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Badly in need of upgrading my most used proggies I went on a freeware downloading frenzy this month. Far beyond any need, the search for gratuitous (often in various senses) code turned into a crusade. Now I only have five hours left (out of 120) for the month, and can look forward to a few more days until the April hours d'oeuvres are baked and ready for more restrained consumption. In the near future I'll put up a page describing those downloads that smote my driven drive; with juicy links 'n all.

The Shape of the Universe is not quite what might be thought. Mahamba, man.... Mahamba! A meme for the future.
"As soon as the child is able to walk, bring him or her out to meet the tree and to feed it. Encourage the child to take over the care and feeding, and seal the responsibilites with gifts. Continue reinforcing the merit to be gained from the act, in whatever terms the child understands: The legend of a tree that brings good fortune might be one of those harmless myths that can teach more than a hundred hard facts. nd the simple act of nurturing a tree, distributed memetically, repeated recursively, might help our species get a grip on our planet's runaway throttle."
The Oscar Wilde Collection, simple, complete, say no more...
"Yet he was afraid. Sometimes when he was down at his great house in Nottinghamshire, entertaining the fashionable young men of his own rank who were his chief companions, and astounding the county by the wanton luxury and gorgeous splendour of his mode of life, he would suddenly leave his guests and rush back to town to see that the door had not been tampered with and that the picture was still there. What if it should be stolen? The mere thought made him cold with horror. Surely the world would know his secret then. Perhaps the world already suspected it."
Short essays such as A Matter of Attitude - The Wisdom of the Rutles drew me to this alter-world, and I discovered an Inferno. Greg Panfile's Music
"Some at this point may think I am in way over my head (duh!), or grinding some emotional or ego-related axe of my own. Be that as it may, I personally believe I am presenting historically and psychologically valid information on a very basic level that the average person should have mastered by the time of high school graduation. The main reason it is not taught, I'd guess, is due to a combination of ignorance (it's not occurred to many people that this material exists or is important) and some darker motiviations: in that our religious, educational, governmental, and commercial establishments are in a state of near-total dependence on emotional engineering and cannot abide the possible loss of power and influence that divulging these ideas could cause."
Twisted Mister
"I'm gonna talk about the ideal world, Chris. I've read, I understand reality. If you're asking me as the President, would I understand reality, I do."
GWB, May 31st 2000

Matt Mumau echoes my amazement at Devin Harris' The Infinite Flat Universe - Everything Forever - ...as I read, I became more than simply interested in what I saw before me - I was completely absorbed by something I've never before even considered possible.
"We have come now to the very reason why spacetime is systematic and orderly. One specific future is totally and completely inevitable. The universe in its later half of development is no longer diverging outward into a great sea of increasing possibilities, as it was during the Big Bang period. Instead, time is being forced toward a single state. The future being inevitable, shapes the past.

In study of this convergence toward a single state, toward an inevitable physical condition, we can now begin to recognize how our forces of nature are engineered in a way to bring about that specific future. Forces are not just the way nature happens to be, with no purpose or meaning. Instead, spacetime has a destination, and forces guide spacetime along a path toward a goal."
For Carrie, Stephen and Amber
And the rest of Earth's Children,
That they may dissolve the conceptual pathogens
That poison their lives and their institutions.

So dedicated, The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion by Everett E. Allie is discharged deep, fluent, fluid. Chapter to chapter, be prepared for recognitions of truth in retrospect that enable a memetic samadhi. The ability to discriminate is the very basis of intelligence and learning, yet, the American culture has made discrimination a dirty word. Instead of examining the basis for discrimination, the act itself is suppressed.
"Humanity has moved beyond innocence. As a species, we now have the knowledge to make corrections. Whether or not we do so depends upon the decisions and activities of individuals. The drive must emanate from individuals. Whether we succeed or fail, we no longer have excuses, nor does nature grant excuses."
The last couple of days have been adventures through, around, inside and out of spime, and I will end my gravity with a levity of the impossible. Atlantis : No way, No how, No where Thus spake Kevin Christopher.
"Atlantis continues to captivate people's imaginations because it offers the hope that lost ideals or some untapped human potential will someday be uncovered, not the masonry blocks of a dead civilization. Scrying for crumbled roads in Bimini or poring over the outline of some terra incognita on a forged map ignore the real Atlantis, the undiscovered country of human ideals."

