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"Phenomenology, questions of perception, encourages us to experience architecture by walking through it, touching it, listening to it. " Seeing things" requires slipping into a world below the everyday neurosis of the functioning world. An underground city for which we have keys without locks, it is full of mysteries."

While listening to the radio this morning I heard about some countries preparing for Internet War. Some limited battles may have already been waged, and many of the programs we all use have deep vulnerabilities; intentional (such as trap doors) or not. TheWar, Peace and Security site, from the Canadian Armed Forces provides a map of current conflicts. Few of these combatants are major players in the internet, yet.

The Joyce of Science: New Physics in Finnegans Wake
Quantum Physics in Finnegans Wake is a good example of how scientific insight is transmuted to literal gold. As in Einstein's work, he discovered in quantum mechanics a number of concepts which paralleled his own metaphysics and his methods of work.

John Hopkins Psychiatry offers A Structure For Psychiatry At The Century's Turn, and comes to the conclusion that We are all challenged to find ways to assimilate the amorphous body of psychiatric fact and opinion.

Bruce Sterling offers as good a group of observations, suggestions and warnings as I have come across lately. The wisdom for sane governance is out there, but do we have the courage to reach for cosmanity. This link comes via geegaw in winter.
"The rapidly approaching millennium offers a unique cultural opportunity. After many years of cut-and-paste, appropriation, detournement and neo-retro ahistoricality, postmodernity is about to end. Immediately after the end of the fin de siecle, there will be a sudden and intense demand for genuine novelty."


Culturology is a study of the integral, contained cultures, national, professional, racial, sexual, etc.; and is an examination of a whole system. "In the next phase it will be essential to integrate all of these alternatives in a broader cultural model capable of appealing not only to specific minorities but to the universal potentials of human understanding. Thus, multicultural differentiation may finally lead to the experience of a new, expanded creative totality which is transculture."

One of the great tragedies of our time has been marijuana prohibition. The historical record will I'm sure show that this period of North American selective anhedonism has been one of our species' most bizarre. For the twin AmeriCanadian cultures, who claim and proclaim freedom as the very cornerstone of a truly civilized society, a rigorous re-evaluation and acceptance of shame and blame is required. We did it, we can undo it. Another sinister polymeme that is being espoused by those who would wield power is the disease concept.
Already the prohibitionist establishment is trying to co-opt this movement and convert it into a drive for the therapeutic state. Even the Drug Czar is saying things like "We can't arrest our way out of this." He is also advocating an increase in "treatment."
For plenty of information on this critical issue visit marijuananews.com.

The Media Awareness Project asks some important questions in this regard that we could each put to our elected representatives. How they answer would say much about who they are as people, rather than which interest groups they represent.

To keep it straight in my mind who-all is helping to manufacture the consent required to carry out these inanities, I can refer to Consent, American Style.


The Institute for Psychohistory is "putting the world on the couch". Lloyd deMause, a leader in psychohistorical research, discusses in Chapter 4 of his book Childhood and History, The Psychogenic Theory of History. "Like Aztec human sacrifices, recessions and depressions are accompanied by national sermons, "cautionary tales", about how sacrifices are necessary to purge the world of human sinfulness. The choice between these different solutions to growth panic follows cyclical patterns, wars and depressions alternating in group-fantasy cycles of varying lengths."

Now you would be forgiven in thinking that psychohistory is something else from another time, say 12,000 years in the future. Isaac Asimov had his character Hari Seldon develop and eventually use psychohistory as a predictive science. Mark Rosenfelder asks Psychohistory: Was Hari Seldon pulling our leg?

Our (lack of) curiosity did (not) kill the cat. Curiosity plus meditation have made the cat a 30 million year evolutionary success. John Gribben provides a good catalyst for meditations on Quantum Mysteries. How I got from there to here is a mystery to me.

Filling the World with Self-Esteem: A Social History of Truth-Making
Steven Ward looks at the historical development of the concept of self-esteem (a fully circular meme?) "from a fragile idea used to ground the newly emerging discipline of psychology to a basic truth about human experience and motivation." The conclusion, that self-esteem only makes sense within the confines of an associational network, poses a fundamental challenge to sociological study.


