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On the Nature of Consciousness: a Scientific Hypothesis by Wim Rietdijk, D.Sci. argues that consciousness is inherent, fundamental, integrated, non-local, and intentional.
"Wouldn't it be strange if the world were coherent up to magnificence, but too "vacuous" - unconscious - to realize it and to have wanted it so?"
Anna Cooper writes an insightful review of Christopher Dewdney's Last Flesh: Life in the Transhuman Era. I agree with her that transhumanism and the movement toward a transhuman era must be clearly distinguished; a process is not an ism.
"My biggest problem with this work is that it fails to make a clear distinction between the transhuman era and transhumanism; the former seems to refer to a stage of being whereas the latter insinuates a philosophical paradigm."
Bruce G Charlton MD suggests that we live in an age of endemic psychopathology, one reason being the mismatch between stone age brains and silicon age culture. Psychopharmacology and the human condition.
"Contemporary human life is very different from the ecological and social environment in which humans evolved, and which shaped human psychological architecture."
We inhabit a culture based on growth, and judge each other based on fitness within that paradigm. Psycho-technology: Its Present & Future points toward behavioristic ways of dealing with the stress of it all. A neurochemical approach may be made by various means, as outlined by The Good Drug Guide"
"...modafinil is a memory-enhancing and mood-brightening psychostimulant. It enhances wakefulness and vigilance, but its pharmacological profile is notably different from the amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin) or cocaine. It is less likely to cause jitteriness, anxiety, or excess locomotor activity - or lead to a hypersomnolent 'rebound effect' - than traditional stimulants."
we are the world
eat our world

A modern hero passed away recently; ostensibly another victim of the war on some drugs. Cannabis News gives us a brief on The Life and Death of Peter McWilliams.
"On June 11, there was a fire in his home, which destroyed the letters to the judge that he had acquired and the computer containing the book he was writing on his ordeal. Three days later, he died, apparently as a result of his inability to keep his medication down."
Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do

The Frame of illumination is a fun diversion through layers of intrigue - in an alternate universe?
"This site was inspired by Robert Anton Wilson's book "Everything Is Under Control"."
Giving us dope (despair and hope) for thought, Metamute quizzilates. Born in the USA: Bruce Sterling in conversation with Martin Conrads and Ulrich Gutmair
"They are huge, those energy utilities — bigger than continents. They are the biggest machines the human race has ever built and they are literally on at the present: they're in every home, every industry, every airport, every nation."
"When the voices of children are heard on the green And laughing is heard on the hill, My heart is at rest within my breast And everything else is still."
slightly post solstice, definitely pre-singularity

Have you thought about the Birth of a Thinking Machine? This is a rather spurious article by the LATimes that touches on aspects of technological development that could well have longitudinal effects that we are only approaching attitudinally. Now, where is that stock report...?
"But it's a safe bet that nobody has imagined artificial intelligence the way it is taking shape inside a low-slung brown brick building hidden deep within a leafy research park north of town."
Birth is always a rather forced affair, but raising funds for pure research can often approach warped. Here we are, at the cusp of humanity's as(de)cendance into an utterly unknown, perhaps unknowable domain and all we're jabberin' about is the spin.

Truth doesn't rotate no matter how it feels. STARLAB's Artificial Brain Project
"Building an artificial brain with up to a billion neurons by 2001 has always been the goal of the CAM-Brain project since it was started in 1993."
hey yknow, a bit 'o future makes de passe passe
"In 2012, marijuana will finally be legalized in the United States for general consumption. When asked why it took so long, the President Dr. Dre will state, "We be down wit da chronic... you know what I'm saying? Uh... what was da question?."

Francisco Varela entered the eternal always last month, and with a little help from his friends has given us a parting gift - The Specious Present : A Neurophenomenology of Time Consciousness.
"To gather all the threads that have been developed here, and to echo the tradition started by Husserl himself, I would like to propose a new figure of time, the fourfold structure of nowness."
Conceptual dis-harmonics are something one cannot study on (and may not even bear on) non-verbal animals. These double-binds, whether memetically, physiologically or otherwise imposed take what could be a human-optimum ability to integrate, and foster instead an increasingly disintegrative pattern. Our canaries have died, but we're still digging. Providing primate precis, MIT researchers hone in on how the brain handles abstract thought.
"People with impaired prefrontal cortex function often cannot manage the day-to-day responsibilities of work or relationships. While it is necessary to hold items in short-term memory to carry out these tasks, "you also have to exhibit general principles of behavior to keep on task," Miller said. Otherwise, you are totally stimulus-bound -- if you see something, you act on it automatically whether or not it helps you achieve your goal."
Here are the images that got a respected employee fired by a government intent on sacrificing caribou for capital. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Caribou Maps

'bou love

Combine oily intent and nefarious ability, and we get Big Brother Capabilities in an Online World - State Surveillance Schemes.
"Such practices can be rationalised as protecting the free institutions of the State. As governments become less popular, they will be tempted to increase their surveillance to suppress the opposition."

