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How Can This Be Legal? - Arianna Huffington
"It's hard to imagine, but even with the public screaming for reform, behind the scenes on Capitol Hill, the high-level -- and perfectly legal -- gaming of the system continues unabated."
The pervasiveness of self-censorship, and my own perverse proclivities, cause me to ignore A. Michael Froomkin's directive not to quote from or cite The Death of Privacy?. To be fair I'll point to the cleaner and more final copy (.pdf req'd), though this assay is too important to restrict to those of Acrobatic ability.
"One view of the First Amendment, implied by Bartnicki, suggests that the government cannot impose sweeping restrictions on data dissemination in the name of privacy. The alternate view of the First Amendment, offered by Boehner, is more likely to allow the government to impose public limits on data dissemination and collection, and thus enhance privacy."
Judy Rebick plumbs Ramallah Revelations and finds that while the level is objective, all viewers see the picture gravitationally askew.
"Like Refaat and Soreida, these are compassionate people with a strong commitment to democracy, equality and peace. As one told me, "I only wish the Israelis realized that their best hope of security is a strong Palestinian state. The rest of the Arab world hates them, we don't -- we know them, they are our neighbours."
running on emptiness - the failure of symbolic thought
"The word culture derives from the Latin cultura, referring to cultivation of the soil; that is, to the domestication of plants and animals-and of ourselves in the bargain."
The vast era prior to the coming of symbolic being is one of the most profound enigmas known to archaeological science.

Compared to traditional manufacturing processes that use steel and other high-density materials, the new process allows engineers to turn a computer-aided design metal composite component into a durable, high quality, finished product faster and at lower cost.


I thought I was lighting up the bong-page of The Marijuana Party of Canada when to my surprise people who look very much like me (unh huh) were espousing straight political gaity. Canada for Canadians First is just plain strange - I have an inkling that Joe Who has something to do with this. Be assured - no Yukoners were harmed in the digestion of this medium-rare polisteak.
"We should demythologize and legalize the stuff. And tell our politicians to get off the pot."
Dalton Camp
Create one fair, equally applied tax (and don't Bogart that joint).

How on earth would I run into Arpads Psycho Site? Serendipity flows inexorably, my attenuation and attention less so! Nevertheless, not to run-on, Ludwig Binswanger...
existentialism ends existence essentialism. In 1956, Binswanger stepped down from his position at Bellevue after 45 years as its chief medical director. He continued to study and write until his death in 1966.
"Binswanger and other existential psychologists make a point of discovering their client's world view (or world design). This is not a matter of discussing a person's religion or philosophy of life, necessarily. Binswanger wants to know about your Lebenswelt, Husserl's word for "lived world." He is looking for a concrete, everyday world view. He will, for example, try to understand how you see your Umwelt or physical world -- things, buildings, trees, furniture, gravity.... He will want to understand your Mitwelt, or social world, as well. Here we are talking about your relations to individuals, to community, to culture, and so on. And he will want to understand your Eigenwelt or personal world. This includes both mind and body, whatever you feel is most central to your sense of who you are."
Twenty-seven years ago James W. Prescott contended in The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists "that the greatest threat to world peace comes from those nations which have the most depriving environments for their children and which are most repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality".

Tempered by a whole generation's worth of possibility rendered cognitively adipose with faux politics and real war (a combination sure to result in premature fascism), Body Pleasure and the Origin of Violence is the kind of discussion that should be taking place around that last bastion of family togetherness - the dinner table.
"No matter what type of family structure is chosen, it will be important to encourage openness about the body and its functions. From this standpoint, we could benefit from redesigning our homes along the Japanese format, separating the toilet from the bathing facilities. The family bath should be used for socialization and relaxation, and should provide a natural situation for children to learn about male-female differences. Nudity, like sex, can be misused and abused, and this fear often prevents us from accepting the honesty of our own bodies."
...caressing will help this infant to grow into a non-violent adult. Denial of such body contact in infancy can have the opposite effect.


Involution: On the Structure and Process of Existence; revisited is a good start to a weekend's journey without spime, and with an intention to discover chaorder.
"It is hypothesized that there are three basic regimes of matter: chaos, edge of chaos, and order. The combination of these regimes form a level of complexity. Within an edge of chaos there can be more levels of complexity, and thus forming a material hierarchical organization of increasing complexity. This increasing complexity is called involution."
Slowmath turns over the prose patch and finds Opium, Made Easy - One gardener's encounter with the war on drugs.
"But before I try to explain, let me offer a friendly warning to any gardeners who might wish to continue growing this spectacular annual: the less you know about it, the better off you are, in legal if not horticultural terms. Because whether or not the opium poppies in your garden are illicit depends not on what you do, or even intend to do, with them but very simply on what you know about them. Hence my warning: if you have any desire to grow opium poppies, you would be wise to stop reading right now."
Ontario, Canada's most populous province, releases around 91 million kilos of assorted nasties into the environment each year; 84.5 kiloyukkies/sq. kilometer. Yukon Territory by way of comparison - 600 kilos; 0.001kiloyukkies/sq. kilometer. To make it personal, every Ontarian creates 7.7 kilograms of environment blasting industrial flatulence, the average Yukoner (a species seldom mentioned, never seen) works all year to spew a mere 200 grams.

Granted, we don't manufacture any of the conveniences we use or products we consume, and so the above stats while true, lie. In fact, once the cost of transporting our food, vehicles, computers and cosmetics many thousands of kilometers is taken into account, and considering our similar consuming patterns to those in the urban south, Yukoner's yuck-load responsibility is actually higher per capita than the industrious Ontarian's.
About the Chemicals

I would like to assure the American people that hormones used in Texas beef production are perfectly safe.


