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Blogmones (cybernetically transmitted psychosomatic pheremones) were positively pulling me where the ever-succulent Sassafrass pointed. To my delight Take It as Red exudes that rare combination of dedicated social conscience (odd word that: con-science ...hmm) with pragma-satire all rolled up in a cabbage leaf of enveloping savory-ness. Happily on the left.
"It seems to me that the pursuit of a lengthened life, let alone immortality, is a luxury we cannot afford given the strain we already put on the Earth's resources. (I don't mean medical treatment, I mean the extension of the natural human lifespan, by means of gene therapy for instance) That's without consideration of the continued ability to reproduce of those people with lengthened lives... to paraphrase a much-loved sofa-bound UK celebrity, Immortality my arse!."
Tracking The Ecological Overshoot Of The Human Economy


Brian Hayes' weblog, which I've entered at left as the one stop thought shop, epitomizes the kind of find that keeps me abuzz. Leafy green aside, this is a meaty endeavor of web-enriching marinated filet d'idee in a delicious gravy of brainwaves.
"My favorite haiku, written by a contact in Mill Valley:"

Ask not.
Take everything.
Even my poverty.

I'd lose my agony.
I'd lose it in love.The only creature this side of Hell
 That can get juice from a nut
 Without breaking the shell.

However good the microdot I never blotted up enough alternate percept-ability to know that the number 2 is red, or that ellipses are blue; much less the certainly of C# as half a tone above natural - neutral - neutonic. Towards a Synergistic Understanding of Synaesthesia
"What do first-person reports add to third-person experimental investigations of synaesthesia? Conversely, what do third-person investigations add to first-person subjective reports of synaesthetes?"
Reflexive Ethnographic Science

Since nationalism and xenophobia rely upon the objectification and normative idealization of one's own group in comparison to others, I believe it is a moral imperative that individuals be considered real; their minds unique.
"It's not clear how ethnography can recover its dignity."

Old hat for those of us in the know, I'm positive that the same well-worn and effective techniques used to sell soap are foaming exuberantly throughout the front-loading Bushwasher. Television's Reality Gap - Not content with controlling wartime news, the US turns propaganda into entertainment
"Sadly, it's no exaggeration to say that the Nazis, who so effectively used filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl to create influential propaganda in the 1930s, could have learned a thing or two from Donald Rumsfeld and Jerry Bruckheimer."
Taken from an historical point of view, One Global One is a fascinating diversion. Understood in historical context it is chillingly prescient.
"There's no safeguards, no remedies, " he said, "There's nowhere you can go to say that they've been snooping on your international communications. Its a totally lawless world."
Vladimir Muzhesky begins with a Synthetic Plane of Immanence, and concludes at ...the point when biotronic hiatus coincided with social death. From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials (excerpts)
"It would not be fair to say that cyberspace was out there first. It always was and forever will be a model which claimed new dimensions."
(non EU) Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, United States and (EU) participants Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom are the I 20 - in properly rhetorisized obfuscation: COMINT -2. What the infomatrix conformers are up to at the present time is left to imagination - or p'raps we could all Imagine.
"Lotus built in an NSA "help information" trapdoor to its Notes system, as the Swedish government discovered to its embarrassment in 1997. By then, the system was in daily use for confidential mail by Swedish MPs, 15,000 tax agency staff and 400,000 to 500,000 citizens."
"Although precise details of US space-based Sigint satellites launched after 1990 remain obscure, it is apparent from observation of the relevant ground centres that collection systems have expanded rather than contracted. The main stations are at Buckley Field, Denver, Colorado; Pine Gap, Australia; Menwith Hill, England; and Bad Aibling, Germany. The satellites and their processing facilities are exceptionally costly (of the order of $1 billion US each)."
An utterly mind-focusing string of grokness from Visible Darkness: enchanting logic.
"As I see it now, it seems that Psychology is the land of "who," Philosophy is the land of "what," Science is the land of "where," Literature is the land of "when," Theology is the land of "why," and Rhetoric is the land of "how." Explanation and understanding both seem contingent on how narratives work."

Gory nase, gory,
pozlociste skaly,
gdy sie w was zapatrze,
to widze swiat caly.


William James may have been one of the first, along with Samuel Clemens, to be intuitively in tune with the memetic muse. Great Men, Great Thoughts, and the Environment - Lecture delivered before the Harvard Natural History Society. Published in the Atlantic Monthly, October, 1880
"A remarkable parallel, which I think has never been noticed, obtains between the facts of social evolution on the one hand, and of zoölogical evolution as expounded by Mr. Darwin on the other.

