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I can make no pretense to vegan tendencies. In fact as I write I'm experiencing a moose-drool, even though de-moose season is a couple of months away. Yet there is something distinctly distasteful conveyed by the word "Carnivore".

We, as omnivoric ethical 'greys', may prefer the techno-term DCS 1000, or perhaps the corporate-sounding DragonWare Suite. Any way we euphemize, the (FBI forced) effect is that we must each make the intensely personal decision as to whether to encrypt our correspondence - or, my solution, become so obtuse that any observation would reveal drivel beyond their meaning.

There does seem to be a similarity between the current server-worm-virus and the approach taken by law-enforcement and the military. Draw your own conclusions. How Carnivore Works
"As you can see, officials have not released much information about the DragonWare Suite, nothing about Packeteer and Coolminer and very little detailed information about Carnivore. But we do know that Carnivore is basically a packet sniffer, a technology that is quite common and has been around for a while."
How can one not wax poetic/philosophic when contemplating the cosmological realms:? Jamming with the Cosmos A Conversation with Dr. Fiorella Terenzi by Amara Graps.
"Fiorella Terenzi's method of guiding your experience of astronomy, in contrast, is to appeal directly to your emotions. To show you astronomy, she wishes to evoke your emotions first, then use your curiosity and thinking processes to carry you through the experience."
Jammin' is of course not only a modern pastime, and Sir Richard Burton, a polymath of the first order, performs a classical examination of PRIAPEIA sive diversorum poetarum in Priapum lusus - or - Sportive Epigrams on Priapus by divers poets in English verse and prose in which we discover Graeco-Roman sexualing. thanks to random walks
"The Bacchic mysteries and orgies are said to have been introduced from Southern Italy into Etruria, and thence to Rome. Originally they were celebrated only by women, but afterwards men were admitted..."
Envocation to Priapus
Ketamine (K) and Quantum Psychiatry
"The only psychedelic drug which can be used in medicine is ketamine, where it may be used to prevent pain in the body but is not licensed for the treatment of pain in the mind."
Not to be alarmist, nor to abjectly buy the scaremonger's wares, but I do think that the U.S. military may be engaged in ionospheric experiments of the most nefarious sort. HAARP - Vandalism in the Sky? provides highlights from the book Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, and leaves little doubt in my mind that the ballistic aspect of the "Star Wars" program is in fact a diversionary tactic. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more...)
"Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behaviour. Geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald - specialist in problems of warfare - says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth... In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period...'
Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behaviour and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1970
Personal income tax is an affront to democracy. We should be taxing the profiteers to the max, and thus transferring excesses to those who actually create wealth - the worker/parent/artist/caregiver; which after all is what we, the people, are. How the Income Tax Became a Tax on Labor
"In the midst of a heated controversy over taxes, the young Winston Churchill articulated a guiding principle. "Formerly the only question of the tax gatherer was, 'How much have you got?'" he told his fellow-MPs. "Now we also ask, 'How did you get it?'""
Let's see, attempting to buy methamphetamine (or in fact even writing about it) can land one in scalding legal water, but Monkey Tea (Standardized for 200mg Methyxanthine/caffeine) is quaintly quite quixotically statusquosher.
"A powerful green tea with legendary properties, the "Monkey Tea" as it is known to the indigenous people there, grows as a tall tree on high cliffs. Originally, it could only be accessed and picked by specially trained monkeys. Thus, the plant's unusual name. But it's only one of an exotic array of potent, natural ingredients in Monkeying Around that also includes Zallouh Root from the Middle East, Horny Goat Weed (that creates an image!) from Asia, and Maca Pure™ (huh??) from the Amazon rainforest."
By Maude Barlow
Chair, IFG Committee on the Globalization of Water
National Chair, Council of Canadians
"The wars of the next century will be about water."
The World Bank

I don't think that there can be much debate among intelligent people that each life is beyond value.

I squash mosquitos with only mild ethical discombobulation (and far too much swish!), spiders I have accepted as my home's clean-up crew, and Jesus!Murphy the cat provides both the ultimate in cuddle-ishousness as well as small-mammal-feline-terror.

I am not impervious to the relativity of worth. A mosquito, even proclaiming it's most gracious thanks for life-well-gleaned in my ear, is beyond tolerance. A mouse, cute as a button, is understood by my incredibly large brain as a carrier of dis-eases beyond tolerance. My cat and gods, though parasitic behavioristically, are symbiotically entrenched; and in fact probably provide more tolerance-example to me than any human.

