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February's Fitful Finery
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Here I sit, still GUI challenged, learning far more about DOS than any but a MaSochistic pre-Windonion should. Y'see, the vast distance twixt success and re-boot failure lies within the Gatesian kernel of truth. Stranger than fiction, (t)his fatal exception O.D.(0117:0000BC09) does not respond to my gentle restorative touch nor make itself amenable to treatment. Rather, the continued efforts each receive the same plaintive bleat that Miniondows must be re-installed, a task barred by a broken CD-ROM and inscrutably corrupted floppies.

Hoping to take full advantage of the latent learning effect, or perhaps to exercise my blatant spurning affect, I've decided to temporarily give up; allowing the wind of spring to freshen my seasonally affected dis-order.

"Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. We owe our minds to the deaths and lives of all the creatures that were ever engaged in the struggle called Evolution. Our job is to see that all this work shall not end up in meaningless waste." Marvin Minski concludes that our future is indeed biologically limited. He also asks a vital question: Do cultures have rights?

A novel reality could be adjudged by grokking the Swedenborg Glossary of Theistic Science. On the other hand, this vomitive verbiage obfuscates, and is perhaps best left to the masochist. A more graphical display of honest enquiry may be had in Margaret Masterman's "Theism as a Scientific Hypothesis"
"I will now, with the help of a logical system derived from Boole's insight, construct a mathematical iconic vehicle of the Christian Trinity; and I do this in all seriousness, not as a gimmick, since I think that Boole, in setting up his Laws of Thought, had a Trinitarian revelation as well as an Idempotent one."
Straining the slimy mass of degeneration, the nuggets of pure creation glimmer hope. R. Buckminster Fuller's Grand Strategy for Solving Global Problems is conceptual gold.
"All of humanity has struggled, dreamed, hoped, worked, and prayed for this moment in history. It is up to us to help make it happen."

The Sir Roger Penrose Society has as it's motto: "science and fun cannot be separated". Here we can find Sir Roger as A Mathematician at Play in the Fields of Space-Time.
"This crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evil. An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future career."
Albert Einstein - Why Socialism?
There's been considerable talk lately about the unlimited potential of zero-point energy. Philip Yam is not so certain, in his analysis Exploiting Zero-Point Energy. A haiku, I think:
"Energy fills empty space,
but is there a lot to be tapped, as some propound?
Probably not."
What role, and to what degree, did psychedelic substances play in the development of human consciousness? The Re-unification of the Sacred and the Natural, by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., looks at how the entheogenically enhanced shamanic world-views closely approximate current leading (edge) theories. (yes, this is a warmed-over link, but it's a goodie)

Henry Munn gives us The Mushrooms of Language, in which he shares his intimate knowledge of the Mazatecs, of the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.
"Hallucinations predominated in the experiences of the investigators because they were passive experimenters of the transformative effect of the mushrooms. The Indian shamans are not contemplative, they are workers who actively express themselves by speaking, creators engaged in an endeavor of ontological, existential disclosure. For them, the shamanistic condition provoked by the mushrooms is intuitionary, not hallucinatory."

Impotence, beyond effective inability, has a far more dreadful affect; one that I feel all the more deeply the greater my desire for it's amoelioration.

Don't get me wrong on this point, my impetuous member performs with suitably attentive grace and grandly Handelerian finalitude; largely (and sadly) in solitude. What I am refering to is less choral and more coral - like a rock.

Like the interiorized powerlessness that comes from long exposure to untenable conditions, our actual being is reduced to a blob of limpid lipid shaped by sic-culture. A social melieux, that is, that claims freedom as it's cornerstone but is in fact the most insideously coercive in history.

We martyr our saints yet deify their miracles. There is faux joy in Mudville.

"Among other things, our physicists have also postulated some five "fundamental forces" associated with particles. Yet, when matter and anti-matter annihilate, all these forces, and several other "fundamental" things, vanish. Puff, like magic, they are gone! How can something fundamental disappear?" Frank M. Meno writes an essay that is a "page turner" (scroll bar grabber?), understandable and complex. Quite an achievement when the basis of everything/nothing is the subject. Why Is All This Ignored?

Comparative Human Cognition involves the study of transformations in person-context relationships over time. This ignores the mind/brain problem in favor of recognizing developmental factors as relational. I think this approach is critical to get at a more complete view, which must be balanced with the tendency to individuate doing and wrongdoing.

