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November's Noeticims
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deepest thanks Sri Harrison
When did George Harrison visit Illinois and Why? is a rather random link to a most influential musician and psychic/spiritual mentor. I'm left rather wordless....
"...also indicated that George played two gigs with the "Four Vests" during September 1963 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall in Eldorado, Illinois and also at the Bocchi Ball Club in Benton."
all you need is love
What happens when a lad of exubererant demeanor rushes into the cabin and cries "wolf"? We of more mature understanding if not behavior!, calm the child and remind him that yes, there are wolves out there, as well as coyotes, wolverines, bears (chocolate and fudge), cougars and other macro-dangers (cars etc.). But we don't panic; we don't bomb the forest (or highways).

We also gently refresh our memories that many of the most dangerous threats we face are of miniscule proportion. Bacteria, viruses, and other small nasties like worms kill orders of magnitude more people than all large-scale threats combined. Wash your hands, eh.

To attribute a terrorist, however illdefined, with inordinate attention is to exactly fulfill their intention. Consuming attention to those issues that are truly pressing globally and locally, such as poverty, education, and equal rights, automatically subtracts from the mis-placed focus on the few insane despots. These latter are easily if distastefully dealt with as is needed, and warranted by a humane Gaia.

Distraction from our primary needs can only serve to enrich further those who hardly need it, empower the minions of the enriched, and perform the Orwellian obfuscation of the obvious. If ninety percent of Americans support the current military action, then the forty year success rate of subliminal coercion is quite incredible.
"When the voices of children are heard on the green
And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast
And everything else is still."
Jiddu Krishnamurti, or here, was one of the seminal thinkers of our time but few paid attention despite the renunciation of his Theosophical and Vedantic roots, either because the fire of his inquiry was too hot or we just didn't get it. In this excerpt he puts it as plainly and honestly as possible. Are we grown up enough now to see it?
He spoke now calmly, with incisiveness. "I will tell you what a religious man is.

First of all, a religious man is a man who is alone--not lonely, you understand, but alone--with no theories or dogmas, no opinion, no background. He is alone and loves it--free of conditioning and alone--and enjoying it.

Second, a religious man must be both man and woman--I don't mean sexually--but he must know the dual nature of everything; a religious man must feel and be both masculine and feminine.

Third," and now his manner intensified again, "to be a religious man, one must destroy everything--destroy the past, destroy one's convictions, interpretations, deceptions--destroy all self-hypnosis--destroy until there is no center; you understand, no center."
A valid test of a world view is whether it stands the test of time. If few heed the call however, the picture may be static. Ivan Illich wrote A Constitution for Cultural Revolution in 1971.
"In the United States, for all its gargantuan prosperity, real poverty levels rise faster than the median income. In the capitalstarved countries, median incomes move rapidly away from rising averages. Most goods now produced for rich and poor alike in the United States are beyond the reach of all but a few in other areas. In both rich and poor nations consumption is polarized while expectation is equalized."
John Pickering points out that Artificial Life Is Real. An incredible essay that enables a shift in view of world and mind. A movement away from Western humanism and towards Eastern post-humanism.
"Minds, whether natural, artificial or a hybid, participate in the life of self-organising forms. Nothing has enduring self-identity. Everything flows. Minds, forms and actions, lacking any persistent essence, are malleable, not immutable."

dumb monkey brought linkish attention and the fear of god; or in this case anti-saint John. The Ashcroft Record, besides providing ample evidence that the man is every bit as mad as any Sin Madden, reminds me of my shame as a pseudo-native Missourian that middle America could foster such a closed-minded, bigoted, and constitutionally dangerous politician; much less have him installed into super-power.
"They say you can't legislate morality. Well, you certainly can."
John Ashcroft on the Issues

Does this mean some kind of violent reaction or insurrection is the only way to reclaim public determinancy? No; absolutely no. We have so many non-violent weapons at our disposal that to suggest that we have run out of options may well be the proddings of those who would undermine that very possibility. Applied memetic engineering sure beats rock-paper-scissors. When the entire basis of freedom is put under threat, whether by runaway ideology or runway ideologues, the danger is within; cancerous.

What is our approach to a malignant growth in a personal sense? Cut it out, irradiate the hell out of it and declare chemical warfare on the bugger (don't forget to entheogenize the patient...west coast pot is best). Exponentializing this effectual cure to the current melieux as the answer is obvious - and recently treasonous.