Now, let's get this straight. I'm a man, a human, and a sentience. My feline and canines are sentient. My mosquitos are experiencing a death-sentience.
enjoy the cottage, eh

The Real Story Behind the Dismantling of The Canadian Welfare State
"The effect of globalization has been a massive transfer of wealth into the hands of the rich. In Canada, since 1979 real wages have fallen 5% overall and over 30% for new workers between 15 and 24 years old. In the U.S., official unemployment rates hide the fact that workfare and welfare rates that have been cut an average of 43% have pushed people into saturated labour markets where real wages have fallen 20% since 1975. The richest 1/5 of the world was 30 times richer than the poorest 1/5 in 1960 but 150 times richer in 1993 and according to the UN, 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day and in about 100 countries incomes today are lower than they were a decade or more ago."
(ed: as well, 5% of the U.S. workforce is incarcerated)

Entheogen Experiment
w h e r e t h e l i g h t s t a n d s a n d r e v e a l s i t s e l f i n o u r i m a g e

A compendium of essays, including Stan Grof's lsd & the cosmic game, this is a great place to explore - climb the cliffs of elian and the drug war, delve the dark recesses of right wing rhetoric, ruminate on the wild alchemist chronicles - you will indeed be feeling superior. Frabjous.
"They are unique tools for the exploration of the human mind and thus provide important keys to the understanding of existence. Some of the observations from psychedelic research are of such basic philosophical relevance that their systematic study would not only revolutionize psychiatry and psychology, but change the dominant scientific paradigms of our time, our model of reality and our understanding of human nature."
make the journey
from star to man,
across the immense desert
of the cosmos
to the lonely oasis
of the human soul.

Jam Echalon Day - October 21st 2001


This is the only time I will stoop to qualifying myself as licensed to opinionate (pride, shame). I do not believe that those qualified are neccessarily better equipped, either with knowledge, or more importantly with the moral wholeness to decide what their particular, specialized understanding means. After all, to qualify means to make less than whole. I worked in point-of-use and point-of-entry water treatment for a dozen or so years - now leave my journalistic integrity alone!.

Biological contaminants are rarely dangerous, and when they are can (usually) be fairly easily removed or disabled. Much is made of breakdowns in municipal sytems that have resulted in outbreaks of bacteriological disaster, and there truly is almost no excuse for these. Training, infrastructure and attention are the weak links in otherwise (passably) efficient treatment of most naturally occurring dangers.

Where we are in deep trouble is with manmade, unnatural contamination. We have no idea of the long-term effects on human and biospheric health, can in no way continue our industrial ways without worsening the problem, and cannot comprehend the cost of cleaning our own personal supplies of water, much less (much more - into the trillion$) of reclaiming of already fouled sources.

Perchlorate contaminates tap water, ...the tap water of at least 7 million Californians is contaminated with a chemical from rocket fuel.... In fact, virtually all of the world's population has been exposed to a literally mind-boggling array of chemicals. To best assay your own situation and solutions, start with the Training Guide to Water and it's Problems.
"We have applied the term "chemicals" to a host of toxic inorganic and organic contaminants. This is an incorrect term but has become so common that it forms the correct "mental" picture that we wish to portray."
A final drop of aqueous wisdom drips from the quill of David Morris, in a letter to The Carbohydrate Economy. Carbohydrates Could Solve the California Water Crisis
"Back in the 1970s the federal government banned leaded gasoline. The industry responded by giving us gasoline with very high levels of cancer-causing aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene). The 1990 Clean Air Act demanded a significant reduction in these chemicals, and the oil industry gave us MTBE.
In California, where MTBE constitutes over 11 percent of the gasoline, the chemical has been detected at 3180 groundwater sites."
Aiming at the attitudes and aspects that make us the people we are, Marvin Minski's essays are available in his webwomb; including a draft of his latest book The Emotion Machine. (scroll down a bit)
"Indeed, when you come right down to it, all our attachments are made to fictions."
stone soup computing - SciAm


Treat breathing and circulation problems; and maintain an erect posture too! Viagra treats heart and lung disease
"These results should stimulate much needed research in this area."
I'll keep repeating the sort'amantra: "it's always darkest before the dawn", and just maybe the American leadership will have a sunrise satori. Bush to Raise 'Private Army' in Drugs War - Back-door military escalation in Andes (thanks Sri Fred:)
"The new legislation would allow the companies to purchase weapons and ammunition for use in the Andean region for 'defensive purposes', a definition, say critics, open to widespread abuse."
Substance P (yeah, it's got a cool ring to it - "...got any substance P, man?"), has quite a history as A Modulator of Inflammation, and perhaps a promising future as antidepressant and anxiolytic. Remarkably, Six Easier Pieces*: Discovering the 3D structure of Substance P, using only free internet tools., makes it all perfectly clear. uh huh
"The structure of the common neurotransmitters have been published on the world wide web, the exception being the subject of this short note, the tachykinin called Substance P."
Andrew Nathan Wilner, MD, Uncovering Clues to the Neurobiologic Basis of Emotion and Consciousness - uh, can I get you a drink?
"Although the brain performs a vast number of neuronal computations, few result in conscious awareness, Dr. Mazziotta said. A recent imaging study suggested that visual awareness is the result of subconscious computations."

A must-read book review, Globalism: Dictatorship of Capital was brought to my attention by the equally must-read BookNotes.
"Despite its (few) warts, Professor Gray's "False Dawn" signals a new dawn in discovery of the enormous crime which the global bankers and their political accomplices have perpetrated upon the peoples of the world. Such awareness may help eradicate future crimes against humanity before the "High Cabal" destroy more humanity than they already have in the 20th century - nearly 200 million people and counting, according to R.J. Rummel, a University of Hawaii professor."
ghost rocket expresses extreme angst, that I think defines in a significant, poignant, and eerily precise way why I live where I do.

