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July's Jaunty Jubilees
...from page 249 of The Anthropic Cosmological Principle by John Barrow and Frank Tipler:

"In a randomly infinite Universe, any event occurring here and now with finite probability must be occurring simultaneously at an infinite number of other sites in the Universe. It is hard to evaluate this idea any further, but one thing is certain: if it is true then it is certainly not original!"

Psychedelics and the Chaos Revolution by Ralph H. Abraham provides unique insight into how entheogenic reintegration informs research at the edge.
"Seven times eight is business practice, and mathematics is when you jump in the pool in the sunshine, and there's a pattern of light and dark on the bottom of the pool."
Stepping ahead a few years to '94, Douglas Rushkoff's Cyberia, Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace (caution, whole book, 477k on one page) is seminal; yeastily awaiting psychedelic-informed wetware.
"When I was a freshman in college,'' he carefully removes the wires from the back of his invention, "I would take psychedelics and sit by myself for a whole day. What I arrived at was that cosmic consciousness was a completely normal thing that one day everyone would arrive at, if they would just sit and think clearly."
Dan Kottke
Ever closer to present attention Alan G Carter and Colston Sanger detail Some Weird Stuff. This is an amazing realm that includes such pellucid Homo Noeticae as Richard Feynman, Teilhard de Chardin, Vernor Vinge and the below quoted GSB, as well as questions on all our minds like (erk) What went wrong with game theory?
"In all mathematics it becomes apparent, at some stage, that we have for some time been following a rule without being consciously aware of the fact. This might be described as the use of a covert convention. A recognisable aspect of the advancement of mathematics consists of the advancement of the consciousness of what we are doing, whereby the covert becomes overt. Mathematics is in this respect psychedelic."
George Spencer-Brown

We in North America suffer from an acute case of mass cultural amnesia when it comes to our reasons for independence from Europe in the first place, and the subsequent proto-armegeddon(s) in defense of those reasons. We did not fight for the rights of businesses or organizations, but for those of the individual.
We lost.

Manifesto in Hypertext boosts my morale significantly, bringing me Zen-like 'back to one'. My meaning is clear, "their" meanies far from it. Dr. Menlo is a 'blogger as well as a great writer.
"This is the newest--and it will be the greatest--nonviolent truly global revolution there ever was. (The people, anyway, would like for it to be nonviolent. The American/global police state has other ideas.)"
Perhaps a major lapse in sense, correlation between content and context, is a factor in our cultural double-bind. Schizophrenia and the Family II: Paradox and Absurdity in Human Communication Reconsidered points out that we are impelled To be and not to be.
"It was hypothesized that the consequence of prolonged exposure to double bind is that people gradually learn to perceive their universe in double bind patterns, and act on their environment as if every input from the environment is contradictory."
I think this essay provides what I need to completely shake my disthymia and regain my cosmanity. On the Nature of Consciousness: a Scientific Hypothesis by Wim Rietdijk, D.Sci. argues that consciousness is inherent, fundamental, integrated, non-local, and intentional.
"Wouldn't it be strange if the world were coherent up to magnificence, but too "vacuous" - unconscious - to realize it and to have wanted it so?"

The positively vibrant pages of YES! bring us an article by Jean Houston that suggests that rather than dehumanizing or consumerizing us, we can see the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born. cyber consciousness
"Resonance has become more important than relevance, and we are starting to believe that reality is a tissue of interrelated stories. Cyberspace is changing our worldview. Discreet forms break down, and everything is known to be linked."
My esteemed colleague over at evacuate & flush lent me a lead which lead to How to Catch Insanity from Your Kids (Among Others); or, Histoire naturelle de l'infame. This is a concise and well voiced review of Explaining Culture, A Naturalistic Approach by Dan Sperber, who points to the opportunity ...to recover a Darwinian-Jamesian-Dawkinsian theory, complete with memes, by treating as equivalent all representations within the same basin of attraction....