Anthony Judge presents two new papers that wholo-thoughtfully represent one unique and eloquently made shift in perception. Embodying cyclic environmental processes spins sustainable sense, while Towards Conscientific Research and Development appeals directly to generalist sentience. (also see GSB below, as well my previously worried bone about the curious nature of con-science )
"This multidimensionality of "conscience" is a vital resource in response to the interlocking strategic dilemmas of sustainable development [more]. It might be understood as a reflection of "science" as now known into a knowledge space of more dimensions."
Bruce G Charlton MD proposes a mirror view that could be called Malaisia (excuse me). The malaise theory of depression: Major depressive disorder is sickness behavior and antidepressants are analgesic
"The most striking aspect of the malaise theory of depression is that it is about the body and not the brain. It suggests that the minimal or core state of depression is a 'normal' brain's response to an abnormal body state; and that the action of antidepressants involves an analgesic effect that may be wholly peripheral."
I suppose the best introduction to this approach is from the critical. Why Addictionologists and Other People are Ignoring Hypoism - um, maybe for some very sensible reasons...such as living in these "interesting" times being enough to drive inordinate numbers of otherwise nominal bodhis to deep depression and abject anxiety...
"Hypoism turns addictionology on its head and presents the world, for the first time, with a human nature paradigm that will lead to a better understanding of how the human brain works, via its neurobiological and evolutionary underpinnings rather than by psychobabble."
A visit to Drug Sense Weekly is always an invigorating hike through the inane and tragic U.S. American War-on-our-Selvezone.
"Marijuana doesn't kill, but marijuana prohibition does, again. This time it's three North Carolina police who lost their lives when the plane they used to seek out marijuana crops crashed last week.

Another police officer was seriously injured in a different drug raid in Milwaukee. He was shot by a fellow officer during the confusion. Of course, police aren't the only ones hurt by aggressive drug raids. A Tennessee sheriff apologized to an innocent family that was terrorized in a mistaken drug raid just after a child's fifth birthday party.

With all the problems caused by drug raids, it's a wonder some police don't refuse to perform them. Perhaps that's a clue to the case of Briggs, the missing police drug dog. Briggs apparently escaped from his cage at an Alabama police department more than two weeks ago. No foul play is suspected. Maybe Briggs, a five-year veteran, sensed the most conscientious action he could choose was taking leave of the whole scene.

Finally, an aggressive anti-drug plan is estimated to cost Philadelphia taxpayers millions in police overtime each month, but the Mayor cryptically refuses to discuss the actual price. Maybe the expenses are even higher than those estimated by critics."
New chapter in spread of written word
Read a good book.

Register it at bookcrossing.com, obtain a unique BCID (Bookcrossing ID number) and label the book.

Release it for someone else to read. Leave it on a park bench, in an aircraft seat pocket, or donate it to charity. You are notified by e-mail if someone finds the book and registers it.

Please read me. I'm not lost. I'm travelling around trying to make friends.
Application of the Exorphin Hypothesis to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - A Theoretical Framework is a magnificent piece of research by Ronald Hoggan that exemplifies rational sense over auto-scrip cop-out.
"This document suggests that current practices which lead to the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may obscure underlying pathologies which can have dangerous consequences when undiagnosed. While stimulant therapies are sometimes an effective tool for the short-term management of ADHD symptoms, they offer little long-term hope to the afflicted child, perhaps placing that person's health in serious jeopardy.

Nutritional issues are given little or no attention in most of our medical training programs, and dietary issues are often dismissed as a result of such deprecation by some adherents to conventional medical wisdom. Despite these limitations, the impressive body of evidence which suggests and supports this perspective imparts an urgency to the call for further research in this venue."
Like, okay folks, like, totally dig this... Coma Biochemistry folds right in to my enquiry into the boundary condition - that place where our grokked space that we commonly accept as consciousness meets actually incommunicable no-space.

Many of us in holospace, the intro-projective relesphere that is accepted by de-offensive neccessity as reality, would like to draw lines - birth/death, sane/insane, conscious/unconscious - and so without mincing ethics with ideology, be able to justify a particular point. Actual gradations of the 'truth' of things is inconvenient and leads to uncomfortable questions about the validity of any particular form; including myour own'.
"(i) Consciousness may depend on widespread cortical (or cortico-thalamic) activation. (ii) Whereas these biochemical changes are widespread, only the changes in a subset of 'consciousness' neurons may count. An experimental program to distinguish between these two alternatives is proposed."
I thought that Crick and Koch's correlation between conscious functioning and short term memory was interesting. Would it be possible to be conscious without short term memory ?

Personal experience and extrapolative insight lead me to believe that consciousness cannot be other than now. Everything else that we may interpret as parts or manifestations of consciousness, recall or projection, are naught but fantasy; or more accurately, re-creation - play.

In this light, Anosognosia Keeps the President From Realizing He's Milquetoast. To have projected oneS'elf into the position of being IT, and not recognizing THAT as the ultimate manifestation of the human dis-ease*, takes denial to an impossible degree.