I blog because I hope that if enough people are exposed to points of view that expand consciousness the attended world, there is hope we can transcend our current folly. Thus, the accumulated weight of the community of blogness is a force of transmemetic nature that may even make a massive difference.

I live in the northern vastness because I'm hedging my bets; and this is a great place for dogs!

In what way is the war on some drugs not a genocide? answer: none
The Holocaust in Comparative and Historical Perspective
"By definition, therefore, the concept of genocide only applies to those who a regime has killed by virtue of their membership in a distinct group. For such killing to take place, therefore, a group as such must be singled out for the killing. And it (is) hardly conceivable that, as in war, such killing would not be preceded by a media blitz dehumanizing and demonizing the group and its members."

It feels like a major temporal regression to cite an article from '96 - sufficient I suppose to show that the pace of change is causing a compression in the idea-cycle and expansion in the idea-sphere. I don't think one needs to look any further for proof that we are immersed in a singularity flow.

Peter Lamborn Wilson (ed. Geert Lovink, Ted Byfield) gives us a timeless yet succinct thesis that embodies sense. Neurospace - Tracing the origin of the psychoactive experience through the development of agriculture, the rise of technology, and out through cyberspace and virtual reality...
"So the entheogenic version of this knowing, however, implies enlarging the definition of the body to include neurospace, while the cybernetic version implies the disappearance of the body into information, the downloading of the consciousness. These are perhaps both absurd extremes, images rather than political situations; they are also potent myths, powerful images. We need a politique here - not an ideology but an active cognizance of actually persisting situations, as clearly as we can grasp them in our jacked-in or stoned condition. We need a strategic sense of where to apply the nudges of our material art, the little martial Zen moves, whereby even a weak person can win a battle."
Wonder I do, not in an amazed way but rather a shake-me-'ead sadness wonder, why the diversity of wonderful (as in amazing, trans-anthropomorphic, even practical) visions that are apparently being created at an exponentially increasing rate rarely if ever inform the psyche-realm of those who would govern? Less Spending, More Security - A Practical Plan to Reduce World Military Spending is short (so even a Bush could grok it) and yet comprehensive (so we could Gorify it with adequate tedium).
"It is true that world military spending has declined in real terms by 31 percent since the high of $1.26 trillion in 1987, the height of the Cold War. However, 80 percent of this decline came from the sharp drop in spending by former Warsaw Pact nations. Despite the end of the Cold War, developed nations other than those of the former Warsaw Pact spend only 10 percent less than they did in 1987."
Pierre Lemieux writes a very even-handed overview of The Transparent Society - and shows that those of even the most centrist, banal nature can see clearly Why Privacy Is Important .
"Privacy makes information more costly to obtain by mischievous individuals, common criminals, or the state; therefore, it makes control more difficult to exert. The cost of information, surveillance and control needs to be increased, especially for the state, and especially for the kind of monstrous states that we have."
Deconstructing panoptic sensibilities, Tim Gilman waxes eloquent On Being Invisible.
"Cognitive dissonance is the indicator that our paradigms, or the ways we see ourselves in relation to the rest of the world, are about to change."
I think that certain federal agencies doing clandestine work in controversial areas would appreciate the (media-directed) distraction of things like the G8, eh? Paramilitaries Abduct Ten Youths from Juvenile Prison (and lots of other unplugged stories)
"Ten youths between the ages of 12 and 18 were abducted during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday from a juvenile prison in Villavicencio, administrative centre of the department of Meta (around 50km south-east of Bogotà, Colombia). According to police, the abductors are paramilitaries of the AUC (Colombian Self-Defence Forces). The abduction took place during the celebrations for the victory of the Colombian national football team against Chile in the America Cup match played in Barranquilla. Local observers commented that the characteristics of the abduction lead (us) to believe that it was a recruitment operation of the AUC."
the price of freedom - buried in the ground

I had today's entries otherwise arranged and mostly written when I decided to cut/upload an addendum to (yes)today's entry, and then paste back the "work" done for later addition. Well!!, didn't I copy over that clipboard entry in a fit of creamessivity! So, today is a total rewrite; and many well refined words disappeared into the void. I must not avoid the void, however, as that's where it all comes from in the first place.

I didn't plan on starting here, but From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials offers an off-the-wall trip through a hall of mirrors that isolationist Russia spawned.
"As we see, the economy of abstract defense interpenetrated many layers of Soviet society before this geopolitical monster perished. It came a long way from the microparadigm of singular vulnerability of the human system in the mid '20s to the macrolevel of antiepistemology and multipolarity of the '90s. The foundations of the micro paradigm, I guess, we can find in Kazamalli's Theory of Cerebroradiation Reflex, that he discovered in 1912."
A fabulous find, Alphonso Johnson's Master Class Workshop is going to expand my ability beyond blues guitar (at an intermediate level) to include the bass grokness.
"Beginner Group
In this class we will concentrate on learning two skills: Reading chord changes in basic 12 bar blues form and Playing eighth not grooves. The focus will be on learning to apply these skills during the performance of two songs:
"The Thrill Is Gone" by B.B. King & "Every Breath You Take" by Sting"
wood s lot is a most profligate blog of the first water, and today aptly pointed me to a Globe and Mail article that refreshes my hope; and cynicism, and misanthropic laughter...aren't you glad you can't hear me right now...: Free us from this reefer madness.
"As a criminal enterprise, it was charmingly matter-of-fact, and that is the point. The Dutch simply stopped enforcing the law on marijuana long ago, and Dutch society seems to be the better for it."

