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Laugh your brains out, reconsider everything you know, re-know everything you have considered, and everything will be alright (o). An amazing exposition of insight, joy and irreverence is projected in the nicotine of time for our dear empoverished psyche-sphere. Alight at the end of the Tunnelling is but one of the punny headlights in this moose of relative obfuscation. Always wear a seatbelt....To Be or Knot to Be. Jerry A. Reynard, The Comedy Recycling Theory of the Entire Known Universe.
"In a marked difference with other theories, the C-R theory demands that, within every Black-Hole, there is an Active Zone. This Active Zone comprises the entire volume located on the inside of the inner Schwarzschild radius."
Full text: State of the Union address

While the most visible military action is in Afghanistan, America is acting elsewhere.

Condemned cell poem
Extracts from Conversations with the Dead, written at San Quentin in 1990, taken from Doing Time: 25 Years of Prison Writing - A Pen American Centre Prize Anthology
"These are the graves of the executed ones,"/ he announced with a sombre, indifferent/kind of respect / and yet later, in quiet reflection,/ I understood his tone came out of/that secret reservoir of the soul which knows/ "I, too, could end up as forgotten dust;/ I, too, might die for nothing." Often now I think back upon my journey/ through that phantom land: a land caught/ like evening haze at dusk, soon to perish/ into the gathering darkness of night/ but, for one brief moment, beyond time. I recall those I, too, have slain:/ those by my wrath seized, stolen from life,/ becoming but candles lit by children/ who became adults before childhood lived. These are the executed ones," he stated, eyes/ small sparks, and then was gone, dissolving/ into the umbra arts of night,/ leaving but those sparks which smoulder in my soul,/ like candles surrounding the powerless and/ charred Virgin's image in a chapel/ "These are the executed ones," he announced,/ studying a horizon of tombstones. "Pray for them / and for those to come."
Gratitude to Ethel for lightening life at the expense of a life. Groom Killed By Stripper's Boobs
"Those breasts were lethal weapons," he told reporters."

Fun play, plun, fay ? is analyzed for its worth, wonder and withers by the inestimable Eliezer K. Yudkowski. Singularity Fun Theory resonates optimally with my understanding of "having fun"; and bodes well for future funness. Our experience in moving to the human level from the ape level seems to indicate that the size of fun space grows exponentially with a linear increase in intelligence.
"Novelty appears to be one of the major keys to fun, and for there to exist an infinite amount of fun there must be an infinite amount of novelty, from the viewpoint of a mind that is philosophically acceptable to us (i.e., doesn't just have its novelty detectors blissed out or its sphexish detectors switched off)."
In a perverse way, is the unravelling of the apparently chaotic, yet somehow sense-able human flow a form of fun for those of us who are able to grok its insensibility? In other words, recognizing that the crack thanks Leonard is what lets the light in, do we of the hypercritical media find more satisfaction in the imperfection than in admiring the generally perfect form (:)? I don't think so - when there's a tornado approaching we don't often jabber-on about celebrities or sports or spin (or how beautiful the clouds are). If there was ever a time for intellectual focus (even if it is "fun") on the fundamental direction we as a species are taking, it is now.

We live at a fundamentally excuse me critical pardon time. The forces of power and wealth threaten not only our personal well being but that of all lives; Gaia-future.

We, the people of the lands, have the power to impose our will. We are prevented from doing so by covert internal police states (justified largely by a war on some drugs), immense nationalist armed forces that may be and are used against domestic dissent, a centrally owned propaganda system (mainstream media) and, perhaps most importantly, a serfdom utterly dependant on all of the above to provide their memetic base.

To pessimistically claim that America is performing a second fall of Rome I think misses the point. The concentration of wealth is not an American phenomena but a trend, enhanced by a global capitalist ethic, that is but an elegant redefinition of feudalism. This is no way different except in scale to what is happening in our individual countries, but is, rather, globally legitimized; signed, sealed and sould. Economic Depression and the New World Order
"The onslaught of America's war is occurring at the height of a global economic depression marked by the downfall of State institutions, mounting unemployment, the collapse in living standards in all major regions of the World, including Western Europe and North America and the outbreak of famines over large areas."

It really does pay to pay attention. I'd not thought that the BBC had a low bandwidth alternative. Well, blow me down! - now when will I find two minutes to make coffee?

