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May's Multiple Mentalities

Toward a general theory of pathological science, by Nicholas J. Turro, is a weighty yet light look at how science works. An essential backgrounder for the interested lay person, this should be required reading for all would-be reality teasers.
thus quoth Ball

Adopted at the World Conference on Science, the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge shows that sense can prevail; befuddling Princely proclamations notwithstanding.
"We have come to recognize that we are in a situation of increasing interdependence, and that our future is intrinsically linked to the preservation of the global life-support systems and to the survival of all forms of life."
Shape-Shifting interstellar nanoprobes, as postulated by Forrest Bishop with The Starseed/Launcher, present a whole new dimension of explorative possibility.
"One characteristic this work shares with some other interstellar propulsion studies is that the further out it goes, the farther out it gets."
Counselling in a Cruel World by David Smail was given as an address to graduating psychotherapists and would make a good read for anyone considering or already in a psychessional relationship.
"Even though I wouldn't for a second question the intelligence, integrity or good intentions of its principal figures, it does seem to me that there is often an amazing naivety, as well as an unconscious grandiosity, about much of therapeutic psychology."

I'm always amazed - huh, I wonder what the DSM would say about that! - anyway, what has me glowing now is ScriptWorx, a free web develpment tool of extraordinary quality. I can just feel the love and care coded into this editor, and really appreciate the essence of the web that it represents.

Don Cheery's (sic) loud suits pale next to the wonder of The Science of Hockey. With the Stanley Cup Finals starting tomorrow, I can suck life from any group of fans by quoting such bone-chilling facts as how much energy is generated by a mid-ice collision (I feel for you Eric).

Stanton Peele to the rescue of the television sports widow, who wants to know whether watching sweaty testosterone enhanced people compete in gambols of ritualized combat is an addiction. Anybody like a beer, some chips, cigarette?

Your Online Anarchy Community has far more to offer than the on-ice kind that may have ended more than a few careers; and marriages.
"Put some anarchy into your life today and learn why anarchists are trying to create a more anarchist society. This is a cooperative effort."

An Introduction to the Physiology of Ordinary Consciousness by Stephen Jones is a good place to begin a journey into selfness. This site has some quality graphics as well as linkage of the first water for those inclined to further integrate. "You are but one function of the brain." - Rodolfo Llinas
Alan Hobson's definition of consciousness
"a graded integration of multiple cognitive functions yielding a unified representation of the world, our bodies and ourselves".
What is the relationship between "awareness", in particular visual awareness, and neuronal activity in the nervous system? I notice a change in both quality and quantity of consciousness when I remove my glasses; oh, the cat's on my head. Christof Koch moves Towards the Neuronal Substrate of Visual Consciousness.

'Applied sociology' or 'cultural engineering'; a neuro-meathook by any other name would cure as well. Memetic Engineering -- PsyOps and Viruses for the Wetware by Michael Wilson of The Nemesis Group(?), outlines the field in which 'the game' is played.
"Use of memetics to manipulate individuals would seem to be out of the question, but the large scale use to manipulate large bodies or cultures is not."
Once a baseline for consciousness has been established and a technique for moving that line in a desired direction recognized, it is highly improbable that restraint would be exercised by those able to do so. Infobody Subpropaganda informs us of Senso-Linguistic Infiltration Programs (SLIP), Telepresent Contagious Postures (TCP), Propaganda Propulsion Project (PPP), Mac Believe, Cybercratic Conspiracy Command Control Intelligence (C4I), Intelligent Pandemonium (IP), Infobody Biofeedback Modulation (IBM), Vast Active Living Intelligence System (VALIS), Meme Slaves (MS), Leviathan Supersystems; I get the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
"The transcendence of the human condition in stylized relations, creates a desire to happily sacrifice for work, war and enforced leisure in exchange for a Weltanschauung, luring the bedazzled into the graceful existence of slavery, the self-centered freedom of marionettes, the eloquence of automatons."
Hacking Memes, which may be of unique benefit(!) for Australian readers, gives a primer on recognition and jamming of memetrapeneurs.
"Transference is the essence of the meme."
As always, at bottom is the question of ethics - we must draw the line somewhere. The Riddle of Ethics Without Religion by Michael Shermer
"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."
William Ernest Henley, from Invictus

