidth connections. Some thirty MP3's varying from 1 to 15 MB featuring such lucid luminaries as Shulgin, Grof, McKenna, Leary, Capra, and so many more, provide a resource I can only drool over (oops, sorry keyboard). I'm going to splurge my isp-hour and download the Terrance McKenna dialogue with Tim Leary. yum.

Grabbing something my lowly 28.8 can digest, Rick Strassman M.D. provides a brief overview of his book DMT - The Spirit Molecule.
"The DMT project was founded on cutting edge brain science, especially the psychopharmacology of serotonin. However, my own background powerfully affected how we prepared people for, and supervised, their drug sessions. One of these was a decades-long relationship with a Zen Buddhist training monastery."
Hippyland, a site I must explore more, brings us
A Prayer for America (2002)
by US Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich.
"Let us pray that we have the courage to replace the images of death which haunt us, the layers of images of September the Eleventh, faded into images of patriotism, spliced into images of military mobilization, jump cut into images of our secular celebrations of the World Series, New Year's Eve, the Superbowl, the Olympics, the strobic flashes which touch our deepest fears, let us replace those images with the work of human relations, reaching out to people, helping our own citizens here at home, lifting the plight of the poor everywhere. That is the America which has the ability to rally the support of the world. That is the America which stands not in pursuit of an axis of evil, but which is itself at the axis of hope and faith and peace and freedom."
Psychedelics and Religious Experience - in honor of Alan Watts, r.i.p. November 17th, 1973


Dear Reader bla, bla, blog wrote to inform me that, sensationalist claims of military use aside, the technology of focused sound developed by MIT is a rapidly expanding (erk) commercial product. The Audio Spotlight may soon be coming to a vehicle, home or office in your area - is this a stock tip...?
"Make sound fly overhead, swoop over your audience, or whisper in one person's ear from tens of meters away. Project sound against almost any object to create convincing virtual sources."
The Role of Language in the Perceptual Process demonstrates that directed sound could be used in nefarious ways by corporations. This is a comprehensive essay by Alfred Korzybski that I thought would provide a bridge between sonic steerage and memetic modification.
"Perhaps a story from the European underground under Hitler would be a good illustration. In a railroad compartment an American grandmother with her young and attractive granddaughter, a Romanian officer, and a Nazi officer were the only occupants. The train was passing through a dark tunnel, and all that was heard was a loud kiss and a vigorous slap. After the train emerged from the tunnel, nobody spoke, but the grandmother was saying to herself, "What a fine girl I have raised. She will take care of herself. I am proud of her." The granddaughter was saying to herself, "Well, grandmother is old enough not to mind a little kiss. Besides, the fellows are nice. I am surprised what a hard wallop grandmother has." The Nazi officer was meditating, "How clever those Romanians are! They steal a kiss and have the other fellow slapped." The Romanian officer was chuckling to himself, "How smart I am! I kissed my own hand and slapped the Nazi."

Obviously it was a problem of limited "perception," where mainly "hearing" was involved, with different interpretations."
The Global Technology Revolution Summary is a sober and in no way exaggerated look at the issues we all must confront in the very near future. There is a great diagram near the bottom of the page that neatly contextualizes the techno-temporal flow.
"The most significant issues may be privacy, economic disparity, cultural threats (and reactions), and bioethics. In particular, issues such as eugenics, human cloning, and genetic modification invoke the strongest ethical and moral reactions. These issues are highly complex since they both drive technology directions and influence each other in secondary and higher-order ways. Citizens and decisionmakers need to inform themselves about technology, assembling and analyzing these complex interactions in order to truly understand the debates surrounding technology. Such steps will prevent naive decisions, maximize technology's benefit given personal values, and identify inflection points at which decisions can have the desired effect without being negated by an unanalyzed issue."
Investigating Possible Conspiracies and Cover-ups - JFK, The Moon Landings, etc., and the companion essay Lies I Was Sold, brings me pruriently back to consensual fraudulence. Now, about Paul Wellstone....and another view: Terror On the Hill?
"Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman can write at length about the structural aspects of America's system, and how its media, for instance, can serve up an inverted view of reality, and they will suffer no harm. For instance, the documentary on Chomsky's life and career, titled Manufacturing Consent (link to a must-read addendum to the film), is the most popular documentary in Canadian history. Chomsky's thesis is virtually proven by the reception that it has received in United States. To my knowledge, no American television station has ever played it, except for a small alternative station.