The arguments in favor of life being universally endemic keep piling up, while the thought of Earth as the sole repository in the vastness grows ever more quaint.

"Is the light I see in my mind the same light as the light I see in the world?" Alice in Quantum Land is a great little fable for the budding cosmic flower in us all.


The geriactric nature of my computer is not the problem, as I realize upon allowing processor envy to run it's course. Yeah, sure it would be nice to feel the speed, to enjoy the full fruit of randomly accessible juices, screen definition beyond definition, and have more room to store seldomly accessed pulp. No, the problem is with the binary architecture, those digital dependancies that upon failure bring the entire Windows edifice down.

This 32 bit fat son of a 16 bit bitch running on an 8 bit chip with a 4 bit brain precipitates inordinate dis-chord. Sort'a like a Wild World of Sports episode in which a hapless user can experience the thrill of victorious file transfer followed by the agony of the blue screen of defeat. Great highlights, lousy way to spend much time.

I would really rather have absolutely stable, dedicated proggies that do one thing well and co-exist in total harmony with as many other thingies I want to run. Ok, ok, I know, the lure of the steak is in the sizzle, the odor of possibility more enticing than whether the meat is actually tender and tasty. And I must remember not to use culinary metaphores that telegraph my gastric distress.

So, until I re-emerge from the thin broth of this nutrient-challenged MaSochist's DOS to again gorge on the gut-(w)re(n)tching mulligatawny of Windumplings, I will perversere (and that's sic).

The Cerebral Code -- Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the Mind by William H. Calvin goes behind the scenes to postulate the cortical-level equivalent of a gene or meme; and in the process adds a harmony to my perceptual melody.
"Unlike selectionist theories of mind, Calvin's mosaics can fully implement all six essential ingredients of Darwin's evolutionary algorithm, repeatedly turning the quality crank as we figure out what to say next."
Where do the transtemporal, transpersonal, and (thankfully?) transient effects of psychedelics fit-in-to this cognitive psychograph? DOM (STP), a New Hallucinogenic Drug, and DOET: Effects in Normal Subjects has nothing to say on this matter; but does provide intrigue. Hello to all our friends at the FBI, NSA, CIA, and CSIS.
"Both drugs produced subjective effects of mild euphoria and enhanced self-awareness in the absence of hallucinogenic or psychotomimetic effects."
Just to add praise to health, and provide further evidence of our seditious nature, here is The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide in all it's comprehensive yet user-friendly glory.
"Innovation without experience is the primary cause of failure."
Which eventually leads to a deep appreciation for the varieties of Theories of Creation. Dig the Holographic Universe (one of my faves) or re-grok your own cultural or religious tradition.
"Pribram's belief that our brains mathematically construct "hard" reality by relying on input from a frequency domain has also received a good deal of experimental support."

Virtue may be criminal, crime may have virtue, and a criminal's surest haven is within the virtuous. So it is, that by skeining legislative nets of ever finer and more entrapping warp we do not fight crime but, as must be retrospectively acknowledged, do create vastly greater numbers of victims.

Social ostracism, being out-cast, is the age-old remedy for dealing with those unable to fit in with the most basic tenets of communal life. Revenge may be taken (subject to the same societal pressures as the original offender), but considered punishment is evil; a group evil few within a group could perform as individuals. Well adjusted, dare we say `sane' cultures do not dream up ways to be repaid, but for ways to (re)integrate (as one could similarly observe adjustment to our ecological place as, well, sane).

Our laws are now pervasively odious; deeply intrusive, often exclusive, to the point of making many reclusive, not because of nefarious intent but rather because we are kept in a passive foment (depressive anxiety) that is dominated (denied) by distraction.

Attention, attention to my actual life, it's relationships of love so deep that I'll eat you, drink you, breathe you, create and kill you. Each step a catalysis, a precipitated changing dreamt at forty Hertz.

Attention. We sell our attention for trinkets. In-sane!