Recognizing that resolution may be trans-ethicalacious, let's groove a more insideous method. How about, kids, that we play!

The Architecture of Modern Political power
"This document articulates the nature of the modern western establishment, its methods and goals, and their final consequences."
Do not make the mistake of assuming that because questions like these are so elementary they must already have been answered. In fact, it is usually the simplest things that we are most ignorant of. What about life? The probabilities seem astronomically in favor of not only dynamic re-creativity but complex integration. The Odds of Life Evolving by Chance
"In other words, the evolution of the T4 bacteriophage is essentially guaranteed to occur in less than a billion years."
entheo-spacist ramblings today
" I don't know which comes first, the sore neck or the irritability. When someone says, 'What a pain,' the unspoken part is, in the neck. My condition is common. Mom used to say, 'I've had it up to here with you guys,' referring to the top of her head, alerted, I suppose, by the pain in her neck."
"All things sick and cancerous
All evils great and small
All things foul and dangerous
The Lord God made them all"
For those of ideological certainty, life is only fractionally lived. One of the essences in our humane bouquet, and that most responsible for intelligence, is humor.

The ability to grok the duality of things, internalize that as an irresolvable tension, and then actively release the contained energy as a fusion of understanding is the heat that bonds us - as people, within culture, in relationship with language, geography, technology, and spirit.

Mutually supportive cognitive masterbation allows free range to the fouwl, so inhumanely contained within the strictures of shockingly placed legal fences and a determinedly banal coop.

Assuming that a good farce takes precedence in your mind to a low mortgage, hesitate not and proceed at once to The Seanbaby Probe. Aliens are here, and they are us. thanks to thumbmonkey
"The half-eaten man started consulting with Johnny Cochran, the same lawyer who kept the blood-soaked OJ Simpson from going to jail for those two people he murdered. With Cochran's help, the vacationer decided that nature's savage fury was just its way of telling him that the nearby resort should give him lots and lots of free money."
A typical lifeguard shows her Gits.

Just because we live in an ocean of love doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sudden storms and feel a tinge of fear at the big dark shapes gliding under the boat.
"In other words, chill. Take your hurt feelings and turn them into a few paragraphs of lucid rhetoric. Just because we live in an ocean of love doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sudden storms and feel a tinge of fear at the big dark shapes gliding under the boat. I may push you overboard unintentionally, but as a certified water safety instructor, I won't let you drown."
Now, to emulate the hnic's dismissal, back to hockey! In this case we'll use that as an ineapt metaphor for war, and so break-away with a broader understanding of Who is the Enemy?. Richard Cheney elucidates in most discombobulating fashion: The Future of War - Frontline pre-election interview with the vice-usurper. um...yeah..
"There are times when we may want to have US forces involved, but those times are relatively rare."

Inspired by the infamous doomsday clock, the Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States bring us Totalitarian Time; and add new meaning to the question "will you be free for lunch next week?".
"The FBI may not only want to watch which Web sites you visit and see whom you exchange e-mails with. This could be the first step in a plan to enable the FBI to do what cyber- freedom lovers have long claimed is impossible -- shut down the Internet (or any part of it) at will. It's technically possible."
Chance and Choice - a Compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science Myth is not used in a derogatory sense, but in its original meaning as a true belief system which gives meaning to life, and links with the great belief systems of the past.
"This book represents the life's work and study of Professor Keyserling following the Path of Wisdom as understood, explained and supplemented by his student since 1971, Ralph Losey. It integrates many fields of modern Science and world Religious Philosophies. The result is a vast, yet coherent array of important and useful information to all those striving to make sense of their lives for themselves."
The Pineal Gland, LSD and Serotonin
"Om Mani Padme Hum!"
correlations between the Pineal Gland, the psychopharmacological molecule LSD and, its antagonistic neurotransmitter Serotonin