Sri K. of evacuate and flush had me button-push into a wonderful welter of words that really push my button. The End of Ordinary Money - Part I is critical reading which reads vitally - and with a fabulous lead sentence!
"Late one night while sharing a pharmacological product with a spook I met in the northeastern part of the United States, I mentioned I was studying cryptology."
In a telling refutation of transparency, and an urgent call to redouble vigilance, here is Time in the Shadows of Anonymity: Fighting Against Surveillance Cameras, Transparency, and Global Capitalism. Brought to you by the good folks of the Surveillance Camera Players.
"To advance a theory of transparency, one must, unfortunately, first clear the air of the stench of the widely and well-reviewed piece of shit entitled The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom? (New York: Addison-Wesley 1998), which was written by David Brin, a science-fiction novelist and staunch defender of capitalism and the State."
Who wiz The Greatest Hacker of All Time?
"So, let me introduce you to him, and his greatest hack. I'll warn you right up front that it's mind numbing. By the way, everything I'm going to tell you is true and verifiable down at your local library. Don't worry -- we're not heading off into a Shirley MacLaine UFO-land story. Just some classy electrical engineering..."

Unknown News inevitably leads me to the important headline, in this case highly apt as CBC's consumer program Marketplace is dissing the new NSAID Celebrex, used as an arthritis treatment, as I write. Ten deaths in Canada due to gastro-intestinal damage. Zero fatalities due to cannabinoids. No wonder we have a healthcare system in crisis. Hashish found to be good for joints
"A doctoral student at the Hebrew University's School of Pharmacy in Jerusalem has discovered that a substance taken from the hallucinatory drug can be effective as an anti-inflammatory drug for rheumatoid arthritis."
Humility is the manna of the wise. Jactitation, the means of the bourgeois. Mutually exclusive, these dischordant notes are being played on Radio USA - all dichotomy, all the time; impossible to turn off. American Prospect - Humble Pie
"As Bush dusts off the Reagan cowboy hat, there's a growing consensus among even our historical allies that America's leadership role is neither inevitable nor advisable."
Utility Fog: The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of ...all you need is fog, la, la, la, la, la; all you need is fog...fog; fog is all you need.
"Each Foglet has twelve arms, arranged as the faces of a dodecahedron. The central body of the foglet is roughly spherical, 10 microns in diameter. The arms are 5 microns in diameter and 50 microns long. A convex hull of the foglet approximates a 100-micron sphere. Each Foglet will weigh about 20 micrograms and contain about 5 quadrillion atoms. Its mechanical motions will have a precision of about a micron."
Foresight Institute

The litany of work not done due to military misappropriation of taxpayer funds is vast, ranging from not rebuilding obsolete city water mains to the repair of unsafe bridges (not!). From Private to State Capitalism: How the Permanent War Economy Transformed the Institutions of American Capitalism
"In the name of defence, one of the world's largest industrial management organizations was established in the Department of Defense after 1960. Its functioning transformed the U.S. economy from primarily private business to state capitalism. Following the rules of business management, the new state management acted to enlarge its decision power. Its burgeoning staff employed several hundred thousand people in various aspects of "acquisition." Even after 1991, they continued to control the internal affairs of about 30,000 "prime contractor" establishments."
Cloying yet occasionally funny, Life and Death Magazine - The Society for the Elimination of All Truth attempts deconstruction of all we hold fashionable, dear.
(a square roots of style)

e = hdp

where e = eccentricity
h = harmlessness
d = deviation from sum total
of values of society
p = a constant = 2.35674
Also h = 1/c
where c = consciousness"

Each decision made, excruciating in it's finalitude, final in it's exactitude, and exact in it's attitude, creates a universe. There is no seperateness, only division. What might'ves, do (did(n't)), what could'ves, are(n't), what should'ves will(won't), what you are, is always yes/no. Many-Worlds - frequently asked quanswers
"Thus many-worlds is the only local quantum theory in accord with the standard predictions of QM and, so far, with experiment(al proof)."