A fast-loading Timeline: Enron's rise and fall helps keep things straight in this crooked affair.
"20 August 2001
Mr Lay exercises Enron share options worth $519,000.
21 August 2001
Mr Lay exercises Enron share options worth just under $1.48m."
We can only be positive toward the future if there is unconstrained access to the truths of our present and past. The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig reiterates, again, that freedom is in grave danger in our supposedly free society. The internet is perhaps our last, best hope for the diversity of voices to be heard in these days of media homogenization, banalization and impaired inspiration.
"We are destroying the conditions of freedom and creativity on the Internet. Right at the moment when the Internet has begun to show its full potential for increasing growth and innovation globally, a counterrevolution is threatening, if not already succeeding, to undermine this potential."
Face to face with a polymath - An interactive session with Noam Chomsky at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.
"Remember, the United States is not a democracy - and has never been intended to be a democracy. It is what is called in the political science literature a polyarchy. A polyarchy is one in which a small sector of the population is in control of essential decision-making for the economy, the political system, the cultural system and so on. And the rest of the population is supposed to be passive and acquiescent."
incisive reasoning, searing sarcasm, passionate advocacy of political and social activism and keen sense of humour

Download an unillustrated edition of Sexual Ecstasy from Ancient Wisdom or merely be titillated by the percept of Divine Sexuality. Any way you dig it, this is archeological gold.
"Considered to be the oldest writings regarding human sexuality, Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back six thousand years were recorded on papyri and stone. A study of these hieroglyphs reveals a wealth of information regarding human sexuality and what the ancients knew."
Here, made known for the first time, are techniques that were taught and practiced for thousands of years by one of history's most sophisticated societies.

First, I must apologise to those I owe mail. These days of long darkness have made me realize that I need a really bright light; many times daily. The effect to those of us susceptible is manic summers followed by depressive winters - which is a real drag as I do love to ski etc.. Anyhooch, p'raps turning my entire cabin into a growth environment (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) would solve two problems with one hydro stone.

Feeling a deep need to get spacey, this alternative to the conundrum filled theories about "black holes" fills the universe quite neatly. New Theories Dispute the Existence of Black Holes thanks to YAWL for the pointer
"Could it be that when a star collapses, something happens to prevent a black hole forming? Mazur and Mottola think so. They have shown that quantum effects can make space-time change into a new and curious state that would lead to the formation of a strange new object."

"A new kind of static, spherically symmetric solution to Einstein's equations is described... The new solution has no singularities, no event horizons, and a globally defined timelike Killing field."
Protecting Data Privacy in the Information Age - are you kidding me?? Let's talk about deep transparency - the alternative is deep fascism.
"The Panopticon functions as a useful regulatory dystopia, a future to be avoided as carefully and systematically as Orwell's apocalyptic totalitarian vision in 1984. Escape from the Panopticon is possible, but only if we target our technology and law directly at panoptic forms of power."
Tourorists: Tourists, Terrorists and the Value of Death
"This project is perverse: it is an analysis of the structural significance of the murders, executions and abductions of tourists."

Tactics of Deception - Shades of Truth in a Time of War
"Why does the official version of progress on the battlefield so often need revision? Lockhart said the problem isn't so much malign intent as pressure that daily briefings and news deadlines create for unrealistic clarity amid the ambiguity of war. "I don't think it's the government in a conspiratorial way deciding to deceive people," he said. "It's human beings who will jump on positive information quicker than they will on negative or neutral information."
Bizarre: Military Science Books
"Learn every facet of the grim, violent world of guerrilla warfare: basic fieldcraft; mines and booby traps; tunnel construction and strategy; ambushes; urban and nocturnal tactics; interrogation, indoctrination and exploitation; psyops; and more."
To close a rather discombobulated day, foggy chilled and stupid, I log off with the Nizkor Project. We are distracted, dis-abled and distraught.
"The real purpose of holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again."
I'm gonna be sick now... World First 4th Dimensional Roller Coaster
"Xtreme" riders will race at 76 miles an hour in small cabs perched on the edge of a 20-foot wide, wing-shaped vehicle for 2 minutes. The cabs, which hang off the track, are capable of spinning 360-degrees forward and backward on a separate axis, giving the ride its unique 4-D effect."