Thus social evolution is a resultant of the interaction of two wholly distinct factors, - the individual, deriving his peculiar gifts from the play of physiological and infra-social forces, but bearing all the power of initiative and origination in his hands; and, second, the social environment, with its power of adopting or rejecting both him and his gifts. Both factors are essential to change. The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community."
Scooting ahead some seventy-eight years, André Siegfried penned a prophetic paper. Germs and Ideas outlines many of the since fleshed-out basics of the science? of memetics, and also suggests some defences.
"We have made use of the same vocabulary to speak of the spread of diseases and of ideas and propaganda: virus, germ, source; carrier, soil, surroundings; contact, contagion, infection, contamination, endemic, epidemic, pandemic; prevention, inoculation, sterilization, immunization, vaccination, quarantine. Surely we have more than a superficial coincidence here: both in the domain of biology and in the world of ideas, certain reactions are shown which are common to all living beings."
Current research suggests we are a profoundly behavioral ape. Cultural Transmission and the Capacity to Approve or Disapprove of Offspring's Behaviour
"The approval or disapproval of offspring's behaviour is a new mode of cultural transmission that increases the accuracy of the process of meme imitation, or in Blackmore's (1999) words, the process of 'copy-the-product'. Thus, cultural transmission becomes a system of inheritance and cumulative cultural transmission become possible."
It would behoove any with more than a passing interest in viruses of the mind to pay vital attention to Susan Blackmore's trans-infectious, septic, eruditions. Imitation and the definition of a meme does for our understanding of our condition what Catholicism did for perdition. Oh, hell, I'll fall into the pit for that analogy!
"My argument has been that the definition of the meme depends on, and should depend on, the concept of imitation. Therefore, only those things that can be passed on by imitation should count as memes.

This means we can immediately exclude many things that a few authors have confusingly included as memes, such as perceptions, emotional states, cognitive maps, experiences in general, or "anything that can be the subject of an instant of experience". Furthermore we can build on the long history of research in animal behaviour to distinguish imitation from contagion, and from individual and social learning, and so to eliminate from memetics the catching of yawns or all the many things we each learn for ourselves, by ourselves."
The memetics community is coming of age

Questions of U.S. Hostility Towards Canada: A Cognitive History of Blind-Eye Perception is Floyd Rudmin's study of the history of war-planning against Canada by the American military.
"The rapid assault division garrisoned at Fort Drum specializes in urban warfare, winter combat, and surprise attacks. Finally, a comparison of Canada's Diplomatic Corps directory with espionage data bases shows that hundreds of U.S. intelligence agents have been posted to Canada under diplomatic cover between 1945 and 1994."
Dedicated to the memory of Gregory Bateson - who saw the pattern that connects the world situation to our own way of seeing it. When the Dream Becomes Real - The Inner Apocalypse in Mythology, Madness and the Future
"Are we, as a culture, confusing the dream with reality? This question has life-or-death implications. If my hypothesis is correct, i.e. if nature may be preparing to do collectively for Humankind what she does for the alienated individual, then there may come a time - whether we like it or not - when the only Apocalypse that is inevitable may be one we have to go through within ourselves.

The word Apocalypse is interesting. Its vulgar meaning is misconstrued from the final book of the Bible, Revelations, which Saint John the Divine wrote after obtaining a vision whilst imprisoned in a cave on the Grecian isle of Patmos. The Saint describes an end of time, a resurrection of the souls of the dead, a divine last judgement, followed by a grand entry of the souls of the blessed into Paradise. Need we say more? R.D. Laing points out that if you scrutinise the text, you will not find a single indication that he was talking about an external phenomenon! The word itself, in Greek, simply means "revelation," or more precisely, the uncovering of something that was hidden."
A New Garden of Eden
"A garden at the old WTC would provide a unique opportunity for mourners, tourists and city residents -- some of whom who might never have cultivated a garden -- to roll up their sleeves and get to work, pulling up weeds, planting seeds, doing anything that might need to be done. There would be no contemplation, nor separation from the land: just collective action towards a common goal. Not only would such a garden be good for the bodies and spirits of the people who visit and/or work it, but it would also be good for the ecology of Manhattan. The birds would return and sing once again."
Considering G8 is at hand it is time to get the latest on 'The High Priests of Globalisation' - a Bilderbergian feast of truly gluttonous proportions, prepared by webchef Wll Hutton.
"Staff have told reporters at the gate that the much talked about attack on Iraq must go ahead but will probably be delayed until Autumn 2003. To try to persuade other western leaders to join in an attack on Iraq Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of State for defence will be attending the Bilderberg conference tomorrow (Saturday). He will almost certainly be giving a presentation to the 120 or so power-brokers in attendance. Rumsfeld's deputy Secretary of Defence Kenneth Dam has already been spotted in the hotel, he's attending all four days of the conference."
Cosmic Ancestry
Life comes from space because life comes from life.
"I always thought the most significant thing we found on the whole goddamn Moon was that little bacteria who came back and lived and nobody ever said shit about it."
Pete Conrad