It is argued, and it is partly true, that Chomsky and Herman have not had their careers ruined, or been thrown in jail, or died mysteriously, because they are prominent academics in their own right, Chomsky arguably being the world's most prominent academic during the past fifty years. However, the most important reason they are still alive is probably because they are not unmasking conspirators. That is when the work can get dangerous."
Alternative Media Censorship
Sponsored by CIA's Ford Foundation?
"Although MIT Professssor Chomsky has been on the payroll of the 12th-largest recipient of US Air Force war contracts in recent years, the article isn't asserting "that Chomsky is a controlled person." But there is evidence that Z magazine was unwilling to print an article about MIT's links to the U.S. Air Force's space warfare preparations and to the Pentagon's think-tank, the Institute for Defense Analyses, a few years ago."

Led by the hand of memes.org my attention was brought to G. Edward Griffin exposing / exploding The Grand Deception - Part 1, The Grand Deception - Part 2. Behold! The war on terrorism is a war on freedom. It is the final thrust to push what is left of the free world into global government based on the model of collectivism.
"Collectivists and individualists both agree that human rights are important, but they differ drastically over what is the origin of those rights. There are only two possibilities in this debate. Either man's rights are intrinsic to his being, or they are extrinsic; either he possesses them at birth or they are given to him afterward. In other words, they are either hardware or software. Individualists believe they are hardware. Collectivists believe they are software."
Margo Kingston - Manifesto for world dictatorship
"The Americans have stopped pretending, and now demand outright capitulation to its hegemony. The world will be policed in American interests. Full stop."

Big Brother Incorporated - Mission: achieving total information awareness


Democracy entails a fully informed electorate. The President persistantly lies to his employer (us/you). The Armed Forces consistantly lie to everyone (even each other). The Media deliberately distracts from all this grotty prevarication with the lie of its own that "it's all about the advertisers". All of us to varying degrees consume the vex-easing pap because the truth is a killer.

Despite protestations to the contrary, the Pentagon has been researching and testing the gamut of Nonlethal Weapons; and using them. A psyops method that is de rigeur across the military and domestic fronts is, torturous by any other name, the Acetylcholine Effect. (The temporary effect an organism experiences after long periods of high stress, characterized by a total emotional surrender. Derived from an overabundance of the compound acetylcholine which is active in the transmission of nerve impulses.)
"The contributors to this paper represent some of our country's "best and brightest" in the field of nonlethal weapons research, development, training and operational employment. Their combined expertise spans the early years of the development of nonlethal weapons from the Vietnam War era, including their employment in the Somali operation and in recent domestic law enforcement disturbances, to newer systems still in the process of being developed and field tested."
An entirely objective overview that sensibly takes into account the ethics Nonlethal Weapons - A Global Issue
"The advent into the world's arsenals of directed energy weapons may be as revolutionary as was the introduction of the other great weapon developments of the 20th century - the machine-gun and the atomic bomb."
A Scientific Experiment to Replicate the Recording of Voices That Targeted Individuals Hear is the only scientific study that I am aware of that attempts to address the claim by a diverse number of people that mind control technologies are being implemented; individually as well as part of a generalized policy initiative.
"The experiment was not designed to test for mental illness. The resources available did not include the ability to detect radio carrier waves that may have been used to target the victims. This experiment was restricted to only the recording of acoustic auditory sound waves near the victims' head.

Although the data obtained by this experiment does not conclusively prove the hypothesis, it does not rule out a technical basis for the claim that the subjects are being subjected to some sort of mind control technology."
Written a few months before 11/9/1, Hydrocarbons and a New Strategic Region: The Caspian Sea and Central Asia is yet another oily prognostication by the Foreign Military Studies Office.
"More than 40 upstream projects in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan involve 11 US companies, 24 other Western companies and two Russian companies. The total value of these projects exceeds $100 billion. Companies such as Exxon, Amoco, Mobil and Chevron were negotiating additional contracts in the region and were involved in upstream exploration and production projects as well as various downstream activities-pipeline development, infrastructure development, and environmental restoration and repair."
Petroleum geologists claim to have discovered 17 billion barrels of crude oil in the Caspian Sea, an amount roughly equal to the European North Sea fields and almost one-third of Venezuela's holdings.