Although I have an intrinsic revulsion of pronunciamento, The Manifesto of January 3, 2000 has much to offer in the way of insights.
"The rapidly approaching millennium offers a unique cultural opportunity. After many years of cut-and-paste, appropriation, detournement and neo-retro ahistoricality, postmodernity is about to end. Immediately after the end of the fin de siecle, there will be a sudden and intense demand for genuine novelty."
Friday Night Freeware Freakout

Charles Seife writes a brief analysis of Decoherence and biological feasibility of quantum states in the brain which is followed by a de-rebuttal by Stuart Hameroff and Scott Hagan, who offer an Abstract for Tucson 2000 conference.
"Sir Roger Penrose is incoherent, and Max Tegmark says he can prove it."
While we have been busy worrying about the bomb, Rachael Carson's vision has effectively come to pass; with certain consequences. Neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, endocrine toxicity, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, musculoskeletal toxicity and cardiovascular toxicity will result in a chaotic Chemical Manipulation of Consciousness, Behavior, Health and Evolutionary Potential in the Human Population. 'scuse me, I just farted.

Katherine Neville, The Magic Circle: Adventures in Research
"I've travelled all over the world researching The Magic Circle--and have had a lot of adventures and seen a lot of things that didn't end up in the book. Here's your chance to read about some of them."
Perhaps the sane explication of our implicate need to collectively co-habit lies in creating a global field of interconnected Intentional Communities. Inte(r)n(e)tCom?
"Imagine again all this love
painting people in peace and life
And surrender to the dreamer
John was not the only one
We hope the moment too to come
and love change all as one"
Mark Borcherding
We could analogously view the complex of human cultural multifariousness as that of a pangenetic explication of a universal need to explore the implications. So say I. Steve Jones asks Why Is There So Much Genetic Diversity?
"I've spent a long time working on snails. This seems an odd thing to do, but they remind us of one question that remains unanswered, and is effectively forgotten by many biologists: Why is there so much diversity?"

If the weight of the body of evidence is sufficient perhaps the scales of justice will break, to be replaced by the magnanimous garb of tolerance. Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs, from the Serendipity site, has a cornucopeia of links fit to cause any table of legislation to groan.
"In order for the evil of the Drug War to triumph it is sufficient that basically decent people do nothing to oppose it. By doing nothing, they allow those who profit from the Drug War to get away with destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and destroying the civil liberties of whole nations, a crime of such enormity as has not been seen since jack-booted thugs in official positions ruled Germany."
To keep abreast of the latest developments in this culturally pubescent auto-hostility, Drug Sense Weekly provides a precis.
"According to a Webtrends.net comparison, the DrugSense/MAP Websites are more popular then those of the Drug Czar's Office, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, CASA and DARE combined."
Knowing as we do that "the times, they are a-changing", we are left wondering What Job You Can Accept. Tyranny is not only maintained by the jack-boots, but also by those who keep the books for those who make the firing pins for those who make the guns for the authoritarian Suidae. Aw, man, my coffee was an ethically bereft purchase....
"In its most general form the problem appears as a near-omnipresent threat of moral prostitution."
Summoning Blake and deep personal wisdom , Jonathan Ott writes in the epilogue to Ayahuasca Analogues, that The Entheogenic Reformation is our best hope for healing . A Panacea for Pangaea?
"Most of us really don't believe in the gods any more; few among us have much faith in our governments, nor in science and technology . . . but we do believe in the magic of drugs!"

In a desperate attempt to lighten-up what can be a most pedantic 'blog, here is A Brief Time of History, or, Space Rat's Search for Universal Truth.
"The term "arms dealer" has quite a different connotation to the rest of the cosmos than it does here on Earth."
A Psychohistorical Analysis of the Japanese American Internment also brings to attention the implications such action has for other vulnerable groups. Our current mass internment of victims and their property in the 'War on Drug Peace' is no less despicable.
"Even a political system with checks and an extremely strong judiciary will not always champion those (human) rights successfully. The Justices of the US Supreme Court are themselves prisoners of culture."
The introduction to Communication and Cognition - Artificial Intelligence functions as an amazing abstract that gives a substantial overview of the nascent field of self-reference.
"Are emergent properties nothing but a different way to look at the complicated dynamics responsible for this emergence, or do these properties establish a genuinely novel and distinct organization?"
Assume your best Orson Wells impersonation and intone dramatically: Dan Huff, Tucson Weekly, Quantum Consciousness?... Welcome To The Mind-Boggling World Of Brain/Mind Research. Check Your Tired, Old Assumptions At The Door.
"There are philosophers and neuroscientists who argue that consciousness lags behind reality, and that we're engaged in nothing more than a series of mindless reflex actions followed by a memory of the event or events, with the brain somehow inserting a fictional consciousness into the memory mix. Hameroff scoffs at such talk, preferring instead to muse that the backward-forward flexibility of time in quantum collapse accounts for our ability to act now, in real time, rather than just after the fact."

