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March's Merry Multitude

In our haste to "discover" and profit from regional biology, we tend to tromp all over the human. Jordan E. Erdos explores this vital issue in Ethnobotany, Property and Biodiversity.
"Regardless of the ethnobotanist's dedication to science or medicine or higher ideals, he must recognize that it is the indigenous knowledge which allows for such research, and that the noble cause of "helping people to live better and longer lives" (Paine 1985) does not justify disrupting indigenous society and appropriating generations of knowledge without substantial reciprocation."
A neurophysiologist and a neurosurgeon got together and had Conversations with Neil's Brain. This is an absolutely fascinating inside look with a very much awake, aware and patient patient. One question is, where is Neil?
"Is he down in his brain stem, since that's what keeps him awake? Or is he in his thalamus, since it helps determine what he pays attention, or in the language areas, or is he up in his frontal lobes? Is Neil "conscious" when he answers accurately but cannot form a memory of the event?"
Digital Matter Control as performed by Fractal Robots could make current manufacturing techniques obsolete. These are the people that have developed a prototype of the liquid robot in Terminator 2.
"As the robot is fractal, the individual cubes can be shrunk to the size of grains of sand. By the time they are a millimeter in size, individual cubes are difficult to pick out and when they move, they will appear to flow like liquid metal. The resulting machine has fantastic shape shifting properties."
The War on Ourselves has taken a huge toll, especially so on the young. Even the Association of the Bar of the City of New York says we must take A Wiser Course: Ending Drug Prohibition.

Chocolate contains the "bliss" molecule anandamide, and the active ingredient of marijuana locks into the same neuroreceptor with an analogue. Amazing times ahead, folks.
"THC isn't found naturally in the body. The existence of a specific 'bliss receptor' for THC implied that it was actually just a forgery of a hitherto unknown natural molecular key. The key was isolated by Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam in 1992: arachidonyl ethanolamide, later called 'anandamide' "

Thanks to Metairie for leading me to this important story. We are in the earliest stages of an age of designer neurochemical adjustment. Not only do we not know the long term effects of using these rather blunt intruments, but the operation is so delicate and variable that one person's manna is another's toxin. Randolph M. Nesse, M.D. asks Is the Market on Prozac? Could some brave reporter ask George W. if he is using an SSRI?
"The social effects of psychotropic medications is the unreported story of our time. These effects may be small, but they may be large, with the potential for social catastrophe or positive transformation."
Technology will set you free say the folks at Transtopia, wherein may be found many transhumanist essays. As the splash page suggests, half of transhumanism is anticipating and averting threats; and if someone comes by asking for donations to a planetary defense fund I will give them a piece of my mind, if needed.

Of immediate concern is that we are rising above the genetic matrix without the appropriate perceptual container. The Bioethics Forum, of Princeton University, is a good place to start understanding what will be the issue of this century; if not all of cosmanity's future.

Much Ado About Consciousness: An Interview with David Chalmers, conducted by Andrew Chrucky, looks to a panprotopsychist future.
"Sometimes the sort of non-materialist view I put forward is seen as anti-scientific, but I don't see it that way at all. I argue that neuroscience alone isn't enough to explain consciousness, but I think it will be a major part of an eventual theory."
You're in a real pickle. You have to get a leech to bite or your blood will thicken and your heart will suck mud. Studies such as the Effect of ale, garlic, and soured cream on the appetite of leeches restore your faith that science can indeed answer all.


This site is now an honorable(?) member of two webring things. Being someone who would, as Mark Twain, not join any club that would have me, have I sold out my ethics? I think not. First, linksluts by name alone is seditious enough that it could attract the very readers I seek. Also, there is no denying that this is a weblog, and I am proudly a minor representative of this seminal community. Enlighten and be enlightened.

William S. Burroughs penned The Electronic Revolution in 1970, and could not have known that digitization would make his prescient vision even more easily realized. You say you want a revolution? Tape at 11.
"Consider the human body and nervous system as unscrambling devices. Remember that when the human nervous system unscrambles a scrambled message this will seem to the subject like his very own ideas which just occurred to him."
William S. was talking the language of memes, though I don't think Dawkins coined the phrase until some years later. Time burrowing to the present, Stephen Downes offers us the opportunity to innoculate ourselves by Hacking Memes. Thanks to Traumwind.EditThisPage.com for this link.