Nicky Hager, author of Secret Power - New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network, brings to attention Echelon - a story about how information spreads (or doesn't) - Secrecy is the foundation of bad government.
"My conclusion is that where freedom of information laws are inadequate (and on intelligence they always are), one of the most powerful democratic safeguards is leaking: where public-spirited individuals inside government and corporate organisations are encouraged to release important information to journalists or politicians."
A concise yet remarkably informative essay describing the challenges and grokness of modern warriors is presented by Brigadier General Huba Wass de Czege, Ret., US Army. Optimizing Future Battle Command Technologies
"Man is the fundamental instrument in battle."
I dunno, I must be heading toward embousciance. Neuroactive Material: from Noodwarfism to Biotronic Forms brings me to the edge of understanding yet leaves me spiritually free.
"As an example of the effects of biotronic phenomena, we can mention the change of living matter concentration (which always was relatively stable on the planet's surface) caused by the informational dissemination through the interaction with neuro-material base of technology. The result is de-morphization of bio-geological locality."
I'm Aware of You, Jeanne shows Spider as not only one of the great sci-fi minds of this, or any, time, but brings us all into the livingroom reading a Zen book.
"Slow ballad, attempted Ray Charles flavor, key of A."
"Specialiaztion is for insects"
Robert A Heinlein

Top 1% earn as much as the poorest 57%
"The world's richest 50m people earn as much as the poorest 2.7bn, and may soon be forced to live in heavily protected gated communities to escape the resentment of the billions living below the poverty line, a senior World Bank economist warns today."
Whatever I think of things, there is always ME: the making of a new disease. I mean, why would I not be me?, and I'm certainly dis-eased.
"Yet it is crucial to grasp the wider social and political influences that have contributed to the emergence of CFS/ME if we are to achieve a deeper understanding of this condition - and to devise more effective ways of helping its sufferers."
If you'ld like a challenge: Quining Qualia. ...directly or immediately apprehensible in consciousness... "Qualia" is an unfamiliar term for something that could not be more familiar to each of us: the ways things seem to us.


Interesting for its prescience as well as historical context, Aldous Huxley wrote Drugs That Shape Men's Minds for Saturday Night in 1958.
"But Huxley did not anticipate that our government would make all such substances illegal to possess, so that the many thousands of persons seeking transcendence through the use of psychedelics must become criminals in the eyes of the law."
Beyond Economy, or the Infinite Debt to the Other: Caputo and Derrida on Obligation and Responsibility is a dense investigation by Chris Anderson-Irwin - well worth the effort.
"The need for real political decisions is never lightened or abated; they must be made every day in more or less dire circumstances. However, the fact that such decisions must be made can never provide an ultimate justification for any one of them. Ethics and politics are bound to the same standard, the same structure of responsibility."

According to the officials, Dr. Wiley was "blown" off a bridge in Memphis in an accidental death. Could it be he knew too much? Am I getting paranoid? Do "they" lie? I give up - another great mind bites the dust... Structural Biology of Viruses and the Human Immune System
"My research group studies how proteins from the surfaces of viruses initiate viral infections and how proteins of the human cellular immune system respond by presenting antigens and mobilizing defensive cells.""
Don C. Wiley, Ph.D.
Harvard University

"The medical examiner said he ruled out suicide because Wiley had demonstrated no suicidal tendencies. He also said there was physical evidence that the research scientist's plunge into the river was not consistent with someone who purposely jumped.
Wiley's car was found abandoned in a westbound lane of the bridge at 4 a.m. Nov. 16. The key was in the ignition and the gas tank full."
Say no more: ? Psychogenics.com

...pipeline of both discovery targets and neuropsychiactric drug candidates.

Getting truly serious, Lloyd deMause again displays his profundity with an approach singularly lacking these days. The Psychogenic Theory of History
"In my psychogenic model of historical causation, then, women and children are not merely passive pawns in men's historical chess game, as other historical theories portray them. Women and children are, rather, at the cutting edge of historical change, forming through their interpersonal relations all meaningful innovations of personality _ the new psychoclasses _ which then get translated into new political and economic systems."
The amount of child assault present in any culture is one of the most important indices of the cultural level of that group..

Ftrain, is Heloise in Hell
"Before we begin, congratulate yourself. You have once again turned an entirely mundane social act - in this case, dressing yourself in clean clothing - into an exciting, risk-filled endeavor that could make or break your future chances at a happy life."

