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February's Frightening Foibles

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A veritable universe of papers disputing the value of quantum visions could fill the void of dissidents with dissonance. ...esoteric models requiring the "probabilistic existence of matter" and the "non-locality" of quantum mechanics and the inescapable lack of mass-energy conservation in Einstein's relativity are irrelevant.
"We can see in all papers below, that matter has a realistic existence and Nature is always rational. It is an error to believe that Nature cannot be explained with natural logic."
Secret Bush Legislation Sent to Cheney, Hastert, Deepens Assault on Constitution - Patriot II by Michael C. Ruppert
"CPI's Lewis was not jesting when he told Moyers that Patriot II was five or ten times worse than the first Patriot Act."
The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth by William Clark
"Facing these potentialities, I hypothesize that President Bush intends to topple Saddam in 2003 in a pre-emptive attempt to initiate massive Iraqi oil production in far excess of OPEC quotas, to reduce global oil prices, and thereby dismantle OPEC's price controls. The end-goal of the neo-conservatives is incredibly bold yet simple in purpose, to use the `war on terror' as the premise to finally dissolve OPEC's decision-making process, thus ultimately preventing the cartel's inevitable switch to pricing oil in euros."
Novel Equivalence Principle Tests - very heavy read - brain exercise releases endorphins too...

Kissinger - The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, written by Gary Allen in 1976, is a page-turning tome of eleven short chapters. Neatly and murderously appropriate contextualization of our current meme-bership in the Praxis of Inanity, this is a book that will have you chortling over the idea of Hnery being a dupe or agent of the Communists; and will chill your soul.
"He was the man who said "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac", and who was quoted in New York Times magazine as joking, "The illegal we do immediately. the unconstitutional takes a little longer".

This is the man who eavesdropped on his own staff and bugged suspect newsmen, but who, when challenged about it, blackmailed both Congress and the media by threatening to resign if they did not ignore his role in the telephone taps."

As we are being forced to goosestep toward the manna of global consumption that will lead to certain Gaian dis-ease and probable human extinction, there are those doing the kind of forward thinking our world's leaders are obliviously incapable of. Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development - Nick Bostrom
"With very advanced technology, a very large population of people living happy lives could be sustained in the accessible region of the universe. For every year that development of such technologies and colonization of the universe is delayed, there is therefore an opportunity cost: a potential good, lives worth living, is not being realized. Given some plausible assumptions, this cost is extremely large. However, the lesson for utilitarians is not that we ought to maximize the pace of technological development, but rather that we ought to maximize its safety, i.e. the probability that colonization will eventually occur."
smartMeme I: Direct Action at the Points of Assumption weaves a tapestry of direct action aiming at a tipping point - strategizing by EarthFirst.
"Living at such a critical time compels us to search for those convergence points and exploit them. With this effort, we hope to expand the current debates and push our movements to explore new frontiers of struggle. We hope to provoke further and deeper action, as well as to challenge all of us to weave these actions together and provide a tapestry of reality more vibrant and compelling than the one that is currently unraveling."
The New Totalitarianism:
Cyber-hegemony and the Global System
"It follows that the critique of hegemony in the twenty-first century cannot be restricted by Western state prototypical assumptions. These by necessity ascribe undue significance to territoriality and frontiers; as well as to social and national movements of the domestic sphere. In our era, the dictum of C.Wright Mills (1959) - that private troubles should not be disconnected from public issues - must be rethought. A new quality of mind, a new imagination, is necessary to grasp the essence of hegemonic crisis at the global/systemic level."

By way of the ever sali-various Foodlog I now grok everything I wanted to know about The Science of Meat, but was too stupid to ask.
"The Maillard reaction occurs most readily at around 300 F to 500 F."
Follow me here... had me walk on a personally pertinant path - Caring for your Introvert - and I am now curled up in a ball of quivering extro-envy.
"Remember, someone you know, respect, and interact with every day is an introvert, and you are probably driving this person nuts. It pays to learn the warning signs."
Strange, violent and unwanted, even in hospital
"Ongoing medical records, instructions for post-surgical care, medication -- none of that happens for the street community. They're twice as likely as those living in stable housing to get virtually every disease and infection, and at far greater risk of violence-related injuries. But they're a poor match for the mainstream hospital system, which isn't structured to look out for difficult people with nowhere to go."
I have an excuse. I am a middle-aged man with short-term memory that defies the definition, and so am unable to attribute as I should the indubitably wonderous weblogger who pointed me to An Interview With Bill Clinton. Why is it that Democratic ex-Leaders tend to be useful, at some level or other, whilst Republican cooked ducks remain to rot; perchance to spread future cognitive dysentery?