This is truly outre. Frederick Mann welomes us to Free World Order. Besides having chosen a name that has yin on one side, yang on the other and the world in the middle!, he is doing the imposserous; selling freedom.
"Welcome to the Free World Order website! Here you'll find some of the most powerful and advanced freedom information available anywhere."
Due to begin broadcasting June 1st, WETV has a very simple mission statement: "To change the world for the better through the power of television."
"As the new technologies encompass the world, there is a danger of an under-representation of many of the world's regions, and an unbalanced exposure of the world's more important issues. WETV's program schedule is designed to provide access to the many voices from around the world about local stories that have global appeal."
Three cheers for Team Dopamine!
"More recently, researchers have explored dopamine neurotransmission role in the abuse of drugs ranging from stimulants, such as amphetamines and cocaine, to depressants, such as morphine and other opioids, and alcohol."

So you want to build a nanotech device that will build nanotech devices that will serve your every whim? Well, did you think the lawyers wouldn't get involved?? Tiny Torts: A Liability Primer
"Because personal responsibility is the most fundamental foundation stone of tort law, the development of real, autonomous AI entities will likely result in a relative rarity in the common law; a discontinuity. It seems that a definite break-point will occur, beyond which the law will recognize a "synthetic person" whose acts are not ascribable to its creator."
Humor requires it and philosophy seeks it. Nick Black is a humilosophor of the first water; and quite a cosmoet. The Sacred Chou
"Flippity, floppity, flip
The mouse on the mobius strip;
The strip revolved,
The mouse dissolved,
In a chronodimensional skip."
"Cultural revolution is more important than political. Bugs Bunny should be adopted as the symbol of anarchists everywhere. Hoffman's discovery of LSD in 1943 was a manifestation of direct intervention by God in human affairs. The nomination of the boar hog Pegasus for President by the Yippies was the most transcendentally lucid event of the 20th century; mass orgies on every street corner is the most practical next step in liberating the world from tyranny."
Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit is a perhaps self-justifying yet well presented series of articles from the National Academy of Sciences.
"Each case study reveals the crucial role played by basic science, the applications of which could not have been anticipated at the time the original research was conducted."
Jerry Rosen thinks that the perfect joint project for nanotechnology and space sciences would be a space elevator, or orbital tower. Was this the ultimate phallic dream for Otis?

Grinning Idiot Press brings us Why I have been studying Vampires since 1972. When I was done reading this short essay I was grinning like an idiot; but then it hit me, my ex is a robot.


The Molecular Biology of Paradise
"When naturally loved-up and blissed-out on a richer cocktail of biochemicals than today, our post-human successors will be able, not just to love everyone, but to be perpetually in love with everyone as well."
In a telling refutation of transparency, and an urgent call to redouble vigilance, here is Time in the Shadows of Anonymity: Fighting Against Surveillance Cameras, Transparency, and Global Capitalism. Brought to you by the good folks of the Surveillance Camera Players. Oh, no butter on mine, thanks.
"To advance a theory of transparency, one must, unfortunately, first clear the air of the stench of the widely and well-reviewed piece of shit entitled The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom? (New York: Addison-Wesley 1998), which was written by David Brin, a science-fiction novelist and staunch defender of capitalism and the State."
This pre-primary article hosted by CNN is not available there anymore. Hmm. Google grabbed it though which is good, because we wouldn't want to forget that George W Bush was also a drug abuser. Now c'mon Al, embrace your cannabinoidistic past.
"His footsteps slowed by a nagging hangover, George W. Bush paid little heed to the majestic Rockies rising nearby as he made his daily three-mile run. He was feeling worse than usual after a boisterous night of drinking with friends."
I think a pot plant in every home would do far more to ensure freedom than a whole bevy of guns. To that end, here are a brace of guides to help you on your way to helping make our world a safer place.
"Only a handful of dedicated researchers, cultivators, and conservationists are concerned with the genetic fate of Cannabis. It is tragic that a plant with such promise should be caught up in an age when extinction at the hands of humans is commonplace. Responsibility is left with the few who will have the sensitivity to end genocide and the foresight to preserve Cannabis for future generations."
Joys of Gardening
Ed Rosenthal's Growtips
Marijuana Botany