The cyanescent complex

Pondering the Pachyderm - The Elephant (its toes) and Its Ivory in African Culture is a prime example of the kind of frabjous content that is the bee's knees of the cyber-cognisphere.
"The image and material of the elephant speak of abundance, wisdom, and authority."
Ratha, by way of a click or two, brought me to identitytheory's Robert Birnbaum interview with Tony Earley; ...currently at work on another novel.
"I'm actually drawn to those wild-eyed kids that I can tell want desperately to be writers because I can see that's what I looked like when I walked into a creative writing class. ... I'm genetically predisposed to like Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs."
Winging it on a high plane, Anthony Giddens administers fine anti-venom in a lecture that identifies the three big changes simply running through most of our lives, for most people, living across the face of the world. Globalisation, scientific innovation and technological change coupled with custom and tradition in retreat, all point toward a need for Third Way politics. I like the feeling that the words "fuzzy sovereignty" give as they memetically worm their way into the rot of (inner)nationalism.
"Whatever happens in the near future, just as market philosophies of a crude kind really dominated the last 20 or so years, the debate around Third Way politics, the debate around civil society, the debate around third sector and voluntary groups will be the centre point of political debate, discussions and political structures for the next 20 years."
As I write at 10pm pst the sun is streaming in my NW facing window with an intensity reserverved for those of us "north of 60". The wind from the Pacific High (hey, we're highly pacific here) is blowing the crispness that is our already dry forest into new realms of inflammability. Despite that endemic fear we are having a summer of dreams.

Yukon Territory is a massive, irregular slice that lies between Alaska to the west and the Northwest Territory to the east. The area in which I am blessed to live is very close to the confluence of B.C., Alaska and Yukon - about 150km from Skagway, 60km from Whitehorse, and some thankful 5,000km from Washington D.C.

Our climate is perfect for the cultivation of hemp. Our laws and agricultural lease policies do not discourage this. Any of you, Dear Readers, with interest in an investment of effort or money toward developing alternate energy, self-sustaining sane community would do well to look north; way north.

Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism: 2002 Edition
"I would like to dedicate this work to Dr. Douglas J. Futuyma. Despite having a triple job as professor, textbook writer, and editor of the scientific journal Evolution, Dr. Futuyma took the time to write a fine book on evolution vs. creationism for the general public - Science on Trial, now in its second edition. Dr. Futuyma certainly deserves recognition for his valiant efforts in the defense and advancement of science."

To qualify is to place condition on the whole. Disease is qualification of a whole dis-ease. A qualified person performing a diagnosis is a human being placing condition on dis-ease. DSM, Kirk and Kutchins, and R. D. Laing: Classification and the Treatment of the Patient
"We have to decide whether to use old terms in a new way, or abandon them to the dustbin of history. There is no such "condition" as "schizophrenia," but the label is a social fact and the social fact a political event."
Our natural be-ing, extrapolating from observations of primates and other high(er) mammals, is one of ease. We exist in a profoundly dis-eased state for the most part, yet not by personal choice. ". . .if one thinks about what is the case and what is not the case seriously, intensely, and long enough, one seems either to drive oneself insane or to come to the conclusion that almost everyone else is or that we all are. . ." (R.D. Laing).