Virulent memes pointed me to Richard Dawkins' response to HRH Charlie's impassioned plea for protection of our earthship. Oh Chuck!, if you want to do something really enviro-friendly get Camilla to use washable pads.
"Your Royal Highness,
Your Reith lecture saddened me. I have deep sympathy for your aims, and admiration for your sincerity. But...."
Elucidating a similar philosophical DOH!, Leigh Van Valan reviews A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution and Cooperation and agrees with Peter Singer on How the Left Got Darwin Wrong.
"Does the primacy of competition over cooperation in nature mean that the Right is right? Not at all. A study of evolution is useful in debunking factual beliefs of the Right as well as of the Left."
One would think that with the plethora of organisations dedicated to Ending the Madness that those of legislative ardor could pay attention and take a stand for sanity. Cruise through Information about member organisations of the Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War and be amazed by the anti-repressive diversity.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive constituent of marijuana that is a potent antioxidant which can prevent brain cell death in an experimental stroke model. The actual model gets stroked by getting high.

Big thanks to Geegaw for leading me into semantic temptation; and over to The Postmodernism Generator. Get your essays while they last!


If you are dissatisfied, angst ridden, cynical, and grok the inside out nature of things, then perhaps Revolutionary Self-Theory is for you.
"An authentic revolution can only occur in a practical movement in which all the mystifications of the past are being consciously swept away."
Here we are, rapidly approaching mid-flight in our yearly solar sojourn and what have we done? (thanks John) Fixated, ogle-brained by the increasing knowledge base yet unable to move and avoid the on-coming corporative hegemony. Ron Epstein provides a synopsis of the ethics of genetic research and manipulation (genethics?) with Redesigning the World: Ethical Questions about Genetic Engineering.
"For all the advantages claimed for genetic engineering, in the overwhelming number of cases the price seems too high to pay. In order to insure megaprofits for multinational corporations well into the next century, we will have to mortgage the biosphere, seriously compromise life on the planet, and even risk losing what it means to be a human being."
Once open and unconstrained discussion among scientists is taking place, how does the less qualified (more whole) public learn of it? David Resnik takes a critical eye to the relationship born of need and corrupted by greed. Ethical Problems and Dilemmas in the Interaction Between Science and Media
"However, since they (science and media) have different standards, goals, expertises, competencies, and funding sources, science and the media can sometimes interact in ways that produce unintended, adverse consequences for the public."
Perhaps Henry Stapp's The Quantum Brain can help explain how this oxymetamoronic Mind of the Media maintains dynamical coherence. I feel a vibrant vim just visualizing my inn(ate)er zing.
"The supplied energy is thus not completely thermalized but stored in a highly ordered fashion. This order expresses itself in long-range phase correlations; the phenomenon has considerable similarity with the low temperature condensation of a Bose gas... "
Or on the bright side this may be Much Ado About Nothing.

J.R. Lucas wraps things up nicely with this address given to the British Society for the Philosophy of Science. The Nature of Things
"I stand before you a failed materialist."
Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

Getting completely serious about the world's favorite herb, let's take a peek at The endogenous cannabinoid signalling system: chemistry, biochemistry and physiology. A bit of patience is required allowing the page to load as there is a lot of it, but like a good confection it is perhaps best saved and savored at leisure.
"In this article, while laying particular emphasis on the role of chemistry in both basic and applied cannabinoid research, we review the milestones that have led to the discovery of the 'endogenous cannabinoid system', and discuss the current hypotheses on its possible physiological functions."
A less daunting read is The Cannabinoid Revolution which begins by noting that marijuana has more than five millennia of documented medical use; and also has a nice graphic of action at the neuroreceptor level.

