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Moments beyond description are rare, and tonight provided a singular astronomical event that was just so. Taking the gods for their nightly walk and bark-howlathon I expected a very bright moon to be positively beaming over Mt. Lorne, and was pleased that the air was utterly crisp/clear (-10C). What I had not foreseen was the Auroral symphony playing with the moon and mountain, shimmering curtains of color, beaming stripes of green laser, vast whirlpools of dimensional magic. And we howled; and then were silent.

It should be required that anyone persuing the U.S. Presidency be able to understand this mini-tome, and pass a proctalored exam on its content and context. Of course I'm dreaming in elitest intellectual of which I'm neither technicolor. The rediscovery of the human mind is a paper by Rom Harré that explores the revolutions in psychological sciences and their underlying assumptions.
"...can anything be said about the propensities of individual human beings, on the basis of a statistical distribution of relations between type of response and type of situation found by using a statistical analysis on the results of studying a population? The answer, of course, is no. This is not a matter for debate, but simply a mathematical feature of statistics, DuMas's Theorem. It is astonishing how often this mistake is made. If 90% of a population, all treated in the same way, have a certain characteristic or reaction, it does not follow than any one them has a propensity, strength 0.9, to react that way. Those in the major segment have a propensity 1.0 and those in the minor segment a propensity 0.0. The chances of an unexamined person falling in the major segment is 0.9 indeed, but that is a quite different conclusion."
The Anatomy of a Trauma gives the eight steps to understand and track old feelings that erupt into the present. This paradigm takes the mystery out of the result of a serious blow to the psyche. Such as growing up believing that you are special, talented, unique; and then finding out that in fact dogsbody more accurately describes the scene.
"One important idea is to use juxtaposition." ya think??"
Far better for both of us to move Towards an Ecology of Mind; a verdant pasture with bursting blooms of Gregory Bateson, Ernst von Glasersfeld, George Kelly, Ronnie Laing, and Humberto Maturana - and funky fungi too, I'm sure.
"The specifically human feature of human groupings can be exploited to turn them into the semblance of non-human systems. ....All those people who seek to control the behaviour of large numbers of other people work on the experiences of those other people."
Or perhaps we'd like to pop over to the Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory, proud hosts of the inVisible Mouse.
"A new collaborative project designed to provide basic information for the new investigator and instruct the experienced researcher."
A hand-operated data input device that moves the cursor on a computer screen

The First Big Brother Award in the Netherlands claims first prize for - itself.
"The Health Institute, RIVM, got the award for the archiving of a million of blood samples of children, without telling the parents and without any legal basis for doing so."
Strategic Issues Today puts butter on the bread of damnseed statistics in it's latest big picture examination. Axis of Evil; Afghanistan: Town v. Country - Restoring order; Defense Spending
"Despite the biggest proposed increase in defense spending since the Reagan era, Pentagon officials say the $379.3 billion requested by President Bush for fiscal 2003 will leave the military with only $9.8 billion to spend on new projects. Initial projections were for a $48 billion increase over fiscal 2002, but that shrank because the military had to absorb $3 billion in fiscal 2002 retirement accounts that had not been figured in earlier. The increase includes $14.1 billion to cover rising health costs, $7.4 billion to sustain existing systems and $19.4 billion for the war effort, including a $10 billion contingency fund. With inflation factored in, there is $9.8 billion left for new expenses."
For my own psychic well-being I must reprise Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado - the mere reading of which serves to reorganize the cognosphere.
"Folks, it kicked my ass into the next century. It was easily the most bizarre and frightening experience I've ever had (even more so than the 7-minute 5-MeO nightmare!). I now understand the true meaning of shamanism---what they mean when they talk about walking the line between worlds, tapping into a completely alien source of knowledge. It isn't something that I think I care to repeat. It was simply too awesome."
From Memetic Drift: Accumulated mis-replications; (the rate of) memetic mutation or evolution. Written texts tend to slow the memetic drift of dogmas (Henson). to Life:(vl) A region on the spectrum of complexity beginning somewhere around viruses and extending to intelligence and beyond., (snuff for the snoot, eh), The Virian Lexicon is a potent vaccination that once fully grokked should offer lifetime protection from STD's (subsume-able transference diasporas - Tross, 2002).
"This section of the Church of Virus site is a combination of the original Virus Lexicon (vl) and the Memetic Lexicon by Glenn Grant."
Closed irrational minds may be offended.
Open rational minds may be infected.