The ever erudite David Chess has done the kindness of redirecting lovely readers to my new and ever-so-groovy site (graciously hosted by the inimitable Dr. Menlo), and in the process led me to a slashdot repartee of indubitable quality. I laughed, I cried, I started a bomb shelter...Losing Track of Nuclear Materials
"This is exactly why I, dictator of a small island country, instruct my military to get all our nuclear bomb-related software from Freshmeat. You don't know adrenaline til you guide a nuclear missile with gnuke 0.913 (unstable)."
...today's news report totally pissed me off!
Americans be warned, we Canadians will fight for our autonomous, national, and poly-cultural right to self-determination.

George Bush Jr. wants Canadian water to be bulk-shipped (piped) to the dry south. Ain't gonna happen.

The DEA would like to police beyond the border, especially into British Columbia, in order to curtail the provision of primo bud to the insatiable American appetite. Our RCMP may co-operate to some degree, but DEA/NSA wiretapping is stretching our ability to tolerate.

Our energy, while gladly sold to the highest (oh dear) bidder, is not an American right. Fort Drum (oddly close to our capital Ottawa) notwithstanding.

The age of American hegemony is over. Get used to it, my dears. The 21st century belongs to Europe, Australia-NZ, Canada, Russia, China. If America does not get on board the humanist ship of tolerance and inclusivity, they will indeed need a defense shield - not of anti-icbm 'smart' rockets, but rather an AI-driven shut-down of receivable information; which is of course ludicrous.

Freedom cannot be contained. If the U.S. wants to keep it's citizens out of the Gaian loop they would have to become the world's most isolationist country.

Money can't buy love, so y'all may have palm pilots and hand guns coming out your kevlar vests, but continue to exhibit about as much global sense as the exEaster Islanders; and garner no respect from the ROW (rest of the world).

Growing up is always a challenge, and this past stolen election should provide the American people with the adolescent wake up call that they are a democracy in transition. The rejection of the Kyoto Accord, the abject dismissal of arms treaties, the infantile attempts to bring the ROW into their insane attempts at selfprotection - these are all indicators of a country familliar with the role of schoolyard bully.

We'll give you a detention and, if you complain, expell you from the global concensus until you agree to play by the rules. What'ya gonna do, bomb us? Hey, would you destroy your source of primo bud....

William Fields is a musically inclined blogger who has me envious of his keyboards (hey, I've got a CTK-611 - it's cool). Anyhooch, he led me to a place of contact, where the capitalist metameme is infecting perhaps the last population of real homo sapiens sapiens. (We in the "developed" world are homo developus userous) Ladakh - Helping a culture choose its future is a fabulous article that well demonstrates the abject impossibility of not having an effect, while still being attentively ethical.
"The modernization that was occurring and in some ways raising the standard of living there was based on a conventional western development model, primarily based on fossil fuels. This creates centralization and urbanization and destroys some of their traditional culture. So one of the first concrete things that I helped to do was to introduce solar energy as an alternative, to show that with very simple means, the sun could be used effectively to help raise the standard of living."
yeah, get an atlas

So as to completely go round the ethnobotanical bend before I return to the main boulevard of what is taken for common consensual consciousness, I would like to mention that cannabis is the worlds premiere medication. More reefer in a mo', but first some really interesting Pharmaceutical Biology abstracts; including Herbal Ethnomedicine Of The Gwalior Forest Division In Madhya Pradesh, India. Drop forest fare, not Pfizer pfare.
"Ethnomedicinal studies carried out in the Gwalior Forest Division, Madhya Pradesh, India, led to interesting therapeutic applications of 102 plant species.(!!)"
Unlike mainstream news media, or even any kind of polite society chat, we are actually, really, talking about our psychespheric future. Brave New World or Island - The World Must Decide is a talk by Ram Dass. Be scared, be very afraid, and then let go and LET IT BE.; there is no hope; yet hope is all there is - and love is all you need.
"We think in terms of vast numbers because we bought Ford's mind. But the game is one by one by one by one."
As promised, though reluctantly produced since any of you reading this are already of the perconverted sort, and so are in some way not wearthy, here is the conundrumetic essay Reefer Gladness. Let's all move to Bristol.
"Gore's old friend and colleague, John Warnecke, says that he and Gore, "smoked regularly, as buddies. Marijuana, hash. I was his regular supplier."
Don't look back, envision the future...Hemp B.C.
"I am transported to wonderland. I walk in streets where gold is dirt, and I have no desire to gather it. I wonder whether it is worthwhile to explore the canals of Mars, or rock myself on the rings of Saturn, but before I can decide, a thousand other fancies enter my excited brain."
- Victor Robinson: Essay on Hashish, 1912 -