The Enemy from Within: of Memes and Modules, Explanation and Confabulation is an absolutely thorough yet gripping redeconstruction of Daniel Dennet. As well as offering deep insights into the very nature of our nature, Lars Hall combines academic rigorousness with common sense; and emerges humane. Soap operas are an interesting case in that they derive their popularity partly from introducing exactly those features of folk-psychology that have been lost in modern society, namely a limited number of interacting people with an interconnected history.
"If I am on the right track in my discussion there is reason to believe that the coherent, rational, intentional agent that lies at the core of our folk-psychological conception of ourselves is something of a fiction. In my view Dennett has in his extensive writings provided all the tools necessary for this conclusion. What I have done is to try to push him further down the path of seeing cognition as being made up of cheap modulation, pandemonium, and social distribution, and then try to use this position to expose a crack or two in his conception of the unity, coherence and rationality of the folk-psychological agent."
As an aside, I think that the latest World Gspot Boink - that was moved to Ottawa at the last minute - is not only a sign of things to come (hey, that works swell for the moneylluminati to not announce where...), it is also somewhat of an indication that our resistance to the flow of capitalist globalizition is a major casuality of 11/9. Are we going to regain the impetus of Genoa, Quebec City and Seattle, and provide dynamic resistance, or settle into pseudosecured capitalfascistic complacency?

gobble, gobble

Y'know, we in alternate vegetative zones (actual not cerebral) celebrate Thanksgiving at a sensible time, like, when the crops orgasmate themselves; I mean we're under a foot and a half of snow and sittin' at -10C in mid-November, eh.

I would like to take today to give thanks to the multitude of alternate personalities that have so enriched my life over the past years. Decidedly on top of things is Dr. Menlo who, besides being consistantly above the tfreay, persistently stimulates our imaginative prepuce. I am tremendously honored to be hosted at the doc's domain!

Booknotes is nothing less than a profusion of erudition; utterly without pretention. Information pointers we are in dire need of grok-following are counterposed with musi-motional suggestions that exclaim-ate our world's transcultural potential.

David Chess, currently absorbed in verbal self-impregnation which may well be birthed as a healthy neonatal novel, has been a constant source of scintillating souffles.

Ethel the Blog has managed to filter the most insightful menagerie from the jungle of complex sense for so long that I worry about his cranial capacity! head exploding!

evacuate & flush so deeply kens things that I am in constant awe.

Follow me here... is not just the most apt name in blogdom but could well be the "best blog in the world" *.

Ghost Rocket spent significant neural projective energy putting truth and conviction into blogform. Come back soon Ryan....

Unknown News could well be the definitive weblog*. Finding stories of direst interest, reader response and ideological discourse do not take a back seat, so treating us with a full-course blog entree.

wood s lot is truly inspirational, prolific, and the kind of Canadian weblog that I could only wish to be. Can I steal your maple leaf icon??

You-all know that the above are only a representative few of the wildely creative co-linked community that I admire. On the left (actually and mostly ideologically) are a good many I'd have included now, but I've run out of steam! I'll highlight more of my faves on the weekend, and continue...

Neurospace The very word brings to mind interior infinity, which is not the only point of this essay. Rather, this is largely a look into the role of psychedelic plants in our development as humans; as well as an appeal to insight.
"We need a politique here - not an ideology but an active cognizance of actually persisting situations, as clearly as we can grasp them in our jacked-in or stoned condition. We need a strategic sense of where to apply the nudges of our material art, the little martial Zen moves, whereby even a weak person can win a battle."

The Archives of Scientist's Transcendental Experiences is a journal, edited by Charles Tart, that brings to light such defining experiences as Out-of-the-Body, Explained Away, But It Was So Real..... by Susan Blackmore.
"Many, many people have asked me whether the whole experience was a drug-induced hallucination. Some have dismissed it as "not a real OBE" because I was smoking cannabis at the time. I have two reactions to this, one academic and one personal."
The Constitution, Our Country, and Your Consciousness - An interview with the author of "The Politics Of Consciousness", Steve Kubby.
"When you say "sex, drugs and rock and roll", to me, these are all "turn-ons" for the nervous system. The major activity of American society today is repression of the nervous system. The reason that people are so exhausted, the reason that people are so stressed, is because their nervous systems are working overtime to repress all the urges to go out and experience sex, drugs and rock and roll."
Time for a lesson from the Professor. The CSP reviews Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research by Stanislav Grof.
"The observations from holotropic states seriously undermine the fundamental cornerstone of materialistic thinking, the belief in the primacy of matter and in the absence of the spiritual dimension in the fabric of existence. They bring direct experiential and empirical evidence that spirituality is a critical and legitimate attribute of the human psyche and of the universal scheme of things. This important topic is given special attention in the book. It is argued that, properly understood, spirituality and science are not and cannot be in conflict, but represent two complementary approaches to existence."
Treatment Complex Aims to Use "Social Marketing" to Create Demand is but part of this week's DRC update; editorially led off by Executive Director David Borden's rather understated: I never cease to be amazed by some of the things that come out of John Ashcroft's mouth.
"Drug treatment is big business, and the drug treatment industry is turning to Madison Avenue techniques and grand coalitions to ensure that it gets even bigger. Organized into the Demand Treatment! coalition, a bevy of strange bedfellows is mobilized to increase the number of people receiving drug treatment services."
Ray Kurzweil - The New Future
"Once upon a time we committed ourselves to putting a man on the moon. What kind of similar commitment should we make now? What's the "moon shot" of the 21st century?"

