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December's Dubious Distinctions
synthetical dawn
January 1, 2001

We have passed through the vortex, year zero in the age of understanding, and find that while the appearance of normalcy may be maintained for some time and those holding the reins may rail most piteously, nothing can ever be the same again. Our 'box' has expanded beyond all confining definition; or perhaps even condition.

PanoptiCorp and its complicit governments will fail, not by revolution in the streets but by evolution of recognition. Recognition that equal opportunity does not (mean) equal opportunity to exploit, that, as someone once said,: 'what we do to each other we do to ourSelves'. Indeed...Brand that.

The Coming Technological Singularity
Staring into the Singularity
Singularity Watch
Comments on Vinge's Singularity

A week of Sundays is how the time twixt receiving the gift and projecting the future feels to me. This year, for some odd reason, I am drawn to exploring the connection that Christianity has with the sacred herb. It is tremendously sad that most so-called religion has abandoned direct experience of the divine in favor of the iconic.

Kaneh Bosm - The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the Old Testament
"The word kaneh-bosm has been mistranslated as calamus, a common marsh plant with little monetary value that does not have the qualities or value ascribed to kaneh-bosm. The error occurred in the oldest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint in the third century BC, and was repeated in the many translations that followed."
The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church is less academic in approach, demonstrating the basis for an active practise with Marijuana and The Bible
"The Coptic Church has been neglected by Western scholars despite its historical significance. This has been due to the various biases and interest of the Catholic Church which claimed Christianity for its own."
After Ego brought me to Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals.
"In contradistinction to writings on the entheogens that are occupied with experiences the mind can have, my concern here is with evidence they afford as to what the mind is."
Chris Bennett gathers some compelling evidence and enjoys Visions of a Sacred Tree.
"Several researchers have indicated that the use of cannabis by the native peoples of what is now known as North America pre-dates the arrival of Europeans in 1492."

By the time I got to the bottom of the page I was in full guffaw, a burst of self-recognition that relieved the tension of my oh-so-serious search for research in trans-species communication. Perhaps I've been spending too much time in the bush. Westhill Center for Animal Vocalization
"The Center has continued to prove the validity of Dr. Westhill's theory that wildland creatures can be successfully rehabilitated to become healthy, functioning individuals within our modern society."
love is a many splendeered thing

E. Simon Hanson, scientist, science educator, writer, and performer, also conducts An interview with William H. Calvin. Genuine novelty here.
"Most structures in the brain are multifunctional. You improve them for one reason, as in making curb cuts for wheelchairs, and then this turns out to be handy for "free lunch" secondary uses like wheeled suitcases and skateboards. Universal grammar is what we're trying to account for in evolutionary terms, but it may be primarily another 'skateboard,' not a 'wheelchair.'"
Back on track and following the spoor of xenocommunication I find Andrew J King, who gets to the bottom of things with a concise yet thorough paper. On the possibility and impossibility of a universal iconic communication system.
"Meaning is not inherent, nor are the codes by which meaning is transmitted inherently rational. Meaning is a social contract - yet such conclusions never seem to fully explain its power."

Temposeparants and tempodesinents and time, time, time is on Meyen's side. Alexei A. Sharov performs a proportionately transtemporal analysis of the Typological Concept of Time. Tao, where was I?
"Therefore, time is considered not as a world frame but as its canvas. It is not a background of object change but the change itself. "
Deeply immersed in the longest night of the year, I slunk into the forest and commited arboricide. Poor little transpirator probably won't even know it's dead until spring, and the multifarious cacophony of life that is contained withion will have been largely oblivious to the temporary relocation, decoration and eventual reforestoration. But, not a needle falls that does not a storm precipitate, and the Gaian Chaorder is maintained. David Abram opens a conceptual window on to The Perceptual Implications of Gaia.
"In fact the recognition of Gaia has powerful implications for virtually every realm of scientific and philosophical endeavour, since it calls for a new way of perceiving our world. In this essay I will explore just a few implications of the Gaia hypothesis for our understanding of perception itself."
At what level of complexity does intelligence disappear into a fog of incomprehensibleness, noise, to those of lesser grok-ability? Our galactic earthship's life-full intelligence is only now being barely glimpsed by our presumptuous species, which leads me to universal ponderings... Francis Crick and Christof Koch mull our basis for understanding anything. Consciousness and Neuroscience
"We assume that when people talk about "consciousness," there is something to be explained."