The religious mind is entirely different from the mind that believes in religion.


Author J.R. Mooneyham sent me a most uplifting note and the updated link to An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Future Technology and Social Change.
"2009 AD-2017 AD : The internet permeates our lives and begins radically reshaping our institutions, even as breakthroughes in other fields promise fundamental changes in living standards and all future human endeavor; personal computing gets still more powerful even as costs drop further; net users in the developed nations are becoming increasingly isolated in terms of typical historical human interaction; the first crude 'second skin' applications arrive; some forms of insanity and other surprising afflictions prove to be literally contagious; the danger of mass effect biochemical weapons use peaks for most developed states; the wealthy enjoy 'perfect' organ replacements; there are significant increases in the numbers of people taking to the sea to live and work; vigilante organizations rise in prominence and influence."
To reverse temporal course for a flash, one of the great speeches of our age was presented to the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, February 4, 1992. In a world of global civilization... - V. Havel, eh - ...only those who are looking for a technical trick to save that civilization need feel despair.
"The world, too, has something like a spirit or soul. That, however, is something more than a mere body of information that can be externally grasped and objectified and mechanically assembled. Yet this does not mean that we have no access to it. Figuratively speaking, the human spirit is made from the same material as the spirit of the world. Man is not just an observer, a spectator, an analyst or a manager of the world. Man is a part of the world, and his spirit is part of the spirit of the world. We are merely a peculiar node of Being, a living atom within it, or rather a cell that, if sufficiently open to itself and its own mystery, can also experience the mystery, the will, the pain, and the hope of the world."
Journey into the culturelatively timeless with An Analysis of all Aspects of Hindutva - Hindu History, Hindu Culture, Hindu Philosophy and the Hindu Outlook towards Religion and Human Existence. A must-visit historical romp, eloquently and elegantly presented by an insider cum secular humanist.
"Mein Insaan Hoon, Sirf Insaan hoon,
(I am a human, only a human)
Insano koh dhoondtey ghoomta hoon,
(I am in search of others who too are only human.)
Miltey hain Hindu, Farsi, Isahi, Yahudi, Sikh aur Musalmaan,
(I have met many Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs and Jews.)
Nahi Miltey sirf Insaan.
(But I rarely meet those who are none of these, but are only human)"
"It is already becoming clearer that a chapter which has a western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race... At this supremely dangerous moment in history the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian Way. "

Dr. Arnold Toynbee
British Historian, 1889-1975
In a queer way the 
concept of 'Zero' or Shunya 
is derived from the concept of a void. 
The concept of void existed in Hindu Philosophy
hence the derivation of a symbol
for it. The concept of Shunyata, influenced 
South-east asian culture through the 
Buddhist concept of Nirvana
'attaining salvation by merging 
into the void of eternity'


Cheryl Seal trims the Shrub and finds it rotten to the core with roots deep in a sociopathological bog. Bush II is indeed insane, a sociopath of the most dangerous kind.

The way that Darwinian capitalist "democracy" is structured virtually ensures that those most capable of leading are least likely to want to, since even the most tentative first steps into the political realm expose the good hearted citizen to ethical double-binds. To be truthful, philosophically-ethically consistant and unwaveringly dedicated to serving the constituency is a fast-track to political oblivion. So by definition, to survive the electoral game the prospective 'public servant' must be able to adopt the ability for applied dissociative hypocrisy - a social pathology.

We reward the champions, the most pathological, with the highest offices as they are best at convincing us that we should trust, or at least be less distrustful of, their dedication, motivation and purposes.

With George W. Bush the art has been taken to a new depth. We can only hope that this administration is exposed before the next erection; and before these cognitive castrati can further critically co-opt government for, of and by the people.

I've been notably quiet on the daily roll of inanity lately, due I think to info-burnout and the fact that "I'm so tired" in yer best John Lennon of observing the perennial argument between the uninformed and the uniformed. The Uninformed are made up of politicians and their minions, megamedia and all those dependant on it for everything from entertainment to employment, corporations and others that are preter-ethical in single minded focus (see megamedia), and all those with their heads in the sand or the oven.