Doc Menlo, besides being the bringer of my projections by way of his fine domain, also often points to ideological placer gold. Damn the Torpedoes, Get Strangelove on the Horn
"How much evil would an evildoer do if an evildoer did do evil? "

It could be a brain chemistry thing, but I am utterly discomfited! Ashcroft's speech on opening NSA, CIA databases to police
"Justice has a new mission, a new calling against an old evil."
The Dope on Dope
"One user, a 36-year-old Manhattanite, reports an intriguing change in the dope available recently. It's "dark brown" and "has a vinegary smell," unlike the "generally light beige or off-white" Colombian powder he is used to. The new kind reminds him of the Iranian stuff he used to buy when he started using 20 years ago. "I wonder why all of a sudden we're getting this stuff, and if it's from that part of the world," he says."
Now, you should know - I'm a freak. In fact I'm a charter memeber of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Freaks - 1974, SPCF, all rights quite left.

Imagine my joy in finding Hippyshit, and bein' able to dig.... I am absolutely thrilled when I run into genius; in this case doubly so. Take a boo, you'll see....
"Life always comes first, because where there is life, there is a way."
Song of Napalm
A sad ballad of imminent obliteration

Ya gotta give discredit where due: morons.org.
"Current moronic events as they unfold, and our commentary."
World War Won
"If you listen too closely, almost nothing makes sense."
Genius vs. insanity, you ask?

I thought of the McCarthy era as some kind of bizzarre (sic) episode in our history. I do not want to live in interesting times, yet the motherfuckers insist! It's super, it's open, and it's a directory.
"..military commissions to sit at any time and any place, consistent with such guidance regarding time and place as the Secretary of Defense may provide."

Unknown News invariably leads to the truly important story. Taliban Withdrawal Was Strategy, Not Rout is a far more accurate portrayal of the situation than any BBC stroll down main street Kabul.
"The Taliban are now prepared to adopt a strategy more amenable to their tactical strengths and resources."
The same dear Helen sent me to Guilty for 911 - Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel.
"On 11 September there were two entire squadrons of combat-ready fighter jets at Andrews. Their job was to protect the skies over Washington D.C. They failed to do their job. Despite over one hour's advance warning of a terrorist attack in progress, not a single Andrews fighter tried to protect the city."
I have this wonder every fall...who is the truly intelligent species? MonkeyMind brings us to Cerebral Brie, who provides seasonal sentiment.
"If you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that. Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that, too. If you're a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that. If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat. I want to be a bear."
KtB provides zen-fresh neuro-air - What's Past Jersey?
"A dispatch from the co-founder of The Lineage Project, a not-for-profit organization bringing storytelling, meditation, and yoga to incarcerated youth in New York City juvenile detention and Riker's Island City Jail.

Jeffrey looks off at the ceiling. "Yep, enough assholes around here to keep me practicing a long time."
I was eight years old. I chanted "LBJ all the way". My dad was retired from the army and persuing his dream of teaching, by way of the University of Missouri at Rolla. Within a few years we had moved to Canada and I had become a lLiberal.

In my mind, and that of all attentive primary grade students, Goldwater was evil incarnate. How did this, what is in retrospect deeply disturbing memetic engineering, come to be foisted on us, albeit minor, middle Americans?

George McGovern was right - retrospective clarity is always cool, eh.
"A staggering 58,000 Americans are dead because Johnson would not listen to his inner voice, revealed on the tapes, or the voices of McGovern, Hatfield, Gruening and Morse, who many conservatives at the time labeled un-American."

wood s lot consistantly blows me away with his proclivity, pertinence, and prolificacy. This time I was led to an important fact that should wake us snow junkies up from our complacent superior smugness - Canada's complicity in Colombia's dirty war, Mauricio Arenas in a letter to the Canadian government.
"We have the power and civic responsibility as members of Civil Society to demand that corporations headquartered (see list below) in our country adhere to the same standards in these areas as we expect in our Dominion of Canada.