Diamonds in the rough chaos of current understanding just keep being unearthed. Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says. Thanks to the highly observant eyes of Unknown Gnus.
"Bush, the SEC memo noted, had on four occasions filed late Form 4s involving Harken stock worth more than $1 million. The tardiest-34 weeks late-was his Form 4 report disclosing that he had sold $848,560 of Harken stock on June 22, 1990, just weeks before the company filed a quarterly report revealing that it had hemorrhaged $23 million during that period."
I hadn't visited Bush Watch ("We're hearing a lot of buzzwords, but we're not getting a buzz.") in quite some time - decided to go straight to the bedroom.
Texas Rankings Under Bush
"1st in Children without Health Insurance %...1st in Toxic Air Releases...1st in Smog Days (Houston)...1st in poorest counties(3)...3rd in Hunger %...5th in Highest Teen Birth Rate...41st in Breast Cancer Screenings...45th in Mothers Receiving Pre-Natal Care...46th in Public Libraries and Branches...46th in High School Completion Rate...46th in Water Resources Protection...47th in Delivery of Social Services...48th in Literacy...48th in Per Capita Funding for Public Health...48 in Best Place to Raise Children (29th before Bush)*...48th in Spending for Parks and Recreation...48th in Spending for the Arts...49th in Spending for the Environment...50th in Women with Health Insurance...50th in Teachers' Salaries plus Benefits... "
I did not get punched-out by my dad's enforcers

"What should we make of the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney's whereabouts is a closely guarded secret while President Bush is visible each day? Cheney is even more vital to the success of the war and it is Cheney, the former secretary of defense, who is developing the strategy for Bush's approval."
Glenn Guzzo

Leaving the shrubbery and entering the forest, the Wage Slave Journal provides a concise roundup. Clip 'n save guide to the Enron scandal
"Enron is not an abberation. It is the future."
R. Freeman"
Irony is not dead, but joy is certainly endangered. Nick Bostrom is being neither ironic, nor projecting happiness in this analysis. Not deterred by emotional attachments or populist sentiment, Dr. Bostrom provides a precis we ignore at our peril. Existential Risks - Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related Hazards
"Because of accelerating technological progress, humankind may be rapidly approaching a critical phase in its career."
To finish on a climactic note please proceed, paired, to Zen Tantra. Ginsu knives for the erogenous soul.
"There is no Zen Tantra course offered in any language on any planet, yet. Basically, you should be able to progress by studying and practicing with your partner."

A Gaiaffirmation of the first water, and exactly what I needed to read right now, is explicated by Wim Rietdijk D.Sci.. He argues that consciousness is inherent, fundamental, integrated, non-local, and intentional. On the Nature of Consciousness: a Scientific Hypothesis
"Wouldn't it be strange if the world were coherent up to magnificence, but too "vacuous" - unconscious - to realize it and to have wanted it so?"
"Man is a message".
Norbert Wiener
An ultimate eximplication of the second law of thermodynamics may be happening all around us, all the time. Black Hole Production by Cosmic Rays is by leading-edge physicist Jonathan Feng. (abstract - click-through for postscript or pdf)
"Ultra-high energy cosmic rays create black holes in scenarios with extra dimensions and TeV-scale gravity. In particular, cosmic neutrinos will produce black holes deep in the atmosphere, initiating quasi-horizontal showers far above the standard model rate."
A well tabled offering from meepzorp details differences between Terrorists and the U.S. Government; thanks to fred for the pointer.
Them or US?
"Leader has declared a holy war ('Jihad') against his 'enemies'; believes any nation not with him is against him; believes God is on his side, and that any means are justified."

Human Evolution Expanded Brains to Increase Expertise Capacity, Not IQ - for some reason this causes me to feel culturally impotent.
"In conclusion, the puzzle of individuals with Homo-erectus-sized brains but normal IQ may be explicable. Intelligence may be related to IQ tests, but the intelligence which was central to the evolution of our brains could be associated with something IQ tests do not measure: expertise capacity."
A time frozen in html, Van Morrison In Conversation With R. D. Laing, is one of many short chapters in Memories of R.D. Laing, edited by Bob Mullen. This took place sometime in early 1986 prior to the release of No Guru, No Method, No Teacher.
"RDL: Have you any simple meditation recipes focused on breathing, or focused on the heart?

VM: No the actual music, the dynamics of the music will, actually do this. If you close your eyes and listen, the dynamics will do all the rest."
"The beef tapeworm might be the perfect parasite - a hook and a well- nourished reproductive system unnoticed by its host." the bionomics institude (I'm sic), Economy as Ecosystem, chapter 29.