What methods of child rearing do anarchists advocate? This is one of many concisely answered queries, all on one page, that center on a Reichian approach.
"If one accepts the thesis that the authoritarian family is the breeding ground for both individual psychological problems and political reaction, it follows that anarchists should try to develop ways of raising children that will not psychologically cripple them but instead enable them to accept freedom and responsibility while developing natural self-regulation. We will refer to children raised in such a way as "free children."
Andrei Codrescu asks Whose Worlds Are These? in his introduction to Acid Dreams.
"It's a riveting story that makes the most paranoid and outlandish theories of the sixties seem insufficiently paranoid."
A blop over to CAM News alerted me to the new SciAm feature on molecular computing. Apathy is being guest blogged while Mr. D is riding the range, or some such Montanan magic, and I ended up in eigenspace.


Imagination crushed by adult "realism", Arthur Paul Patterson grew up to bring us this tale of inight into play; for real. Catch Us If You Can.
"My inner child has the pernicious habit of throwing himself down the stairs."

Integrative models of consciousness abound in abstract at this incredible intersection of mathematics, physics and reflection.
"Clearly, consciousness is not limited in this context to `simply' an on-off biological mechanism, to an observational effect or to qualia. Rather, the discovery and realization of the causal role of consciousness as presented in the current theory holds potentially profound and challenging implications."
For a final, intense grok before I become one, David Bohm indentifies Soma- Significance: A New Notion of the Relationship Between the Physical and the Mental.

From August of '94 Matthew Rothschild interviews Allan Ginsberg, and shines light on the artist as person.
Ginsberg: There's no total immortality. The sun's not eternal, that's why there's the blues
About 'shrooms is a modestly titled yet very comprehensive look at the psilocybin family.
"the name of the genus "psilocybe" comes from the greek words "psilos" [bare] and "kube" [head], warped into new latin to form "psilocybe". literally translated, this means "bald head", which i suppose comes from their appearance. a rather inaccurate comparison if you ask me, most bald people don't have big pointy nipples on top of cone-shaped heads, even if they're from remulok, but i digress... "

The European Surveillance Union details some of the moves by Interpol to monitor our communications. Meanwhile, trying to find the hole in the dike the Dutch Government Can't Confirm Existence of Echelon. We do however learn that:
"The minister confirmed Dutch intelligence agencies are working together with the NSA in the exchange of information and technical assistance, but refused to go in(to) detail."
A valuable document, Webometry: measuring the complexity of the World Wide Web by Ralph H. Abraham dates from the summer of '96....ah, yes, waaaay back....
"The pointwise fractal dimension of a massive matrix is the basis of our strategy."
Engaging Presence: Exploring Consciousness from the Second-Person Perspective provides a step outside of the conceptual bounds of observer and observed, recognizing that standard third-person inquiry leads to a science of external bodies, first-person inquiry leads to an interior science of the mind, while second-person engagement leads to a communal science of the heart.
"This approach to consciousness calls for a shift of perspective from looking at the world as a collection of objects, or even as a collection of subjects, to a view which sees relationship as fundamental."
Max Tegmark the Amtrak keg mixer, is a scientist with an infectiously ticklish spot for things cosmological and quantum; in fact Everything! Mad Max is relatively placed within the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, though his absolute position may never be known.
"The only postulate in this theory is that all structures that exist mathematically exist also physically, by which we mean that in those complex enough to contain self-aware substructures (SASs), these SASs will subjectively perceive themselves as existing in a physically "real'' world."
I just had to see if theoryofeverything.com had domained the ultimate answer. And yep, here is a Framework for a Theory of Everything by Douglas A. Pinnow, Ph.D.
"I am satisfied with a glimpse of the marvelous structure of the existing world, striving to comprehend a portion."
Albert Einstein, 1931