Our special today is Cheney soup, bi-generational Bush meat smothered in Rumsfeld gravity, with steamed Guantanamo vegetables accompanied by a tortuous dip. For afters there is the choice of Blair pudding or baked Powell. Salut!
"We do have a deterrence operating now. He [Saddam] knows it. If he uses or gives away these weapons, he'd be in terrible shape. If we come after him, since he knows the outcome is certain, he has maximum incentive to use them."
Oblivio - Abandoned Notes
"Photographs are false. One is never so still. We look at a photograph and imagine that it captures what a person looks like, but no one ever resembles a person in a photograph because no one is ever that still. Even the dead move."
perhaps this is a glimpse into our future


Lest we forget that ever-so-magnanimous Canada has its own sordid, and not at all distant, past: The Canadian Holocaust
"They were always pitting us against each other, getting us to fight and molest one another. It was all designed to split us up and brainwash us so that we would forget that we were Keepers of the Land. The Creator gave our people the job of protecting the land, the fish, the forests. That was our purpose for being alive. But the whites wanted it all, and the residential schools were the way they got it. And it worked. We've forgotten our sacred task, and now the whites have most of the land and have taken all the fish and the trees. Most of us are in poverty, addictions, family violence. And it all started in the schools, where we were brainwashed to hate our own culture and to hate ourselves so that we would lose everything. That's why I say that the genocide is still going on."
(Testimony of Harriett Nahanee to Kevin Annett, North Vancouver, BC, December 11, 1995)
Recent investigations have revealed police officers dropping "drunken 'Indians'" off on the outskirts of a certain prairie city who subsequently froze to death. There are an unforgivable number of "reserves" across the country that can only be described as having "Third World" conditions - including disease bearing water supplies, non-existant or utterly inadequate sewage systems, virtually total unemployment and a federal bureaucracy that, intentionally or not, squash any hope for improvement with a glacial competence.

There is only one posible final word - I took a trip to Kluane National Park today: utterly clear skies lighting the mountains at the most impressive and impossible angles, good friends greenly and more importantly vehicularly amenable, and gleaming glaciers glaring in gargantuan grandeur. All is frozen. Today's temp was around thirty below with a wind from the south bringing the windchill to something in the fifties. On our way home the stars...OH, the stars...

Yukon, for the novice
"Don't try this at home, kids."
This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes it plain: Send not your foolish and feeble; send me your strong and your sane.

Promoting a Singular Global Threat -- Terrorism
Strategy of choice for world governance
"We are friends of the United States, we are friends of that people and we will remain so. But we are threatened today by a new simplism which consists in reducing everything to the war on terrorism. That is their approach, but we cannot accept that idea. You have got to tackle the root causes, the situations, poverty, injustice."
Foreign Minister of France, Hubert Vedrine
Sam Cohen, a retired nuclear weapons analyst, invented the neutron bomb. Even this hawkish neocon says Bush's New Nuclear Plan - Forget It.
"As of today these weapons are long gone from the U.S. arsenal and by order of President George Bush the Elder have been demolished. Moreover, in 1994 Congress passed legislation forbidding the development and production of low-yield dicriminate battlefield nuclear weapons. In this context, unless this decision is reversed it is little short of ludicrous for the NPR to call for developing new low-yield nuclear weapons."
America's greatest weakness is in intelligence, not explosive power. Fallout is a deconstruction by Michael Levi of the in-credible Bushinsanity.
"Despite the administration's bungled pronouncements, some of its most hawkish backers are getting the right picture. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" just before Andy Card's interview, Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Perle argued, "I can't think of a target of interest in a conflict with Iraq that could not be dealt with effectively by conventional weapons, non-nuclear weapons. ... I can't see why we would wish to use a nuclear weapon." The Prince of Darkness isn't about to campaign to ban the bomb, but, like most others, he knows that tactical nuclear weapons aren't very useful. It's time Bush learned the same."
How can one repeat the choice of life in an epoch in which the antithesis of life and death has been deconstructed? How could a blessing be conceived that could overcome the simplified confrontation of curse and blessing? How could a new covenant under conditions of complexity be formulated? Peter Sloterdijk: The Operable Man - On the Ethical State of Gene Technology
"Technology, Heidegger has taught us, is a form of uncovering. It digs out results which by themselves would not have come to light in this way. Technology could therefore also be called a form of accelerating success. Where technologies shape the conflict between cultures and enterprises, there arise those competitions which make history. History sets the pace in which humans increasingly work with anticipation and bring themselves into situations in which they can no longer wait for things to happen by themselves. Therefore, there is a characteristic correspondence between the technology of production and economic enterprise on the one hand, and on the other, between ethno-technology and war."
Game of Games: Transcending Our Tribalism as a Step Toward World Peace