The Cerebral Code -- Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the Mind by William H. Calvin goes behind the scenes to postulate the cortical-level equivalent of a gene or meme; and in the process adds a harmony to my perceptual melody.
"Unlike selectionist theories of mind, Calvin's mosaics can fully implement all six essential ingredients of Darwin's evolutionary algorithm, repeatedly turning the quality crank as we figure out what to say next."
Where do the transtemporal, transpersonal, and (thankfully?) transient effects of psychedelics fit-in-to this cognitive psychograph? DOM (STP), a New Hallucinogenic Drug, and DOET: Effects in Normal Subjects has nothing to say on this matter; but does provide intrigue. Hello to all our friends at the FBI, NSA, CIA, and CSIS.
"Both drugs produced subjective effects of mild euphoria and enhanced self-awareness in the absence of hallucinogenic or psychotomimetic effects."
Just to add praise to health, and provide further evidence of our seditious nature, here is The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide in all it's comprehensive yet user-friendly glory.
"Innovation without experience is the primary cause of failure."
Which eventually leads to a deep appreciation for the varieties of Theories of Creation. Dig the Holographic Universe (one of my faves) or re-grok your own cultural or religious tradition.
"Pribram's belief that our brains mathematically construct "hard" reality by relying on input from a frequency domain has also received a good deal of experimental support."

ghost rocket invariably leads me to interesting sites; in this case a New Scientist article that details the history and possibilities of going Faster than a speeding bullet - underwater!

Bring together Sun Don Lee (Leader of Forshang Buddhism) and Chang-Ming Chern (Attending Physician, Neurological Institute, Veterans General Hospital - Taipei) and the resultant thermo-ideational fusion provides The Key to Genetics. Could someone point these gentlemen toward the entheogenic exit?
"However, with the current comprehension and definition of genes, the total amount of genes make up only 5% of the three billion base pairs contained within the DNA while the remaining 95% with unknown physiologic effects is called junk in jest. In fact, this 95% of the 3 billion base pairs is not useless but the unexpressed component of DNA. This part of DNA could be activated with the practice of Forshang doctrines."
Considering that all of us have soiled our diapers, proverbial and actual, it would behoove an understanding of the Structural Dynamics of Cover-ups. From the Ten inducements to not tell the truth to the Five defences against unwanted intrusions, a reading of this will make better prevaricators of us all.
"Semantics, the historical and psychological study of the meaning and implications of words, has much to do with how realities represented by words are perceived."
This of course led to a place where these cozening methods have been practised to a low art, and to the high-tech low-brow wide-band thinly-ethical approach of the Carnivore surveillance system. David Chess drew my attention to a Wired story that led me to
Testimony of Robert Corn-Revere before the Subcommittee on the Constitution
of the Committee on the Judiciary United States House of Representatives
The Fourth Amendment and the Internet
April 6, 2000.
"If Congress decides to amend the law to extend pen register and trap and trace authority, it should do so only after fully considering the Fourth Amendment implications of such a change."

Billionaires for Bush (or Gore) makes more sense than any plank on those pirate's electoral ships.
"Although they differ on some policies and sometimes wear different colored power ties, we're confident that both candidates are deeply committed to economic inequality."
Ad creep, brought to you by the creeps who make ads. Mental Engineering is working on a shoestring budget to unmask the memetic engineers.
"The show, on which four panelists and the high-energy host John Forde watch and critique TV commercials, aims to "irreverently discuss the ways in which TV commercials engineer our perceptions, attitudes, and behavior—how commercials attempt to engineer us mentally." "
Now, we could be in real trouble if the above denigrated peradverts discovered research like Towards the Neuronal Substrate of Visual Consciousness by Christof Koch. All of the ideas discussed here were jointly developed with Dr. Francis Crick
"These well-known facts suggest that we are not vividly aware of much of what goes on... "
Orgasms and Epilepsy
"All you, healthy people, do not even suspect what happiness is, that happiness which we epileptics experience during the second before the attack. During a few moments I feel such a happiness that it is impossible to realize at other times, and other people cannot imagine it."