In order to avoid the inevitable panopticon of Big Bother (sic), or rather to limit as far as possible its personal and general impacts, a radical overhaul of criminal law will have to take place. As Pierre Trudeau so plainly stated: "the government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation".

I suggest that the first step in making sure our rights do not evaporate completely over the heat of a fully fired-up enforcement and imprisonment gang is to legalize all drugs (though the government must take responsibility for quality control through such agencies as the FDA). This single change, besides freeing resources to deal with true crimes and dramatically reducing levels of violence and theft, would serve to significantly de-claw the intrusive possibilities.

Law Enforcement and Emerging Technology by Captain Thomas J. Cowper, New York State Police.
"Spurred on by the exponential advancement of radical new technologies, the world is experiencing change at an ever increasing rate, changes that will effect societies, cultures, and religions, and alter the fundamental concept of what it means to be human. These changes are being enthusiastically embraced by some and stridently resisted by others, creating new opportunities for serious and violent conflict between widely divergent groups who at the same time are attempting to foster and hinder technological progress. And the police are at the forefront of this conflict, arbiters for the rights of technophiles and the fears of technophobes."
"So how do we develop this ability to experience and speculate about other ways of thinking and feeling about the world? I think we do it by continually immersing ourselves in cultural experiences that rehearse us. This is obvious in films and novels - where we explicitly enter an imagined world and then watch imaginary characters in imaginary quandaries. In so doing we develop a lot of surrogate experience about what it is like to be someone else, somewhere else, with different assumptions. So I can imagine culture as being a kind of empathy lab, a way of trying things out with only symbolic risks attached."
Mushrooms: Ecological Significance and Natural Intelligence
"Fungal biodiversity relative to plants and animals has not been explored at all. We must prioritize this group of organisms. Every time we lose one species of organisms we are influencing an entire matrix of species."
Does Internet Create Democracy is a thesis by Alinta Thornton that looks at both sides, now.
"Just as the ability to read and write and freely communicate gives power to citizens that protects them from the powers of the state, the ability to surveil, to invade the citizens' privacy, gives the state the power to confuse, coerce and control citizens. Uneducated populations cannot rule themselves, but tyrannies can control even educated populations, given sophisticated means of surveillance."
(Foucault, 1979: 290)"
Bohemian Rhapsody voted all-time top tune - Imagine that


Lloyd deMause crossed with Alan Watts and served with an overheated post-modern euphuism equals the trans-oxymoronic prose of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This life's work of revelation is totally overblown and condescending, but also curiously compelling. Child Abuse, Child Slavery, Child Genocide as Practiced by Human Society, Brilliant Proposals to end Child Victimization
"The Child As Poison Container: The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse involves using children as what I have termed poison containers--receptacles into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves. Rather than the child being able to use the parent to detoxify its fears and anger, the parent instead injects his or her bad feelings into the child and uses it to cleanse his or herself of depression and anger."
Lloyd deMause
The Artful Science of Medicine, by John A. Weeks, M.D., points to the potential of a truly ethical practise. This short book is a great read!
"Rather than select future doctors on the basis of their science and math scores, medical schools would serve patients better if they could evaluate students' potential for empathy, their communication skills, their integrity, and their capacity for love. What medical students truly need in their training is permission to fail, opportunity for mutual criticism and feedback, and an emphasis on honesty to themselves as well as to their patients."
In our haste to "discover" and profit from regional biology, we tend to tromp all over the human. Ethnobotany, Property and Biodiversity: Ethical Dimensionsof Multi-Institutional Interests
"This paper is an attempt to illustrate the great amount of ethnocentrism which still must be overcome in spite of the vast improvement from the traditional appropriation with neither permission nor compensation. Regardless of the ethnobotanist's dedication to science or medicine or higher ideals, he must recognize that it is the indigenous knowledge which allows for such research, and that the noble cause of "helping people to live better and longer lives" does not justify disrupting indigenous society and appropriating generations of knowledge without substantial reciprocation."

Horror Squared. The Repugnantan Potty will push ahead with relentless de-vast-ation in every direction. Locally, your newly ptyalized Goobernor of Alaska will, I'm sure, work very closely with our landslide-victorious, earthquake-preceded Pukon Party to destroy a vast natural chunk of our continent.