Behind the Bushes - the New Generation
Dubya as a Second Language - "More and more of our imports come from overseas".
necrophilous person


I seem to remember reading this interview some time ago, but a good dose of Spider Robinson is something that always bears repeating. Spider Robinson: boosting morale in a society with plenty of time to complain
"I think we need more lazy people. Most progress is made by lazy people. ... It's always the lazy ones who will think "There must be an easier way to do this." And those are the people who are responsible for all progress. They're invariably persecuted for it, and it serves 'em right."
Now that I've had a cup of cosmic, it's a sweet roll in grounded clover to spend An Afternoon with Jeremy Rifkin.
"A world view is a world view when you don't know it's a world view. A way of thinking that's so embedded into the psychology of a species or a culture that we never challenge it, we never question it, yet it's world views that dictate our policies ... that motivate our politicians, that underwrite our institutional foundation."
Extropian Questionnaire from the Mount
"Society as we know it isn't going to survive the radical technology-driven changes in the coming century."
Carol Brouille implores us to embrace the biophilic and take the pledge. Deadly Connections: Corporate Globalization, Space and War
"Are the deaths of fourteen of the world's top microbiologists a warning that designer communicable disease is being prepared for release? The draconian legislature is bad enough, but the companies that are coming up with "smallpox vaccines for the entire U.S. population" bear scrutiny. They are the same that provided poison gas for Hitler's gas chambers, linked to the contaminated vaccines that spread AIDS in Africa, and linked to the infected blood that killed thousands of hemophiliacs in industrialized countries."

The necrophilous person can relate to an object - a flower or a person - only if he possesses it; hence a threat to his possession is a threat to himself... He loves control and in the act of controlling he kills life... 'Law and order' for them are idols..." I believe that it is the inability to love "oneself," the hatred of oneself, which makes someone incapable of loving others, that allows one to condemn "humanity" as evil and rationalize the manipulations, controls or elimination of people perceived to be "uncontrollable" or a "threat."
Erich Fromm
monk sand mandala pictures

David Pimentel, recently interviewed by Radio National - Earthbeat, provided a dire warning of impending biocaust a few years ago: Ecology of Increasing Disease: Population growth and environmental degradation .
"In the US for example, we feed 240-million metric tonnes of grain to our livestock each year, and that's enough grain to feed approximately 800-million as vegetarians and that's about three times our population.

The crowding of people into urban areas; the movement of populations into new environments; the increased use of chemicals that pollute soils, water, and air; the misuse of antibiotics, leading to resistance in disease microbes; and growing malnutrition all contribute to the worldwide increase of human diseases."
The Metaphor is the Key - Cryptography, the Clipper Ship and the Constitution is an in-depth analysis; dense and comprehensive.
"Secrecy is a form of power. The ability to protect a secret, to preserve one's privacy, is a form of power. The ability to penetrate secrets, to learn them, to use them, is also a form of power. Secrecy empowers, secrecy protects, secrecy hurts. The ability to learn a person's secrets without her knowledge--to pierce a person's privacy in secret--is a greater power still."
Ideas and Resources at the Leading Edge of Change
"Most of the dysfunctions of the suicide economy can be traced to the pathological institutional characteristics of publicly traded corporations - specifically size, absentee ownership, and special limited liability protections. Healthy social function depends on eliminating such pathological institutions in favor of economies comprised of locally-based, human-scale, community oriented, fair-profit/nonprofit living enterprises."
W. Gordon Lawrence describes the life and breeding habits of Totalitarian States of Mind in Institutions.
"Clearly, I am pointing to a trend, based on a 'worst case' approach, but it is one that is increasing, inevitably swamping innovative thinking about the organisation of institutions and so diminishing the potential creativity of human beings.

I am beginning to think that when all the meaning of existence is reduced to economics we can have the working hypothesis that the preoccupation with making and saving money is both an institutional and a 'global' social system of defence against entertaining the consequences of acknowledging the tragic."
To truly grok the human mien for group insanity in the face of individual integrity, Matt Ridley's The Origins of Virtue is handily summarized.
"Our minds have been built by selfish genes, but they have been built to be social, trustworthy and cooperative. That is the paradox this book has tried to understand."
Making a contrasting journey , The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion by Everett E. Allie details our mass delusional state; and in the final analysis recognizes that J. Krishnamurti's statement, I am the world, is the acknowledgment we all need to make.
"This is a book about fantasies. Not the fantasies of a child at play, happily immersed in imaginary adventures, but adult fantasies where the game of 'Cops and Robbers' is played with real bullets and where trillions of dollars are spent pretending we are doing something about our multiplying problems.

Humanity is at a cusp where the species will be required to make real corrections in areas where it has failed to do so throughout the whole course of its history."

Dr. Karl Jansen starts my investigation into the relationship between consciousness and anesthesia / entheogenesia with a substance that is a dissociative psychedelic at low doses and an anesthetic for surgical purposes with a higher dose. Ketamine and Quantum Psychiatry
"Over the past 15 years, ketamine has been given to over 1,000 patients in St. Petersburg as an aid to psychotherapy, mainly to assist in the treatment of alcoholism in well-planned trials with proper clinical control groups. The scientific rigour of these studies is impressive. Long-term follow-up of patients has been very encouraging, and the treatment has been extended to heroin addicts and some forms of neurosis. Not a single patient has had complications such as prolonged psychosis, flashbacks or non-prescribed use of ketamine.

...research with this substance is proceeding in several countries and may eventually lead to the development of a 'quantum psychiatry', just as Freudian psychiatry , which saw psychic energy as a head of steam in the mind, took its cue from Newton's mechanical outlook 100 years earlier."
The Ketamine Konundrum is a largely anecdotal, yet nevertheless valuable addition to more scholarly work. As James Kent puts it: As always, we'll start with the obvious, and go crazy from there....
"I would describe it as a "transdimensional information navigation device." To take this metaphor a step further, consider this: If mushrooms were an ornately carved chariot pulled by untamed horses, and LSD was a fancy, suped-up sporstcar, DMT would be an elfin-crafted hypersonic anti-grav device, and Ketamine would be a VR headset and bodysuit with a T-1 line into the universal database."
By my unofficial count of callers into CBC's Cross Country Checkup, 65% of Canadians want legalization or absolute decriminalization of marijuana. In fact, discounting the nutbars, two of the three of which were invited guest commentators (one an American Republican and the other a police spokesman of some sort), there is not only consensus but overwhelming consensus.

