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December's Deciduous Decisions

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Waylaid by personal prerogatives, I left the blog world. I've decided to come back since I do believe that without myour input we don't have a chance.

I don't mean only the blogosphere, or you in particular, but all of your actuality. Yes, you!(@ideology.org.). This is not a threat that I am attempting to scare you with, nor is this a projection that I can assert without qualification. Rather, my attempt is one of insight that transcends quality.

Let's look at the facts: U.S.American offensive military expenditures equals the GDP of all nations combined. 100K dead in Falluja, et Iraqi al., 100k dead in HAARP induced Indian Ocean techtonic shift, 100K dead in HAARP precipitated BAM, Iran. I could go on but I think that y'all would rather stick your heads in boozy dullness than deal with the reality. The government in which some half of (y)our people ascribe legitimacy is factually corrupt.

I do not think it is possible for most people to accept that their own government, or more accurately the UKUSA alliance (which includes Canada, Australia, New Zealand...), would be responsible for such devastation. Logically it seems absurd; utterly murderous, truly obscene.

The trouble is that not only does it make geopolitical sense, but once grokked as a fait accompli by those paying attention, one can see that there is already no escape. The unaccounted billions of dollars poured without strain into black-tech by the complicit capitalists doesn't even appear on the balance sheet. Excuse me while I throw up.

Harmonic geotechtonics, ionospheric lensing, viral and bacteriological pointedness, the war on valid neurochemical materials-of-insight, televisual propaganda, and enforced consumerism; these all ensure that our defenses of denial remain deeply entrenched.


Waylaid by wayward visitors, I never got to post yesterday's rather gloating entry. What a difference a day makes. As I write the temperature has plummeted to -20C, it is snowing, and the wind is gusting to 60 km/h (just yer basic blizzard), which makes for a windchill of -35 or more and Her Dogness is wanting a walk. Merry merriness everyone! Brr.

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction:
"Owning the Weather" for Military Use

by Michel Chossudovsky
"While there is no evidence of the use of weather warfare against rogue states, the policy guidelines on "weather intervention techniques" have already been established and the technology is fully operational."

Unbelievable as it may be, the Yukon is melting. Whilst those in the midwest and east are freezing and being buried in snow, and slippery-fied with freezing rain, we are enjoying 7C (45F, 280K) which is some 25 degrees above normal for this time of year. Blame Hawaii and the pinapple express, I guess (global warming anyone?).

Walking is truly dangerous, and I am a fairly agile guy! Teflon has nothing on this water-layered ice. Surely NASA could slide craft into space, wot?


I took my holiday blog-break a bit early, so I'll attempt to stay regular through to January. We've had to deal with muddy muck as everything melted (nothing like a begrimed dog), which then refroze to dangerous slipperiness (dog claws work better than boots), and then snowed on top (very pretty). I always gleefully giggle when the Yukon is ten degrees warmer than far southern locations, but as the temperature drops back to a more respectable degree of negativity and we enjoy only a few hours of light, my giggle becomes somewhat strained. Ah, but from now on our days become longer, and though our coldest days lie ahead spring can't be that far off; can it?? (Yes, you are welcome to take that as a political jibe.)

Prompted by Nova to entertain novel ideas, I am goaded on by Ethel to question the perception of novelty - or more precisely, my, or any individual's, ability to absorb freshly forever.

Does my fingertips-at-whim ability to access the latest in ideological dimension (oh gosh, here we go: information, disinformation, double-crossed formations of all kinds), self-vetted by (pre)conceptual zeitgeist, add or subtract from my inner wealth and ability to share?

and the
New American Empire

Examples from other continents help frame the discussion


Aurora the Canine never lies, has a vocabulary that I would estimate at one hundred words which is shaded by meaning that would total some one thousand distinct intentional communications. And that's just between her and I. When I imagine the alien-to-us sensory complexity that she uses to talk to other dogs, and all other multi-sensible species as well; well, it's mind boggling.