Enbridge Inc., TransCanada Pipelines Ltd., Canadian Occidental Ltd., Talisman Energy Inc., Alberta Energy Company Ltd., BMR Gold Corp., Nortel Networks, Bell Canada International, Quebecor, World Inc., Kruger Inc., McCain Foods Ltd."
Apparently inanities such as forced sterilization (eugenics ahoy, folks) are still being bandied about. Surgical Strike
"It's an economic coercion of the poor, giving them a financial incentive to forgo their reproductive choices...

Harris admits her organization might be fueling the addictions of her clients -- but she is not overly concerned about how women spend the cash."
Bush's war at home: a creeping coup d'état
"The White House has assumed vast new powers for internal repression, establishing by executive order an Office of Homeland Security that is not subject to either congressional oversight or any vote on the personnel appointed to run it. An all-encompassing political police agency is coming into being, through the passage of an "anti-terror" law that effectively amalgamates the FBI and CIA and abolishes the longstanding separation between overseas spying and domestic policing."
The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade - Interview with Alfred McCoy, professor of Southeast Asian History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Certainly not of the benevolent bent, his story is nonetheless worth injesting; if only because the Right and the left-behind seem to agree on trans-level govenment complicity.

At its more complex level, the story of heroin in the Golden Crescent involves connections between the CIA, the ISI, Mujahideen, the collapsed BCCI bank and Pakistan's nuclear weapons program.
"Dealing with the Demon is a three part series which examines how this came to be and what can be done about it. Each film interweaves contemporary human stories with crucial scenes from the history of the drug trade which has now grown to become the second largest industry in the world."
opium and cannabis have done more to ease individual disease than any amount of ideological projection.

With a somewhat kinder and gentler domestic de-mean-er (post-shock-remission) than when World New York first posted this wondermeme, I think that The Darwinism Home Game could become a stay-at-home tourism bonanza (and for the more adventurous I would recommend the Yukon - erk).
"In the event of player death, the game is forfeit and a new player must be chosen to complete the same mission."

Dreaming of Cockaigne - Medieval Fantasies of the Perfect Life may add a dash of salt to our present ethical grey goo...now, if only I could afford a book!
"Imagine a dreamland on earth where roasted pigs toddle about with knives in their backs to make carving easy; where grilled geese fly directly into one´s open mouth; where cooked fish jump out of the water at one´s feet. The weather is always temperate, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all stay forever young."
A dream honours thesis by Dana Kearns - (Somewhere) Between the Rock and the Hard Place: Camp, Comedy, Canadian Cultural Nationalism and The Kids in the Hall - Take Two Pythons and Call Me in the Morning...
"In Canada, if we had let over-zealous censors [or cultural critics!] run amok, we might never have had the pleasure of The Kids in the Hall. I put to you that a Canada without the Chicken Lady, the Headcrusher and Psychic Simon would be a duller nation indeed".
Just what the doctorate ordered, Ask Dr. Shulgin Online is shamanic sharing of the highest order.
"There is certainly precedent for a drug which was originally man-made, to be discovered in a plant. N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) was first synthesized by Manske, in Canada, in the 1930s. It was over twenty years later that it was discovered in a plant from South America. But such an event usually evokes considerable commentary. Here it seems that an exciting story is being ignored."
Psychedelic Thinking And The Dawn of Homo Cyber - Lawrence Hagerty - Presented at Mind States II held at The International House in Berkeley, California on May 27, 2001 . Invoking the gamut of wise elders, from the Dalai Lama to Ken Kesey, this is a treatise to be savored.