My belief, and I think I could prove it within any specialist's domain, is that we have found the perfect meta-parasiteic species in the person of George W. Bush and his minions; complete with memetic hook, a well-financed support system, and an ability to distract its host at will.

Effective means of practising behavioral modification treatments are always most welcomed by those who would have control; and the Hemi-Sync Process (yup, copy-rite, trade mark-of-the-narc, etc.) seems to fit the manipulative bill. Note the calmly resting person having a brain adjustment.
"The patented Hemi-Sync auditory-guidance system provides a safe, natural means to alter arousal states, attentional focus, and levels of awareness."
The future is a screen upon which we project our hopes for liberation from the terrors of the past.

Going back a few years, Barton Kunstler shows us behind the curtain and Beyond the Illusion of Human Rights. This is a well argued essay that urges a re-examination of our present delusional state, and suggests establishing models whose logic reflects the counter-intuitive logic of giftedness.
"Our economy can only devour, as if its own hollowness can only be filled by every resource the earth has collected for literally billions of years. The problem of rights is intrinsically linked to this, the essential problem of our time."
Tremendous thanks to daily sardonicism for the short essay of Jan. 10th. I am you, we are we, and we are all together.
"I like it when people evolve. I like to see someone struggle and win. Watching everything on earth get bigger, including my belly. Realizing who is in my belly, and how I'll have years to watch him grow beyond any expectations I could set upon him. To feel myself become better. To achieve what my dad did, a full life without the crutches which actually only serve to bring us down."

John Perry Barlow muses eloquently on Liberty & LSD
"In my gloomier moments, I wonder if the elimination of freedom in America is not what the War on Some Drugs was actually designed to accomplish."
Seven years since Oliver W. Markley published The Fourth Wave: A Normative Forecast for the Future of "SpaceShip Earth", and our Leerless Feeders are aiming directly for overshoot and collapse. Knowing this, experiencing this rediculous thrust as it continues unabated, we must act; or condemn our children to a non-prefered, implausible, improbable, yet realized hell.
"The word, "Normative," then, is a type of foresight that deals with preferable futures -- that which is worth spending time to envision, talk about, and work towards, even before all the details have been worked out regarding how it might "work," and become fully plausible to all who need to pull together to make it happen. The purpose of most normative futures research and forecasting, is thus to help facilitate the process of moving a specific vision of future reality through the following sequence as time unfolds: preferable -> plausible -> probable -> realized."

Amsterdammed if we do? Sounds good to me..., is Spider Robinson making me culturally drool. oooh, sanity, says Homer
"I have never seen--rarely even imagined--a city so consistently beautiful and aesthetically aware, so proud of its public places and visibly supportive of its arts."
Ray Kurzweil proposes A Wager on the Turing Test: Why I Think I Will Win
"Turing was very specifically nonspecific about many aspects of how to administer the test. He did not specify many key details, such as the duration of the interrogation and the sophistication of the human judge and foils. The purpose of the rules described below is to provide a set of procedures for administering the test some decades hence."
Douglas Klimesh offers Memes, Christianity, and Religious Experience, a chapter of his work in progress Integrating Science and Mysticism.
"Without Paul "Christianity" may never have happened. It is St. Paul who originated the Christian memeplex."
I've been badly greenly ill and do greatly commiserate with gordon coale when he says: "Unable to think. Be back soon".

A couple of feverishly inspired ideas: a site on which you click whether you have a cold or (diagnosed) influenza, which could be almost real-time image-mapped by parameter, providing information ranging from traveller's updates to CDC predictions based on historical statistical analysis.

Okaay, how about: a medication that can enable life-zest through times of abject discomfort and is virtually nontoxic - oh man, BC already flows it...I think a Vancouver pipeline to serve both offshore and trans-domestic markets would only require a few thousands of us lined up to pass it Bogarting of course a capitalist sin.

Okaaay, I going to bed with some really old sci-fi, a dog at my feet, a cat on my chest soonly removed, and dreams of tobasco sardines don't ask.