Psychedelics and the Chaos Revolution by Ralph H. Abraham provides unique insight into how entheogenic reintegration informs research at the edge.
"Seven times eight is business practice, and mathematics is when you jump in the pool in the sunshine, and there's a pattern of light and dark on the bottom of the pool."
Alan G Carter and Colston Sanger detail Some Weird Stuff. This is an amazing realm that includes such pellucid Homo Noeticae as Richard Feynman, Teilhard de Chardin, Vernor Vinge and the below quoted GSB, as well as questions on all our minds like (erk) What went wrong with game theory?
"In all mathematics it becomes apparent, at some stage, that we have for some time been following a rule without being consciously aware of the fact. This might be described as the use of a covert convention. A recognisable aspect of the advancement of mathematics consists of the advancement of the consciousness of what we are doing, whereby the covert becomes overt. Mathematics is in this respect psychedelic."
George Spencer-Brown

Perhaps this is really all I need. Reduced to the most basic of text editors, my beautifully balanced computer creation has spat out it's kernal, and even after a proper flossing it eschews the appointed graphical interface. To make matters worse, the backup Win95, disk 2, enjoys corruption of the most sordid kind - *.cab*. This is only the last of a trio of mishaps that befell my relesphere over the course of a couple of hours. Perhaps bespeaking an attention deficit for which I have certainly learnt my lesson, or p'raps an accursed missive from an ex, witch-with-dis-order! After all the moon was full and it was the thirteenth; day before Valentine's.....

The first tragedy was not immediately personal as my one-year-old Laberian Husky got her leg caught in a slatted fence, thankfully not broken but very badly sprained. Poor Crystal won't be able to join in our bushwhacking fun for a while. Kitty chunchy treats for her as spirit medicine.

Next, having carried dear doggie home and quite out of breath, I managed to snag my sweater on my spectacles, which quite dramatically flew into a vitreous rage. With the part serving the left ocular lobe remaining stuck in the polyester pullover, that serving the right, now a discrete left half, did a medal- worthy set of spins and cavortations, ending with aplombp (sic, it was) on the doormat.

To list what I don't now have - clear vision, phone, computer, transportation, etc. ad nauseum - would be to unduly focus on lack (glasses notwithstanding). I live in the most interesting of times, in an area replete with clean air, untainted water, and space as few on our earthship enjoy. The challenge is to pay attention to what is, not project/imagine too much isn'tness, and to enjoy the strawberries.

The final revolution of science is Pure Consciousness.
Douglas Klimesh posts his book-in-progress, Integrating Science and Mysticism, and asks for comments and support. My comment is that I support his endeavor. Taking us from Analyzing the Simulation of the Physical World to The Future, Gaia, and Revelations, the completed chapters rely on memetic and transhumanist approaches to bring us to the inevitable Omega Point.

Something to keep for the ages is this english translation, fully footnoted, of A. Einstein's On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.
"So we see that we cannot attach any absolute signification to the concept of simultaneity, but that two events which, viewed from a system of co-ordinates, are simultaneous, can no longer be looked upon as simultaneous events when envisaged from a system which is in motion relatively to that system."
We all have a feel for Newtonian physics, especially when it's our mass accelerating toward the full stop. This review by Doug Renselle of Irving Stein's The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics examines his attempt at an ontology for quantum science; a realm hard to even imagine.


How did we get to this place? Listening intently to the sizzle, so immersed in all the media-directed attention that the steak, dripping it's vitality on the searing griddle of productivity, will soon be burnt. As most of us are already - burnt-out that is, with biological, human needs for care and love and acknowledged interdependence pegged squarely against the need for basic provision; and, for the few, stuff.

The idea haunts me. If all Gaian humans consumed like us in the so-called developed places, we would need a few more planetships. So the plan is to strengthen the "defense" capability of those who are "in" (read Euro-AmeriCanadian Australs) while maintaining a vast labor pool by means of directed political and social instability; easily quelled by the massive allied forces if an insurrection gets too rambunctious. This makes clear the role of our Intelligence networks, and reveals in retrospect the obvious.

Surely we must see this; if we can't share then we must exclude. Short of an energy and materials revolution, such as harnessing fusion and nanoreplication, this consumptive fantasy will soon resolve itself in a way the Nazis would likely have approved.

Is strong AI, nanobots, and limitless energy the answer? Maybe, but I would qualify my partial optimism by observing our own strong anti-intelligence and suspect ethicality. Perhaps the first Extropian colonist voyageurs will decide biology must defer in favor of energy.

The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron is what got me started on this despondent rumination.
"Not to lie about the future is impossible and one can lie about it at will"
Naum Gabo
work will set you free - Nazi Orwellianism
"Across the world, the Californian Ideology has been embraced as an optimistic and emancipatory form of technological determinism. Yet, this utopian fantasy of the West Coast depends upon its blindness towards - and dependence on - the social and racial polarisation of the society from which it was born."