1)That the wavefunction does not merely encode the all the information about an object, but has an observer-independent objective existence and actually is the object. For a non-relativistic N-particle system the wavefunction is a complex-valued field in a 3-N dimensional space.

2)The wavefunction obeys the empirically derived standard linear deterministic wave equations at all times. The observer plays no special role in the theory and, consequently, there is no collapse of the wavefunction.
Y'see, us Yukoners are probably the most balanced Gaians going...not only do we live in a primeval wilderness demanding both physical prowess and mental uber-attention, but we are now, not how; yen not then. Oh yeah,.; who needs a degree to be smart? Pristine Yukon Meteorite A Rare Find
"It was a textbook case of how it should be done," said Dr. Richard Herd of the Canadian geological survey. "And we had a local person who was aware and collected the samples correctly."

Freeman Dyson reveals a vast vision in this classic 1978 interview by Omni. Imagine...
"...the amusing thing is that it really doesn't matter whether we succeed or not, because there are hundreds of other little groups like us around the world. One or another is going to come up with the right idea, and it's no tragedy if ours fails."
The power of ten is explicated in fun-dimensional fashion by Bruce Bryson, as he recognizes that it is, after all, A Matter of Scale - Quarks to Quasars.
"Take a journey from the inside of a proton to the farthest reaches of the universe."
Undernews brings us the latest in the monumental problems that may (de)face Washington; as well as the usual bevy of prorev(.com??) goodness. I'd been wondering how the Swiss approach was going...
"The Swiss in 1997 reported on a three-year experiment in which they had prescribed heroin to 1,146 addicts in 18 locations. They found: "Individual health and social circumstances improved drastically . . . The improvements in physical health which occurred during treatment with heroin proved to be stable over the course of one and a half years and in some cases continued to increase . . . In the psychiatric area, depressive states in particular continued to regress, as well as anxiety states and delusional disorders . . . The mortality of untreated patients is markedly higher." They also reported dramatic improvements in the social stability of the addicts, including a steep fall in crime."
A wrinkle that could gratefully adorno anyone's conceptual outfit, is FAIR's Media Activist Kit.
"Inside this kit you will find "how-to" guides for identifying, documenting and challenging inaccurate or unfair news coverage, along with information about how to promote independent media."
The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press

Anna Morrow comes away with a degree of hope from the 3rd Annual Bridging the Gap conference. The Next Anti-War Movement
"Isolation is a toxic by-product of the war on drugs. How obvious it seems to me that to remove the stigma associated with drug use is to free those struggling with addiction to seek treatment and support."
Bushwacker is an indefatigable source of juiciness, and led me to this update of things ECHALONinc. US expands Echelon spying in UK
"The UK government had hoped the move would go unnoticed."
Fred Lapides, polimaestro of Bushwacker, also had me wondering whether building more prisons, concomitant with a falling violent crime rate, forbodes strange penal deals? U.S. reports steepest annual violent crime drop
"Incidents of violent crime plummeted nearly 15 percent in 2000, the steepest one-year drop since the federal government began keeping track in 1973, the Justice Department said today."
I know that I'm going to keep my eyes better peeled for the wonders available in my neck of the north. Botanical Forest Products - Wild Edible Mushrooms in B.C.
"Morels, the mushrooms of Morchella species, can grow on sites for up to three years after forest fires."

Do not pass wind, do not collect a breakfast bagel, forsake thy loved and other ones, and proceed at once to Scientific American - July 2001.

yes, you will

Why do we have to continuously revisit cognitive dichotomies that could have been laid to rest at the dawn of our wider consciousness? Spin, as an intentional pointed retelling of construed attention, is a product. Bought, sold and repackaged for mass consumption within a world of desired reality that is utterly divorced from the actual, we have no way of knowing who to believe.

I believe that our culture, our life-force that is so energetically displayed with each social contact, is far stronger than any possible disharmonious influence by those of controlling demeanor. We know with our entire being that to share is divine and that to care without care sublime. Our distance from this primeval grokness is dictated by those who would distinguish; spin!


Death is not the end, nor individual life the beginning. Grand ideologies are a plague of unimagined proportion, whether of the most benign internal nature or of the grandest transpersonal magnitude. There is a limited prognosis for all of Gaiahood, much less for any particular interpretation of it. We are in the midst of a mass-delutional misunderstanding due to the efforts of those who would maintain "order"; and fashion the spin.