Singularity, the only weblog I am aware of dedicated to this potential, pointed me to a New Scientist article about David Deutsch's hypotheses - Taming the multiverse.
"Imagine that you have a quantum PC and you set it a problem. What happens is that a huge number of versions of your PC split off from this Universe into their own separate, local universes, and work on parallel strands of the problem. A split second later, the pocket universes recombine into one, and those strands are pulled together to provide the answer that pops up on your screen. Quantum computers are the first machines humans have ever built to exploit the multiverse directly, says Deutsch."
The paper on which this expose is based may be had in PDF form - The Structure of the Multiverse
"The structure of the multiverse is determined by information flow."
KurzweilAI.net brings to attention the work of Push Singh of the MIT MediaLab . The Open Mind Common Sense Project seems to point to Google-cubed, as we try to make omnisensible reality personally available.
"We believe that commonsense databases will soon be ubiquitous."
Efforts to Transform Computers Reach Milestone is a NYT article that adds a bit of intellectual spice to the David Deustch insights above.
""We now believe that quantum computing is going to be a fact of nature," said Dr. Isaac L. Chuang, who led the team of researchers, from I.B.M. and Stanford University."
To bring a close to my periodic focus on these "transhuman", dare I say penultimate issues, AI software system extracts meaning from babble. The more I reflect on the ramifications of these technologies, I am increasingly convinced that transparency, and it's commensurate deep tolerance, is the only way to avoid poly-cultural hegemony. The alternative is borg.
"In the cocktail party problem, where five people are speaking simultaneously, Cortronics creates, on the fly, a list of "next utterances" that could likely follow from the current one, then tracks whichever next word, from five separate voices, matches."
To make his rings into effective bactericides, Dr Ghadiri has had to get them to form only in the membranes of dangerous germs.

Oh, alright, one more link in the almost sci-fi direction. The good of small things
"In theory, bacteria could eventually develop resistance to a drug made of such nanotubes. But, because of the simple modular method by which they are constructed, their composition can be changed easily.""
We see them all the time...
'This late in history,' what shall we choose to read? Reading anxiety: A simple calculation shows that none of us has enough time left."

...and what will we do....

Year One of future history has been won by the fascist persuasions of all stripes. A Nation of Cowards details our impotence in shades of gunmetal grey.
"In addition to being enamored of the power of words, our conservative elite shares with liberals the notion that an armed society is just not civilized or progressive, that massive gun ownership is a blot on our civilization. This association of personal disarmament with civilized behavior is one of the great unexamined beliefs of our time."
How Tyranny Came to America
"One of the great goals of education is to initiate the young into the conversation of their ancestors; to enable them to understand the language of that conversation, in all its subtlety, and maybe even, in their maturity, to add to it some wisdom of their own. The modern American educational system no longer teaches us the political language of our ancestors.

What it comes to is that we don't really have an operative Constitution anymore. The federal government defines its own powers day by day. It's limited not by the list of its powers in the Constitution, but by whatever it can get away with politically."
In love with the personal counterfactual feeling of empowerment and safety that handguns addictively provide, our (primarily American) culture has markedly retrogressed. Small L liberal ideals have been supplanted by large F Fascist momentum while we have been busy (really quite sensibly) decentralizing and cocooning. Umberto Eco details 14 Features of Fascism
"Nazis prided themselves on their technology, while clinging to ancient beliefs about "blood and soil." "
Does History Repeat Itself? Neo-fascists and Terrorists Against Liberty is a lengthy article from GoodWriters.net; a gem of, well, good writers. The pen is mightier than the sword - but only if it is in good hands.
"On September 11, 2001, seventy-one years after the Berlin Reichstag fire that Hitler exploited to make himself supreme dictator of Germany, a heart-rending human tragedy struck the United States."
How Wrong I Was is but a bit of the bevy of opinionation available at Rack Jite's Conservatively Incorrect - Liberal News and Opinion
"Its all just the opposite of what I expected. I really was naive enough to think that Americans weren't so stupid as not to see what the base cause of all this murder and mayhem is about; ignorant, bigoted, state sponsored blind faith."
Let's remember, as this feckless time flows over the boulders of current understanding, that some elrected officials actually think, expound, and expatiate some semblance of sense. Rep. Ron Paul - Potential for War - House of Representatives - February 08, 2001
"Escalation of the war on terrorism and not understanding its causes is a dangerous temptation. Not only does foreign interventionism undermine chances for peace and prosperity, it undermines personal liberty."

man of the century

ps..The European Central Bank is working with technology partners on a hush-hush project to embed radio frequency identification tags into the very fibers of euro bank notes...

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At the heart of media literacy is the principle of inquiry.