The behemoth to the south will inevitably play a role in the Canada developments. US drug warriors are already threatening dire consequences were Canada to have the gall to diverge from Washington's drug policy dogma. As Steven puts with such delicate irony: "One wonders when, not if, the U.S. will start suggesting "approved" candidates to Canadian voters, to be ignored at their peril."

I was a teenage abstainer
"No one ever told me about the costs of chronic non-use. It isn't just the legal risks: the chance that you will be involved in an accident, say, because you were foolish enough to get behind the wheel while "low." There's also the financial toll. People who are not on drugs will spend any amount of money -- on vacations, expensive meals, recreational vehicles -- trying to produce the same fleeting sensation of well-being that could be had for a dime-bag of dope."
The current issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies asks Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion? Many juicy abstacts by such ruminant cerebraters as Susan (There Is No Stream of Consciousness) Blackmore, Daniel (How Could I Be Wrong? How Wrong Could I Be?) C. Dennett, and Jonathan (The Grand Grand Illusion Illusion) Cohen accompany the full text (pdf req'd) by Alva (I'm the headline) Noë.
"What is all this? What is all this stuff around me; this stream of experiences that I seem to be having all the time?"

At a visceral level the decriminalization of cannabis and other proscribed 'drugs' feels like a move in the right, humane direction. After all, the cost of Prohibition of any kind has always proven to be insupportably inhumane, both in the actual suffering of offenders and their families and friends as well as the commensurate general social-psychic disconnection. Hakim Bey makes a deeply cogent argument Against "Legalization". Thanks to New World Disorder for the pointer.
"Clearly however the very existence of entheogenism as a true difference-in a world where true difference is denied-marks the historic validity of an Other, of an authentic Outside. In the (unlikely) event of legalization, this Outside would be breached, entered, colonized, betrayed, and turned into sheer simulation."
You Are What They Ate: A Brief Survey of Entheogenic Foods and Their Possible Roles in Human Evolution outlines an idea that if even partially valid would change irrevocably our view of ourSelves.
"As more and more researchers are uncovering the secrets of our past, it becomes increasingly obvious that entheogenic foodstuffs played a significant role in shaping human cultures and perhaps human biology. Pressure from government and religious institutions creates substantial friction for these daring intellectuals, yet their work continues. Perhaps in the near future the academic climate will have shifted enough to allow for such important work. In the meantime, simply becoming aware of psychoactive foods and their potential roles as evolutionary catalysts remains an important step in developing a clear and accurate view of human history."
The Concept of Plants as Teachers among four Mestizo Shamans of Iquitos, Northeastern Perú The spirits, who are sometimes called doctorcitos (little doctors) or abuelos (grandfathers) present themselves during the visions and during the dreams. They show how to diagnose the illness, what plants to use and how, the proper use of tobacco smoke, how to suck out the illness or restore the spirit to a patient, how the shamans defend themselves, what to eat, and, most important, they teach them icaros, magic songs or shamanic melodies which are the main tools of shamanic practices.
"Four shamans were questioned about the nature and identity of these magic plants, what are the dietary prescriptions to be followed, how the transmission of shamanic power takes place, the nature of their helping spirits, and the function of the magic melodies or icaros given to them by the plant teachers."
I am struck by the dialectic of anesthesia (unconsciousness while life-process is nominally maintained) and entheogenesia (super-consciousness while life-process is nominally maintained or enhanced), and intend to pursue this matter in the days ahead. Christopher Altman, whose current research focuses on the CAM-Brain Machine (listed by Guinness as the world's most complex artificial brain), wades in on The Neuropharmacology of Mystical States - An evaluation of entheogenic tradition and the mystical experience.
"Pahnke administered small capsules, either containing 30mg of psilocybin or active placebo (nicotinic acid; niacin), then surveyed the volunteers. The group receiving psilocybin scored significantly higher on the testing than the placebo, in all eight of the categories scored, and 9 of the 10 felt they had a life-transforming religious experience."
If successful, the project - and more so its descendents - will catalyze a revolutionary transformation of dominant, anthropocentric social paradigms while likely creating an entirely new industry in the process.

Societal End-Stage: Hydraulic Despotism?
"The three introductory propositions, however pessimistic or unlikely, taken in conjunction with Wittfogelian environmental determinism and my own normative futuriographical analysis, lead to the conclusion that the end-state of human civilization could very well be a mode of 'hydraulic despotism.'"
Responding to an Edge question Stuart Hameroff replies My nomination for the greatest invention of the past 2000 years is anesthesia.
"Anesthetic molecules just "being there" can't account for anesthesia. Some natural process critical to consciousness and perturbed by anesthetics must be happening in the pockets. What could that be?"
The spiritual use of psychoactive drugs is a short essay by Nicholas Saunders - social inventor.
"The overwhelmingly positive nature of the reports of the psilocybin subjects are even more remarkable because this long-term follow-up took place during a period of time in the United States when drug abuse was becoming the public's number one concern, with all the attendant social pressure to deny the value of drug-induced experiences. The long-term follow-up interviews cast considerable doubt on the assertion that mystical experiences catalysed by drugs are in any way inferior to non-drug mystical experiences in both their immediate content and long-term positive effects."
Rick Doblin
The main course is Alternative England & Wales - Neal's Yard - E for Ecstasy -Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, which leaves me replete in so many ways...
"Nicholas wrote his memoirs in 1985 but these have not yet been found amongst his papers. If you can help track down a copy, please make contact. In the meantime, the following patchwork of writings about Nicholas (or by Nicholas) will have to suffice."