The upheavals to come will be of unprecedented impact: human rights continuing to erode, massive administered murder of entire cultures, unrestrained restraint of dissent, relentless Globo-corporatization resulting in a menial life for most, an ever diminishing ability of countries to follow an independant course, unFriendly technologies allowed out of the sandbox, friendly technologies not embraced so as the oil and excuses for hegemony may flow, and income disparities going from obscene to the unthinkable.

Sneaking up on Einstein

The (Im)moral Animal: A Quick & Dirty Guide to Evolutionary Psychology & the Nature of Human Nature
"So here then, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the issue at hand: Should we accept as a default hypothesis that human behavior, and the similarities and differences in behavior between individuals and groups, are the result of a complex interaction of the genes that reflect our evolutionary history as well as the environment in which we find ourselves? Or should we opt for the statistically null hypothesis that any invocation of genes and evolution to explain human behavior must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt?"
From the Western Mystical tradition comes a Wattsian moment, brought to me by the TAZian Bagpuss Coffee. Squatalottment on....
"I think our concept of God is a product of our own dualistic thinking, which is that things are either transcendent or immanent. And I do not believe that anymore. Spirit and matter are not slit in the manner we have stereo-typically thought of it. My experience of God is of being transcendent and immanent all at once... I no longer belive that God is up there, and I do not believe that God is only within me, and I do not believe that God is merely out there in history. I think we are actually in God at all times."

Horrors! Our wild and free Yukon has been taken over for the next five years by, and let's be blunt here, the right-wing hyper-pro-development, old fashioned trickle-down-pour-up, fuck-the-poor and make love to the corporations Yukon Party. A healthy (sick) majority of twelve of the eighteen seats. This is a vast convultion, presaged by yesterday's quake, that has demolished the Liberal (read centrist) majority of the past two and a half years. The fence-sitting red machine is left with one measly seat.

On the positive side, our rural southwest voted solidly NDP who will form a dedicated and socially conscious "official opposition" of five seats. Congratulations Steve! I am sending powerful Democratic cogniforms in Alaska's direction. You too? Good.

Interview with Frank J. Tipler, by G.P., November 2, 2002
"The goal in the gnostic heresy is to escape from the world of matter into the spirit world. Unfortunately, this heresy is widespread even among Christians (who should know better), and it prevents the Omega Point Theory --- or transhumanism --- from being taken seriously.

But I expect this to change in the future. I have just come back from a conference on Christianity, and when I pointed out the connection between the gnostic heresy and their rejection of transhumanism, the Christians at the conference began --- for the first time, I think --- to take transhumnsim (and hence the Omega Point) seriously."
Plastic people in a plastic world - would you like that oxygen in paper or plastic, ma'am? A very comprehesive paper, Phthalates and Human Health: Demystifying the Risks of Plastic-softening Chemicals is also very accessible; but strikes me as using statistics to be dismissive of significant risks.
"Humans can also be exposed to inhalable phthalates when they receive inhalation therapy, or other treatments involving inhalation of gases, such as anesthetic delivery. Information on such exposures is scarce, but one study suggested that such exposures do occur (particularly in infants on forced-air ventilation devices), and may pose a risk to the health of such patients."
Disrupting Life's Messages is the latest essay from Rachel's World, a resource that bears a dispiritingly apt name.
"Endocrine-disrupting materials should be removed from consumer products and their environmental release should be phased out. More generally, the demonstration of potentially harmful biological impacts in laboratory studies should reverse the burden of proof in developing regulations from one in which harm must be demonstrated before a product is withdrawn, to an approach where safety is ensured beyond reasonable doubt before widespread deployment is allowed. These steps will help ensure that the benefits we all enjoy from modern chemistry do not come back to haunt us."
Our Stolen Future is really a journal in which Theo Colborn continually updates his book of the same title with the most current information. What a great idea - you know the tune - this is the book that never ends, just goes on and on my friends....
"...the health effects of concern have expanded dramatically beyond those of the traditional focus for toxicology. Laboratory studies unequivocally demonstrate effects on disease resistance, cognitive function and fertility resulting from low level exposures."