A Time of Transition \ the human connection
by, W. Daniel Hillis
"You can tell that something unusual is going on these days by the way we draw our graphs."

With humblest apologies for this rather lengthy dis-creative blo'period, I am now feeling far righter and ready to bear left with renewed vigor.

The Anomalist's High Strangeness Report uncovers Virus 2: The Real Story of the 'Mir' Threat
"But even more intriguing were the revelations of Russian space crewmember Anatoly Serebrov, who confessed that it was not merely microorganisms, which underwent mutations. Several Russian newspapers referred to him saying he had also seen mutating worms. "When one of the station's devices failed and I set to dissembling it, I found there a yellow worm more than a meter long… I have not seen anything of the kind on the Earth," Serebrov said."
This of course inexorably leads my suspicurious neurons to recall a note I made some time ago about the death of Harvard Professor Don Wiley, a noted virologist. Who and Why chillingly lists, offers bio's and media links for the many leading scientists found dead.
"Israeli biological and nuclear scientists are being knocked off one by one and this covert war is going unnoticed. A plane carrying scientists to Russia's biological warfare center at Novosibirsk was blown up over the Black Sea and no one questions that the Ukrainian missile that supposedly did the job was a hundred miles out of range."
As an addendum to this, The Sanger Institute is sequencing the 137 kb insecticidal toxin bearing plasmid (pBtoxis) of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, in collaboration with Dr. Colin Berry of the School of Biosciences , Cardiff University and with Dr Arieh Zaritsky of the Department of Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev , Israel. Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal toxin plasmid
Prnp, was then cloned

A very pertinent NYT article for my frozen Yukon wonderland, and just darned interesting, was brought to attention by Jerry Kindall. Enlisting Ice as an Ally of Skiers and Aircraft
"The technology can also be used to improve the grip of snow tires or, when applied in reverse, cause ice to burst off windshields, road surfaces or airplane wings at the push of a button."
Orwell Today reflects an archetypical presense deeply within us all: Was Grassy Knoll Culprit Behind 9-11 Too? by by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun.
"And Memphis ... Memphis? Wasn't that the same place a noted Harvard bio-warfare expert "fell" off a bridge in December?"

Thanks to insurgent for the pointer to a piece that projects most poignantly my personal philosophy - ain't irony grand! The God That Sucked , by Thomas Frank
"These are the fruits of thirty years of culture war. Hell-bent to get government off our backs, you installed a tyrant infinitely better equipped to suck the joy out of life."
A host of awesome myths

R. Buckminster Fuller's Grand Strategy for Solving Global Problems strains the slimy mass of degeneration, and the nuggets of pure creation glimmer hope.
"But most of all, if people no longer have to fight each other over limited resources, then the basic reason for war will be gone and war will become obsolete. The oldest dreams of mankind--peace, prosperity--will have come true."
Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the Mind is chapter 11 of William H. Calvin's The Cerebral Code which adds a harmony to my perceptual melody.
"We are unaware of most of the things that go on in our heads, and sometimes that's better, as in Zen archery."
Remaining in a retrospective space, I'm brought to this Talk in Terence McKenna's Epistomology Workshop - Psychedelics and the Chaos Revolution by Ralph H. Abraham.
"Seven times eight is business practice, and mathematics is when you jump in the pool in the sunshine, and there's a pattern of light and dark on the bottom of the pool."

First-off, let me express my dismay at my own projectively neuro-meat-ish absence of late. I think that I am utterly disenfranchised by the deeply Orwellian direction of those I would have, not too long ago, considered well versed and even sane journalists.

To have bought into the Bushian mien, spouting double-speak and obviously anti-intellectual crap, is a disease of information that we ignore at the most philosphical and personally fundamental level. None of an ethical demeanor could support this current of backwardly forced flow.