ECHELON, Comint and related activities are flourishing under the warm rain of sophisticated technology with roots deep in the very fertile (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) soil of unconstrained budgets. If we are to move toward the utterly transparent society, we must also move toward deep tolerance; the alternative is unthinkable. Here is the first chapter of The Transparent Society by David Brin.
This report provides original new documentary and other evidence about the ECHELON system and its involvement in the interception of communication satellites (section 3). A technical annexe gives a supplementary, detailed description of Comint processing methods.

"Think of it. We are blessed with technology that would be indescribable to our forefathers. We have the wherewithal, the know-it-all to feed everybody, clothe everybody, and give every human on Earth a chance. We know now what we could never have known before-that we now have the option for all humanity to "make it" successfully on this planet in this lifetime. Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment." Buckminster Fuller

John Pickering points out that Artificial Life Is Real. An incredible essay that enables a shift in view of world and mind. A movement away from Western humanism and towards Eastern post-humanism.

Nature has a terrific supplement to the magazine, in which attempts from various angles are made to peer into the future.


The Quantum Computer Simulator enables you to simulate a not-yet-realized quantum computer right on your classical computer. Be the first in your compuklatch.

In June '97 Dr. Nicolas Gisin performed a twin photon experiment which seemed to violate both quatum theory and relativity theory. "Albert Einstein sneered at the very possibility of such a thing, calling it "spooky action at a distance." Scientists still (somewhat shamefacedly) speak of the "magic" of "quantum weirdness." And yet all experiments in recent years have shown that Einstein was wrong and that action at a distance is real."

Widely abused by those of a "new age" bent, Bell's Theorum is not well understood. R.A. Wilson has a go in Reality Ain't What It Used To Be. Bell seems to prove that any two "particles" once in contact will continue to act as if connected no matter how far apart they move in "space" or "time" (or in space-time).

"The present era, which seems to have begun with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, needs to be redefined, probably in terms of "proto-" rather than "post-."" We are indeed on a proto-transcultural course but I have my doubts about getting beyond the polymemetic capitalist metaweb; which has its own imposserous growth paradigm. Let's get commerce jamming, eh?


Reading this article on the ideosphere set me to thinking, which is of course always dangerous! My idea is to host an idea bank on this site. Using the standard guestbook we will be able to add and view, put forth, retract and modify any idea we deem worthy. My first suggestion is to each judge (but not harshly) our submissions by the criteria outlined in the article linked above; the first two points listed below.
1). Unexpectedness, the capacity to amaze, to disrupt theoretical paradigms and established patterns of thought
2). Originality, innovativeness, the extent to which the idea differs from others previously put forth in its field.
idea mail drop, ...pending guestbook

Alan Morantz explores maps of the mind; of the ones we make, and the ones made for us. "I will eagerly follow the progress of the visionary cartographers and computer scientists who are cutting trails on Digital Earth. But there will always be journeys that require honed senses, so for now, I will hold onto my cane." The article is from this month's Canadian Geographic - dedicated to maps.

Dr. Strange provides definitive answers to such mindbending postulates as: "Does the cycle of sunspot activity affect the danceability, measured in beats per minute, of popular television theme songs?"; and also presents a new graph for visualizing ones' sexual place in the scheme of things. These links are scoffed from Stay Free magazine.

Vicki Rosenzweig hosts a literate clipping service without portfolio that I think exeplifies this budding forms' possibilities. Witty, insightful, and providing a unique context to linked content.

Education that is essential to information age sanity is notably missing from the school curriculum. As Aldous Huxley noted in his novel Island, ecology is the prime prerequisite for understanding all other subjects and should be taught right from the start. Similarly, critical media analysis (mediology?) may begin before the television is ever turned on. Sut Jhally v. James Twitchell on Advertising is a link I think I grabbed from YAWL.


The High Resolution Fly's Eye studies those particles that hit the earth's atmosphere with incredible speed; aproaching that of light! John Walker writes a wonderfully descriptive essay about one of these high energy objects, and draws some comparisons with the starship Enterprise.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned us. "Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing." R. Williams Davis provides us with Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis - Before, During and After World War II - up to the Present. Not surprisingly, one of the world's most efficient biomass generators, and an entheogen of peace, is at the heart of things.