Election day here in the Yukon. I'm hoping for a NDP (New Democratic Party, ostensibly left-leaning) majority government, though a more likely outcome will be either a Liberal or NDP minority which may force some strange political bed sharing. The worst possible result would be a Yukon Party (rightwing-ish, business oriented) majority combined with a Republican win in Alaska tomorrow. In such a case the environmental rape of the north could start in earnest. Candidates woo an undecided electorate
"Government is the single largest employer in the Yukon. Government workers are the largest single block of voters. How will they vote?"
Luckily central Alaska is sparsely populated as a 7.9 quake shook us up yesterday afternoon. Is this a portent of electoral rumblings? Seismo Watch
"Seismic waves radiated away from the hypocenter and reached the furthest spots on the planet within 24 minutes."
Before we get too carried away, let's check our beliefs at the courtesy desk, jump aboard a glass-bottom boat and journey into a crystalnacht tunnel of mirrors. Aaron Lynch gives a lecture that breaks the enigma and illuminates Memes and Mass Delusion . I have paraphrased the quote below.
"As the thought contagions of extreme nationalism and radical anti-Islamism spread to hundreds, thousands, and millions of people, the odds increased that one of those infected would have exceptional oratorical skills. And the memes themselves, by arousing such intense passions, tended to intensify the foul oratory that eventually flowed from George W. Bush."
Piero Scaruffi puts together perhaps the most legibly comprehensive paper available on the subject, and investigates Consciousness: The Factory Of Illusions.
"No scientific theory of the universe can be said complete if it doesn't explain consciousness. We may doubt the existence of black holes, the properties of quarks and even that the Earth is round, but there is no way we can doubt that we are conscious. Consciousness is actually the only thing we are sure of: we are sure that "we" exist, and "we" doesn't mean our bodies but our consciousness. Everything else could be an illusion, but consciousness is what allows us to even think that everything else could be an illusion. It is the one thing we cannot reject."
I am, so there, I think

Novameme Prime, GaiaYear 2

A prize to die for is the Darwin Award, which celebrates contributions to genetic excellence. "Winners minimized their own genetic contribution by suffering idiotic and fatal misadventures, thereby dousing our gene pool with chlorine." Listen-up, George - contribute!
"A friend of mine was stepping out of the shower one day, when his wife's small dog wandered into the bathroom. My friend loves to tease this dog, and having nothing at hand with which to tease, he grabbed his penis and began waving it at the dog."
Jeremy Rifkin details the progressive enclosure of our commons, of that we all shared but that is now just another commodity. This talk was given for The Church of Euthanasia.! ?
"Welcome to the greenhouse world. Welcome to the final climax of five hundred years of historical enclosure. The tombstone for the age of modernity. We're losing a species to extinction every sixty seconds. We'll lose fifteen percent of the plant and animal kingdom in nine years from now. That's massive ecocide, and we have no idea what the implications are."
Would a marketing and management company have the straight goods on 24 Qualities That Geniuses Have in Common?
"These are traits that anyone can develop. It makes no difference how old you are, how much education you have, or what you have accomplished to date. Adopting these personality characteristics enables you to operate on a genius level."
James N. Rose, whose insights would demand attention by any definition, explores The Conscious Continuum - Replacing the Turing Test as part of a tremendous master work, The Integrity Papers.
"The Integrity Paradigm poses the thesis that a Theory of Everything and a Theory of Consciousness can be combined under the umbrella appellation, Theory of Behaviors ... how extant systems carry out their integral existences in relationship with the rest of the universe."
The current issue of the Index of Censorship points out that "From Russia to Indonesia the direct threats to investigative eco-journalists are increasing in both number and violence, leading some media observers to claim that reporting the Earth is fast becoming one of journalism's most dangerous beats". Dangers lurking in the forests are many and varied, but only one species expresses fatal ideological poison.
"Index is a chronicle of censorship and free expression abuses in some 70 countries worldwide."
Using a Wrench to Pound in a Screw: The Misapplication of Communication Technologies in Education
"The growth of asynchronous distant learning systems has been dramatic, reflecting both the new availability of learning through new technologies, and the growing demand for training and education. Knowledge workers need to respond to demands for new, more valuable knowledge, on an accelerating time scale."
Media technologies follow a trajectory of development. The exapansion, fragmentation and redevelopment of new communication technologies is happening at an increasing rate.