The Uniformed consist of a vast and diabolically powerful minority headed by the Titanic of armed forces, state and municipal police forces, the national guard, the DEA, AFT, FBI, CIA, NSA, (fill in acronym list yourself, eh), prison guards, money guards, nightguards, security guards, et al. ad nauseum. The common denominator for this diaspora of human beings is that their jobs and very lives are predicated on the idea that civilization requires enforcement in order to be maintained, lest we devolve into chaos.

I'm sane as hello, and won't take it anymore!

William S. Moxley lightens my heart with The Center of the Universe, a seven chapter journey which enables an expanded event horizon.
"The probability that I would find it necessary to become an outlaw was of no great consequence to me, it was an exciting concept that it might be possible to be an outlaw from American Civilization and be morally justified in doing so. In fact, I was already an outlaw, a draft-evader, and I had just been dabbling with forbidden fruits in a most serious way, as a scientist practicing his art in defiance of the law of the land. How rare the opportunity to be able to practice a forbiddenscience in this day and age! The concept itself put paid to many arrogant assumptions about the rationality of the American Way of Life and its justification for eliminating any and all competition to its oxymoronic Philosophy."
Staring Down Death - George Harrison and Me is by The Blacklisted Journalist (you may remember me from such notable essays as The Beatles Meet Bob Dylan...). A poignant retrospective.
"Darkness only stays a nighttime
In the morning it will fade away,
The daylight is good in arriving at the right time
You know it's not always gonna be this gray"

© Harrisongs
Teach your children well...

e.Gaia, Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications. is a forthcoming(?) book by Gary Alexander that describes a re-cognitive change in our human self-image - from global cancer to global nervous system .
"Massive problems require radical solutions. Tinkering around the edges won't have much effect. The radical Utopian image of e.Gaia is meant to help clarify the present problems and provide a pointer to practical steps in that direction. The kind of steps I see as needed; co-operative social groupings, information systems, improving human skills of communication and relationships; and the principles underlying them are the main content of the book."
Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution brings the flow from big bang to big brain and beyond into Hubble-ine (corrected) focus. I especially appreciate author Elisabet Sahtouris' penchant to begin her arguments with lexical clarity. Full text, nicely presented, 21 chapters of vital grokness.
"When sixth-century B.C. philosophers suggested that ethical questions can be answered by looking to nature, religion and science had not yet been separated, both being aspects of the same search for orientation and guidance. Only much later, when they were separated by modern scientists, did ethics become the domain of religion while scientists insisted on their ethical neutrality, their freedom from values.

If the ancients were right -- as this book holds -- that nature is a source of guidance for human behavior, then surely science, as the study of nature, should concern itself with ethics -- with showing us what is wise or not wise to do in our relationship to one another and to the rest of nature."
MECHANISM (Corporations) ORGANISM (The Web)
Allopoietic Autopoietic
Inventor created Self-created
Hierarchic structure Holarchic embeddedness
Top-down command Holarchic dialog/negotiation
System engineered System negotiated
Repaired by engineers/experts Repairs itself
Evolution by external redesign Evolution by internal redesign
Exists for product or profit Exists for health and survival
Serves owners' self interest Serves self/society/ecosystem

David Brin and Bruce Sterling discuss the impact and accuracy of science fiction in predicting our course Beyond the Horizon.
"There are times when we are asked to give straightforward assessments of future events. I just did one recently about where I thought political and military events might go in the short term. But there is no heroine, no love interest in that. There is no rising tension, climax, and dénouement, no reason to keep turning pages. That's why it is only two pages long."
When I told him that I did not have enough to buy a cup of coffee, he stopped the car and said -Get lost.- I said, -My friend, I am lost. Have a nice day.- There were days like that, moving west.

Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson made manifest the The Illuminatus! Trilogy twenty-seven years ago. As fresh as any writing I've come across lately, there are eerie temporal echoes to be experienced, sex-life-arousing carousing, philoethics of Zen-like precision and, running as a spoiled stream through the barrenlands of eristic and aneristic anarchism, the Illuminati. The appendix of this unique tale is a tour-de-force in its own right, which combined with return ticket time travel makes it well worth the 1.5meg all-on-one-page size.
"Feeling paranoid? Good: illumination is on the other side of absolute terror. And the only terror that is truly absolute is the horror of realizing that you can't believe anything you've ever been told. You have to realize fully that you are "a stranger and afraid in a world you never made," like Houseman says."