A number of time away from fresh infoput has allowed some introspection. The credible insights gained while on sublime hikes in the magic forest have no meaning or value unless I manifest them in some way. So, let me set log-drive to warp canine and enjoin you to join me in gambols through the great fractal nexus.

Michael Parenti kicks us in the psychic nuts, with Hidden Holocaust, USA. The level of suffering is truly obscene, and at least partly due to mechanisms and misguided legislation designed to alleviate suffering. Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it.
"Official bromides to the contrary, we are faced with a hidden holocaust, a social pathology of staggering dimensions. Furthermore, the above figures do not tell the whole story. In almost every category an unknown number of persons go unreported."
The positively vibrant pages of YES! bring us an article by Jean Houston that suggests that rather than dehumanizing or consumerizing us, we can see the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born. cyber consciousness
"Resonance has become more important than relevance, and we are starting to believe that reality is a tissue of interrelated stories. Cyberspace is changing our worldview. Discreet forms break down, and everything is known to be linked."
While we have been busy worrying about the bomb, Rachael Carson's vision has effectively come to pass; with certain consequences. Neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, endocrine toxicity, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, musculoskeletal toxicity and cardiovascular toxicity will result in a chaotic Chemical Manipulation of Consciousness, Behavior, Health and Evolutionary Potential in the Human Population.

liquid blues

Katherine Neville, The Magic Circle: Adventures in Research
"I've travelled all over the world researching The Magic Circle--and have had a lot of adventures and seen a lot of things that didn't end up in the book. Here's your chance to read about some of them."
Perhaps the sane explication of our implicit need to collectively co-habit lies in creating a global field of interconnected Intentional Communities. Inte(r)n(e)tCom?
"Imagine again all this love
painting people in peace and life
And surrender to the dreamer
John was not the only one
We hope the moment too to come
and love change all as one"
Mark Borcherding
It finally clicked in my very large brain that the real message I needed to hear, and has kindly been provided by Selective CommuniCorp - "if you're poor and we know it, forget it" - is that it is holiday time. Time to assimilate; as if awakening from a year's incredible endeavors to realize their self-created dream-nature.

This window onto the feeling of peace, graciously sold back to us in shiny packages, is the perfect opportunity to be out of touch. Or rather, in touch with the slow nowness of the seasonal deep freeze and the warm charms of furry and furless friends. I think I really do wish I had fur. If you could have a gene transplant to grow your own luscious coat, would you? Deep question ... to be brought up at the dinner table when conversation flags...yer welcome.

So, for the next two weeks I'll only be updating infrequently, as borrowing the upstairs friend/landperson's computer is not always possible. Teenagers trump tenants every time.
these fine folks create perceptual tables laden with infogoodness
Dr. Menlo, Ghost Rocket, Evacuate & Flush, Ethel The Blog, Present Attention
gettin' better all the time

If you would like an idea of what's happening in galena country, besides the ice fog and hoar frost we have today, the Yukon News is our local rag.

Words are the projective
Penis with which we
Probe the
Vagina of
Truth; and
Therein, perhaps,
As we babble along the social stream, producing an endless flow of communicated cognitive masturbation, will we ever reach the mouth - that interface where the river of knowledge joins the ocean of understanding?
I have been advised by an anonymous cyberentity (my cod, it's full of sharks) to remain silent for four days, consume copious Hemmingway (while pointedly disdaining Faulkner), learn how to write clearly for an audience, and if nothing ? happens accept a 'blue collar' job. Good advice all? My response tomorrow.