The Marijuana Smokers by Erich Goode is an almost quaint exploration for the experienced cannabinoseur, but is also a very thorough, well written and presented book which helps set the table for the cornupsychepia ahead.
"One of the central theses of this book is that the immense increase in non-narcotic drug use in the past decade is an organic outgrowth of a newly evolving way of life whose precise features can now only be dimly perceived, even by its participants."
The Man Who Turned on the World by Michael Hollingshead is a classic; seminal by any definition. The views and impressions of the early psychonauts are uniquely valuable since they are untainted by later impediments.
"From the date of this (first) session it was inevitable that we would leave Harvard, that we would leave American society and that we would spend the rest of our lives as mutants, faithfully following the instructions of our internal blueprints and tenderly, gently disregarding the parochial social inanities."
Tim Leary
Using Theatrical Devices To Counter Culture (A Partial History of the San Francisco Diggers in the Heyday of Haight-Ashbury)
"Freedom, from our point of view, meant personal liberation. Our hope was that if we were skillful enough in creating concrete examples of existence as free people, that the example would be infectious and produce real, self-directed (as opposed to coerced) social change."
Having attained transcultural psychospace the logical question is; what can I do? The Theory of Culture Jamming postulates a compendium of possibilties that would be suitable for every jammer's toast.
"Pranks are the deadly enemy of reality. And 'reality' - its description and limitation - has always been the supreme control trick used by a society to subdue the lust for freedom latent in its citizens."
shiny blue grasshopper began a beautiful blopping experience, and eventually led me to this welcome relief from my 'no satire zone'. The Georgy Bush Project is a part of the charismatic Kellyhopper's fauna. ghost rocket then brought to my attention that something that is no laughing matter may be helped by nitrous oxide.


After yesterday's descent into the madness of military machismo (and with luck re-ascent to the clear air of superiority; sniff), I need a good dose of The Straight Dope. Cecil approaches the zenultimate What is the sound of one hand clapping? with the aplomb of a Buddha, and buffoonish bon mots.

While it is true that the 'digital divide' needs to be addressed, an attitude that says Let Them Eat Pixels seems to inform those who could solve the actual problems of poverty.
"Operating a computer is simple compared to designing a scientific experiment, solving a challenging math problem, or writing a forceful and coherent paragraph."
Complexity rising: From human beings to human civilization, a complexity profile is an astounding essay by Yaneer Bar-Yam. This dense work allows a clear vista of the psychosocial terrain, and illuminates paths of understanding that may lead us to the fields of ease.
"The merging of disciplines in the field of complex systems runs counter to the increasing specialization in science and engineering. It provides many opportunities for synergies and the recognition of general principles that can form a basis for education and understanding in all fields."
Precis of The creative mind: Myths and mechanisms brings us 'back to one'; the origin and nature of creativity within the individual.
"I am not forgetting beauty. It is because the worth of beauty is transcendent that the subtle ways of the power that achieves it are transcendently worth searching out."
Livingston Lowes
feel it and be free

War, conflict, violence, intractable disputes; all providing meat for our media in it's choice of selectively attended 'fact', and purposefully created fiction. Understanding Conflict and War, Vol. 1 The Dynamic Psychological Field by R.J. Rummel.
"My theoretical framework sees us individually as a dynamic psychological field of disposition and powers, and humankind as a dialectical balance of these individual fields within an intentional field comprising our sociocultural environments and physical ecology."
Michael Parenti brings it home, with Hidden Holocaust, USA. The level of suffering is truly obscene, and at least partly due to mechanisms and misguided legislation designed to alleviate suffering. For example, every year 1,300,000 suffer some kind of injury related to treatment at hospitals, 2,000,000 to 4,000,00 women are battered. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury and second largest cause of death to U.S. women, 5,100,000* are behind bars or on probation or parole.
"Official bromides to the contrary, we are faced with a hidden holocaust, a social pathology of staggering dimensions. Furthermore, the above figures do not tell the whole story. In almost every category an unknown number of persons go unreported."
The military view is obviously of a more pragmatic disposition. Spotting Trouble - Identifying Faltering and Failing States
"It should be reemphasized that the final determination of a state's potential for failure rests on no single area. For example, in the United States (a nation that is not deemed in danger of failure) one could cite failure to control borders and high crime rates as potentially serious problems."
all we are asking
The war on ourSelves affects all people, including those with a key to the drug cabinet. Dan F. Umanoff, M.D. elucidates The Doctor Drug War - Wrong and Wasteful.
"The drug war against addicted and recovering doctors in this country is motivated by ideology rather than by the much publicized motive of public safety, exactly like the McCarthy war on communists in the 50s."