"George Spenser-Brown's challenging and seminal book "The Laws of Form" opens with the declaration: Draw a distinction and a universe comes into being." Donald Kunze examines Boundary Math in Food and Tourism: O to Z.

Cosmologists are often in error, but never in doubt. Two books that I would love to get for Crispness are The Inflationary Universe: The Quest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins by Alan Guth, and Before The Beginning: Our Universe and Others by Martin Rees. Uh-oh, I'm drooling....


Well, here it is. The opportunity we've all been waiting for but really didn't have to wait for since when it is built, it will be as if it had already been built; so we can stop waiting. How to Construct a Time Machine "A Time Machine, that is, a device for exploring Time, is no more difficult to conceive of than a Space Machine, whether you consider Time as the fourth dimension of Space or as a locus essentially different because of its contents."

These won't be found on Billboard, but the Greatest Hits of RXTE are a fine example of what the space agencies are doing right; not the populist events such as the Mars landers. "If our interpretation is correct, it could demonstrate the presence of frame dragging near spinning black holes. This observation is unique because Einstein's theory has never been tested in this way before."

Dr. Matrix has a very comprehesive site dedicated to science in all its flavors.

Tired of waiting for SETI to reward us with a cosmic hello? Try using Bentspace to send a message to them. Give the Crispness gift that keeps on going and going and going...


The concluding segment of Demon Drugs on CBC Radio was another breath of fresh air in the toxic wasteland of misinformation. Voices of sanity such as Peter Cohen's are finally being heard. An absolute must-read is his paper Drugs as a social construct.

Initially adopted in 1966 and put into force (ratified) nine years later, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is no closer to realization. Even here in Canada, arguably one of the best countries on our earthship in which to live, one does not have to read far to find that we too are breaching the covenant. A quote from the preamble: Recognizing that, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political rights, .....

I'm still not quite sure if my system is fully y2k compliant, but I'm not worried. Perhaps a more realistic question should be: Is My Mental Software Year 2000 Compliant?

When a polymemetic web is firmly entrenched within a large population, violence has been the usual way to shake it out. This article makes it clear that each of us must work toward a transmemetic understanding.
"One of the most dangerous aspects of the present cultural and social counterrevolution is the widespread belief that capitalism is here to stay, that it is a "natural" social order, and that attempts to change its basic structure are futile and irrelevant at best and pernicious at worst."
Be afraid, be very afraid


Space may have five dimensions and be infinite. "What's so amazing is that the theory mimics familiar four-dimensional gravity so well that it would be very difficult to tell that there is an extra dimension," says Randall. This view sees our universe as analogous to a flat sheet of paper in our three dimensional reality.

This is the holy salvation meme. God(tm) is its author. I received it directly from God(tm). God(tm) is the meme and the meme is God(tm). This meme author illustrates most of the common replicator properties displayed by monotheistic religions. Church of the Holy Salvation Meme

Mario Vaneechoutte clarifies whether the replicator meme should be replicated. The replicator: a misnomer. Conceptual implications for genetics and memetics

I just had to have one future predictions link, so here are the top ten from the World Future Society.


"The pace of the story keeps accelerating, with major changes taking a billion years at first, a few millions later, down to tens of thousands of years - and today, major changes in the evolution of complexity can occur in a single human lifetime!" Zhahai Stewart writes a great Overview of Complexity in the Universe.

"Today's small scale software programs are about to be joined by vast public software works that will revolutionize computing and transform society as a whole. One such vast program is the "Mirror World."" Mirror Worlds Or: The Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox...How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean

Grabbed from Whump is a compendium of the dangers of space flight. If you're planning an escape on the first tourist aetherboat you would do well to read Lost and Spaced first.

This one is for Steve, who so animatedly said zoophilophobic things to and about me in the course of dart games. Missouri: Where the Men are Nervous and Sheep Never Sleep "It seems that there's quite a row in the United Kingdom over a television documentary on something called zoophilia, the sick-and-wrong practice of loving animals in a sexual sense. And in this lovely context, guess who turns out to be the Show-Them State?" I don't know where this link came from so pardon my omission of credit.