In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual experience through psychoactives
1. The LSD consciousness includes everyday consciousness, yet the everyday consciousness does not include the LSD consciousness.
2. It may be impossible to prove the validity of the higher state using tools evolved in the lower, normal, state such as logic and language. This limitation of the normal state does not invalidate the higher state.
Psychopharmacology and the human condition
Bruce G Charlton MD suggests that we live in an age of endemic psychopathology, one reason being the mismatch between stone age brains and silicon age culture.
Godwin Revisited: Anarchism for the Real World by Christopher Joseph Roberson
"Presumably, a community should not have any of the fatal features that make states so unappealing. But in order to say just what those features are, we will need to know just what it is that we are objecting to."
Everything Forever, Learning To See and Model the Infinite Universe
"This website describes the land of forever. It journeys beyond our present place in time to study the shape of the motionless timeless world that existed before our time began and will be after our time ends. It discovers the world of moments from which we borrow each moment of now."
Nanotubes are what you play with once you've mastered buckyball, and here at The Nanotube Site one can find others to frolic with.


Stanley B. Prusiner, "proteinaceous infectious particles", The Prion Diseases, ...bacteria, and viruses, and prions, oh no!
"The known prion diseases, all fatal, are sometimes referred to as spongiform encephalopathies. They are so named because they frequently cause the brain to become riddled with holes."
Is SETI justified? A look at whether aliens might exist. is a well done examination of the Drake Equation.

Ted Lumley has archived a potpourri of his essays, including the interestingly if somewhat perplexingly titled Intermogular Space-Time Travel.
"Our sensory experience informs us of this harmonic relationship between purpose, 'thought' and material structure even as our euclidian rationalist self-indoctrination would have us continue to deny it. Being part of nature, homo sapiens are equally animated by the need for harmonically satisfying the interplay between purpose, thought and material structure, yet we have been in a 2500 year state of denial."
I have a periodic need to table Spider Robinson, one of the great writers of this (science) fiction; so here is chapter one of Callahan's Legacy.
"On a scale of ten, then, rating "the least enjoyable orgasm I've ever had" as a One, and "reaching the culmination of hours of foreplay with the sexiest partner imaginable after years of celibacy" as a Ten, the climax I'm speaking of now was probably about a Nine-Five."
This review of Rodney Cotterill's Enchanted Looms: Conscious Networks In Brains and Computers clearly shows that as psychonauts we can never return. The Enchanting Subject Of Consciousness (Or Is It A Black Hole?)
"Rodney Cotterill has also fallen into the black hole of consciousness, but he has shown by his excellent book that information can be sent back from inside the event horizon.

Daniel Dennett displays the color of reductionist logic in this final draft, unfortunately without the illustration from the New York Times that is referred to within. The Zombic Hunch: Extinction of an Intuition? was delivered for the Royal Institute of Philosophy Millennial Lecture.
"It still seems as if these mechanistic theories of consciousness leave something out, but of course that's an illusion. They do, in fact, explain everything about consciousness that needs explanation."
Jon Katz reviewed Evan Harris Walker's The Physics of Consciousness and potentiated a literal torrent of feedback. This is great reading from a huge diversity of opinionated postulates, but be prepared if using a modem for a 500+kilobyte page download!
"Einstein, writes Walker, could see "the print of God's hand" on creation exteding to the edges of the cosmos, but he failed to see us there, he failed to see the implications of mind for physics, and he failed to see anything but the shadow of God." Walker sees all those things."
Gregg Howard Rosenberg puts forth a determined challenge to the notion that a theory of consciousness must be a unified one. A Place for Consciousness -- Probing the deep structure of the natural world.
"My chief hope for this work is that, after reading it, no physicalist should be able to rest comfortably with an easy assumption that any alternative view must lead to empirical absurdity."
Cannabis Indications is comprehensive enough for an average family physician's needs and yet is wonderfully accessible for anyone. Recommended highly for those interested in medical marijuana.
"Contaminants contained in natural cannabis continue to pose a health threat to patients who obtain their medicine from unscrupulous illicit markets. Aside from the popular fear that illegal marijuana might be intentionally saturated with other illegal drugs, several other common contaminants are of serious concern."