Blopping about in my usual search for social protein I dug into drat fink, where I was immediately drawn to this talk by Freeman Dyson given on his acceptance of the 2000 Templeton Prize. Post-enlightenment serendipity had me get to iToke, a new marijuana delivery service opening soon; near you?? Thanks law school dropout.

A sane society cannot imagine that freedom may be constrained by decree. To do so creates two societies; one an exaggerated acculturated state complete with lawn order, the other an hyperbolized disorder of which most partake and few admit.

Methamphetamine, speed, certainly would not be my choice of substance to adjust my mood, although it could have it's uses in emergency situations (actually, there are far safer analogues that would be preferable; eg: modafinil). If the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act becomes law, any published information about drugs could become a speedy ticket to prison.
"If a bill passed by the United States Senate last year becomes law, it will soon be illegal to link to a page such as www.4thc.com with the "intent to facilitate or promote" its business. Depending on a federal prosecutor's interpretation of "intent," that could even make posting this article on the Web a federal crime. It's one of the more disturbing effects of the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999."
Reinventing Money, Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life
by Carol Brouillet
"In a perfect world, money would become obsolete, and the gift economy would flourish. One's time would be honored as the greatest gift of all - the essence of one's brief precious life."
Peter Phipps drives home the point in Tourorists: Tourists, Terrorists and the Value of Death. When in Rome..., at least pay attention.
"This project is perverse: it is an analysis of the structural significance of the murders, executions and abductions of tourists."
Representing the Impossible: (Past, Present, and Future): Time Travel in A Christmas Carol and Beyond investigates temporal distortion in the only way in which it can, and in the process expands my fiction.
"Time travel is impossible: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that."

I am in temporal shock, not only with the arrived presence of my son as a reminder of my ageing state but also with the sonic shockwave that accompanied him; in a stunningly small package. It's the bass, man! I guess I just haven't heard a top quality system for a while.

Consciousness as an Active Force projects the idea that we are not passive observers of reality, but in fact intimately abet in it's creation.
"I find myself alarmed by the emerging trend in the consciousness community to equate consciousness with simple awareness, or even with more complex forms of reasoning and action based on awareness. The natural result of this equation will be to find computers capable of consciousness or, perhaps even worse, to view humans as complex machines"
Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. seems to state exactly what Amy is railing against above, in this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove.
"I think the brain is like a tuning system, and that we tune in to our own memories by a process of morphic resonance, which I believe is a general process which happens throughout the whole of nature."
My interst fully piqued, I wondered what David Pratt would have to say about this. Behold Rupert Sheldrake: A Theosophical Appraisal, which offered an erudite yet strangely depressing alternate view. Masters?
"Evolution is a fundamental habit of nature and proceeds in cyclic periods of activity and rest, in a never-ending, ever-ascending spiral of progress in which there are always new and vaster fields of experience in which to become self-conscious masters of life."
The Evolution of Childhood is chapter one of Foundations of Psychohistory by Lloyd DeMause. I too cannot believe our ignore-ance, and a deep chill sets in with the thought of a fully corporatized puerility.
"Since Freud, of course, our view of childhood has acquired a new dimension, and in the past half century the study of childhood has become routine for the psychologist, the sociologist, and the anthropologist. It is only beginning for the historian. Such determined avoidance requires an explanation."
Children Playing With Terror