Well, how d'ya like the party so far? Can There Be A Psychological Relativity Theory?
"Each person is an individual whose psychology is irreducible to any single conceptual scheme."
Beyond the fracas, above the psychosphere, rolling smoothly through gratuitously fresh grokness, is Psychogenesis - Chaosophy - "Ars longa, vita brevis" Wanna get married? 1.) the quest; 2.) the awakening of love; 3.) the attainment of Knowledge; 4.) detachment; 5.) unification or blending; 6.) annihilation; and 7.) divine consummation.


Does Bush Consider Caribou On-line Porn? - Why I Was Fired From the Geological Survey
"I was completely unaware that there was anything wrong with publishing ANWR maps."

I can't imagine containing the intelligence of Tony Smith. Presenting treatises of incandescent complexity that, seen through scanning eyes lightly, offer retrospectively obvious insights.

On the other hand it could take a lifetime to grok what is his lifetime's proclivity, and since I've got me own proclivities to persue, p'raps a smidgen of economics will do. the Beginning of History through 2000 = 5760

Although consciousness is not well understood it is well and truly controllable by those who desire such things. It is with the utmost vigilance that we must guard our cognitive freedom, a task aided by fine groups like The Alchemind Society, an International Association for Cognitive Liberty.
"But, while certain justices have, at times, pointedly acknowledged the fundamental nature of cognitive freedom and the nefarious nature of government (or other outside) interference with the intellect, this important freedom remains only obliquely defined within the US legal system." From On Cognitive Liberty, part 1"
Do not go to Chemical Manipulation of Consciousness, Behavior, Health and Evolutionary Potential in the Human Population unless you are clearly trans-disthymic and are able to integrate the fact that we have shit on our metaphorical carpet, can't and won't clean it up, and there's no other house to move to. (The dogs made me use that visualization; puppy flashback...)

"Every sensory window makes use of energy in wave form." Quantum Mechanics and the Analysis of Behavior is quite at the other end of the consciousness telescope, providing a good synopsis of how this approach makes sense.
"Finally, a true science of behavior may at last be possible. Psychology has hitherto been crippled by the mind/body dualism. It may be fairly said that those psychologists who elected to concentrate on the "mental" side of the equation have done their work with both feet planted squarely in midair. I personally can vouch for the fact that those who have focused on the purely corporal have done so blindfolded by a preconception that prevents their seeing more of the game than their rules have allowed."

How do you like your liberalism: fat or thin?
gratitude to wood s lot for so many fine inspirations
"Conflict arises not if you want your rarebit and I insist on my grilled pug, but only if you want that pug as a pet and I want to eat it."
William Fields' excellent weblog led me to Where the Buffalo Go: How Science Ignores the Living World - an Interview with Vine Deloria. It seems incomprehensible to me that the First Nations' view is wholly discounted in favor of full priced usuriousness.
"You can do almost what you choose. You whites possess the power of subduing almost every animal to your use. You are surrounded by slaves. Everything about you is in chains, and you are slaves yourselves. I fear that if I should exchange my pursuits for yours, I, too, should become a slave."
Osage chief Big Soldier
Designer consciousness in the land of designed consciousness is not a good fit. All The Rave In China cannot keep the ideologues at bay - only those who prefer dogmatism to actuality see the difference between "us" and "them".
"Suddenly, the music stopped and drama intruded.

Those who tested positive either had to shell out fines of up to $725 or face being sent to a drug addiction center or a mental institution, revelers said."
In fact, I would wager that any of usAmericans would shell out a weeks wage in order to avoid a stay at Camp Antitheogen. Welcome to Prison Lifestyles of the not-so-Rich and not-so-Famous, Featuring Hotel Fluvanna
"Ah, what a wonderful vacation spot! Keep an eye on where your tax dollars are spent! You could be the next lucky individual to visit Hotel Fluvanna."