Our job as psychedelic thinkers is to do everything we can to nudge our culture into a more Gaian state of mind. It is up to us, the prototypes of Homo cyber, to remain steadfast and to stand up and be counted whenever we encounter the Big Lie.
"So what I am going to present today is a mosaic that has been assembled from a variety of sources, including my own work, but mostly the works of our elders, books I have read, and conversations with psychonauts like yourselves. The picture I will offer for your examination today is not the only picture that can be assembled from these pieces of information. It is merely the picture that most fascinates me at the moment. When this conference is over, I am sure we will all take these and other parts of the picture and reassemble them in other pleasing patterns as well. Now, here is my view of psychedelic thinking today."
Monty Python's Ode to Creation
Occasionally I time travel - amazement is transtemporal

Psychofraud and Ethical Therapy by John David Garcia was written in 1974, and remains a valuable text. Entire book, well presented, a nice find.
"Ethics, as they will be discussed in this book, are not mystical, transcendental, existential, or mysterious. Rather, they are scientific, objectively derivable rules of how best to achieve our basic, innate goals."
Also available in it's grand entirety online is the above named ethicologist's more recent ('91) weighty tome: Creative Transformation, A Practical Guide for Maximizing Creativity. Frabjous!
"If the Ethical State cannot establish itself and survive in the United States, then it may possibly not survive in any other nation, because all other nations have less freedom than the United States. However, an Ethical State might start in other, less free nations by an act of ethical will from visionary leaders, as opposed to rising from the bottom by free choice as we have proposed. This is an unlikely, but not impossible, occurrence. That is, after all, how the United States started in the first place, when an ethical minority used its power at great personal risk to maximize creativity."
"Which idea of qualia am I trying to extirpate?"
matrix are for kids

With our memetic enema complete we can proceed to masticate fresh memeat without fear of cognitive constipation. Extropian singular beliefs notwithstanding (!), Keith Augustine makes The Case Against Immortality.
"We know that altering the brain's chemistry can cause drastic personality changes. Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease are dramatic examples of mind-brain dependence. If you are thinking of suicide, don't go to a psychiatrist, go to a pharmacologist: A combination of an antidepressant and tryptophan should banish all thoughts of ending your life."
Bill Biggart's final photo was taken seconds before the north tower of the World Trade Center collapsed, killing him.


Do not stop, go to whiskey river.
"It's your mind, after all, you can do whatever you want, there."
It must be a man thing, but I feel impelled to ohhhcommiserate by pointing to this poor Canuck lad, from a city whose name alone helps to bring comedy to the tragic. Marlon, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was incarcerated for a short time for burgalry, and definitely does not want to go back. Flesh-eating disease infects inmate's genitalia
"...compares the damage done by the infection as being akin to putting his penis "in a pencil sharpener." "
Where is the coalition of sanity when it comes to introspection? As Uriah Heep noted: Look at yourself. Canada over-imprisons non-violent crime, and is also complicit in too often jailing those convicted of victimless offenses. America has gone nuts. Two-million-plus in prison, and with the new Draconian Patriotism we could see two times ten to the sixth doubled. ...dig this, man...American Jail Association
"Jail populations cannot be equated to the general population."
Can we not look at ourselves for what we are: gluttonous non-renewable resource abusers who will use any and all opportunities to spread our unsustainable userous wont.

Oh, wait a minute, that's not us, the people, but rather the capitalists, the government, the "new order"; our culture.... Aw, shit!

What a cop-out. I am that, and more, as not only do I participate by necessity and preference, I perceive that were I to actively protest the process beyond this on-line, and so benign forum, I would be censured beyond recovery. I may write well, but behave badly. I may talk the talk, but the walk has been patented by John Cleese.

I am responsible, yet prefer to hide. As are you all, eh, as we go about "living a normal life" a-la Dr. GWB's prescription. Well, things ain't regular, and I'm pissed at myself for not sufficiently acknowledging this fact.

I would be best applied to: 1) finding an alternative to oil in my life, 2) deeply questioning every legislative move my government attempts, 3) putting politics, as in social relations involving authority or power, in the forefront of my attention, 4) recognizing community as the basis of my soul, and government as it's extention, 5) grokking love as embrace instead of longing.

I long for the dream of youth that promised unconstrained creative possibility. As a parent, why am I not giving that priceless gift to my children? Listen to Janis...cry.