Our entire torrent of humanist, nay trans-humanist effort over the past has been toward equality, justice, and a movement toward a holistic secularism. We have fallen into a trench - muddied by the clay of sticky memes, dug by those of limited wisdom, and shelled by the minions of profit - and sadly bemoaned by the sane.

What stake the entertainment crowd has in this is not really in question - just witness the focus on the debatable robbery of Canadian gold in the figure skating competition. Why would anyone care?? when faced with the truths of American hegemony, environmental mega-degradation and a people robbed of their own wealth?

I must enquire whether it would be sane for any of us to "be happy" while our hard-won and so-easily-lost freedom is under perhaps the direst threat since the fascism of mid-20thcentury. Now, this is not to denigrate our personal pleasure, since if we didn't have that there would be no point. But happiness is not the same as pleasure - the latter being a temporary state of transcendance, the former a state of continuous ease; our true birthright.

We all want to be happy, but perhaps have mistaken the accrual of things for the actual thing. To mistake the word (idea) for the actual is the memetic curse of our age - and this was the true lesson of our psychedelic renewal. Our psychic second rebirth was destabilised by the same insane forces that are attempting to rapaciously use the resources future generations will need.

We in the north have a decent chance of staving off those who would use us so; and continue to maintain communities that, regardless of ideology, help each other out. For the vast bulk of my readers I must ask - where do you stand, and what are you willing to do to preserve what you stand for?

A Study on the Psychospiritual Rehabilitation of the American Nation: The Patterns and Processes in Transforming a Culture of Crime and Violence.
"As Gilligan (1997) claims, political agendas often lead to a focus on the individual perpetrators and their dysfunctionality as the root of the problem of violent crime rather than on the society and the culture which produces them. The focus has been on the trees rather than the forest, and consequently, the problems of the forest have increased."
Quantum Consciousness
"Our consciousness is at its root a maverick, ever moving, jumping from one perception, feeling, thought, to another. We can never hold it still or focus it at a point for long. Like the quantum nature of matter, the more we try to hold our consciousness to a fixed point, the greater the uncertainty in its energy will become."
Beneath the Underbelly of the Shamen
Lord Of Hempton Manor

visible darkness - this public address


Nothing to Lose but our Illusions: an interview with David Edwards
"So don't ask yourself what people want. Ask instead, What is true? What really inspires me, excites me? What will really help people and take away their confusion and suffering? It's sort of a funny, crazy way to go, but I think it's the only way to bring water to the wasteland Joseph Campbell described. When I read something truthful, something real, I breathe a deep sigh and say, "Fantastic - I wasn't mad or alone in thinking that, after all!" So often we are left to our own devices, struggling in the dark with this external and internal propaganda system. At that point, for someone to tell us the truth is a gift. In a world where people all around us are lying and confusing us, to be honest is a great kindness."
Fantastic duet by Sting and Yo Yo Ma....transcedental would be an understatement
Now, wait a minute...did any agency drug test the musicians....?? (erk)

When was GWB's last drug test??

Is it possible to be Without angro-vee, a person?

We all indulge With little resolve. As deep as we may

I believe that I'll Go back home Bye

I don't think I have choice but to mention the resolution.

expected fraction of all observers with human-type experiences that live in simulations

Michael Wilson, projectionist of an entirely different order than our Canadian finance human, was asked to reflect on National Security and Infrastructural Warfare. Some three years pre-everything-changed, and using game theory, he brings us to an alternate and perhaps most accurate analysis.
"Opposition (internal) and threats (external) to national security are, at this point in history, impossible to categorize easily; repressive regimes spawn resistance from within and without, as surprisingly do ostensibly open, free democratic States."
What we are allowed to know is de-classified. C'est vrais? Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat Through 2015
"From a technical standpoint, cruise missiles are a better alternative than ballistic missiles in launching from forward areas. Many countries would therefore see these missiles as advantageous in attacking the United States. The most plausible alternative for a forward-based launch would be a covertly equipped commercial vessel."
To put another spin on the American impetus toward an MDS ("star wars" for those so inclined), Electromagnetic Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb is an article by Cheryl Walsh of the Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse. How many holes in the damn are required before we see that the river follows the Tao while our politicians are following the Doh!?
"The US and Russian governments admit that mind control technology is classified. The Russian and US victims of illegal mind control programs have clear proof of government involvement and motive. The growing and already massive program of alleged, illegal experimentation and the use of mind control on the unsuspecting public is a serious human rights issue in need of a thorough and impartial investigation."
Skigligans solelunettata
The Future of Evolution
by Gerard 't Hooft