Prairie Dogs Have Own Language

What I am saying is that by making ourselves the masters of creationist abstaction we may have permanently removed ourselves from immersion. This loss is affective at the most basic cognitive levels, so we have pride in particular accomplishments yet inescapable despondency concerning our condition.

Consumerism, circuses and cakes, alcohol and cigarettes, are all attempts at a temporary reunification by means of brain chemistry; and rude ones at that. For most of human existence, lets say 99,900 / 100,000 years or 99.9%, psychoactive neurochemical adjustments, taken individually or communally, were taken for granted. Natural, unifying, terrifying, enlightening plants, fungi et al.. absorbed without censure and with full responsibility.

To go beyond paraphrasing: we must tune in to uncertainty, turn on to possibility, drop out of partiality, and sense fully. Fear can be a very positive force as long as we are not blinded by Media Light. We live at the most critical and scariest of times. We are at a developmentally exponential apex, and so the most dangerous time in human evolution. We can be whole, but will not survive another bout of totalitarianism.

With all deference to those nascent folks involved with prescribing modern, mass marketed myopic panaceae, precipitation of cascading endogenous psychoactives is eminantly more efficacious than pharmaceutical uncertainty. We evolved in concert with, not in spite of, life-in-general (Gaia).

Yes, abandonment of MegaCorp's idea of medicine will require recognition of medicine's roots - remarkably similar by the way to the original golden rule: harm none, and do as you will. Magic potions such as insulin or antibiotics would continue to be developed, but out of love rather than perceived profit. People are by nature destined to investigate the limits. Corporations, as transhuman entities under law, act to inhibit rather than promote originality. It is up to individual doctors to lean "left".

I have no qualifications that allow me to speak to any particular specialty, except perhaps water quality. Generally we all are responsible. In all ways.

Getting back to Aurora, patiently ignoring both me and the recently madly menacing mice (-20C will do that), she may well be more sentient than any of us. Her rich nowness belies any future I may imagine - I can only keep searching, hoping...


Your children or my children? Most certainly not. Anyone within five degrees of separation? Perhaps, but slim odds. While we presume to be leaders of the most equitable politico-economic system yet devised, and work tirelessly to spread the Word, One billion children are at risk today from war, poverty and hunger, failed by the world's governments.
"Diseased, malnourished, uneducated, they are a people on the run from wars that take the lives of their brothers and sisters. And they are all children - half the children on earth today."
One billion is an unimaginatively large number. Though I do think most of us grok the magnitude, we are so rightly overwhelmed that protective psychological defenses block full empathy. Making these tragedies personal is a way that we can both understand and internalize the particular while remaining apart; compassionate yet removed. Acceptance of complicity can be rationalized by pragmatic neccessity.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Girl, 7, killed at the dinner table as Israelis retaliate for mortar attack.
"Relatives said that a single Israeli bullet had passed through Rana Sian's head and hit her father in the leg as the family sat at the table eating rice and meat in their home in the Khan Yunis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip."

A gay day, with reservations, was had by all Canadians of inclusive ilk. The Supreme Court of Canada, unlike a notable neighbor's counterparts, stated that Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not allow discrimination; in particular concerning who may marry. This ruling is still subject to a specific Act of Parliament, which will be put to a free vote (ie: not enforcable either way by Party Whips - yes they're as nasty as they sound, compelling their respective MPs to toe the party line - presumably by witholding access to the highly subsidized parliamentary restaurant... or p'raps the press club across the street... or worse).

Notwithstanding (not a bathroom directive, but a clause within our Constitution), which is not applicable to Federal legislation, makes it within sight that perhaps marijuana decriminalization will also be similarly fast-tracked - notwithstanding American trade and security pressures. Mommy, mommy, I don't like spaghetti!... (sorry).