Nicholas Eberstadt takes a look at population trends, especially those affecting 'more-developed' countries, and finds that barring some monumental upheaval, a demographic "twilight of the West" would seem to glimmer on the horizon. World Population Prospects: The Shape of Things to Come
"Only half as many people in the younger working ages (fifteen to fifty-nine) would be in Russia in 2050 as live there now. And whereas Russia is the world's sixth most populous country today, it would be only number seventeen in 2050—smaller than Vietnam, Iran, or even demographically challenged Japan and only slightly larger than Turkey."
I half-heartedly agree with the premise of Gerald Angelo Cirrincione's argument In Praise of Disagreement. I'd express full accord, except he'd give me heck for it....
"Violence arises out of an opposition to disagreeing, out of a demand for agreement. It is caused by the harmful notion that the purpose of human life is to agree with as many other people as possible and to get as many other people as possible to agree with you. Violent people have a low tolerance for disagreement."
DigiBioremember the water is proud to present From "Water Memory" effects To "Digital Biology".... This may well be one facet of the jewel of true artificial intelligence. Understanding Digital Biology
"What about water in all this? It is the vehicle for information. This cannot be avoided, since there are 10,000 water molecules in the human body for every molecule of protein."
The warnings were there in the late fifties, clearly and openly stated by illuminated ones like Huxley (Brave New World - Revisited), and Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., a psychiatrist who was detained and interrogated by the Nazis. The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing.
"Actually the thought-control police no longer need drugs, though occasionally they have been used."

Individual sanity does not multiply into group sense. We know this from so many perceptual angles that it almost goes without saying. Politicians, civil servants, doc-nurse-hospice bodhisatvas, social workers... all are fully cognizant of this and exercise their personal understanding to maximize mutual benefit. Yet we persist in advocating a democracy of majority.

An AI equivalent to this would be to emphasize successful code in favor of useful code. Oh, yeah, we would end up with a generally attractive product with severely con(pre)scribed deficiencies; such as Bill Gate's behemoth.

What will it take? - perhaps the mass-prescription of entheogenic compounds. This is far beyond the pseudethical prescriptive ability of those we most trust (and yet who know 'better').

We must, however, put the actual cause of our massinsanity into the domain of massacceptability. The Vancouver Institute Lecture, March 25, 2000
"Survival demands a revolution in the way we live, which in turn requires a revolution in the way we think. When there were only a few of us, we could afford to be stupid. Today, when our numbers and our ingenuity have made us a force of nature in our own right, our stupidity has lethal consequences."
We are not "the west". This is a fallacy of polymemetic proportions. "We" are the world, and our use of lead, and how we still prescribe it's use "over there" while proscibing it's use "here" is a prime example of denying what will be obvious in retrospect. "They" may suffer so as "We" may prosper. Deny that! The Secret History of Lead details how this potent neurotoxin sleazed it's way into our lives, and how it will be an insideously damaging legacy for generations to come.
"...one can conservatively estimate that a total of about 68 million young (American) children had toxic exposures to lead from gasoline from 1927 to 1987."
Fire. I don't think there is any other word that could describe the intensity of cognitive focus we need to make it sanely through the next period of our evolution. We need attention that burns yet accepts, a personal projection of infinite possibility tempered by that which is possible.
"Transtopianism differs from kindred philosophies such as Transhumanism and Extropianism in that it's much more specific about its goals and the means to achieve them."
whither ye go, ye are there

June 2nd, 2001

Huxley's satirical fiction Brave New World has caused a cultural resistance to happiness engineering. So saith A Defence Of Paradise-Engineering.
"And it is we, trapped in the emotional squalor of late-Darwinian antiquity, who neither know nor understand the lives of the god-like super-beings we are destined to become."
The Anxiety of Clearings by Paul Carter is a prose poem that elevates observation to a whole new level, weaving archetypal insight with Homo Ethical exsight; and the process wreaks recognition of divine loss.
"A true scientist, not driven by the purblindness of economic greed, is also a seer, a dreamer, drifting between the visible and the invisible, the without and the within."
Opioid Pharmacology provides a dose of virtual anxiolytic meditication, laudably presented, with tables, and pictures, and other smooth, meperidinic info.
"Euphoric effects are primarily mediated through actions at the mu receptors."
of course they are!
All chilled and ready to drink up a righteous dose of studious endeavor, I am brought to investigate something both utterly fundamental and unexpectedly complex. The Ethics of Rights: Contemporary Theories shines a hard light of rigorous enquiry on our mortal rights, and provides self-evident proof that hypocrisy is the leavening in our social bannock.
"Do Trees Have Standing?"
Do you think truly civilized people would need to codify ? City of Santa Clara Code of Ethics and Values Draft
"I will treat all people fairly, holding equal people to the same standards."
"I will not take bribes or unlawful gifts."
unh huh.
Heading out onto the freeway of principles, putting our moralmobile into high gear, we discover traps of all kinds await. We have a constabulary that is coming at apposite rights from the opposite direction, radar on, and freshly invigorated by a course in Ethics-Based Policing. Rights are seen from this view as Undone Entitlements, not self-evident truths.
"Those officers who posses the belief "that due to everything we deal with and are exposed to on a daily basis we're "Entitled" to our own standard" spell a disaster to the community and agency alike."
Dancing with the Virtual Dervish: Virtual Bodies
by Diane Gromala
"Excretia is a responsive, interactive typeface, dataspace, and information system that morphs in response to a user's scientifically measurable physical states, in real-time."