What the Hell is the Cacophony Society?
Excuse me while I journalize for a few days until this tiff with the lsp (Northern Telecom - "we're expensive cuz we're northern") resolves itself; indubitably with me broke and them out to lunch.

Something that's near and dear to me except when it's regurgitated remains are on the carpet, is grass. Now, I am not usually of a state in which anything gets returned to sender, so the more astute among you will realize that I have dogs, and that it is their green nibbles to which I refer.

I believe, through long association with these creatures, that various grass species are used by dogs as entheogens, the canine equivalent of cannabis and the tryptamines. This is a bold statement I realize, and at present being unable to do brains-on (I mean on the internet, silly!) research I cannot cite any studies that would substantiate or debunk my claim. In fact I'm fairly convinced that all animals keep themselves in neurochemical optimum (ecstasy, lifeful wonder, high attention) by means of of intentionally injested plants, fungi and combinations thereof.

I could go on at length about the behaviors that I have observed, most of them very subtle and a few of them quite gross. Most interesting is the care with which my Siberians choose their daily graze. Usually only the tender shoots of the younger members of a very light green variety, gently nuzzled before decapitating with the scissor teeth. Masticated with obvious distaste (wouldn't it be psilly if humans did that?), swallowed, retained for a time and then, with luck, deposited daintily into the garbage bag (well, okay, how about on my shoes), it is surely not for nothing that this elaborate ritual is so enjoyed.

At this time of year the grass has been covered in snow for a month, so no doggy nosh for a while, which leads me to think that, all foods being equal and all excreta of nominal quality (dogs and babies, eh?, sheesh), that it is not for digestive enzymes that the greeneries are eaten; but rather that dogs, and perhaps all higher life, are literally that way.

Resurgence: In the Vale of Soulmaking - Sheldrake and Fox
Everybody must get stoned.
My public stoning has come in the form of telephone disconnection; explicate demonstration of an implicit cultural revulsion for those unable to meet basic financial requirements. Well, that's me, cut off at the bar of communicative dryware for reluctance to join the rapacious game; and I didn't even get last call.

One would think that with the utter ubiquity of phones, and their absolute necessity in our isolative social structure, that local service would be considered a basic human right.
Regular logging will resume as soon as I am able.


Is it all a hoax? Our beloved democracy, with it's self-acclaimed egalitarianism and free media, is in fact dupery of the most despicable, vile, base order. So argues xxDavidxx in Feudalism......Alias American Capitalism. What really hits home is that this book has aged well. Penned in the late eighties, we can see truth in retrospect; and chillingly admire our deepening plight.
"The aim of the book is to provide enough shocking facts about the manipulative practices of America's power elite, that readers will be motivated (i.e., made angry enough) to take part in efforts to bring the richest 1% under control, ...before they impoverish the planet and destroy the biosphere."
In not-at-all ironic response to Adbusters Buy Nothing Day (umm...nah), adbusters.tao.ca shows that anti-memetic engineering is also an effective strategy for enabling a false sense of honest critical analysis. In your face, Steal Something Day has plenty of cheek with no tongue in sight.
"this page is meant to be a resource countering the perception that adbusters magazine is 'left', 'progressive', or worth supporting in any political, economic, or cultural manner."
Carrie McLaren details another perspective on the usurping of leftist ideals by rightist dynasts; Media Literacy Sells Out.
"Media Literacy is often considered key in fighting commercial persuasion, but might the cure be worse than the disease?"
Let's begin an ascent back to the higher air of the sane-osphere with Ronald de Sousa (indeed!), who reviews Selmer Bringsjord and David A. Ferruci, Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity: Inside the mind of BRUTUS, a storytelling machine.
"I know of no reason to dispute the authors' claim (repeated on the website devoted to machine and book) that BRUTUS is "the world's most advanced story generator." The approach is ingenious and thorough, and the results quite impressive. By contrast, the arguments against strong AI, despite being couched in clean deductive form, remain unconvincing."
To complete a return to cosmorder there could be no better craft of cognitive comfort than Chrysalis Colossus.