"I never cite Buddha's words or the word of Zen patriarchs when I teach. All I do is comment directly on people themselves. That takes care of everything. I don't have to quote either the Buddha Dharma or the Zen Dharma. I don't have to when I can clear everything up for you by commenting directly on you and your personal concerns right here and now. I've no reason to preach about Buddhism or Zen."
I cannot discount the conclusion that We are being forced to face a choice that is perilously approaching a point of no return. I can enjoy the header Exercise Muscle Or Become Chopped Meat. An odor of oddness and my laugh-bone starts to chortle when recognition sets in: To deliberately omit supports the intent to avoid confrontation, and that supports the notion they are lying to us. Could everything they utter be a lie?

They, for starters, is me, you, and our collective IOUs. I am a liar. To say I'm not would be a lie. To say I am, if true, would belie the truth. PSYOPS 101

If the bulk of my presentation is factual, the personally productive and pointedly positional prevarications will slide by; if not unnoticed then at least brushed off as anoma-lies. Such is the nature of the quest for leadership. PSYOPS 150

Once accepted as Leader, then the actual becomes mutable for all intents and purposes. PSYOPS 210

Assuming that lessons learned become assets earned, Leader exhibits intense intent and claims profound purpose. PSYOPS 345

Distracting from the dire by means of the impending, Leader gains credibility by way of projection. PSYOPS 390

Eliminate Leader and create Elite-ocracy - this marks successful theses culminating in selected Masters of Psyopathy (MPthy - irony implicit) with access to unmentionable post-grad material.

A Doctorate in PsychoSocial Hysteria Inducing Trauma (DiPSHIT) provides no further reward - refer to Master's requisites. Anyone over-qualified or fully informed has two plain choices: marionette or murdered mortal. (The Kennedy Doctrine)

Muse Incorporating and Applied Sociomusicology

"How have you left the antient love
That bards of old enjoy'd in you!
The languid strings do scarcely move!
The sound is forc'd, the notes are few!"

Hesitate not and ascend directly to Michael Finley, who so obviously states: Perhaps it was foreordained that the freedom we get from our automobiles requires that we keep others in slavery.
"The war was so terrible, because it took a generation of men educated in genteel ways, and it ground them to pulp. They went off to war like gentlemen, and came back, if they were lucky, with a frankness of expression that was rooted in the greatest grief."
There can be only one rational answer to the U.S. American insistence over the past seventy years on the eradication of cannabis by enforced decree(s). Renewables - Featuring Hemp, the Primiere Renewable Resource
"Hemp yields an average of nine dry tons per acre. This yield could be even greater in a warm humid climate such as exists in Puerto Rico, and in this climate hemp can be harvested at least three times per year. Therefore, using the University of Hawaii bio-methanol facility production and cost estimates: 95,000 acres planted in hemp will supply a facility capable of producing 1700 MLPY (449 Million Gallons Per Year) of methanol, with the total investment in building the facility at $335 million."
Hemp dreams slow to take root
"Even the remnants of hemp, after it has been processed for seeds and high-quality fibre, is a superior biomass feed stock for the production of the high-octane, water free alcohol fuel, he said."
The idea of biofuel utilization, and all alternate sources of powering our mastered addictions, is inextricably tied to control. The Hydrocarbon Complex, mitigated by Monsantized/Pfizerific somato-biotic charms, has wrested any kind of responsible Communocracy from our grasp and proven Huxley's dismal (Revisited) thesis irrefutably correct.

Rather than decentralized diverse cultures culminating in a centralized collective sanity we have been forced to choose between centralized culture and freedom. This is the true nature of the the Bush Dichotomy - we are either with the Prescribed World-View, or out of lunch.