Three quarters pure manipulation one quarter corrupted intention we are brought, face to ideology, with pretty well any religion "born" after about 1850. One of deeply spurious intent, and a religio-affectctation of the most sinister kind - highly lowly akin to Alcoholics Anonymous - is Scientology.

Despite the odd pedophilic priest and continual hypocritical posture (in fact, humanity...!), the religions of old were primarily mysterious. Today's excuses for spiritual mass awareness are nothing less than attempts at extra-egofication - corporations brought to the profitable enlightenment of alleviating suffering; however temporarily.

The Corruption of Scientology gives a chronological review of the rise and monorgasm of the "beast" of the trans-tortilogical sects.
"Interestingly, the 1993 Scientology-IRS closing agreement lists as "Scientology-related entities" a number of trust funds - Church of Scientology Expansion Trust, Church of Scientology Religious Trust, Scientology Endowment Trust, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, U.S. IAS Members' Trust, Scientology International Reserves Trust, Flag Ship Trust, International Publications Trust, Author's Family Trust B, United States Parishioners Trust and the Trust for Scientologists."

small disclaimer for the minions (italics mine)
"There seems little prospect of unauthorised corruption happening at lower levels in Scientology; the leadership exercises ferociously strong control over financial affairs, through the "International Finance Police" under the control of the memorably-named International Finance Dictator. But (at least from the outside) there appears to be little restraint or outside scrutiny of the financial and management decisions made by the people at the top of the Scientology organisation."
Do you make money from the endeavor of others? BEEP! Carol Brouillet, Reinventing Money, Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life
"Let us promote appropriate technologies that benefit our communities and eliminate the need for the cancerous nuclear and oil industries."

"Interest payments used to be called "usury" and were condemned by many of the world's religions. Only when the Catholic Church suddenly discovered that it had become the largest landowner in Europe did it figure out a way to get around that spiritual taboo."
Strategic Insanity Reserve
"The SIR is founded on the principle that the greatest contribution one can make to the future is not genetic but memetic."
weeds in the field;
Cut and left lying just so

"A cultural revolutionary must fight for legal protection from the imposition of any obligatory graded curriculum. The first article of a bill of rights for a modern and humanist society corresponds to the first amendment of the United States Constitution."
Summoning Blake, and deep personal wisdom, Jonathan Ott writes in the epilogue to Ayahuasca Analogues, that The Entheogenic Reformation is our best hope for healing . A Panacea for Pangaea?
"Most of us really don't believe in the gods any more; few among us have much faith in our governments, nor in science and technology . . . but we do believe in the magic of drugs!"

Whether or not we aspire to cosmic consciousness, our consciousness is cosmic. Cosmic Ancestry is the theory of panspermia, updated with recent developments, a healthy dollop of Lovelock, and ably presented by Brig Klyce.
"We propose that Gaian processes are not blindly found and peculiar to Earth, but are pre-existent and universal; life from space brings Gaian processes with it. We suggest that Gaian processes are necessary for higher forms of life to emerge and succeed on any planet."
Covering much the same territory, The Cosmic and the Terrestrial: Environments of Living Nature takes the more traditional, and currently prevalent view that life is of terrestrial origin.
"A vast and deep cosmic ocean of light, in which our planet earth is an isolated and remote terrestrial island. An outcrop of terrestrial nature braving the eternal cosmic swells of the local and the distant universal cosmic environment."
The Variability of the 'Fundamental Constants' is a fascinating exploration by Rupert Sheldrake of what we take for granted. Do not underestimate the gravity of this anthropic principle's principal conundrums.
"From around 1928 to 1945, the velocity of light appeared to be about 20 km/s lower than before and after this period."
Joanna L. Mountain, whose main field of interest is human population genetics, brings us up to date on Human Evolutionary Genetics.
"With the results of these simulations in mind, we can state that the regional groups (Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe) have been isolated from one another for at least 25,000 years. Populations within these regions appear to have been isolated for shorter periods of time."
How likely are chance resemblances between languages? Well, let's see...hmm...
"We simply have no great intuitive feel for probabilities. Most people's eyes glaze over when you start talking about the chances of the chances of r events among n objects over t trials with a single event probability of p."