The review below reflects with uncanny precision my own cognitive shift upon coming upon Only Two Can Play This Game">James Keys' (George Spencer-Brown)'s "Only Two Can Play This Game". I gave away my copy fifteen years ago and have scoured the booksellers since, without satisfaction.

To discover its re-availability (albeit in rather pricey special-order hardcover) is in some small measure analogous to digging up a nearly lost antiquity. GSB may have wanted to make this introjective interpretation of his entirely projective Laws of Form disappear, due to personal reluctance to humanize an utterly serious mathematical treatise (and ex-lovers' quite properly demure apres-verbiage).

To humankind's great fortune GSB's understanding of the feminine juxteposed emmasculinated mathemagasms may be grokked in the privacy of your own orgasmatron. Hesitate not, buy a copy, dig it, discuss it - and if any of you Dear Readers have the resources to forward me a copy I'll send you a Yukon uniqueness of your choosing in return.
By tracing the way we represent such a severance, we can begin to reconstruct, with an accuracy and coverage that appear almost uncanny, the basic forms underlying linguistic, mathematical, physical, and biological science, and can begin to see how the familiar laws of our own experience follow inexorably from the original act of severance.
"When I first read this book in the seventies, it literally blew my mind and opened up new worlds for me: the unique transformative power and deeper spiritual dimensions of man-woman love; a world view by a man who deeply understands mathematics, philosophy and science and points the way out of the narrow cultural paradigm we live in to the boundless expanse of the Spirit; the way our culture, tracing back primarily to the Greek and Hebrew cultures, was misdirected from the start by orienting itself on the male principle alone, and how this basic flaw is an important contributor to our headlong rush to self-destruction; the tricks reductionist philosphy and science play to conceal how we ourselves have narrowed down our world. And, last but not least: gripping, thought-provoking poetry which leads us to an intuitive understanding of these same truths."
George Dvorsky weblogs at an edge that traces depth without sacrificing vision. Sentient Developments is not mute but does moot the hard problem.
"As a result of this probabilistic observation, the question must be asked: why haven't we discovered any evidence of advanced extra terrestrial life, when clearly enough time has elapsed for intergalactic colonization to transpire? Where is everybody? What can explain this Great Silence?"

The Hoax Of Equal Opportunity And Equitable Prosperity If and when Western citizens come to know even some of the facts contained in this book, the outcry could be deafening. The shift of power from the wealthy elite to the majority could come just as surprisingly and as quickly as the shift of power away from the Communist elite occurred in Russia.
1) I can't get no satisfaction

2) I can't get no peace

3) I can't imagine

4) Why?

5) Why Not?

Jokes and their Relation to the Cognitive Unconscious - humorously serious?, morosely humus?, rumours shously? - Marvin Minski.
"The key idea is to reject the conventional view of the mind as a Single Agent that either thinks of something or doesn't; rather, the mind is composed of many smaller minds, themselves composed of yet smaller ones. It would mean little to talk about what these separately "think", for each becomes specialized to perform functions meaningful only vis-a-vis those few others that it has connections with. The phenomenological observations that a "person" makes about himself emerge in a very indirect way from those interactions."
Drugs That Shape Men's Minds
"We love ourselves to the point of idolatry, but we also intensely dislike ourselves - we find ourselves unutterably boring. Correlated with this distaste for the idolatrously worshiped self, there is in all of us a desire, sometimes latent, sometimes conscious and passionately expressed, to escape from the prison of our individuality, an urge to self-transcendence. It is to this urge that we owe mystical theology, spiritual exercises and yoga - to this, too, that we owe alcoholism and drug addiction."
Temposeparants and tempodesinents and time, time, time is on Meyen's side. Alexei A. Sharov performs a proportionately transtemporal analysis. Pragmatism and Umwelt-theory

xt +1 = A xt


Assuming that there is flood and blush in our future, a pharmacology of designer consciousness is a certainty. My subcutaneously inserted medipumps (sims) will be self-actuated with a simple secret code on my MacPal2010, ensuring ideal physiological balance for the requested brain-state - within seconds painful angst becomes creative endeavor, an orgasm a subjective hour. Our reach back for an Edenic state is immediately ahead...Medicines by Design: The Biological Revolution in Pharmacology
"In the past, scientists were limited to randomly testing natural or synthetic substances in animals to see if they were either agonists or antagonists to some type of receptor. This method is being replaced by more rational, directed searches in which the pharmacologist first clones (makes numerous copies of) a particular receptor. Next, tiny quantities of potential drugs are added to the receptors in test tubes. Robotic screening, radioactive signal detectors, and other rapid, highly sensitive detection methods are then employed to search for signs of binding. Any candidate drug that passes this initial test can be further studied for its therapeutic effects."
An interesting long term follow-up of Dr. Leary's Concord Prison Experiment was performed by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., and he recommends further study. I suggest that prison is so dehumanizing an environment that such studies are meaningless. It's hard for the scientist to be objective when in a subjective hell, nigh impossible for the prisoner to have a positive subjective experience when in an objective hell.
"A special meeting was arranged at which the author of this paper brought the two subjects willing to be interviewed to the home of Leary for an emotional reunion and tape-recorded interview. The meeting took place on January 20, 1996, just several months before Leary died."
Tom Silverstein recently sent me these drawings of his prison cell in Leavenworth where the lights are kept on 24 hours per day.

'One can't always be high.' Oh no? One only has to properly orient oneself.


IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century
"Finding #1: The Clandestine Service should be small and principally focused on select, high priority requirements to which it can make a unique contribution."
There's nothing on the box or the box on the box.
Jennings strikes left

Moore's Law will continue to rule is somewhat akin to claiming that the Singularity is a certainty. Surely uncertainty, as in the explication of implicate chaos, is the defining factor in the implications of increased interpolative speed.