Is a weekly bloppin' review merely fishin' and smarmin' (farming?) ? I think not. As a welcome reprieve from highly heady research while also relieving the pressure on my steamy need to lexicalize, the opportunity to smarm bloglove about and offer some reciprocation for linkage not offered in my simple, centrist design, is pure pleasure. Weblog sex (wex) if you like, or even if you don't (though I'll be most gentle in my uninvited caress).

Delicious photography counterposed with insightful commentary, After Ego often provides me with a fresh, just neurobrushed feeling.

I have been dropping by Apathy for a couple of years, and have probably absconded with more unimputed links from his eclectic, dan fine 'blog than any other.

I must be low on doughnuts...metascene cooks up a brilliant canned human/animal food (CHAF?), which leads me to imagine HooD (rhymes with food, eh); human crunchies that may be served wet or dry, comes in 8 and 16kg bags, and contains all essential vitamins and minerals for a long life and healthy prostate.

Fully deflated by hunger, I will go for a snack now. Hmm, let's see, I could dig some Virulent Memes as an Aussie Vorspeise of grudworthy observations, followed by an entree of entirely Present Attention. Ohhhh, I'm so replete. This of course will cause me to excrete manna manana.


The Global Underground Network is dedicated to re-engineering the neural-architecture of human consciousness and the evolution of the human organism past built-in limitations. If I've been accelerating at one gravity since conception, shouldn't my velocity be around 99.999% the speed of light?
"We will guide the rewiring of your brain to safely replace the built-in biological algorithms for pain, suffering, malaise and decline with programs for enhanced human capacity, happiness, longevity and wellness. We will provide a portal to extropic processes that augment human capability."
While pursuing unified theories of wellbeing I am thrust into A Synthesis of, well, being. This is a scientific and philosophical synthesis of the sort that has been out of favor for some time. It looks at mathematics, physics, philosophy, religion and politics from a single unifying perspective.
"The cycle of time is ripe for a new conceptual framework."
Better Thinking Through Chemistry is a basic yet fairly thorough journey through the rarified nootropic neurosphere enjoyed by proto-transhumans everywhere. Now, if I could get my dear Doc to sit down with me and plan out an optimum course of personal neurochemical enhancement, and if I inhabited an alternate universe in which I had the money to pay for all the sundry cognitive condiments, and if only .... aw, pass the broccoli.
"The most common smart drug out there is probably Piracetam, probably because it's not the most recent, it has a wide variety of uses and is quite inexpensive. It is used to treat several illnesses, like alcoholism, dementia and stroke, but should also improve memory and learning in healthy humans."
reckless living through experimental chemistry

Penned more than a quarter-century ago by James W. Prescott, Ph.D., Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence is unequivocal and ever timely in making the connections that illustrate our massive disconnection. As social primates we are healthiest when immersed in actual as well as verbal embraces. To paraphrase CSNY: ...Touch your children well....
"I am not aware of any other developmental variable that has such a high degree of predictive validity. Thus, we seem to have a firmly based principle: Physically affectionate human societies are highly unlikely to be physically violent."

Whether due to a vast, horrible error ! or as a pointed whack on the nubbin for erection of a duplicate site, Google has de-indexed abuddhas memes, leading to a fifty percent reduction in valued visitors. Vexing. Deepest thanks to you dear front-pagers who actually come here on purpose to watch me disintegrate before your very eyes.

A Euroform of Shamanism based on scientific principles, or dressed up psychoanalysis sessions, homeopathy has a wide following of devout curators. Anthony Campbell is a physician who has written extensively and controversially on the subject, and has placed his latest book online: Homeomythology.
"Much or all of homeopathic theory may be mistaken, and the remedies themselves may have little objective efficacy or even none at all, but patients often get better nevertheless. To say that this is due to the placebo effect is to beg the question, because we don't know what the placebo effect is anyway."
Joel Henkel postulates a brainful with his shortish essay Reality Through Organism Experience: An Empirical, Epistemological Picture and the Concept of Ultimate Reality and Meaning.
"Lower animals are limited to a concrete experience reality of being. Humans with language can conceptualize which allows them to imagine without limit. Anything that can be imagined is considered part of conceptual reality. Once conceptualization occurs, the limitation of proto-reality to the immediate environment is removed. Imaginative reality extends to the infinity of all possible potential thoughts, constrained only by the limits of the potentiality of the world itself."
Einsteinís Twin Paradox Revisited and ESSAY: On Mind are but two of the fine offerings by Ardeshir Mehta.
"The question then arises, though: is it absolutely necessary that both Mind and matter exist? If it can be established that this is not an absolute necessity, then it would have to be concluded that Mind is primary and matter secondary; for it has certainly not been established that matter must exist, whereas it has been established that in order to establish anything at all, Mind must exist."