"Every ideology is a mental murder, a reduction of dynamic living processes to static classifications, and every classification is a Damnation, just as every inclusion is an exclusion. In a busy, buzzing universe where no two snow-flakes are identical, and no two trees are identical, and no two people are identical-and, indeed, the smallest subatomic particle, we are assured, is not even identical with itself from one microsecond to the next- every card-index system is a self-delusion. "Or, to put it more charitably," as Nietzsche says, "we are all better artists than we realize." "
Human Security and Mutual Vulnerability - An Exploration into the Global Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment is another fairly massive assay, thankfully presented in nummy neurobite chapters; Not a clash, but a crisis of civilization.
"The present global crisis is an accumulation of multiple and self-reenforcing dysfunctions. All these have configured a crisis of security with implications that go beyond conventional issues of maintenance of "order" and "stability," as well as peacekeeping. It is impossible to talk about national security as separate from global security. The analysis undertaken in the previous sections clearly indicates that, despite the end of the Cold War, human security has diminished throughout the globe. The abovementioned crisis is, in essence a symptom of a decline of modem civilization."
Anyone (else) who has/is reading both of the above papers deserves a special blog reader (bleader?) award for outstanding effort in pursuit of truth, justice and the Gaian Way. Though widely and wildly disparate in approach, both authors wield an attentive laser on our common human lot.

Phalanx on a Hill: Responses to Fourierism in the Transcendentalist Circle - should your head explode while reading this, take two insert neurochemical adjustment of choice and comment me in the morning.
"I am not claiming that Fourier's utopian dialectic is "true" (or perhaps "sane"), but rather that the critical examination of this dialectic also exposes that which is "false" (or "insane") in the ideological vision of America as agent of the historical dialectic's closure. One should not castigate Fourierists or U.S. citizens for holding worthy ideals, but for believing that these ideals can be achieved magically."
The Sacred Chao symbolizes absolutely everything anyone need ever know about absolutely anything, and more!

the westerby report led me to Curtis White's discussion of Paul Virilio's Pure War. Our Pure War with Islam
"There is no shortage of stupidity around at present. Still, Virilio's idea that we're "unconscious" (rather than stupid) has more explanatory power. Unconscious in what sense? North Americans are not speaking to their culture; they're being spoken by it. The media is a function of the war effort, foreclosing on all deviant perspectives. And certainly we are "unconscious" in the sense that we're so blithely unaware that our "lifestyles" (or predatory economic privilege, take your pick) has for the last half-century been the equivalent of a state of war between ourselves and those folks who will provide us cheap, cheap natural resources or pay the price."
I seem to be out of words lately, most likely due to a mild bout of infectious scrabbleosis. Anti-tile-otics such as Chomsky's Linguistics provide a short course sure to cure.
"Most sentences have never been uttered before, and will never be uttered again.

We achieve these unbounded abilities with a finite resource: the brain."
The most feared woman on the Internet, Netochka Nezvanova, is featured in a Salon expose, eh, that leaves a very funny taste on my buds. The future wis there.
"She's a capitalist who screams anti-capitalism, an artist who infuriates artists, a Net phenomenon who terrorizes her medium. She is a foil, an acid test, a filter that shows us how we respond to her. And, as she herself says, it's how we deal with the likes of her, not the code, that's the hard part of technology."
Und now fur sump think completely diffident. What's in a Meme? Reflections from the perspective of the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology is not for the faint of attention. Sunday morning coffee reading.
"Once we have identified a meme in a particular process, though, that is not the end of the explanatory story. Memetics covers what is common to the spread of strategies, musical phrases, linguistic practices, ideas and theories, but it does not exhaust the research. Again the parallel with genes is instructive. Having identified that there are factors that are inherited which cause ecologically significant traits, geneticists moved on to identifying the physical processes and their effects, which turned out to be extremely complex, with genes that code for traits ranging from the sorts of proteins that a cell expresses, to genes that regulate other genes, to genes that contribute to a range of gross morphological traits at every level of the organismic structure. Identifying memes will assist in identifying the sorts of cultural phenomena that are functionally transmitted, but we should expect that these will in turn become causes of phenomena in another level of analysis."
By every road eventually there stand chicken that are incapable of any crossing.