I don't believe Moore's more properly named 'Extrapolation' has any bearing on the development of AI (friendly or borg), which in my view will be realized biogenochemically. Further, Heisenburg's now banal observation that precise definition is an illusion of observational choice speaks directly to the limits of binary function. A Moorequip: You really get bit by the fact that the materials are made of atoms.
"The Presidential Medal of Freedom wasn't Moore's first White House ceremony. Twelve years ago, he received the National Medal of Technology from the first President Bush.

"Same room, different Bush," Moore quipped."
But is it really, Gordon, is it really??
I have an aversion to tofu, as in 'why eat bland, dubiously ethical pap when moose is really tasty'. The amount of mammalian carnage is comparable, whether tilling a prairie field or ending the ness in the mooseness. On the Firth River, here in the Yukon, tourist expeditions had to be temporarily suspended due to two dozen grizzlies feeding on the remains of caribou; drowned members of the migrating, sacred, Porcupine Herd.

We now have the means and ability to both appreciate and protect these natural holisms without threat to our quality of life. G.W. Bush and his oily ilk will have to be overgrown (see below) and otherwise capped. We of Canada's north will not allow either a Mackenzie Delta or Alaska Hwy. route for oil or gas.

True enough, there are plenty of capitalist gorapeher's willing to subjugate whats left of wild Gaia. Ironically the truly productive, wealth creating power sources are the wildest as well as most benign. Tidal, wind and solar sources, combined with fuel cell and advanced storage and transmission capabilities are ready (or on the verge) for widespread development.

I have an aversion to energy fascism, as in 'why consume dubiously ethical hydrocarbons when hydrogen is really hot' ('scuse the pun). Oh, ya cain't have our water, either. Now, whose break was it...for a toonie, eh?

Scrambled Tofu - add 1 tablespoon sake and sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and little of soy sauce.

Gordon Coale provides a concrete example of chaos rendered into the glue of economic hypocrisy. Fiscal Reforms? The Fix Is In
"The devil is in the details--and so is the stabbing in the back of true reform. Be on the lookout for reformers-come-lately floating proposals that seem reasonable on the outside (like allowing shareholders to vote on CEO stock options) but really wouldn't change a thing (management almost always has enough proxy power to control the outcome of any such vote)."

Mark Alan Walker is one of those rare fellows that deserve the moniker 'doctor of philosophy'. With Bostromian clarity and Wattsian sense we are graced with Prolegomena To Any Future Philosophy.
"If the assessment here is correct, then it may be that we are on the verge of a technological and cultural revolution of unparalleled proportion. At present there seems to be two clear options. We might embrace this technology and attempt to create beings who are better equipped to complete philosophy (and science). The other option is that we find that the wisest course of action is to not employ this technology. Either course presents us with huge moral and ethical challenges."
A Means of Control, the final scheduled Brain Food report by Jay Hanson, is a document of absolute clarity full of those aha! moments when truth becomes obvious in retrospect. It's conclusion, almost diametrically opposed to my own more singular view of the future, is bleak: But when the above scenario (anarchy) seems inevitable, the elites will simply depopulate most of the planet with a bioweapon. When the time comes, it will be the only logical solution to their problem. It's a first-strike tactic that leaves the built-infrastructure and other species in place and allows the elites to perpetuate their own genes into the foreseeable future: "War is a male reproductive strategy. All that is needed for the strategy to evolve, is that aggressors fight and win more often than they lose".
"Once the economist's neurons and dendrites are fully programmed (usually for life), economists serve as robotic broadcasting devices explicitly designed to hide the political nature of the economy from the public. In other words, the economist serves no function in society except to protect the ruling elites from public scrutiny while they loot the planet."
Can modern science make use of Buddhism's 2,500 years of investigating the mind? This very much suggests the kind of commune-ication that J. Krishnamurti engaged in with Bohm, Huxley and a very much younger Dalai Lama. The perennial philosophy meets psychic physic.
"The Dalai Lama, who has actively participated in exchanges of this sort for the past 15 years, will be involved in the discussions of every session, both as a teacher of his own tradition and an interlocutor of our own."
The Future of Online Psychotherapy and Clinical Work


Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, by William Blum - Warning #1: Under the new police state -- uh, I mean the new anti-terrorism laws -- accessing this site automatically opens a file for you at FBI headquarters. This warning, of course, comes too late. Sorry about that.
"The boys of Capital, they also chortle in their martinis about the death of socialism. The word has been banned from polite conversation. And they hope that no one will notice that every socialist experiment of any significance in the twentieth century -- without exception -- has either been crushed, overthrown, or invaded, or corrupted, perverted, subverted, or destabilized, or otherwise had life made impossible for it, by the United States."
FAS Sues CIA for Disclosure of the 2002 Intelligence Budget Total
"Plaintiff further believes that de novo review will show that defendant CIA has displayed erratic behavior with regard to the release of budget information. Thus, after declassifying intelligence budget totals from 1997 and 1998, defendant CIA claimed that disclosure of budget information from 50 years earlier could damage national security and compromise intelligence sources and methods. This claim -- which is the subject of separate litigation (01-2524 (RMU)) -- is obviously false, and suggests either bad faith or gross incompetence."
John J Reilly asks Is Mathematics Constitutional?
"Consider what it would mean if it worked. Suppose that proofs were presented so compelling as to convince any honest person that mathematics was indeed nothing more than an extrapolation of the structure of the nervous system, or of the fingers on the hand, or of the spacing of heartbeats. We would then have a situation where we would have to explain the "unreasonable effectiveness" of the human neocortex, or even the universal explanatory power of the human anatomy. This would be anthropocentrism come home to roost."
Whether you're just trying to protect your right to be left alone - or whether you're working to change a system that you see as unfair - Spy & CounterSpy gives you the know-how you need.
"The Constitution recognizes your right to protect yourself from the government's secret agencies and goon squads. The readiness of these invisible groups to deceive the public, the courts, and the media is why this Web site was created. Our commitment was further strengthened in October 1998 by Amnesty International's stinging indictment of widespread, systematic police brutality across the USA."