An unknown soul exerted a good deal of effort in putting together this compendium of Historical Hemp Market Quotes. We live in a very strange, nay surreal age when the gaiaforms that have served our species forever, hemp, poppies, mushrooms, etc., etc., are deemed criminal. One could think we're all subjects of an operant conditioning apparatus whose goal is repression of novel consciousness; and further, the expression of conscious poverty.
"The Scythians, as I said, take some of this hemp-seed, and, creeping under the felt coverings, throw it upon the red-hot stones; immediately it smokes, and gives out such a vapour as no Grecian vapour- bath can exceed; the Scyths, delighted, shout for joy, and this vapour serves them instead of a water-bath; for they never by any chance wash their bodies with water."
The History Of Herodotus
Sailing right on to the shoals of grief, William Blum details in succinct fashion who are The Real Drug Lords - A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade.
1973-80, Australia
"The Nugan Hand Bank of Sydney was a CIA bank in all but name. Among its officers were a network of US generals, admirals and CIA men, including fommer (sic) CIA Director William Colby, who was also one of its lawyers. With branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and the U.S., Nugan Hand Bank financed drug trafficking, money laundering and international arms dealings."
We obviously can't trust the publicly funded agencies that we have entrusted, except to trust they will remain prepared to be untrustworthy when required; we trust. The consort in this mal-memetic confabulation is the $media$ in all it's disinformative disguises; whose complicity is no less than criminal and no more than hypocritical cynicism. The "Secret" Media Equation at Work, by Michael Levine.
"We, in fact, showed that many of the current drug war headlines were in essence, pro forma copies of headlines published 80 and 90 years ago, the only differences being the names of the arch villains, the countries and the quantities of drugs. The lesson being that absolutely nothing has changed in 90 years but the federal drug war budget, which is now more than $19 billion a year."
I'll get to some amazing stuff that's rattling my url-jar tomorrow, but might as well stick it to a dysthymic Monday with a final dim sum. This collection of memos examines Illuminati History - and contains an odd (unresolved?) mystery: I am seriously concerned about Pat's absence from the office, and the fact that she doesn't answer the phone when we call her. Would you send somebody to her apartment to talk to the landlord and try to find out what has happened to her? Pat wrote a memo concerning the Holy Vehm. Hope I'm still here ...
Ye have locked yerselves up in cages of fear; and
behold, do ye now complain that ye lack freedom
-Lord Omar Khayaam Ravenhurst, K.S.C., "Epistle to the Paranoids," The Honest Book of truth

Due to a confluence of chronic memory malfunction and often errant surfing habits, I have absconded (absquatulated?) with wonderfurl pointers from fellow 'bloggers; without attribution! Deeply and embarrassingly aware of this, and yet afflicted with STEMM (short term entheogenic memory modification) CELLS (cognitively enhanced link leaching somethingorother) in kneed of a jerk, I will attempt in some small way to redress this naked thievery.
So, to some serious Saturday night 'bloppin' (weblog hopping, eh ?).

Dr.Menlo.com always manages to titillate, bringing me gently to completion with a bevy of bandwidth-hogging yet worth-every-second graphics (some few saved for later, closer contemplation:;-), sincastic essays of sardonic joy from the Medic vimself, and a linkvane that knows whither the weather.

His K-ness, webber of evacuate&flush, has entrained me withon his conscious track so often and with such precision (presedition?) that I would have to say Yes, Virginia, there is a 'Blod; and Ve finds voice through 'blogs such as vis.

Wry, and ever parking shots where they belong, Ghost Rocket provides sentient angst and concerned sentience. Hiatus?, say it ain't so.

Ethel the Blog rights the Right with a left to the minions and their Shrub, and with mighty fine style writes off nonsense; and we're Left, with sensibility.