Present Attention brought me to a seriously humorous piece by Marvin Minski, Jokes and their Relation to the Cognitive Unconscious - or is that humorously serious?, morosely humus?, rumours shously? "If you wish to study a granfalloon, just remove the skin of a toy balloon." Kurt Vonnegut
"The key idea is to reject the conventional view of the mind as a Single Agent that either thinks of something or doesn't; rather, the mind is composed of many smaller minds, themselves composed of yet smaller ones. It would mean little to talk about what these separately "think", for each becomes specialized to perform functions meaningful only vis-a-vis those few others that it has connections with. The phenomenological observations that a "person" makes about himself emerge in a very indirect way from those interactions."
Ronald de Sousa pits his wit and considerable logical prowess against the Goliathian Institution of Philosophy, deeming it's practise A Profession of Stupidity. A philosopher himself, he also proves adept at deconstruction of our precious Canuck orthography. The Day of the Condour, or How to be a Propour Canadian Spellour
"Man, it used to be said, is a rational animal."
Physics and the Reality of Supernature - A Physicist Contemplates the Role of the Supernatural in the Scientific Enterprise, by Donavan Hall, sets out ...to show that nature, the subject of natural science, exists as part of an unbroken, whole reality, a supernature.
"In Bohm's terms, the holomovement acts non-locally when an explicate structure embedded implicitly in the implicate order is unfolded. The process of enfolding explicate structures is a non-local phenomena. For example, the whole visible universe can enfolded into a single point in space to be unfolded by the eye and experienced."
The author of InfoWar - Final Frontier of the Digital Revolution - Behind the ElectroMagnetic Curtain, which is but a part of The Truth About The Internet, also claims "I Broke PGP". Strangely yet succulently contained within what must surely be a master(s)work is a short excerpt of an interview; a long excerpt of which is quoted below.
"As Plato pointed out, "When the mode of music changes, the walls of the city shake." So when you have modern free speech in idiomatic language that people can understand and are interested in, immediately it becomes a political issue. Demagogues want to hush it up because people get to know too much. If you can get people by the balls you control their most deep-seated emotions, which are erotic. Once you control that you control all the other emotions. You take emotional control, blank out the Eros, and substitute a lot of violence."

.....in which we learn how to Interrupt Pathological, Media-Simulated Social Interaction, in our spare time! This ad neutralizing idea is brought to us by the Idiosyntactix Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia, and folks just like me.
"The counter-experiment described below is designed to interrupt pathological, media-simulated social interactions by distorting mediated human faces in such a way that they no longer successfully simulate human faces. At the same time, the method of distortion comments on the sinister nature of the interrupted mind-fuck."
aye eye capitan

David Bohm, in conversation with E.T. Nada and Coleen Rowe, goes into the relationship of new to old brain and the transtemporality of cognitive change.
E: In order to transmute, the entire thing has to be done all at once.
D.B.: That's it. It cannot be done in parts. It cannot take time.
Just the thought of liquid helium, which is not only an utterly inert element but elementally cold, makes me appreciate our relatively balmy minus 23C; though with the windchill it feels like fifty below. A lone researcher says he can cut an electron in two. If he's right, quantum physics is dead.
"Whether Maris succeeds or not, he may have found a large crack in one of the foundation stones of modern physics. "Humphrey has succeeded in exposing a fundamental flaw in the framework of quantum theory," says Peter McClintock of the University of Lancaster."
So, ignoring a possible split-electron (splectron?) crumbling of the logical base for this article, D. Chakalov invites the following visualization, and presents a leading-edge, superbly hypertextualized look at the Physics of Cognition. Suppose you chase somebody on the street (let's call him John), and any time you catch him, he leaves his jacket in your hands. You can't catch John. Just his jackets.
"The rejection of realism has logical consequences. In general, a variable has no definite value before I measure it; then measuring it does not mean ascertaining the value that it has. But then what does it mean?"
Erwin Schrödinger, 1935