Well, here we go again folks. As the American penal system has reached a point of cancerous ontogeny (the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, no less), we are faced with a propagating panopticon. What better way to keep the goal sic going...? Floridans Protest Street Cameras
"Wearing masks and making obscene gestures at police cameras, about 100 people protested a new security system that scans faces in the city's crime-ridden nightlife district to search for wanted persons."
It is possible that for re-cognition of our humane nature, and so a sane explicatication of grace rather than the insane implications of our current zeitgeist, a mass innoculation for neuro-fluenza Buy will be needed. No need to wait for the lineups when we have Michael S Smith's List of Narcotic and Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World.
Ariocarpus agavoides "This peyote is known to local inhabitants as "magueyitos" (little agaves) and sometimes collected and eaten by children for their sweet taste."
contains: N,N-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenethylamine
If you cashed out your internet stock in fortuitous time, then Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Medicinal Plants - (Second Edition) may attract investment. Published: September, 1999. Approximately 1135 pp. Price $218.00 (Includes shipping worldwide)
"Drawing on biosynthetic relationships, the book describes both the primary and secondary classes of metabolites and the drugs from which they originate. Phytochemical generalities, distribution, biosynthesis, extraction and quantitation method, and biological spects are developed for each class. All raw materials are meticulously detailed giving origin, identity, production, composition, uses processing and optimization. The result is a considerable amount of botanical, chemical, analytical, pharmacological, and therapeutic data gathered into this truly comprehensive compilation."
What I would like to know is how our elected governments got the right to stand between humans and nature? In fact, since we are of nature, surely this kind of induced partial Gaiabortion is in large measure to blame for our internal and cultural disconnection from sense - after all sense is common, and natural.
an overview of an extraordinary healing plant

tryp on life


Might the Gods be Alkaloids is an exploration of the forests within and without. Santo Daime provides a highly interesting counterpoint to our alcohol infused culture.
"The thesis that we have elaborated through our exposition is that human self-consciousness owes a great deal to our ancestors' contact with entheogenous plants. From this symbiosis with the cosmic intelligence of the plant mind, man strengthened his ego and risked venturing even further in search of himself."
Huston Smith, Ph.D. is interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D, and provides a doctorally profound yet eminently readable exposition on The Psychology of Religious Experience. An active participant in the dynamic flow that enveloped the cognitive shift of the sixties, as so well elucidated by Huxley, Watts and Leary, Dr. Smith is a living legacy and transtemporal eminence.
"Well, shamanism is immensely fascinating, and extremely important in the history of religion. But sanctity one does not associate with shamans. They have immense power, and it can be misused as well as used. I think on balance it's been used. So I value them, but they're neither -- what shall I say? -- saints nor philosophers."
Refreshingly updated since my last visit, The Hedonist Imperative - Heaven on Earth is really stating the spiritual opposite of the Buddha's observation that life is suffering, and replacing it with the transhuman perception that happiness is possible, desirable and soon, actual.
"Try summoning up the most delightful fantasy you can imagine. Try and imagine, too, feeling more blissfully fulfilled in pursuing whatever you love and value than you've ever felt before.
Unfortunately it's quite futile. We run such simulations on legacy wetware. Even the most virile imagination today glimpses only a shadow of the biological nirvana awaiting our descendants."
I'm sure you can get a deal on ordering both units!
GenitalDrive(tm) model M (male) and GenitalDrive(tm) model F (female)
"FuckU-FuckMe(tm) for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT provides the most complete remote sex solution for the Internet and corporate intranet."

I was once given the koan "dare to be average". I rejected this as beyond sense and yet it has stuck in my craw all these years. Now it can stick in yours. Steve Mizrach pens A Critique of Sociobiology as a 'Rational Superstition' and ultimately rejects the premise of genetically determined trans-averageness.
"The social factors in the genesis, reception, and evaluation of genius are ignored. The idea that genius is inheritable is another 'modernization' of a folk belief, that creativity runs in families and reappears in intermittent generations."
Before boiling my brain with boggling branches of belief, I thought I'd take a side-step outside. The Masque of the Heat Death by David Krieger is a short-short story set a long-long time from now.
"On the last night of the world, the gods decreed for themselves a revel, a final masquerade in which they took on their long-discarded human forms and spent themselves in orgiastic and drunken festivity. It was a wake for spacetime itself."
Mark S. Miller provides proverbs to ponder, and the rest of his site has much to munch.
"Some ask "Can humans create intelligent machines?" In fact, humans do it all the time. The question needs to be "Since it's possible in the bedroom, why shouldn't it be possible in the laboratory?""
Where else could I go from there but The World in 2050? A view back from the future by Nick Bostrom shows that the climate may be chillier than we suppose.
"Without the steadily improving global surveillance network, some terrorist group or scientifically-literate madman might long ago have made their own nanotech assembler and manufactured a "virus" that could have destroyed the biosphere and eradicated intelligent life from this planet."
thanks to Sasha Chislenko

It seems to me that we have a funadamental conundrum at play - technologically, ideationally, we appear headed toward a singularity-type exponentiality, while those who have control are most unlikely to support such a transhuman movement toward true freedom. As these competing interests, the first being the explication of human evolutionary endeavor, the latter the maintenance of an enforcable order, when these come to excruciatingly exact opposition we can expect hell; or heaven.