Arthur Witherall, who asks The Fundamental Question, dre-constructs The Zero Ontology - David Pearce on Why Anything Exists. David Pearce has described a proposal which outlines an explanation space within which the question "Why is there something instead of nothing?" can be given a legitimate answer.
"The Zero ontology gratuitously helps itself to both totalities, both absolute nothingness and substantial somethingness. But then, either one on its own is just as gratuitous as both together. Neither seems to explain the other unless they are both taken to be aspects of some third thing. Pearce suggests, without a hint of Hegel, that this "third thing" is what we have previously called the number 0."
The Conflict Helix: Principles and Practices of Interpersonal, Social, and International Conflict and Cooperation is part of a huge body of work by R.J. Rummel.
"I see a middle way between the methods of philosophical anthropology and humanistic naturalism, without losing their humanism. This middle way lies in the center, so to speak, of the cultural-philosophic perspectives of Westerners, Indians, and Chinese. And I see this way as a perspective on humanity as the center of an intentional field, oriented toward a future we are free to create. I have been calling this way intentional humanism. "
Engineering A Visionary Race - entheogenetics & the future of mind
"However, the time is coming when we can integrate the light-filled DNA sequences from the vision plants into our own bodies."
The experience itself is sometimes characterized as 'the void'.


A couple of years ago I discovered An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control, An Omega Foundation Summary & Options Report For The European Parliament, which at that point was already two years fresh. The paper is doubly frightening to read now, as the fascist drums (dum-dum's) are rapping their rotten rhythm.
"This report has sought to highlight some of the areas which are leading to the most undesirable social and political consequences."
I spilled spot remover on my dog. He's gone now.

Technologies of Universal Surveillance & Control was a more recent presentation by Steve Wright, author of the above document (not the silly jokes, silly).
"The US Pentagon 2020 plan examines the need for information warfare to be coupled with new types of sub-lethal weapons to protect the status quo and to intervene in future conflicts in a media acceptable way. Future technologies of political control are designed to be ubiquitous but invisible and their targets already include environmental activists, NGO's and WTO opponents."
Steve Wright is also a panelist for The 4th U.K. Big Brother Awards, which were established in 1998 as a means of recognising both the villains and the heroes of privacy.
"We have been almost overwhelmed this year by a flood of new entries, many of which involve technologies and techniques that are beyond the control of law, and outside the comprehension of policy makers."
Simon Davies, Privacy International's Director
Combine the above military - industrial voyeur complex with The Training-Wheel President and one gets a pol-illegitimate psychopomp with a black eye.
"Bush has rarely been treated like a national leader who should be held to account for mistakes and misdeeds. It's as if major news outlets are set on treating Bush like a toddler wobbling off on a two-wheel bike kept aright by training wheels, with an adult hand at his back and only upbeat words of encouragement in his ears."

Our timetable for success as a species is incredibly tight. Even putting aside such threats as cosmic or tec(h)tonic mass extinction events (due to their statistical improbability), the developing explosion of engineered biology with utterly uncertain consequences, combined with the intertwined potential menaces of nanobots and transhuman artificial intelligence put us Fermi-ly on the edge.

By focusing on the Mediated truths, we remain somatically enraptured by the present(able) unfolding spectacle; diddling while our Home burns.

Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development is a short analysis by Nick Bostrom - boldness mine.
"With very advanced technology, a very large population of people living happy lives could be sustained in the accessible region of the universe. Every year that development of such technologies and colonization of the universe is delayed, there is therefore an opportunity cost in terms of a potential good (lives worth living) that is not being realized. Given some natural assumptions, this cost is extremely large. However, the lesson for utilitarians is not that we ought to maximize the pace of technological development, but rather that we ought to maximize its safety, i.e. the probability that colonization will eventually occur."
Fresh from watching civilian Europeans with regular satellite dishes watching military spy drones watching the Balkans (I was watching the news on my antenna-based, two channel set), I set to wondering about the use of these devices for domestic surveillance. Space contractors look to homeland security
"As the military makes use of commercial satellite imaging for intelligence gathering abroad, defense contractors like Boeing and Raytheon are creating homeland-defense programs with an eye to providing space-based support to Tom Ridge's Office of Homeland Security. With the overlapping boundaries between governmental and corporate interests comes concern over the potential for trampling of privacy and civil liberties statutes."
Enjoy your morning coffee and entheogen of choice, then attend mass at Celia Green Cathedral. The Human Evasion details sanity.
"Few books, long or short, are great ones; this book is short and among those few. One day, perhaps, it will become part of holy writ: a gospel according to Celia Green. Which kind of 'insane' statement belongs to the book's own kind of truth."
R.H. Ward
A project of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, spaceshipEarth, presentation v1.0 is ready to help compile our Gaian code.
"This site is designed to appeal to a broad audience, including students, educators, researchers, and people working to create positive change in their communities and around the globe."
The great synthesis, already intuited by Roger Penrose is the precise connection between consciousness and the gravitational field.