Co-constructing subjective experience: A constructivist approach is thick, in a binary sense, demanding, and ultimately satisfying. The great tables give a nice comparative view of the positivist, naturalistic and constructivist paradigms.
"Value subsystems also shape our intentions, use of attention, and behavior in any given context. In this way, our work becomes one with our lives and our philosophy becomes a lived philosophy."
insideous bandwidth-hogging graphic

A Computer Scientist's View of Life, the Universe, and Everything by Jürgen Schmidhuber takes liberties with virginal math, far beyond my addled unimind's ability to grok, and cracks a strange world where you can always enter but may never come.
"The Great Programmer does not worry about computation time. Nobody presses Him. Creatures which evolve in any of the universes don't have to worry either. They run on local time and have no idea of how many instructions it takes the Big Computer to compute one of their time steps, or how many instructions it spends on all the other creatures in parallel universes."

Possible limitations of the Great Programmer. He does not need not be very smart. For instance, in some of His universes phenomena will appear that humans would call life. The Great Programmer won't have to be able to recognize them."
Consortiumnews.com regales us with Bushy tales of intrigue and deception, while the Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assasination (formerly Probe Magazine) shakes the Shrub and his roots and slithey toves dost gyre and gimble in that wabe.
"...the night Reagan was almost killed by John Hinkley, Neal Bush had cancelled his plans to have dinner with Hinkley's father. Strange coincidence?"
December 1st, 2000

Congratudolences to Dr. Menlo and friends for a successful observance in Seattle - made the CBC national news... Understanding the Global Economy is a very comprehensive dissection of a very unbalanced specimen.
"Hold the line. The corporate takeover is not yet complete. Social programs have not been entirely dismantled. Unions have not yet been destroyed. Not all environmental protections have been eliminated. There is still time, through sustained and co-ordinated action, to hold the line."
I don't think the folks at Win-Win World Network understand that real wealth is only created by those few who do, those bodhisatvas of sanitation and surgery, waterworks and welding, building and banging, actually creating order to order. The rest of us just manage to move about represented wealth; and for everyone (read 'developed democracies') to win at that game many in the stands ('third world') will and do have to work at real work for virtually nothing. Infinite Wealth - A New World of Abundance and Wealth in the Knowledge Era
"The massive change that we see in business management today is the process of creating of a new wealth creation system for the Information Age. The new organizing system is the Mass Privatization organization. Mass Privatization, a supercharged variation on traditional self-employment, is a synthesis of virtually all of the fad activity in organizations over the past twenty years, and is destined to replace the company and other bureaucracies as the primary way we organize work."
Alvin Toffler attracted the attention of the marines way-back-when, early in the grey nineties, and received succinct, prosaic treatment by 2nd Lt Michael J. Castagna, who penned this Executive Report - Knowledge, Wealth and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century.
"However, with the proliferation of knowledge, the world seems to be fragmenting into new independent entities. Power is also shifting away from the nation state to the "Global Gladiators". These groups, such as religions, the multi-national corporations, drug lords and terrorists seem to be gaining more and more power. The interest of the Gladiators will undoubtedly clash with the nation-state ushering a new period of conflict."
CBC Radio hosts a periodic etymological search for novelty which often turns into a nympholepsical romp. Wanted Words is great fun and has prizes too!
"We need a word for the opposite of the hypochondriac, someone who gets sick, but who doesn't want to admit it. Typical behaviour includes coming to work, in a heightened state of martyrdom, and sneezing and blowing their nose on co-workers."
my fave: "infectivore"
You say you want a revolution? R.U. Sirius?
"That earlier revolution, the revolution of the '60s, had many faults. But the genius of the hip Left sixties was that it resolved the tension between altruism and desire by enclosing the erotic, the atavistic, and the visionary within a philosophy of humanism, unifying the personal and political under an ideal of liberation."
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