Framing the boundaries of this quickly building crescendo are two seminal essays - Raymond Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near makes a succinct and graphically intense case for the inevitability of our rise to extraordinary possibility. William Cooper makes a similarly convincing argument with Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars that human enslavement at the hands of "the elite" will continue.
"Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping."
thanks to The Hotsy Totsy Club and Unknown News for the pointers
Although fluency in Italian would help (and despite my name, no, I'm not), the summary of Two philosophers debate. Collective intelligence and connective intelligence: some reflections, with Pierre Levy raises some cogent points.
"the right to privacy has been acquired with our blood over centuries of struggle and must not be abandoned"
De Kerckhove
A more comprehensive essay by Levy, though dated B.W., is in English. Toward Superlanguage
"Like some participants in the demonstrations of this end of the century who have shouted in the streets: we are the people, we will also be able to pronounce a somewhat bizarre phrase, a phrase that will resound with the totality of its significance when our bodies of knowledge will inhabit the cyberspace: we are the text. And our freedom will be greater the more we become the living text."
Tim Leary puts the reflective counterpoint into simbo-harmonious medley. Or, something like that...The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos.
"Given the ease of copying computer-stored information, it should be possible to exist simultaneously in many forms. Running independently and cloned at each branch point, intelligence would persist in each of these forms. Where the "I's" are in this situation is a matter for high-tech pagans and digital philosophers."

Not being blessed with mammary glands of my own, I can't imagine what must go through a mother's mind upon realizing that her precious fluid gift may be Monsantized. The Mystery in Your Milk is actually about Fox and Megacorp's collusion to force feed us BGH (and it's breakdown products) despite evidence that there are dangers. Pretty soon our mums will need a reverse osmosis breast-milk filter.
"This is the first time that the script that got the reporters in trouble has appeared in print."
For a roundup (erk) of pesty risks to our young citizens, the Latest Children's Health News is an EPA production.
"Lead poisoning continues to pose the most serious environmental health hazard to children in the United States, scientists say."
Our endocrine system is the internet of our selves, but we have tapped the the line and are inserting nonsense. Endocrine Disruption: Emerging Threats, by Michael Smolen.
"We must also realize that every animal on earth, including humans, is literally awash in synthetic chemicals that have not been rigorously tested for their ability to disrupt endocrine systems."
I just knew it! Alaskan test sites could serve as rudimentary missile defense. This maddness is starting to hit close to home (explode overhead?).
"The Alaskan test sites would allow tests of missile defenses against target missiles traveling on a more realistic (ed. huh??, ya mean Russia?, China?) trajectory across the Pacific toward the continental United States."
As things threaten to get stranger and more focused aloft, Anthony Eccles demonstrates the high naval art of Turning UFOs into IFOs. I culled that scrap from Wide Area Surveillance Space Systems, a sight for war eyes.
"The article goes on to say that Ted Molczan, a satellite orbit expert based in Toronto had figured out what the three lights were...they were NOSS, and there was not just one set but there were actually three sets of satellites travelling in formation. They were code named Parcae, after the three daughters of Zeus, and were a part of the US Navy's spaceborne electronic intelligence system (ELINT). NOSS was the name given to these satellites by non military satellite specialists and stood for Naval Ocean Surveillance System. Until 1996, the US Government had denied all..."

Higher elevations in plague warning
lsd and mountainous appeal may not scree

Who are the The Tomorrow People? Well, whatever your psychephilo bent, ya have to appreciate the holistic delineator techno-economic transcendentalism . Perhaps any way we attempt to grok, it will leave us in a de-peronalized, de-animalized, perhaps utterly defeeled, faux-world of ideational exquitsiteness married to a countercultural past. Where that puts me is in question, though the Edginess is not.
"In this view Schwartz and his organisation are not 'objective' futurists, but proponents of a particular free-market libertarian political position which has the not-coincidental effect of reinforcing America's global hegemony."
A problem I often run into, and many fellow bloggers I'm sure, is that I'll be led to fine piece of inspirational information, mark it to return, yet totally forget the kind soul that led me transpersonally, serendipitously, to this nugget of my cognitive brick. Such is my conundrum with Noam Chomsky Between the Human and Natural Sciences, a fabulous essay of indubitable quality, perhaps dubitable estheology, but abjectly receptive blogology.
"A linguist and a zoologist may work in Nepal side by side, studying respectively a rare language and an almost extinct species. In all these cases, degrees of abstraction vary but "to complain of bare bones is like criticizing the physicist for failing to capture the richness of the rain forest"".
The proper application of our mechano-techno-phallic abilities is best put to defence. Canada's Asteroid Protection Plan (we Canucks are a world ahead, y'know; but this is the only time you'll ever read this because admitting it would put our tolerant and multicultural society at risk - we can only be free anonymously...especially in such close quarters with gaia's main threat). Intelligence ahead of intelligence.
"An orbiting asteroid search would be more effective at detecting a class of Earth-threatening asteroids named Atens, which spend much of their time inside Earth's orbit, and thus closer to the sun and in daylit skies."
all ya need is love, and a good telescope

Dear Reader Zac recently reminded me of one of our own war criminals (and we all have a responsibility to own him), who indeed sports The Face of a Murderer.
"In addition to aiding and abetting Pinochet in his takeover of Chile, Kissenger has many other deaths and crimes on his hands."