The Mind of the Swarm brings life to science in a general and gentle observation of a buzz of bees in need of new digs.
"Like a chemical reaction, a photograph developing, there emerged a unifying pattern: neat columns, a phalanx, an army, awakened and marching steadily, relentlessly forward."
This singular bombinating event can be seen as part of a much greater Interspecies Global Mind. Howard Bloom writes an amazing essay that encapsulates this view, as well as freeing the mind to explore genuine wholeness.
"If you want to stride into the Infinite, move but within the Finite in all directions."
On Peace, Love, Dancing, and Drugs, A sociological analysis of rave culture accomplishes the no-mean-feat of keeping the pathological out of the sociology. Humans have been raving since we discovered how to control fire; that which burns within and that which warms without.
"It also demands a "yoga" of chaos, a project of "higher" orderings (of consciousness or simply of life) which are approached by "surfing the wave-front of chaos," of complex dynamism."
In this chapter from The Center of the Universe by William S. Moxley we are introduced to Habit Routines. Effects of Psychedelic Drugs is a rare work of true scholarship in a most fundamental field.
"All the facts point toward a simple, quite easily explained mechanism for the neurological action of LSD or other psychedelics. How the mind reacts to this simple change in nervous system operation is another matter, for here it is the complexity of mind itself in question."
There feels to be a connection pointing somewhere in all of this....


I was made to realize, by a right-on response to a rare post by me on a weblog discussion list, that I have gone (l)in(k)sane. Prefering links to content is like opting for an erotic image; paper cuts hurt, man! What I really want to do is provide insightful, irreverant, boundary expanding, intolerance reducing and, on bad days, sententious commentary on content that I have found enlivens me in some way. I've learned a couple of things here: if I write a lousy email and feel like an idiot, don't send it; and if I feel like an idiot, I probably am one. Fool.

Finding Literary Kicks is an unexpected treat. Levi Asher invites us to Turn off your mind relax and float downstream on our choice of seminal mind-rafts; such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and many more.
When the voices of children are heard on the green
And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast
And everything else is still.
Whenever I read things like this Conversation with Dolores Brien and Robert Romanyshyn, the latter being author of Technology as Symptom & Dream, I somehow experience great elation at our potential and deep despair at our distracted attention; at the same time. I need a word for this. Or do I, for is not the label the first distinction; a layer of seperation? I want to be this feeling because I am.

I just recieved in the mail the future requirements, Jan 1/01, for gun ownership here in Canada. We will need a license to own a gun, and a license for the gun. I live in the Yukon, and there's bears out there! I don't carry a gun, but I do make lots of noise (did you know cauliflower washed down with milk gives one rear seat drive?). Now, there was a cougar in downtown Victoria once, completely freaked no doubt, last I heard though L.A. does not abound with dangerous wild animals. Maybe the noise thing world work against dangerous wild people. Gun Crazy: Constitutional False Consciousness and Dereliction of Dialogic Responsibility.
"This is an Article about the causes and costs of false consciousness -- false consciousness regarding the constitutional concept of the "right to bear arms." This is an Article about the deceit, misperception, and dereliction of responsibility that have characterized America's dysfunctional gun control debate."
I must say backgrounds can be annoying, but this page by Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D., Former Director of Marijuana Research, National Institute of Mental Health, is worth the strain or browser adjustment.

Application of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation for Treatment of Certain Diseases and Other Bloodborne Viruses
"This paper describes an innovative method of inactivating bloodborne viruses using ultraviolet blood irradiation called UBI therapy. This process has shown impressive clinical results in treating hepatitis, HIV, and other currently untreatable viruses."
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