Harkening back to to a prior, more innocent age, David Deutsch wrote a satirical take of The Human Animal by Desmond Morris. Let your mind crystalize to the altered state catalyzed by Man, the Mobile Mineral - many of our worlds could do with being hit over the head with this placer nugget.
"Sex. Love. Power. Wealth. The territorial imperative. There is nothing of importance to human beings that does not ultimately reduce to the mineral."
Now... This! by Neil Postman (edited from Amusing Ourselves To Death)
"One can hardly overestimate the damage that such juxtapositions do to our sense of the world as a serious place. The damage is especially massive to youthful viewers who depend so much on television for their clues as to how to respond to the world."
The Idle Theory of Evolution shows that All living creatures have to work to stay alive. Some have to work harder than others to stay alive. Those creatures that need do little work to stay alive are more likely to survive periods of difficulty than those that must work longer.

We are literally working ourselves to death - death of ourselves (including those parts we dissociate as "enemies"), our communities and families, and soon our Gaiaship. Work is a product of force, and in the human context a discipline akin to that of the flagellants. Why are we hell-bent on imposing the negatively (imposed) creative rather than enjoying the posi-creative (exposed) perception of "progress". Play requires no more or less energy on average than work; and is far more efficient as there is significantly less internal resistance.
"The entire tone of Idle Theory is quite different from the Darwinian war of nature and the Neo-Darwinian reproductive imperative. Idle Theory's vision of evolution is much more relaxed, easy. "
The tripalium is an instrument of torture. The Latin word labor 
means suffering. We are unwise to forget 
this origin of the words travail and labour.
 Raoul Vaneigem

The Abolition of Work by Bob Black is an epiphany. Not only does he manage to drive nails firmly into the coffin of capitalism, but he then proceeds to trance-end the greys of repercieved slavery and color our Gaiaship with the reflected spectrum of potentiated Cosmanity.
"It is now possible to abolish work and replace it, insofar as it serves useful purposes, with a multitude of new kinds of activities. To abolish work requires going at it from two directions, quantitative and qualitative. On the one hand, on the quantitative side, we have to cut down massively on the amount of work being done. At present most work is useless or worse and we should simply get rid of it. On the other hand - and I think this the crux of the matter and the revolutionary new departure - we have to take what useful work remains and transform it into a pleasing variety of game-like and craft-like pastimes, indistinguishable from other pleasurable pastimes except that they happen to yield useful end-products. Surely that shouldn't make them less enticing to do. Then all the artificial barriers of power and property could come down. Creation could become recreation. And we could all stop being afraid of each other."
sign at entrance to a Nazi concentration camp - work makes one free

Excellent short essay diatribe? by Eliot at Follow Me Here - examining the apparently increasing ubiquity of mood disorders and how they are treated. R.D. Laing has been Orwelled by Transglobal Pharmacorp, as well as your family doctor.
"Too much diagnosis is done by the "walks-like-a-duck, quacks-like-a-duck" doctrine, which for the sake of empirical utility throws out almost all subtle depth-derived insight into the human process of a psychiatrically ill patient."

Enron and The Metaphysically Self-Putrescing Logic of Extreme Capitalism - Oblivio, obviously.
"Oh, what the hell: extreme capitalism sucks. Get rid of it. I promise to shop 1000% more if you raise my wages, cut my taxes and raise them for the super-rich and corporations. Build a nationwide highspeed rail system and I guarantee I'll ride it at least 5000 miles a year and do expensive touristy things at both ends. Give me national health care and I promise the free lyposuction you provide me with three times a year will more than pay for itself in the economic stimulus of my pigging out. Give me a twenty-hour work week and I'll see four movies a week, buy a new car to go to the beach in - hell, I'll even take one of those F-16 fighter jets, since I'll have time to learn how to pilot it. I'll get all kinds of durable goods. You won't believe how great everything'll be."
I'll stop laughing once the vodka wears off

Universal Income Support
"These advantages are diverse and wide spread. It can rightly be said that it is not until a proposal for universal income support free of means test is seriously considered that the whole picture of the extensive and wide ranging benefits of universality can be seen and understood."