Decisions we make now will reverberate for generations, and may indeed define our evolution. Privacy for individuals is essential, as no pragmatic observer could envision a truly transparent, and therefore utterly tolerant, society. Should corporations enjoy the same right to complete privacy? What about our government? Is privacy the divide that will allow GlobalCorp and its governmental assets to conquer us all?

Jane Goodall and Dana Lyons
Circle The World Songs and Stories


I had the distinct pleasure of getting together with Steve (Riley Dog, the first weblogger I've physically met that lives closer than 4500km away - at only 500 Yukon kilometers he's bloody local!), and his super-partner Connie of the Wild Grasses. Of course I arranged to meet them at the most grungy bar in town, proving again that I'm functionally ingracious. S&C are absolutely wonderful people that make our Territory rich with their presence, and beautiful with their humanity.


It's in the details. At home it has been an ever-flooded bathroom and a leaking radiator so that all the carpeting is soaked. The only place dogess Aurora will lie down is on the bed, bringing her dampened paws with her. We sure do need a plumber!

Lately I have been noticing an increasing lack of spell and detail checking while browsing. This may often be due to the ever-ponential (sicly) speed with which some sites feel obligated to post new content; at times with good reason, but usually not that vital that ten minutes of copy editing couldn't be done. I do realize that reviewing one's own work often leaves blindspot errors. At least one has tried.

Where I find these mistakes most annoying is in articles whose vitality and veracity are beyond question yet, for instance, it is stated that Florida has 160 Congressmen. My immediate instinct is to discount the entire account, especially if accompanied by a few spelling errors and mangled html. Blogs could be forgiven occasionally, due to the self-editing problem and the fact that we usually link to an original source.

It's in the details. On the web it has been open conflagration between competing standards, and sloppy editing and fact checking. The only place it leaves readers to injest information with decent comfort is on a hard bed of cynicism, softened somewhat by intelligence and attention. The links below are not examples... I hope.

No child left unmedicated
"Mental health diagnoses are inherently subjective and social constructions, as even the diagnostic manuals admit. Many thousands, if not millions, of children would receive stigmatizing diagnoses that would follow them for the rest of their lives."
Geopolitics of the Ukrainian Breadbasket
"It is a great shame that more people are not aware of what has become the unchallenged power of global capitalism. It has a very pernicious effect, particularly on the thinning of state power and the weakening of democracy......Sadly, understanding the role of the past on the present has become a heresy of much contemporary journalism. Modern technology, which allows instant news reporting, has further segregated journalism from a proper appreciation of historical dialectics and causation."
Memeticist Susan Blackmore waxes eloquent examining A window on the mind; penned for New Scientist.
"Since Tart's pioneering work on mapping altered states, most of the psychedelic drugs have become prohibited and research has largely been stifled. While the cultures that have used these drugs for millennia treat them with great respect, and control them with elaborate rituals and traditions, our culture gives over their control to criminals and tries to deny their amazing mind-revealing capacities. Perhaps one day, when prohibition is finally abandoned, scientists may once again take up the promise offered by those tiny little chemicals that can tell us who and what we are."
Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals.
"A mile and a half down the Charles River, Aldous Huxley was an obvious source. When I told Huxley of my interest in the matter, he gave me Leary's phone number and we arranged to meet for lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club. Getting down to business, we pulled out our date books to schedule a session with mescaline. Several tries wouldn't work for one or the other of us, whereupon Leary flipped past Christmas and (with the faintest trance of a mischievous smile, as I remember the scene) asked, "What about New Year's Day?"

It proved to be a prophetic way to enter the "psychedelic sixties.""
The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church begins the festive season in proper fashion by investigating Marijuana and The Bible.
"The effects of marijuana was proof to the ancients that the spirit and power of the god(s) existed in this plant and that it was literally a messenger (angel) or actually the Flesh and Blood and/or Bread of the god(s) and was and continues to be a holy sacrament. Considered to be sacred, marijuana has been used in religious worship from before recorded history."