A master-work that bears reprising is Daniel Pouzzner's The Architecture of Modern Political Power. As George Orwell so baldly mooted: ``We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.''
"The discernment of conspiracies is evidently an important component of power structure research and analysis. However, in exposing the real conspiracies of the establishment, the world is not revealed to be simpler, but in fact, more complex. The benefit is wisdom, not its obviation. Traditionally, conspiracy theorists are cranks who promise to reduce the complexities of the world to a few doctrinal tenets. I have no patience with this brand of corrosive populist pseudointellectualism.

The vagaries of individuals prominent in the establishment have broad effects that echo through history, and scrutiny of these individuals is a necessary part of any thoroughgoing examination of history. This is simple prosopographia."
Again I ask - what medications are George and Donald et al. taking, and what are the ramifications for their decision-making ability? We found ourselves able to minutely dissemble Clinton's sexual proclivities yet we are unable to accurately assess the current leadership's psychography. Pee in the bottle Dubya....don't forget the makeup on your nose.

The Past is a Form of Dismemberment is but one of an amazing collection: Everyone's a Fucking Poet!
"When I go to sleep at night my mind
hides parts of my body
in different rooms of the house
so I wake up in the morning
wondering where I am
and how to go about finding myself
Sometimes I decide to do without
an arm or a spine and once
I just left my head
hidden in a box of old letters
on the top shelf
of the bedroom closet
because I never look there"
In case the above romp through a garden of flow-ering poemsies has not granted your personal portion of whirrled peas, Keith Augustine ponders Death and the Meaning of Life
"These considerations show that we must create our own meaning for our lives regardless of whether or not our lives serve some higher purpose."
Fully grokking that meaning is wrapped within the pointed pleasures of process, we are untranced into examination of some Aspects of Shamanism.
"The inter-disciplinary parallels I've drawn here are obviously just the tip of the iceberg. For those committed to the rigorous slicing-up of life for the purposes of a professional career in gaining and dispensing knowledge, the weight of these parallels are a cumbersome burden; hence they are rarely even picked up."
The shaman's path is unending. I am an old, old man and still a nunutsi [baby] standing before the mystery of the world.

The weaponized forces are well aware that the pace of change is accelerating. We, the mass of dis-armed and compulsively overwashed consumers, must wake up. Emerging Technologies and Exponential Change: Implications for Army Transformation
"Revolutionary technological change on an exponentially growing scale is already here and mandates that the Army institute a continuous transformation process that includes all areas of doctrine, training, leadership, organization, and technology. The continuing wave of technological change is different from even the information technology revolution of the 1990s in two ways. First, it is a vastly more profound transformation due to the synergy of three emerging technologies: bio-engineering, nano-engineering, and robotics and artificial intelligence. Second, it is a revolution that will occur at a speed never seen before."
William H. Calvin, a man of copious chapeaux and author of A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change, dons a weblogish approach with Left-over Ideas; including: "An op-ed piece about Stephen Jay Gould that I am trying to find a home for (Slate didn't even bother replying): The evolution hat".
"Both of my main interests in evolution - the evolution of the big brain in only several million years, and the use of the Darwinian process in the brain to improve the quality of the next sentence you speak - involve the search for speedy ways of evolving things. I tuned right into what Steve was saying."

As can be seen by my last rather deeply disturbed attempt at communicating hope and disgust, blogging at 4am after a night of inter-transpersonal doings is just not a good idea. To top the night off, after my wonder-neighbors gave me a ride home the dogs decided to follow them home - aw, man, a two kilometer walk in the wee hours (hunting grizzes prime-time) to go fetch them. Bad dogs!, go home!! Anyway, I'll try not to infest your time with such blather (though honestly grokked at my time, eh) in the future.