Disinfonaut Actions, Campaigns, & Events: 17th - 24th July, 2000
"Fundamental human rights are being eroded, basic standards of living are declining, and power elites battle over geo-economic and socio-political niches of influence."
Drug Policy in the Netherlands is the official line from a most liberal democracy. For anyone who would use the Dutch experience and attitude as a basis for argument this is a valuable resource, though some portions of the document contain appeasements to those fighting their own populations in the war on ourSelves.
"The main aim of the drugs policy in the Netherlands is to protect the health of individual users, the people around them and society as a whole."
As our support continues to erode for those who for whatever reason are outside the capitalist metameme, the quiet revolution of sense enters limenal view. Radical Cities and Social Revolution: An Interview with Janet Biehl.
"Whatever the cause of the crisis, when it does develop, its social outcome will by no means necessarily be a rational, ecological, and libertarian society. Its outcome could be a dictatorship, or chaos. If the crisis is to result in emancipation, at least some degree of consciousness of the liberatory alternative will have to be in place beforehand."
Stephen Kline discusses the sordid world of character marketing, and offers a solution to advert pollution similar to the Proxomitron, which does a great job of de-commercializing the web.
"I am actually launching a campaign to get people to convert the V-chip to an A-chip--by setting it to exclude all unrated programs, the advertising magically disappears from your screen!"

David Deutsch uses his substantial talent to reveal the The Final Prejudice.
"The real prejudice, then, is against children as people; not against their shapes but against their minds."
Time in Madhyamika Buddhism and Modern Physics by Victor Mansfield provides a synthesis to trance-end dogmatism, and leads us to a very comfortable pragmatism that is beyond belief.
"In particular, there is a growing interest among the scientific community in Buddhist philosophical thought. I am optimistic that over the next few decades there will be a great change in our worldview both from the material and the spiritual perspectives."
Dalai Lama
John G. Cramer clearly states the nature of a fundamental dichotomy in Velocity Reversal and the Arrows of Time.
"The "arrow of time problem" concerns the origins of the macroscopic asymmetry and the general absence of a similar microscopic asymmetry."
This of course leads to Ben Goertzel, Mark Germine, and Allan Combs who collectively selected articles exploring The Dynamics of Thought, Reality, and Consciousness.
"Mind will be viewed as a collection of interdefining, interpenetrating forms, preserving itself through self-organization as it draws creative power from the ceaseless flow of time."
Tony Smith's incredible mind wraps things up nicely with the Many-Worlds Quantum Theory.
"...because the open universe is also a totally Many-Branched universe, in the sense that any future world-line from any chosen point will eventually encounter a "new universe" branching off from the chosen universe."

The dearth of open-minded investigation certainly means death for many. Just as our 'war on ourSelves' is an utterly wrongheaded approach to neurochemical self-adjustment, the disease concept that underlies current treatment paradigms is the antithesis of a sensible response to overuse of these substances. Stanton Peele asks Why Are People So Upset With This Retiring Philosopher?, in his review of the controversy surrounding Herbert Fingarette, Radical Revisionist.
"The alcoholism field actually resembles a dysfunctional home dominated by alcoholic parents where irrationality becomes the norm, where those inside the home, even those who don't behave this way themselves, accept the crazy way things are done as normal, and where those who blunder in from outside get out as quickly as they can."
Cult Busting by Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D. puts the cult nature of Alcoholics Anonymous under the psychoscope, and shows many of the methods used to indoctrinate and then maintain meme-bership.
"Using analogies that don't work is a favorite tactic of cultists. The analogies are often not reciprocal. For example, the alcoholic is seen as like a diabetic. Yet diabetics are not like alcoholics."
In the interests of providing a counterpoint, here is an AA Defense. This would probably be a good place to put the standard disclaimer concerning this site's predilections......nah.

To put the exclamation on the point of this quatrain, allow me to ingeminate: Bill Wilson's problem-child and its offshoots may just be the single most dangerous hurdle that a suffering soul has to jump on the way to personal re-integration. Alcoholics Anonymous: Of Course It's a Cult! opens the sardine can wide and shows us the inrepugnable fishy facts, as well as the insideous rot contained within.

Alright already, I'll lighten up! Actually I'll point you to America's great (trans)realist observer. Mark Twain And The Patent Medicine Ad.
"The person who wrote the advertisements is without doubt the most ignorant person now alive on the planet, also without doubt he is an idiot, an idiot of the 33rd degree and scion of an ancestral profession of idiots stretching back to the Missing Link."
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