I am not you

In a couple of articles that make my hair curl, CorpWatch turns the blower on corporate style gone mad. DynCorp In Colombia: Outsourcing the Drug War and Toxic Drift: Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia are ample proof of what we may look forward to in a Corporatized Gaiasphere.
"Like the old English "privateer" pirates of the Caribbean five hundred years ago, sailing under no national flag - robbing and plundering Latin America's riches for the English Crown, Washington now employs hundreds of contract employees through U.S. corporations to carry out its policies in Colombia and other countries."

"They had said that by using satellite images they could hit very precisely targets without any chance of danger to surrounding crops" said Jim Farrell, Wellstone's spokesperson, who was also there. However that turned out not to be the case. "On the very first flyover by the cropduster, the U.S. Senator, the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, the Lieutenant Colonel of the Colombian National Police, and other Embassy and congressional staffers were fully doused -- drenched, in fact -- with the sticky, possibly dangerous (herbicide) Roundup."
In a classic from 1970, Gore Vidal states the obvious: Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana . Subtitled In the Long Run It Would Save Lives And End Hypocrisy, what more can be said - thirty years on and the toll yet grows.
"Will anything sensible be done? Of course not. The American people are as devoted to the idea of sin and its punishment as they are to making money--and fighting drugs is nearly as big a business as pushing them."
Bruce Sterling 2001 - The State of the Future was an email 'conference' that attempted to contain gotterdammerungs, a Big Weird Object, and a kraken in every grain of sand.
"I'd guess that's part of a genuine generation gap; not that you do something different than your parents, but that you do something that truly and irretrievably baffles them."
Rediscovered again, I am entranced into re-reading The Man Who Turned on the World, by Michael Hollingshead. Twist a number, grab a glass of privino, Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel, perhaps a smidgen of Vivaldi and Mozart on the music dispersement system of your choice, and set yourself down for an evening's soujourn through one of the great stories of this, or any, century.
" 'I think we're beginning to develop new capacities just in order to be able to save the world from our trips—you know, pollution, etc.—if for nothing else. Just for survival. The biological news is that in 100 years from now life on earth is finished, so what has to happen is this organism has to adapt real quick and develop new capacities to stem this flow, to maybe head it off somehow. In this scheme of things, politics and all those things belong to the past. They're meaningless, going down the drain.' "

It is always good to be reminded that for every great mediaposed talent there are a hundred others making it happen. Introduce yourself to The Blacklisted Journalist and find out how he introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles, and the Beatles to marijuana at that first meeting.
"We kept laughing at one another's laughter until every one of us had been laughed at. There also came a certain point when Paul realized he was really thinking for the first time in his life and he also realized that this was a great occasion. He told Mal to get a pad and a pen and to write down everything he said. From then on, Mal followed Paul through the rooms of the suite, writing down everything Paul said, but I never learned what happened to Mal's notes."
preaddum inquisitoria - caveat emptor
Getting a grip on what went wrong
"It was then that I began to look into the seams of your doctrine. I wanted only to pick at a single knot; but when I had got that undone, the whole thing raveled out."
Henrik Ibsen
Philip Colangelo pries loose some crumbs of truth from the obfuscation of interminable bureaucracy. To help us fully comprehend the depth to which we as a culture have filled our wading pool of democracy with murky ethical sludge, we are led into The Secret FISA Court - Rubber Stamping on Rights.
"Seven judges on a secret court have authorized all but one of over 7,500 requests to spy in the name of National Security. They meet in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. Those spied on may never know of the intrusion."
Timeline of Important Dates in the History of Electromagnetic Technology and Mind Control by Cheryl Welsh is a comprehensive roundup of our journey into the rarified aether of anitsocial weaponry.
From USAF Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, Ancillary Volume, p89. :
"One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set."
Weapons of Mass Destruction -The Emerging Threat Posed by Non-State Proliferation is from the horses mouth in the persona of James K. Campbell, Commander, U.S. Navy. Slightly dated, this is nevertheless a primiere (sic) piece of information that brings the jellyfish of our true intention to the surface of our turbid pool - c'mon in, the stingin's fine.
"The change in the characterization of terrorism may be indicative of a new era, one in which the traditional, 'constrained' terrorist of the twentieth century is supplanted by the ultra-violent 'post-modern terrorist' of the twenty-first century. Post-modern because of the manner in which they employ advanced technology, and anonymity, to conduct destructive acts traditionally viewed as disproportionate to their goals."
to Menwith, with love