Misdirected attention is a good part of offensive action, and the world champions in this blood sport are either directly, indirectly or partially responsible for billions of violated, poisoned, starved dead. U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo continues apace, conveniently out of the general spin. Ellen Ray provides a comprehensive historical context from pre-11/9/1.
"It is not unlikely that the boundaries of a two-Congo Africa have already been set, imposed yet again by the western powers."
Denis Lacorne is being only partially facetious by heading this essay The Barbaric Americans, which portrays a look back across the pond from an especially French-de-vivre.
"Yet there is one thing on which all Europeans agree: no country that has the death penalty today can pretend to be civilized."
Every couple of years I feel a fiduciary duty to point to an article valuable to all of those associated with / immersed in the "recovery rage". A popular knee-jerk reaction by many courts, and others entrusted with determining how the guillotine separating your self from yourself will be applied, is to insist on attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and similar 'programs'. Alcoholics Anonymous: Of Course It's a Cult!
"While some cults jinx or curse departing members with divine or karmic punishments, AA promises refuseniks hell on earth, either from inevitable drinking or using, or from a malady called dry drunk. The dry drunk concept is one of the most sinister mind-traps ever devised to retain errant cult members."
Six months away from 'shroomin' in this area, and with the temperature heading for -30C in what should be the last real cold snap of the winter, I hooked up my virtual dog team and took an invigorating run through my musty imagination's late summer holy days. The prologue to the on line book The Psilocybin Solution sets the stage for a Prelude to a Paradigm Shift.
"As I see it, if we are genuinely interested in the decisive nature of reality and the decisive nature of human consciousness then we are obliged to follow all and any paths of enquiry, and I would suggest that the untrammelled path laid out by entheogenic plants and fungi is, perhaps, the last viable route to evidence that shows that human consciousness is somehow central to reality. If instead this unusual path should prove to lead nowhere then we will be led back to the commonly accepted position in which human consciousness is not deemed to be of any prime significance. This book can therefore be read as an alternative user-friendly guide to the nature of reality which, should it prove to hold truth, can be seen as very good news. Very good news indeed."
As Blake had written, once the doors of perception were opened then the infinite beauty of reality could be perceived.

Have you noticed that if one smokes some fine bud out in the cold, say on an winter evening's doggy perambulation, that coming back into the warmth is a real buzz? To end today on a high note, Cannabis Culture reports on the Canadian cannabis competitions
"Canada celebrated two cannabis competitions during the fall, with both Toronto and Montreal playing host to events celebrating the joys and virtues of fine buds."
An educated and descerning palate is a key requirement in breeding and appreciating cannabis.

March the first, naughty-two

I thought long lost but he found me, and thus I his new digs. Grafyte News logs news on science, graphics, and technology. This is a superior resource - well done Brian!

Stuart Hameroff takes on the question "What is Life?" with his essay Quantum Vitalism.
"Quantum vitalism is a testable hypothesis that yields several potential explanatory conclusions;

1) Life is a process intimately linked to the fundamental level of the universe;

2) Particular biological systems (cells, tissues, organisms) have a "unitary oneness" based on macroscopic quantum coherence;

3) The flow of ch'i energy/information through tissues is related to sequences of emergence/collapse of quantum status in biomolecular systems."
An alternate take on the same question was given as a Lecture in honour of Abdus Salam - Physics and life by Paul Davies.
"First, life operates in accordance with the laws of physics, but so does everything else, including, for example, the Italian Constitution. Physics is universal, its laws simple, mathematical and general. But life, like the Italian Constitution, is complex, non-mathematical, and very special. Precisely because physics is universal, it is unusual that its principles are crucial for explaining any particular physical system."
David J. Chalmers with the last word in what has proven to be a highly verbose blogday. Consciousness and its Place in Nature is a document of rare insight; and projective possibility.
"At the same time, there is another metaphysical problem: how can phenomenal properties be integrated with the physical world? Phenomenal properties seem to be intrinsic properties that are hard to fit in with the structural/dynamic character of physical theory; and arguably, they are the only intrinsic properties that we have direct knowledge of. Russell's insight was that we might solve both these problems at once. Perhaps the intrinsic properties of the physical world are themselves phenomenal properties. Or perhaps the intrinsic properties of the physical world are not phenomenal properties, but nevertheless constitute phenomenal properties: that is, perhaps they are protophenomenal properties. If so, then consciousness and physical reality are deeply intertwined."
Brave New World or Island - The World Must Decide