Noam Chomsky, whom I have the greatest though reserved respect for (follow the money), provides a scintillating taste of reason. Dated by seven years in these wildly accelerating times, Powers and Prospects - Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order nevertheless has the freshness of fresh-picked philosophical prose.
"The concept of human nature that underlies our visions is usually tacit and inchoate, but it is always there, perhaps implicitly, whether one chooses to leave things as they are and cultivate one's own garden, or to work for small changes, or for revolutionary ones.

This much, at least, is true of people who regard themselves as moral agents, not monsters -- who care about the effects of what they do or fail to do."
Mooselessness calls the game with impeccable clarity: Thankfully, I rely on traditional medicine, such as my vampiric sword of the leech.

As an intermediate step, all healing potions are now required to display a warning label stating that long term use of such potions could cause liver damage.


Abilities shared by military and domestic (is there much real difference anymore?) minions of the power-elite, are drooled over, and inevitably used...today? Potential Nonlethal Technologies This appendix lists various types of nonlethal technologies and their potential application under this concept. Listing of technologies does not indicate there are ongoing U.S. programs to develop the technologies.

Personnel Effectors Description
Infra/Ultra SoundSonic generator that projects an acoustic pressure wave to cause discomfort to personnel.
NoiseAcoustic generator that produces sufficient sound to disorient or incapacitate personnel.
Incapacitating SubstancesFamily of inorganic and organic substances that cause temporary disability.
Malodorous SubstancesFamily of inorganic substances with pungent odors that causes discomfort to personnel.
IrritantsSubstances that cause eye and respiratory irritation/discomfort (e.g., CS, CR, EA4923).
Vomiting AgentsChemicals that cause nausea/vomiting (e.g., DM).
Nonpenetrating ProjectilesFamily of projectiles that stuns personnel without penetrating.
Strobe LightsLarge, high-intensity stroboscopic light to disorient and confuse personnel.
Stun WeaponsFamily of weapons that subdues or immobilizes personnel.
Water CannonSystem that produces a high-pressure stream of water to disable or disburse crowds.
Optical MunitionsFamily of explosive/electric flash devices to stun, dazzle, or temporarily blind.
Super Adhesives/Binding CoatingsFamily of adhesives that prevents movement of personnel.
Anti-TractionFamily of substances that cause lack of traction for personnel.
Combustible DispersantsFamily of substances that ignites when subject to pressure from personnel passing over.
Entanglers/Containment DevicesFamily of nets, meshes, and the like to ensnare.
Enclosure FillersSubstance or devices that rapidly fill an enclosed space, leaving occupants alive but incapable of movement (e.g., airbags).
Aqueous FoamsFamily of foams that impedes mobility and create barriers especially when mixed with irritants.
DeceptionsTechniques intended to persuade groups to act against their self-interest.
HologramsGenerator that produces holograms as decoys or deceptions.
Voice Synthesis/MorphingDevice to synthesize the voice or images of a known figure, to deceive, produce false orders, or gain access.
MarkersFamily of substances that can be used to covertly mark personnel for later identification. Marking may be overt if so desired.
ObscurantsFamily of smoke-like agents to obscure observation and disorient.