Psycholiberation is the implicate equivalent of one's explicate herbicultural activities. The Resonance Project is a good place to start. Let James Kent and Rebecca Houston have a conversation in your head.
"Well, as far as the visionary aspect goes there's no other substance that can compare. The stuff is literally like liquid imagination. But the real reason I like it is because it is extremely healing. I always feel very clean and healthy after an ayahuasca trip. It's like medicine."
Memetics and Social Contagion: Two Sides of the Same Coin? is the question posed by Paul Marsden. The answer, my friend, is blowing in your ear; the answer is in your ear.
"This opens up an exciting research programme for memetics, as contagion is no longer understood as a metaphor but an evolutionary process. Social contagion research, from the memetic stance could focus on the particular characteristics that render behaviours and emotions infectious."

What makes a criminal (besides the DEA, erk)? Chaos Shadow Theory by James Lindner suggests that truly criminal behavior should be approached from the perspective of psychobiological and psychiatric explanations for explaining a given set of criminal behavior patterns.
"Psychomotor seizure-like discharges of electricity are being triggered in the deep structures of the limbic brain in serial murderers during their multicidal experience. This originates in the primitive areas of the brain. These seizure-like discharges may activate systems that trigger increases in dopamine activity, which may trigger the high that a serial murderer experiences when he's committing a murder."
Published posthumously, David Brooks argues in Predictable Inexplicability that complex behavior requires an inner state, consciousness, and further that any simulacrum lacking in this quality will lack certain abilities.
"Qualitative states, I hypothesise, serve some important evolutionary function which could not be carried out or could not be performed so well without them. Whatever this may be, I conclude that there is a particular intellectuo-perceptual capacity C such that we have C and the possession of C underpins our ability to report on and take pleasure in our qualitative states."
Nick Bostrom wrote an essay in '97 enquiring into how long it would be before Superintelligence. An addendum of a year later notes that progress was slightly more rapid than Moore's law would predict.
"There will be a strong and increasing pressure to improve AI up to human-level. If there is a way of guaranteeing that superior artificial intellects will never harm human beings then such intellects will be created. If there is no way to have such a guarantee then they will probably be created nevertheless."
All is One at the Nonduality Salon. Contained within is Collapsing the Dualistic Paradigm and other short essays which in fact compile a rather unique weblog of diverse contributers. Check out the Nondual Daily Nugget.
"Ultimately, the only truly indispensible yoga and "path" is life itself, which I suppose is karma yoga whether we call it that or not."
Humberto Maturana is a leading scholar at the Chilean School of Biology of Cognition. In The Nature of Time the approach is relational and inclusive; time is indeed mine.
"I have shown that the foundations of the notion of time in any domain rests on the biology of the observer, not on the domain of physics which is a domain of explanations of a particular kind of experiential coherences of the observer."

The 2000 Arctic Winter Games are being held here in the Yukon. I think the spirit that the olympics lost, or never really had, is present in this gathering. An example: a Russian hockey team did not have enough helmets so a Whitehorse volunteer ran downtown and bought some. Nature has provided well also, with sunny days and starry nights, and an early crescent moon this evening whose 'dark' side is glowing with earthshine; perhaps from Siberian snow.

David Suzuki works tirelessly to bring the light of reason to the often nyctalopial view of specialists; those of science, business or government. In this edition of his weekly essay,Scientists Must Balance Values, Research and Responsibilities, he addresses those who say that science must be objective.
"But this argument fails because "pure" science is a fallacy to begin with. By the very act of choosing to investigate particular issues and ask certain questions, scientists impose values on their work. Findings are also open to interpretation, depending on the framework from which they are viewed."
David Brin tells a tale of intrigue that draws you in deep, and then explodes A New Meme.
"Let me suggest that until recently, five major memes have battled over the future of this planet. These combatting zeitgeists had little to do with those superficial, pompous slogan mills people have gotten all lathered about during this century -- communism, capitalism, Christianity, Islam. They are deeper, older themes which continue to set the tone for entire civilizations even today."
Douglas Valentine has been close to the King family, doing research for them, and here provides a good synopsis of Who Killed Martin Luther King.