Janis and Jimi - Time magazine, February 15, 1971
"It was a mere coincidence of time and happenstance. But it seemed to sum up an era with cruel finality."
Well, the blind man, he stood on the way and cried
Blind man, he stood on the way and cried
Blind man stood on the way and cried

The New Imperialism is the epitome of empireical effluent by Pepe Escobar; resoundingly rebutted (not) here.
"An otherwise obscure opinion page editor of the Wall Street Journal is in favor of "colonization of wayward nations", including "the application of a dose of US imperialism". Not beating around the bush either, British historian Paul Johnson has also published in the Journal a piece titled "The Answer to Terrorism? Colonialism". The Financial Times, not to be upstaged by American competition, has carried its own "The Need for a New Imperialism". So what are all these self-important paragons of free speech and exchange of ideas basically saying? They're saying that the future, ladies and gentleman, is the past."
Less focused on hegemonic ends, israelinsider explains Why America cannot win the war on terrorism.
"The choice in the war against terrorism is either-or: either we fight terrorism everywhere or we don't fight it at all. The current "war" is tantamount to not fighting at all since it permits leniency towards some terrorists and terrorist states for pragmatic, "coalition related" reasons."
Congressman Ron Paul, MD post-ironically notes our position is indeed A Sad State of Affairs.
"I would like to draw analogy between the drug war and the war against terrorism. In the last 30 years, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on a failed war on drugs. This war has been used as an excuse to attack our liberties and privacy. It has been an excuse to undermine our financial privacy while promoting illegal searches and seizures with many innocent people losing their lives and property. Seizure and forfeiture have harmed a great number of innocent American citizens."
Arnold S. Relman wreaks deconstruction with an iron ball of descriptive logic - Andrew Weil, the boom in alternative medicine, and the retreat from science. A Trip to Stonesville.
"Surely almost all scientists would agree with Feynman that, regardless of what theory of nature we wish to espouse, we cannot escape the obligation to support our claims with objective evidence. All theories must conform to the facts or be discarded. So, if Weil cannot produce credible evidence to validate the miraculous cures that he claims for the healing powers of the mind, and if he does not support with objective data the claims he and others make for the effectiveness of alternative healing methods, he cannot presume to wear the mantle of science, and his appeal to quantum theory cannot help him."
FDA Approves Study of Ecstasy in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - link to the Good Drug Guide

Susan Blackmore, profligate with memetic profusions, provides a resounding roundup of current understanding. Memengineers are busy in your neighborhood! Evolution and Memes: The human brain as a selective imitation device
"In outline the theory is this. The turning point in hominid evolution was when our ancestors began to imitate each other, releasing a new replicator, the meme. Memes then changed the environment in which genes were selected, and the direction of change was determined by the outcome of memetic selection. Among the many consequences of this change was that the human brain and vocal tract were restructured to make them better at replicating the successful memes."
Howard Bloom wrote a book, The History of the Global Brain, whose Conclusion: The Reality of the Mass Mind's Dreams - Terraforming the Cosmos (1,000 b.c. to 2300 a.d.) has me conclude that perhaps the zillion cyano-bacteria that form the Gaian fabric may declare a war on us human terrorists homo cancer.
"We are parts of something 3.5 billion years old, but pubertal in cosmic time. We are neurons of this planet's interspecies mind."
Mutation, Selection, And Vertical Transmission Of Theistic Memes In Religious Canons is a massive essay by John D. Gottsch that is well worth the read; especially as a cumulative timeline of religious memutation.
"The basic Islamic theistic memes are present in the Qur'an, as given by the Prophet Muhammad in a series of revelations by God over a period of ten years (622-632 ce). Like Jesus, Muhammad was reinterpreting the Jewish Torah and its laws (theistic memes) for his people. But unlike Christ, Muhammad was not a Jew. Although Muhammad knew and respected the "People of the Book," he formulated for the Arabs a monotheistic religion with altered Jewish theistic memes."
In this letter to the Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission, Paul Marsden, Contagion Psychologist!, offers insightfully common sense. Copycat Terrorism: Fanning the Fire
"A quick glance at these recommendations reveals that each and everyone has been violated by politicians and media alike in recent days..."
Censors Becoming Aware Of List-terrorism Threat
"He said moderators and post inspectors and the DEA believed bin Laden maintained a memetic weapons capability despite repeated censorship strikes targeting its memetic weapons industry."
sorry 'bout that.