One effect of 11/9 has been to rip attention from the big-picture issues and cause us to focus on the latest from hither, thither and yon. Looking to what may be ahead, beyond this current event(s) horizon, are those singular minds* diligent and fortunate enough to not only be visionary, but also able to communicate their insights to any who care to pay attention. One such person is Eliezer S. Yudkowsky whose dedication to an extraordinary field is, ahem, singular. Singularity Analysis - A Series of Educated Guesses
"Curiously, the first assumption of an immediate jump from human-level AI to superhuman intelligence seems not to be a major hurdle for most people to whom Vinge has presented this idea. Far more people doubt that human level AI can be achieved. My own response reverses this: I have no doubt that human level AI (or computer networked intelligence) will be achieved at some point. But to move from this immediately to drastically superintelligent thinkers seems to me doubtful."
Max More

"But. Max More, as I said, could be right.
But. Max More, as I said, could be wrong."
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
Nick Bostrom is a philosopher of crystaline clarity whose light will enliven; perchance to lengthen. Existential Risks - Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related Hazards
"In view of its undeniable importance, it is surprising how little systematic work has been done in this area. Part of the explanation may be that many of the gravest risks stem (as we shall see) from anticipated future technologies that we have only recently begun to understand. Another part of the explanation may be the unavoidably interdisciplinary and speculative nature of the subject. And in part the neglect may also be attributable to an aversion against thinking seriously about a depressing topic. The point, however, is not to wallow in gloom and doom but simply to take a sober look at what could go wrong so we can create responsible strategies for improving our chances of survival. In order to do that, we need to know where to focus our efforts."
Ben Goertzel manages to bring humanity to the transhuman as he accelerates with the natural gravity of our cogniverse. Liberating Minds from Brains
"Of all the future tech topics I've ever encountered, none leads to deeper philosophical dilemmas than uploading. Dilemmas related to cloning, AI and such fade into insignificance by comparison. The seemingly simple question "Is my upload me or not?" has enough different shades to fill an art gallery."
Tony Smith, in exploring Bohm's Quantum Potential, demonstrates that understanding may be all wrapped up.
"The 27-Complex-dimenisonal space has 3 Octonionic 8-dimensional subspaces, corresponding to:

first generation fermion particles,
their antiparticles, and
physical spacetime plus internal symmetry space

The remaining 3 dimensions are the E7 MacroSpace Embedding Dimensions in which the 24-dimensional subspaces are embedded in the full 27-dimensional space."
Linfinity has three generators ... for each Leech root ...

Barton Kunstler also belongs within the ethereal realm of those that dare to look. With Beyond the Illusion of Human Rights he expands on the definitive work of Illich, diminishes the spurious work of the elite, and offers sight to the cateract-blind minions of the status-zeitgeist-quo.
"Paradoxically, both self and rights perhaps become ultimate objectiles, objects of our attention that define the conditions of our attention."
June 4th/2 ... already??

I am at a loss for projective ability: we exist at a place we dare not be, yet partake in virtual orgies and ever so real immolation.

Do I think while consuming? Do I cognitively regugitate the implications of my various forms of gluttony? Do I recognize that every aspect of my consumation (sic) is just that - fucking Gaia, eh, um.

So, as summer orgasmically blesses our northern hemerection, we tend to circuses of distraction, obligation and reception. Yeah, between the football kicker, the hockey check, the hoop of balls that may be coital, marital or sportive, the hormones that explicate all of those natures dictate our behavior just as surely as if ordinately so.

Do I think while watching? Do I invert the teleprojection so that my litt'uns get my point instead of "theirs"?

So, as standing for truth, justice and the AmeriCanadian Way, do we expend requisite energy toward real protection of our individual and thus relevant freedoms? With insight that this is indeed personal?

Toward a general theory of pathological science, by Nicholas J. Turro, is a weighty yet light look at how science works. An essential backgrounder for the interested lay person, this should be required reading for all would-be reality teasers.
"The red flag of pathology should thus appear any time a researcher offers resistance to the challenge of reproducibility, claiming that only a certain special system (or even certain investigators) can generate the anomalous result."
Zen Stories to Tell Your Children
"There is a curious relationship between a missile, a missive, and a mission"

When the spiritual teacher and his disciples began their evening meditation, the cat who lived in the monastery made such noise that it distracted them. So the teacher ordered that the cat be tied up during the evening practice. Years later, when the teacher died, the cat continued to be tied up during the meditation session. And when the cat eventually died, another cat was brought to the monastery and tied up. Centuries later, learned descendants of the spiritual teacher wrote scholarly treatises about the religious significance of tying up a cat for meditation practice.
Reprise - The Science of Hockey
"How do you hit a puck 100 miles per hour?"