Though sharing my first name, Tony Smith does not share my taste in hats. He does have a huge site dedicated to physics and in particular grand unified theories, as well as much else. Perusing Quantum Consciousness is impelling yet daunting; perhaps he keeps his extra brains under that hat.
"The Mind might be able to influence Fate by selecting which of the Many-Worlds in the AllSpaces it will experience in the Future."

A teacher and his class determined to put Nicola Tesla in his proper historical place, and we all can wonder why he has been Erased at the Smithsonian.
"Tesla died January 7, 1943, alone, and all but forgotten, in a New York hotel room, paid for by a meager stipend provided by a foreign government."
Who is The Greatest Hacker of All Time? My vote goes to me, but I shouldn't smoke.
"So, let me introduce you to him, and his greatest hack. I'll warn you right up front that it's mind numbing. By the way, everything I'm going to tell you is true and verifiable down at your local library. Don't worry -- we're not heading off into a Shirley MacLaine UFO-land story. Just some classy electrical engineering..."
Trying to be fair, I really did find some points of concern within the Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar's take on Marijuana Mental Disturbances. Most notably the increased risk of lung cancer with co-joint pot and tobacco use, which shows that truly serious research needs to go into alternate delivery methods for THC. The DSM-III (cosmic consciousness as a disease) criteria for cannabis intoxication are as follows: (my "cure": food, drink, and a Marx Bros. movie)
"At least one of the following physical symptoms within 2 hours of substance use:
1.conjunctival injection (?? red eyes ??)
2.increased appetite
3.dry mouth "

By way of explanation for my lack of verbose commentary the last few days, I have an infection in a tooth and feel odd, grumpy and am Grokking Pain.

In Search of the Ultimate High: The Spiritual Uses of Psychoactives is a book that Nicholas Saunders was still working on when he died, and is due to be released this spring (Random House, UK).
"1. The LSD consciousness includes everyday consciousness, yet the everyday consciousness does not include the LSD consciousness.
2. It may be impossible to prove the validity of the higher state using tools evolved in the lower, normal, state such as logic and language. This limitation of the normal state does not invalidate the higher state."
Although Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica: An Ethnographic Study found no difference between the exposed and non-exposed groups, drug cocktails are a whole new ballgame.
"The interaction of marijuana use and cocaine and alcohol, however, was responsible for significant amounts of the variance in neonate behaviors over the first month of life."
One of the best introductions to Space-Time: The Final Frontier is this, by Sten Odenwald.
"There is much that's spooky about the physical vacuum. This spookiness may be rooted more in the way our brains work than in some objective aspect of nature. Einstein stressed, "Space and time are not conditions in which we live, but modes in which we think."

A well writen review draws me in, serves an hors d'oeuvre of the offered entree, and leaves me temporarily sated; wishing for more. Gavin McNett's summary of The Biography of a Dangerous Idea is one to be relished before trundling to the neighborhood bookseller.

Minions by any other name, those of the ether-elite play by the same ethical standards as their material counterparts. Which means that most of those in the internet business, or the business of the internet, are The Cyberdamned.
"Richard Howard, a former employee, is dubious about the revolutionary character of social relations in the new economy: "We basically did drone work and had people breathing down our necks all the time. How revolutionary is that? The only difference is that a lot of supervisors had pierced ears and wore leather." "

Stop Making Sense: Fuck 'em and Their Law (... It's Only I and O but I Like It...)
"To put it another way: a rage against the machine by something non-machinic, by authentic Rock 'n' Roll (or Punk, for that matter), is bound to fail from the beginning. Because of the fact that it is reasonable, it is immediately incorporated by the reason-machine. A revolt thus has to be stupid, libidinal, childish, but, crucially, machinic. Thus, the "revolt of Evil against Good" is not merely a revolt of digital against analog but a battle, such as Derrida suggests, between the signifier-machine and the signified-machine, between the semiotic and the symbolic, the machine-that-acknowledges-being-a-machine and the machine-that-claims-to-be-natural."
all you need is love
A well presented compilation of quotations from leading physicists is manifest, within Quanta and Consciousness.
"Our central question concerning the relation of mind and matter on the quantum level might be framed like this: We ask whether the symmetries of color (and the other secondary properties) partly determine the QM action, and thus contribute to the evolution of the state vector of the mind/brain?"
Can Matter be Explained in Terms of Consciousness? E. R. Close poses the imponderable in one of many essays contained within Science and Consciousness.
"Surprisingly, there is one assumption, perhaps the most basic assumption of all in the current scientific paradigm, that is rarely ever articulated. This is because it seems to be so obviously true that most scientists see no need to include it explicitly in the written accounts of their work. This rarely-mentioned assumption is the assumption that physical reality is independent of consciousness."

Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D. shows that it isn't rocket science to bring ethics to bioscience, with this on-line book titled Bioethics is Love of Life: An Alternative texbook.
"In this book I am going to argue that "love of life" is the simplest and most all encompassing definition of bioethics, and it is universal among all peoples of the world."
all you need is love
Operation Clambake appears to be a center for The Fight Against Scientology.

I'm sure that The Register is old hat to many of you, but it's new(s) to me. Technology news of an independant nature or, as self-proclaimed: "Only The Register tells it like it is."

This short essay would almost be suitable to print out and give to anyone, especially those employed by the DEA. Psychedelic science is a concise roundup of the state of "things as they are', as well as a challenge:
"These medicines have been around too long, they are simply too powerful to be ignored forever. I challenge the pharmaceutical companies to begin research on these substances now!"
Can Consciousness be Approached Scientifically? is a query with many overtures. These are beautifully quantified at this very comprehensive site; be prepared to snuggle down and cranially expand.
"In the 20th Century ..,. (mankind's ) ...historically unique combination of loneliness and power is complex, thrilling and potentially lethal. "
(Sunday Times 7 Feb. '99)
Bruce MacLennan thinks that it can, and in The Elements of Consciousness he proposes a fundemental element of consciousness; the protophenomenon.
" `The hard problem' is hard because of the special epistemological status of consciousness, which does not, however, preclude its scientific investigation. Data from phenomenologically trained observers can be combined with neurological investigations to establish the relation between experience and neurodynamics."
Here is Colin Scarfe describing the interstellar medium: "There are the equivalent of 10 to the power of 28 bottles of the effective ingredient of whiskey at the centre of the galaxy." This and so many more citations are available at this compendium of quotes.
Walter Kotorynski's Fundamental Theorum of Calculus:
"The rest is trivial."


Thanks for joining me at this lovely new ad-free site, Dear Readers.

Aaron Lynch responds to criticisms of his Memetic Theories about Masturbation with hard evidence, but finds himself in a slippery situation.
"My memetic discussion of masturbation is likewise unifying, in that it proposes mechanisms that also explain a broad range of other old sex taboos."
Sally Lerner told us a decade ago about where the (un)employment scene was going, and must go if we are to be a sustainable society. In The Future of Work in North America; Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, Beyond Jobs we are led to a world in which education and employment have been repercieved.
"No democratic society is sustainable that refuses to face and deal with the basic needs of its citizens. Rapid technological change and the globalization of economic activity are re-structuring the North American economy, and with it the nature and future of work in the United States and Canada."
Bohm's Gnosis: The Implicate Order is Beatrix Murrell musing on David Bohm's insight into the quantum world.
"Bohm's overall vision of human destiny is short and straightforward: "The consciousness of mankind is one and not truly divisible." Each person has a responsibility to achieve this and nothing else. "There is no other way out. That is absolutely what has to be done and nothing else can work."
If you need to check a virus warning against a current list of hoaxes, Sophos provides a quick reference.

Quizzes and multiple choice, crosswords and coercive questionaires, Hot Potatoes is fabulous freeware that is useful for many impugnable needs; and hardly half-baked!
"The Hot Potatoes suite is a set of six authoring tools, created by the University of Victoria CALL Laboratory Research and Development team, which enable you to create interactive Web-based exercises of six basic types."

How often does reading an article actually change how you behave? You want to decide whether to take an umbrella? It may not be your best bet to listen to the weather forecast. Base-rate errors and weather forecasts provides the dry facts, and useful understanding for my wetware.

You may have heard about the possible application of nicotine in treating patients with Alzheimer's disease. No, do not take up smoking, tobacco that is, but rather visualize your future, a forehead nico-patch; "my name is...".