the null device repiqued my interest with Brain storm, leading me to discover a groovy Wired article in which the journalist becomes victim; I mean subject. This Is Your Brain on God
"Is it a coincidence that this century - known as the age of anxiety, a time rife with various hysterias, the era that gave birth to existentialism - is also when we stepped inside an electromagnetic bubble and decided to live there? We have never quite comprehended that we walk about in a sea of mild electromagnetism just as we do air. It is part of our atmosphere, part of the containing bath our consciousness swims in. Now we are altering it, heightening it, condensing it. The bubble is being increasingly shored up with newer, more complicated fields: computers, pagers, cell phones. Every day, entrepreneurs invent more novel ways to seduce us into staying inside this web. The Internet is well named."
Eleanor White, P.Eng. has put together what may be a definitive collection. The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects - June 28, 2001 is one big page - smaller bites of the same content is available here.
"The first full size prototype (of The Audio Spotlight) was demonstrated in April 1998 to our Media Lab Sponsors, and performed beyond all expectations. The first demonstration was a John Coltrane solo, whose saxophone was heard loud and clear, projected like a spotlight all around a movie theater, and flying right over the audience. Power consumption was nominal (<30W), construction was straightforward, and distortion had been reduced by several orders of magnitude compared to all earlier attempts."
Millimeter-wave camera picks up both metallic and plastic concealed handguns.Clothing and building materials, such as wallboard, are virtually transparent.

Last word on this subject to M.A. Persinger, Professor Econscious at our esteemed Laurentian University. Electromagnetic Remote Control Of Every Human Brain
"Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into the intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networks."

Ian brings Cosmic Matters into focus by means of thought experiments, conjecture, and damn fine logic. His conclusion at once inspires every conceivable emotion; and allows it.
"In terms of our own time and space all of these other universes could be everywhere, simultaneously, at all times and places, for all the sense we can make of them.
Ken Kesey has a weblog of a sort, and a short essay written shortly after eleven-nine. Kesey's Article
"Another original prankster gone. Sandy Lehman-Haupt, whose bus name was Dismount -- because of his propensity to get off the bus and run into a fast food place every time we stopped -- died this past Sunday of a heart attack."

What is JSTARS? The Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System makes me wonder whether most transcontinental aircraft are compromised, creating a military target of us all.
"Voice communications systems include 12 encrypted UHF radios, two encrypted HF radios, three VHF encrypted radios with provision for Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) and multiple intercom nets."
In the Sharkcage with Curtis White
"Well, certainly The Internet is a Baudrillardian wetdream, especially at this point in the milieu when The Web (is it any wonder why we're capitalizing, in all senses, these terms??) is one more simulation of a simulated nowhere, and yeah, let's consider for a moment the full implications of people getting their Kant and Hegel off Microsoft CD-ROMs and the 24 hour infomercial that we've come to know as The Web."
November, a start, 2001

Icing on the cake of hypocrisy, or more aptly the filling in a rotten ideological pie, the Shrub demonstrates his deeply noncompassionate nature by Going Backwards - U.S. Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana in California. Brutal thanks to Unknown News
"The recent raids have enraged local officials, who not only support medical marijuana clubs but also sometimes help to set them up."
By way of contrast, and continuing to move slowly forward toward an end to prohibition in general, and herb in particular, Europe and Canada are exhibiting exhilarating extrication from the American insanity. Vancouver marijuana tearoom opens for medical users
"People granted the right by the Canadian government to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes now have a public place for puffing after the Marijuana Teahouse opened its doors here Wednesday."
Every once in a while my attention is drawn into a vortex of novelty. Accompanying the bright visceral thrill of nouveau-blog discovery, whiskey river also provides a chilled champagne of effervescent potential. I have no idea who this re-invented blogonality is but I really like the keen, alive feeling I have...
"whiskey river ::
the intoxication of being swept along with the current ::
the struggle of trying to swim against it ::
the challenge of not drowning ::"
I can vouch for Stanton Peele's conclusion, not only from a personal perspective as someone who has "recovered". Observing my First Nations neighbors from many years spent in our northern realms it is patently obvious that Calvinistic capitalism, now threatening Gaia ourSelf, has subjugated (our) wise immersion by means that result in repugnant ends. What Addiction Is and Is Not - The Impact of Mistaken Notions of Addiction
"Values are the most important of all the unacknowledged factors in addiction, missed by pharmacologists and sociologists and traditionalists and constructivists alike."
A parent's view of a most sensible nature may be had courtesy of Bill Moyers et vibrare. There can be no question that we are beyond monsters, addicts and subhumans.
"Albert Brown says we've got to become a recovering society where we are willing to embrace all the varieties of cooperation and assistance that are required by the individuality of each particular person."
What do we know and who should we trust?
"Pri (which is short for "primitivist") opposes all forms of political, social and economic hierarchies, especially those associated with capitalism and the state, and believes in maximizing individual liberty and social equality. "