To approach a singular understanding, indeed to even touch trans-human experience may be beyond our biological potential. Despite this - de-spite? , we have an obligation, a personal bent, to aspire so. Contained within this link are more future presents than a post-doctoral course; yet the flow is is quite grok-able: Comments on Vinge's Singularity . Contributors include Alexander Chislenko, Anders Sandberg, Max More and many others; as well as the sagacious Eliezer S. Yudkowsky!
"Since … an ultra intelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an `intelligence explosion' … more probable than not … within the 20th century." I.J.Good, 1965" -!!
In my frequently alliterative style, I couldn't have stated it better than Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD.: Ambiguous Absolutism and Absolute Ambiguity.
"Ambiguous absolutism thrives on anger, and, anger thrives upon ambiguity absolutely."

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his book, Philosophical Investigations, attempts to establish a relationship between meaning and use. Wittgenstein sees the relationship as one akin to "language games" and "family resemblance." To Wittgenstein, the language game is the application of words to a particular situation. The use of a word in a particular setting thus defines the meaning of the word. It is the speaker's (or writer's) intention that defines the word according to the needs of the speaker (or writer).
Wittgenstein negates the absolute definition of terms when the terms stand alone.
I was a bit confused by which satellite it was that crashed near here - it may have been an Iridium or the aforementioned EUE. It doesn't really matter; but I would like some kind of scientific explanation of why we seem to get an inordinal number of junks droppings on our, "one of the few remaining", virginal Yukon Territory.

Gently apply your thinking caps (those brain-taps can be tricky!) and approach what may be the penultimate issue of our time. A research scientist from Zyvex Corp. illuminates the nano-world at the edge of possibility; which is also at the edge of probability. Microbivores: Artificial Mechanical Phagocytes using Digest and Discharge Protocol
"This paper presents a theoretical nanorobot scaling study for artificial mechanical phagocytes of microscopic size, called "microbivores," whose primary function is to destroy microbiological pathogens found in the human bloodstream using a digest and discharge protocol."

Yes, the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer satellite raced across our sky last night, burned and crashed near the Takhini Hot Springs - some 30 kilometers outside of Whitehorse. Why do the masters of space traffic think that we are a good dumping ground?
"The aging spacecraft could re-enter the atmosphere as early as 10 p.m. EST Wednesday or as late as 7 a.m. EST Thursday, engineers with the space agency predicted."

Iridium was later redesigned to need fewer satellites

By way of the Obvious, I laughed myself silly with retrospective rememberances - and more than a few I wish I'd thought of... life unfolding - grammer school shenanigans
"The teacher was much alarmed, when, in registraion, James Pale shouted out "Yes miss. Glory to the Pakis.". The teacher questioned this, and he said "Are you blind miss? I'm a Paki." He got detention."
Fusion Biopolitics, by Jeremy Rifkin. Now look, I had a vasectomy some fifteen years ago after having three children with no viable means of support. Oh, yeah, I used to manage a million-dollar-a-year water treatment company, and have variously been a cook, bartenter, and voracious hippy (use yer imagination).

We are not part of community any more; in any real sense. The objective of the capitalist metameme is to seperate, isolate and control. Without compliant serfs (inspired by dreams of trans-serfdom - whether by lotto-luck or directional endeavor) the system of economic Darwinism would fall into the tarpit of oblivion it deserves.

Likewise, our impetus toward genetic control offers no real benefit (that AI could not achieve with far more efficient results) and brings to actuality very real dangers. Life is magic as it is. To presume mastery is to subsume dynamic progression to legerdemain; we are no longer children.
"The biotech era will bring with it a very different constellation of political visions and social forces just as the industrial era did. The current debate over cloning human embryos and stem cell research is already loosening the old alliances and categories. It is just the beginning of the new biopolitics."
Evolutionary Contagion In Mental Software
"The evolutionary epidemiology of ideas raises some distinctions between intelligence as an individual phenomenon and intelligence as a population phenomenon."