Materiel EffectorsDescription
Special Electromagnetic InterferenceFamily of devices to provide electronic interference effects.
Binding CoatingsFamily of adhesives that prevents movement of vehicles.
High-Voltage ShockHigh-voltage generator to disrupt electronic systems.
Nonnuclear EMPDevice that duplicates the effects of nuclear weapons electromagnetic pulse, disrupting electronics.
Engine KillersFamily of agents that disables or destroys engines.
Filter CloggersFamily of airborne agents that clogs air filters when ingested in engines.
Conductive ParticlesFamily of particles that short-circuits electronics when inserted.
Conductive RibbonsFamily of ribbons that short-circuits electronics when deployed over wires.
Fuel Additives/-ViscosifiersFamily of agents that cause fuel to solidify.
Radio FrequencySystem that radiates a microwave burst, disabling electronics.
ObscurantsFamily of smoke-like agents to obscure visual or electronic observation.
Optical MunitionsExplosive/electric flash device to stun, dazzle, or temporarily blind optical sensors.
Computer Moles/WormsFamily of programs that will burrow into enemy automation and report back various datum: status, location, etc.
Computer VirusesFamily of programs that will cause computers to malfunction.
Material EmbrittlementFamily of substances that cause materials to quickly disintegrate or break down molecular bonding.
Optical CoatingsFamily of materials that can be deposited on optical sensors or viewing ports to obscure vision.
EntanglersFamily of nets, meshes, and the like to ensnare vehicles.
AntitractionFamily of substances that causes lack of traction.
Soil DestabilizationFamily of substances that causes soil to become soft or unstable, thus unusable by vehicles.
Tire AttackFamily of methods to destroy the tire/wheels of vehicles.
Supercorrosives/supercausticsFamily of substances that corrodes structural materials such as metal.
BiodeteriorationFamily of organic substances that corrodes structural materials or fuels.
Combustible DispersantsFamily of substances that ignites when subject to pressure from vehicles passing over.
Combustion ModifiersFamily of agents that causes mechanical failure when injected in combustion engines.
AntifrictionFamily of substances that significantly reduce surface friction between mechanical components.
Adhesives/AbrasivesSubstances that adhere to the surfaces of moving parts of machinery to damage them/prevent normal function.
Acoustic WavesAcoustic waves beamed into systems, which rely on acoustic sensors, to spool the system.

And don't forget to have a great weekend courtesy of Eric Idle & John Du Prez:

"Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,
A sun that is the source of all our power.
The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour,
Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'.

Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars.
It's a hundred thousand light years side to side.
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick,
But out by us, it's just three thousand light years wide.
We're thirty thousand light years from galactic central point.
We go 'round every two hundred million years,
And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universe.

The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whizz
As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know,
Twelve million miles a minute,
and that's the fastest speed there is.
So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure,
How amazingly unlikely is your birth,
And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth."
Who is Responsible,
for the Trouble in Your Life? - ave a larf, eh


My comments will by neccessity be brief today, but this essay deserves the most scathing of introductions. Imagine the worst, and then grok the potential. Pentagon Perverts Pharma with New Weapons - Liability and Public Image in the Pentagon's Drug Weapons Research
"From 1977 to 1985, Rumsfeld was the President and CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals. After Rumsfeld's tenure, Searle was bought by Monsanto, which itself was subsequently taken over by Pharmacia. Pharmacia kept Searle when it spun-off Monsanto's agricultural division as 'new' public company."
J.R. Mooneyham examines something that we may need copious quantities of, singularly soon. The nature of luck - (and how it might be changed for good or ill on an individual or group level)
"In most circumstances the odds of random chance are against you-- unless you're out to harm yourself or others, or wreak destruction in general. Death, decay, and destruction represent the mainstream of events in this universe, and are not so prey to undoing by random chance as more creative and constructive endeavors."

My Dear Neighbor Rod, of the most bushy demeanor yet brush-clearing sense suggested that Mr. Vonnegut Reads Slaughterhouse-Five could transtemporalize perfect analogy for pilgrimage.
"The CD is a reinterpretation of Vonnegut's words in a musical work of tremendous impact, especially at this moment in history."
Saddam, France and Germany: is there a money trail?


I have no business, am bereft of punditocracy or any other defined form (lest Dear Readers desire to foist such label-ous derogations - no blame); I am not to be believed.

Now listen, not in the aural interiorization that traps belief into linguistic/cultural interpretation... and see, not in the colorized faux-illumination of projected insight... and feel, not with senses ordained allowable by negative negation. Now taste, not by branded implication. Now fully sense, not with dictated set or setting, or restricted cogninets and spin-hooks.

Are you free? Has dichotomy become an intellectual game outside of the 5 + 1? Has the perceivable encompassed ecoconceivable Gaianess as zoo-metric temporocraft immersed in a spacefield distortion relative to all?

C'mon and join me then on a venture into the transversal. Tao, where were we?... oh yum... Water structure and behavior
"The size of the water molecule, however, belies the complexity of its properties and these properties seem to fit ideally into the requirements for life as can no other molecule."

Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act - Center Publishes Secret Draft of 'Patriot II' Legislation
"What that suggests is that they're waiting for a propitious time to introduce it, which might well be when a war is begun. At that time there would be less opportunity for discussion and they'll have a much stronger hand in saying that they need these right away."
According to a 2001 federal study, marijuana is one of America's biggest cash crops, legal or illegal, fetching $10.6 billion annually. Add to that Canada's multibillion bud-buck contribution and we have a $15 - 20 billion bio-industry largely headed by heads; and whose primary concern is quality. In it's average form it is directly analogous to the distributed www.network. A node may be interrupted or even broken, but the integated whole barely registers a disruptive blip.