With a title like The Reasons for the Unexpected Difficulties of Modern Life one might expect stodginess, but is instead greeted with the warmth of a personal letter combined with the precision of a great essay. Nancy Owlglass eyes the memetic prey (We think of ourselves as hybrid genetic/memetic organisms), (How can we avoid a future as slaves to a memetic hive?) and delivers the quiet, deadly end.
"I'd like to think the Buddhists were on to something with their denial of the reality or importance of the ego/soul and their skepticism towards words and symbols. On the other hand, there's no meme-hive quite so stunningly illustrative as, say, a Zen monastery."
On Peace, Love, Dancing, and Drugs , A sociological analysis of rave culture accomplishes the no-mean-feat of keeping the pathological out of the sociology. Humans have been raving since we discovered how to control fire; that which burns within and that which warms without.
"It also demands a "yoga" of chaos, a project of "higher" orderings (of consciousness or simply of life) which are approached by "surfing the wave-front of chaos," of complex dynamism."
Responding to an invitation to write an article for The New York Times, Hugo de Garis paints the line on the playing field of artificial intelligence. Building Gods, or Building our Potential Exterminators did not see the ink of print, but should've..censurial decision. Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis is yet another victim of economic vaporization with the bankruptcy of Starlab's Artificial Brain Project. This retreat of funds from the advancing tide of machine intelligence may mark a significant slowdown of Moore's Extrapolation. Turing, anyone?
"Extrapolating up the graph until late 21st century, with 21st century weapons, we arrive at billions of dead - "gigadeath". So which am I, a Cosmist or a Terran? I'm both."
who is watching whom?

Looking eagerly forward to a penultimate change of domain for abuddhas memes, and freedom from the pop-up inadnity - Dr. Menlo.com has offered to perform a webkindness of the first water - details to follow...

I believe it was Dr. Menlo who mentioned (tucked away in an archive ...) that Sri Einstein had proposed that adopting a vegetarian diet is the single most important decision an individual can make to help the planet. To help those of us living amid moose munching madness is Simplicity vs. Complexity in Diet: Where Do We Find Truth? The culinary art of butchering science.
"Others who have long seen the headlights of science coming have kept busy constructing convoluted dietary "proofs" not seen anywhere in the halls of science, to justify the jungle diets of apes for savannah-dwelling humans. Compatriots point others to the proofs in justification for their diets while admitting they can't really follow the reasoning themselves. And at the same time the chef concocting the proofs is chopping, dismembering, and transforming the meaty research of science into a fruity-smelling salad of no-longer-recognizable ingredients that even most of their invited guests find hard to chew on, the real scientists whose research they are butchering up for others are labeled hacks."
Follow Me Here put me squarely in contact with a subject of abject consequence: matters of hospice care, carneterminal immersion (Chemotherapy may be overused at the end of life).
"Many are concerned with the quality of end of life care and specifically that patients should not be overtreated with ineffective therapies that won't improve their quality of life."
If adreneline withdrawal is a problem after the Stanley Cup, Faceoff.com is a fine occasional top-up of hockey stimuli. Or just plain disgust!
"...P.T. signed to a five-year deal worth a reported $32.5 million. ... The Avs, helped by the $5.5-million freed up by the retirement of defenceman Ray Bourque..."
All Blacks Philosophical After Test Match Defeat
"When pressed for an explanation of his statement, Blackadder - drawing heavily on the philosophy of Jacques Derrida - replied "Well, mate, an explanation is troublesome. You see, I deny the very capacity of the post-match interview to connect to a fixed reality, or to unveil definitive truth." Blackadder added, "There is nothing outside of the match." "
With equal aplomb, and a comedic bomb (not!), Kumara (real fine, y'know what I mean, eh, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) fills us in (eww) on ... Density Christian Life Community Fellowship.
"Pastor Brian Tamariki offered his two virgin daughters (11 & 6yrs) to the Sodomites as "righteous alternatives"."
al  ya knead is vulva....
July 1st, 2001

In many ways this week is a continental New Year's Day. Our Canada Day, and the American Cousin's Independence Day both are reminders of the deep commitment of those, albeit with expansionist mores, who laid claim to this vast land with an idea of freedom; a freedom that lay beyond that of Nationality, or Fealty, or Patrimony or Deity.

In fact a cosmological disentanglement from the excesses of both oligarchical and star power is exactly what our founding drunks, I mean Fathers, were after. After all, these wonderful forethinking demigogues, sitting around with primo reefer and high class vino, decent weather and a whole mass of indigenous wealth to exploit were, well, high on life. May we now look to the future, folks... Excerpts from Powers and Prospects - Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order
"So, my Quaker friends and colleagues in disrupting illegitimate authority adopt the slogan: "Speak truth to power." I strongly disagree. The audience is entirely wrong, and the effort hardly more than a form of self-indulgence. It is a waste of time and a pointless pursuit to speak truth to Henry Kissinger, or the CEO of General Motors, or others who exercise power in coercive institutions -- truths that they already know well enough, for the most part."