It's mid-week and time for a brainerobic workout. Emotion and Consciousness - Implications of Affective Neuroscience for ERTAS (Extended Reticular Thalamic Activating System) Theories Of Consciousness
"From the vantage point of clinical syndromes, three "diseases of consciousness" - autism, MPD (DID), and schizophrenia have largely neurodevelopmental bases. Early pathology of corticolimbic connectivities or severe affect trauma in these three illnesses do not generate restricted personality - affective problems, but produce various pathologies of self/consciousness/qualia. Research into the primary psychoses points heavily to limbic/paralimbic involvement, underlining that affective activations tell the brain what is real and what matters, suggesting that (the sense of) "reality" is more dependent upon limbic/paralimbic than neocortical activations, counterintuitive to reigning assumptions."
Rebuttal by C.Richard Chapman and Yoshio Nakamura - A Bottom Up View of Emotion
"In summary, Watt has offered an engaging and provocative, bottom-up model for emotion and made a case for the prominent role of affect in consciousness. We strongly endorse his contention that emotion is a central issue for the study of consciousness. At the very least, it is a part of the warp and woof of human, and indeed mammalian, awareness."
Outraged and outre, those at the Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical sought to organize oraltistic oases.
"Tragically, as many as 9625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical."
GagPipe shoves us ever deeper into the satirical stew: Overeager, Canada Sends Smokescreen Over U.S. Before Canadian Invasion Plans Finished - Canada Also Discloses It Has Invaded U.S. 113 Times, But No One Has Noticed.
"Meanwhile, Stan Keyes, MP for Hamilton West, suggested Canadians use the ash cover to hide from Washington until relations return to normal. Godrey, however, argued such an effort was unnecessary. "We're in Canada," he said. "Most Americans can't find us now.""
Subtlety And Nuance Dead, Irony Wounded After Latest Sandler Release

I had to bring things back to seriousness, as I was listening to the CBC news and thought it was 22 Minutes! Thanks to Bellona Times I found Edwin Hutchins' Cognition in the Wild - introduction and chapter abstracts. Now the dogs and I will go for a walk in the bush.
"I therefore provide two readings of the history of cognitive science: a history as seen by the proponents of the currently dominant paradigm and a rereading of the history of cognitive science from a sociocultural perspective. The differences between these two readings highlight a number of problems in contemporary cognitive science and give new meanings to some of the familiar events in its history."

The birthplace of humanity will be marked not by bones, but by behavior. Behavior and the Chemistry of the Brain is Chapter 1 of Drugs, Brains and Behavior.
"We will attempt to develop an understanding of the interpenetration of brain, behavior, and environment. We will discuss the chemistry of behavior in both the literal sense of neurochemistry and the figurative sense of an analysis of the reactions with the environment."
Philip H. Farber, author of Author of Futureritual : Magick for the 21st Century, explores the use of entheogens in ritual. My view is that psychedelics may open one's psyche to potential abuse by those in charge of the prescribed procedure. Psychedelics and the Art of Ritual even contains a survey to conduct among your congregation.
"While the small size of the sampling and the bias involved in obtaining the sample hamper statistical and scientific accuracy, the responses do, strongly, argue for the case that, for certain people, psychedelics do have a positive and legitimate place in a variety of contemporary ritual practices."
A *Very* Brief History of Time begins sluggishly but quickly brings us to the cosmogonic loop wherein what's gone around never really left.
"The idea that the universe created itself brings a whole new meaning to bidirectional time, and thus to the idea that cognition may play a role in the creation of reality."
Many multi-dimensional mysteries mesmerize me. Today it feels like winter is just a theory! M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings is a very witty expose(eh) of who is tying the knot; and whatnot.
"Like a drinking straw seen at a distance, the membranes would look like strings when we curl the 11th dimension into a small circle."
The Pharmacratic Inquisition; chapter two of The Age of Entheogens & The Angels' Dictionary. This work brings a well researched historical context to our present anhedonia-by-decree.
"The Pharmacratic Inquisition was the answer of the Catholic Church to the embarrassing fact that it had taken all the religion out of religion, leaving an empty and hollow shell with no intrinsic value or attraction to humankind, which could only be maintained by hectoring, guilt-mongering and plain brute force."

Stuffed Animal Rights - The Revolution in the Politics of Plush is not a foaming diatribe by raggedy raging rasta-bears, but more of an axiological argument.
"It is regrettable that the organisers of this web site have allowed Yorick even to appear here, let alone to take first position. Re-hashing Berkeley's bizarre and utterly discredited theories will do nothing but bring disrepute on the whole stuffed animal movement.

Now we see that the basis of the claim for stuffed animal rights has nothing to do with the esoteric hypotheses of the Berkeleian buffoon, Yorick. Rather, these rights claims are rooted firmly in the socialisation of stuffed animals within human communities."
A further piece of fluff occupying no-space is the Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything.
"One can say that the Really Big Button doesn't do anything, but even that's not entirely true. I mean, it really doesn't do -anything-. It doesn't even doesn't do anything. I've seen things that do nothing before, but at least they actually do nothing; the button doesn't even do that. It just...it can't even be explained in words, really."
Virtually everyone I come into contact with is espousing some form of alternate therapies instead of, or to augment, qualified medical care. Heck, I take B complex and C vitamins even though my doctor said it wasn't neccessary since I do eat a well balanced diet; and don't have the money to pay for these things. FmH points to an article by Dr Michael Fitzpatrick in which he convincingly makes the case that we would do well to Put alternative medicine back in its box. I think, however, that meditation and yoga techniques could be taught under the umbrella of publicly funded health care.
"The failings of contemporary medical practice are best confronted from the rational basis of scientific medicine, not by a retreat into the mystical traditions of alternative health."
Diagram 1 may be almost 500k (three minutes on my 28.8 dinosaur) but is worthy of saving to show to any conspiracy-minded company you've gotten tired of entertaining. Should keep 'em goin' for hours. Be warned - they'll want a copy on disk...