...more gratuitous displays of weblog love next week


Philosopher and mathemagician Nick Bostrom graces my eyebulbs with a guest appearance on Sawaal...say what? Anyway, this essay is a very clear response to the query What Is Transhumanism? I've linked to these words before, but this is a new presentation and worth a reurl.
"For transhumanism is more than just an abstract belief that we are about to transcend our biological limitations by means of technology; it is also an attempt to re-evaluate the entire human predicament as traditionally conceived. And it is a bid to take a far-sighted and constructive approach to our new situation."
The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm, is an examination of Young's process theory, which author Frank Barr, MD agrees is a serious candidate for the metaparadigm of the future.
"It is especially valuable to the student of consciousness research who has been seeking in vain for a comprehensive approach that does justice both to science and to human experience."
They tell us how to get there, where they went, and invite us to join them; but leave to serendipity and intent our ability to do so. Ong's Hat - Gateway to the Dimensions describes a disparate group's journey to the shore of chaos, where they discover surfing.
"The colonization of new worlds - even an infinity of them - can never act as a panacea for the ills of Consensus Reality - only as a palliative."
Because artificial systems can evolve millions of times faster than the biological system has appeared to, the former will match and exceed the complexity of the latter millions of times faster. This is yet another way of stating the oblivious conclusion: singularity - it's simply a matter of time. Beyond Humanity - Chapter 3, Life, the Universe, and Evolution or Why Things Start Out Simple (and Dumb) and End Up Complicated (and Smart)
"On the fast track, the combination of nature and technology pushed brain size up another 50 percent - to the modern human level - around a few hundred thousand years ago. With this achievement, bioevolution lost its place as the leading edge of progress. We are still evolving, but our genes have little to do with it."
Febrularious 2nd 2001

Imagine not being able to talk about something unless it was physically present. Perhaps the first leap into our current mindwormish sentience came about as a result of wanting to gossip about someone else's grooming habits. Thomas E. Dickins provides an abstract of a paper given at a conference on The Evolution of Language in which he outlines A non-modular suggestion about the origin of symbols.
"From comparative evidence we can hypothesize that our hominid ancestors were a social and hierarchically organized species. Any communication will have happened within this social order. Given the manipulative nature of communication we would expect such communication to reflect social complexity."
Satori, Grace, re-cognition of unity by whatever name is a singular, notably non-explicable, and decidedly non-transferable affair. Douglas C. Klimesh investigates Memes, Christianity, and Religious Experience.
"The purpose of the Christian memeplex is to spread the meme of Jesus Christ, not to induce spiritual experience. Spiritual experiences have little meme power."
The face recognition exercise performed on one-hundred thousand people at this past Superbowl is but a small preview of the omni-optic to come. Copitalism: Police State Promoters and Profiteers, by Richard Glen Boire.
"As a result, the private prison industry is a self-made billion dollar public relations firm with a profit motive for manufacturing and perpetuating the false stereotype of evil illegal drug users. The more that illegal drug users are accurately perceived as no different than anyone else, the more the private prison industry stands to lose."
Carl Frederick Krafft was only published once during a highly creative yet virtually ignored life. It makes me wonder what genius suffers now, not from inability to get published but rather overwhelmed by the published flood. Is the answer to everything, which of course is nothing at all, resting in a binary bookshelf only to be discovered after it's all over? begin here: Alexander Esih Muvrin -- Grand Unified MU27 Theory of the Universe
"Krafft presented for the first time a likely structure for the genetic material, essentially a double helix, which he dubbed a "reversely twisted spiral", predating Watson and Crick by over 30 years. He also anticipated many modern concepts regarding entropy, information and system theory. As if that weren't enough, he also outlined a new theory of the atom as composed of vortices which could be visualized, explaining positive and negative electricity and the reasons for the qualitative and quantitative differences between the proton and the electron."
What is Quantum Information?
"No Information Without Representation"

Procter & Gamble Tries 'Bonding Sessions' And School Slide Shows To Win Sales in Mexico. Globalization's insertion into new areas is no less than a toxic shock.
"Its goal: to create a critical mass of Tampax users to spread the word about tampons, a product used by just 100 million of the world's 1.7 billion potential customers."
I'd give my right arm to know who brought my attention to A New Way To Be Mad.
"The phenomenon is not as rare as one might think: healthy people deliberately setting out to rid themselves of one or more of their limbs, with or without a surgeon's help."
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