This incredible, dynamic macrosymbiosis that *I* am is beyond ken, though Randolph M. Nesse and George C. Williams do an admirable job of informing modern medicine with evolutionary theory in this Scientific American article.
"Our immune system can identify and destroy a million kinds of foreign matter, yet many bacteria can still kill us. These contradictions make it appear as if the body was designed by a team of superb engineers with occasional interventions by Rube Goldberg."
Lust is not a disease, but the compulsive pursuit of its fulfillment can be. All I can think of after reading things like this article by David Concar, is "...not a rat, I am not a rat...".
"In the brain, wanting and liking are handled by different chemical systems, and while these systems usually move in concert, it's not hard to push them in opposite directions."
I always wondered what the Russians (Soviets) were up to while the CIA was piddling around with psychedelics like LSD. Vladimir Muzhesky assays his information in From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials.
"On January 31st 1973, in one military unit, an experiment was made which, if it were as widely known as CIA psychotropic research on soldiers, could have had an even stronger public resonance: it probably violated more than a dozen human rights conventions. The complex which was tested was Radiodream. The objective of the experiment was to investigate the influence of modulated electromagnetic radiation on a human system."
"In the end, sets of spin generators were produced and the basic elements for a synthetic plane of immanence were created. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic mechanisms which fed this abstract enterprise were destroyed. The funding was terminated on the very verge of creating a general technology of social manipulation."
0.29% of visitors to abuddhas memes are from the U.S. Government...hmmm

Dr Lynn Margulis: Microbiological Collaboration of the Gaia Hypothesis
"Effectively, Lynn Margulis contended that symbiosis, not chance mutation, was the driving force behind evolution and that the cooperation between organisms and the environment are the chief agents of natural selection -- not competition among individuals."
So you have saved for the hardware, contemplated software needs and realize that intestinal fortitude just ain't the same at eighty, dude. You are now ready for the Mind Uploading Home Page, wherein directions for the journey from material to ether-real may be grokked.

A slightly dated but still vital essay by Daniel Dennet examines whether we really can claim the ultimate materialist's prize of de-mortalized consciousness. The Origins of Selves is a rambling and rambunctious read, really refreshing.
"You enter the brain through the eye, march up the optic nerve, round and round in the cortex, looking behind every neuron, and then, before you know it, you emerge into daylight on the spike of a motor nerve impulse, scratching your head and wondering where the self is. That is not the way to find the self, or to understand what a self is. (That's a bit like wandering around Manhattan looking for the Big Apple.)"
Aaron Sloman asks the not-rhetorical-at-all question What is it Like to be a Rock?, and from sunflowers to semantic traps this is a document of rare flair.
"Of course, many philosophers will be unmoved by all this. They will accuse me of being a crude empiricist, a verificationist, an out of date positivist, a science worshipper, a zombie in disguise, a zombie-promoter, a heathen, a liar (``feigning anaesthesia'', as one philosopher once put it), or worse."
Filling out this quartet of consciousness conundrums is an essay purporting that Consciousness is not HOT. I now have a headache.


Complexity, Problem Solving, and Sustainable Societies brings to attention that there is a point of diminishing returns; and reminds us that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.
"We have the the opportunity to become the first people in history to understand how a society's problem-solving abilities change. To know that this is possible yet not to act upon it would be a great failure of the practical application of ecological economics."
Stoicism has an ancient history, and is here presented with a sunny disposition and a friendly interface.
"The Stoa del Sol is a contemporary forum for essays that reflect some of the historical principles of Stoicism in relation to a New Cosmology and New Spiritual Paradigm prompted by modern science and systems theories."
Spy agencies listened in on Diana
"I just think of Echelon as a great vacuum cleaner in the sky which sucks everything up," said Mike Frost, a former Canadian intelligence officer. "We just get to look at the goodies."
"All the junk that's fit to debunk" is the motto of Junkscience.com, who do an admirable job of calling to task those who would research to decieve. All us coffee drinkers may be able to slurpilly enjoy today's debunking:
"The link between elevated levels of homocysteine and heart disease risk has been called into question by a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine."
Tao Site, www.tao.ca, presents the egalitarian web as it (c)should be.
"Tao Communications is a regional federation comprised of local autonomous collectives and individuals. We organize networks in order to defend and expand public space and the right to self-determination. We create knowledge through independent public interest research, and distribute it freely through participatory education."
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