Any educated consumer could more easily tell the quality of a cannabis variant than the veracity of an AmeriBuck. It is not possible to counterfeit pot - and inadvisable to attempt to adulterate it as the contaminant is invariably more expensive than the product, easily discerned, highly unlikely to be desirable, and so avoided.

To crush the poor
"The United States has been at war in Colombia for over 50 years. It has, however, hesitated to explain precisely who it is fighting. Officially, it is now involved there in a "war on terror". Before September 2001, it was a "war on drugs"; before that, a "war on communism". In essence, however, US intervention in Colombia is unchanged: this remains, as it has always been, a war on the poor."
Self, Vigilance, and Society
"Unfortunately, our knee-jerk fears of the repressive effects of power and knowledge prevent us from explicitly recognizing the social context of these unequal relationships (therapist/patient, employer/employee).

By failing to come up with any explanation for why some types of secret surveillance are preferable to others, we are effacing the distinction between invasions of privacy for purposes of social control and medical treatment and invasions of privacy for sheer self-gratification.."
The Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (1969, U.S.A.)
I. Control of Marihuana, Alcohol and Tobacco - History of Marihuana Legislation
"The Uniform Act does not recommend penalties except with respect to possession for one's own use. For such offenses, the Conference recommended that it be treated as a misdemeanor.

To date, 26 states and three territories have adopted the Act in its entirety or in a varied form. Currently, 10 to 15 states are considering it."
The Breaking Point - An Interview with Duane Elgin


I am most sorry, Dear Old Beans, for absenting myself without courteous notice; or even a by-your-leave! In my natural state there is nothing I enjoy more than projecting alliterative preludes to ill and trans-literate compositions. Unfortunately I have been far from balanced lately due to a number of mitigating factors - the gods of green, the devils of paper, and the purgatory of neccessity.

As it is probably best not to spread dissonance when insouciance is in dire shortage, please forgive me my bloggish shortcoming (and letter replies) and I'll promise to be more fore-coming about impending lapses. On to the wanderings of the day...

Unable to attribute this lead (more humble apologies), Terry Jones is always on the ball (or summat). I'm losing patience with my neighbours, Mr Bush
"I'm really excited by George Bush's latest reason for bombing Iraq: he's running out of patience. And so am I!

For some time now I've been really pissed off with Mr Johnson, who lives a couple of doors down the street."
Somehow I don't think that Tesla figured in psychoanalytic discourse (excuse the conspiricist implication) - Jung and the Space Shuttle - Symbol and Synchronicity with the Columbia Disaster
"These synchronicities drape themselves over the landscape of our sadness, almost overshadowing the advent of the America's next major war. But perhaps the word is not overshadow but foreshadow..."
Smacking into a cognitive brick wall has the kind of nit picking interest that we are primally digitized for(?). Skeptilog whets our wizen-botoxing stone with reductionist aplomb. How To Discover Everything About Deities
"I can neither guarantee the applicability or accuracy of, nor assume liability for, any of the questions or answers listed here. If you inquire into these realms, you must accept full responsibility for what you ask, how you search, and what you learn."
Time and Place: the TV of our minds
"How did Roman slaves think of the Tuscan countryside? How did Etruscans or Syrians perceive the Roman Empire, and early Christians the desert? How differently do the English, the Irish, the Russians and the Senegalese think of the sea? What did the Anglo-Saxons think about Stonehenge? These apparently simple questions can only be partially answered after years or even generations of research. So questions which we now pose about past time and place are perverse.

The principal problem is that they incorporate the Historical Fallacy: the projection on to the past of the concerns of the present."
From the same risible source is another I Ching of interpretive intrigue - Fairies and their kin
"The English word 'fairy' comes to us, via the Old French faerie, from the Latin fata, meaning 'fate'. This means the roots are with the classical Greek Fates, who were believed to control the fate and destiny of the human race."
Tales of Three Generations: American Soldiers in the Best and Worst of Times - Enduring Themes of Soldiers in War - The faces of war are no less controversial than the nature of the new world order.