Mark Emory Seeds has the largest selection of marijuana seeds in the world, with fast, efficient service you can rely on. We currently stock 529 strains from 32 seed companies from all over the globe to help you overgrow the government and put and end to marijuana prohibition.
"Early Girl: Mostly Indica. This is one of the earliest in our outdoor collection. Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. An ideal choice for your balcony. Height 1.5-2m Yield up to 250 gr. Harvest outdoor mid-September."

The Distant Sun thanks to context
"Locate the nearest swimming pool and dive in; feel the water's high heat capacity. A little physics can be refreshing ...."

The Nature of Bears - playing dead may get you that way!


As the ultimate planetary consumers we would do well to multi-task our purchases. Wacky Uses will provide hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products, by just clicking on a product! For instance: Combine your food and marinade ingredients in a Ziploc Storage Bag and refrigerate. So what am I supposed to do with my primo bud??
"Listerine helps kill the bacteria that cause perspiration odor. Dab it under your arms."
The Port Huron Statement in many ways embodied the dreams and aspirations of those of us that hatched as hippies and dissipated with the political wind as freaks. We are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit.

Well, we are now housed in the penthouses and warm air grates of a userous wont gone nuts, and we can look with far deeper discomfort to the inheritance we are passing to our younguns.

Since the "cowboy" coup accomplished by the elimination of Kennedy and King, the U.S.A. has been steadily headed down the fascist track; whose defining stations are Capital and Corruption.

For want of a nail, a shoe was lost
For want of a shoe, a horse was lost
For want of a horse, a rider was lost
For want of a rider, a message was lost
For want of a message, a battle was lost
For want of a battle, a kingdom was lost
All for want of a nail
- George Herbert (1593-1632)

...independence does not mean egotistic individualism, the object is not to have one's way so much as it is to have a way that is one's own.

Transgenic Gardening for Beginners is quite comprehensive, rounding out our understanding of which questions need to be addressed on an issue that cannot be returned to sender.
"If life on Earth constitutes a vast sea of slowly unravelling biochemical possibilities, which of those possibilities should never be realized, and why?"

Faster than a meme-spbreeding twelve-step cult, more effective than a bevy of pfizeractive presciptions, stronger than a triple espresso? Human Psychopharmacology of Hoasca, A Plant Hallucinogen Used in Ritual Context in Brazil
"Psychiatric diagnostic assessments revealed that although an appreciable percentage of our long-term hoasca-using subjects had had alcohol, depressive, or anxiety disorders prior to their initiation into the hoasca church, all disorders had remitted without recurrence after entry into the UDV."
Courtesy of The Albert Hoffman Foundation we can have our very own Questionnaire with which to quantify the psychedelic experience. Conduct your own neighborhood poll....
"One of the points of interest was whether there were significant differences in response to the LSD according to sex."
The bureaucratic-industrial mega-machine (Andre Gorz) must be understood before the insights required to create optimum flowspace will be; explicate. The Divergence Syndrome in Social Systems
"The divergence will take place in a space impregnated with values reflecting human visions of better life; wherever a new trajectory passes, it will "absorb" the seeded values. The exact path does not matter (moreover, in social complexity we are unable to predict the exact path); what matters is the ambience through which social processes flow."
July 1st, 2

Separatist, Para-military, Military, Intelligence, and Political Organizations Sometimes the Internet presence seems to be the organization itself, sometimes it seems to be nothing but advocacy for or against a cause by an individual or group, and sometimes it is very difficult to tell just what is going on. This page has made its way onto a number of lists of canonical information sources, and is used in training programs by the U.S. military and universities. ... what can I say...The Bloc Québécois??
"Cape Breton Liberation Army -- Seccession, violent if necessary, of Cape Breton from Nova Scotia. Really."
Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana - Report to the Director, National Institutes of Health, by the Ad Hoc Group of Experts
"The absorption or clearance of other drugs taken with marijuana may be slowed or hastened depending on timing and sequence of drug ingestion and past exposure. For example, ethanol consumed just after smoking a marijuana cigarette produces a much lower peak blood level than the same dose of ethanol taken an hour before marijuana smoking because THC slows gastric emptying time, thus slowing absorption of ethanol."
"The naivete of youth may be excusable. The naivete of adulthood, however, is chosen ignorance. Given the all-engulfing nature of corporate media, transcending such ignorance is today countermanded by and through deliberate media manipulation. Freedom of the press implies the freedom of press owners to publish anything they want -- not necessarily information for the critically thinking public, an endangered species in the USA today. "
Twelve Constellations of the Girdle of Gaia is but part of the Genesis of Eden Diversity Encyclopedia; an incredible project by Chris King - Mathematics Department, University of Auckland.
"Just as the twelve signs of the Zodiac - the Belt of Ishtar - are an arbitrary classification of the millions of stars in the galaxy into prominent configurations, so the diverse floral stars of the evolutionary process - the many psychoactive, medicinal and food plants are beyond number. Nevertheless, in human history there are a small number of constellations of sacred plants which, because of their great cultural significance, deserve to be treated as the fabled twelve-fold fruit of the Tree of Life."