Alexander Chisleko discusses the differences and similarities of cyborgs, fyborgs, robots and humans. Looking at the pictures, I must admit I find the human quite attractive.

I would like to put forward the idea that memetic theory, cybernetics and artificial intelligence are all aspects of the same fundamental force; anti-entropy. This is accompanied by neuro-chemistry in the same (analogous) fashion as gravity is related to the physical forces. To obtain a "Data"-like android would require life, organics; so it would indeed be sentient life. Any comment?

"Now that memes have gained a means of controlling physical reality through the human body, they have set about constructing a new, better environment; cyberspace." This essay is entitled of Man, Mind and Machine, and offers some unique insights into virtual wiring and consciousness.


I don't trade on the stock market. If I did trade on the stock market I wouldn't trade on-line. If I did trade on-line I think I would visit The Motley Fool UK. Their first class motto is to educate, amuse and enrich.

Anthropology of the future only appears to be an oxymoron. At AnthroFuturism they take the insights from the past and apply them to understanding the course we are following, and where it will lead. "Anthropologists know that technology is not a "thing-in-itself," but is culturally situated and even encapsulates in its designs various cultural norms and values."

Technologically, we can now achieve man's historical goal - a post scarcity society. But socially and culturally, we are mired in the economic relations, institutions, attitudes and values of a barbarous past, of a social heritage created by material scarcity. Murray Bookchin wrote this more than thirty years ago in a leaflet called Toward a post-scarcity society: the American perspective and the SDS. So the years go by and a system that entrenches poverty in the name of a cheap and desperate labor force continues.

Do entheogenically induced mystical states boost the immune system? Thomas B. Roberts PhD writes in the journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine that with certain caveats it does. "It may well be that the extreme reduction of anxiety in these patients triggers off the mechanism which becomes active in the rare spontaneous remissions. This would be consistent with the observation that spontaneous remissions are often associated with some kind of religious experience or profound psychological reaction."

In religion all words are dirty words.
Anybody who gets eloquent about Buddha, or God,
or Christ,
Ought to have his mouth washed out with carbolic soap.

Aldous Huxley; complete poem here.


Are you a cyborg? Alexander Chislenko argues that many of us already are. Take the Fyborg Self-Test about 2/3 of the way down the page and see for yourself. Believe it or not, this is an optimistic scenario. The world moves ahead. It just gets too good for *you* after a while.

Often the review is a much more insightful read than the original work. This is the case with Ralph Metzner's look at The Voice of the Earth by Theodore Roszak. He comments: "Rather the book is a wide-ranging treatise on the philosophical and psychological assumptions and value-biases that underlie 20th century psychiatry and all of the rest of contemporary culture as well."

A very difficult problem is to study that which has two very disparate attributes. Philippe Descola seeks to bridge the gap between ecological and symbolic paradigms that have separated scholars of Amazon into opposing camps. In this review of In the Society of Nature: A Native Ecology in Amazonia we find that while enlightening us on the ecological and cultural challenges facing all concerned, he is unable to voice a synthesis. "In fact, Descola seems to me to use a sleight of hand to argue with cultural ecologists, namely, environmental variables must explain everything (i.e., they must constrict human choice so that cultural models become irrelevant), or they explain nothing as cultural imperatives are formed "largely independent of material constraints""!

GeekNews mentioned a link from this site and besides giving a welcome boost to viewership, managed whether by accident or intent to change the name to abuddahas memes. I like it! The ending "ahas"(!) has the ring of serendipitous discovery that I am aiming for. Cool, but I don't think I can change the name now that it has flown free through the aetherweb.

"And all our perceiving, the secret work of our eyes, our nostrils, our ears and our skin, is our constant communication and communion with the life of the whole." When the world is seen through new eyes everything changes. David Abram enquires into The Perceptual Implications of Gaia. The Gaia hypothesis, if taken seriously, has logical implications that call into question the mechanical model of perception upon which most contemporary scientific discourse is based.

This may be taking the analogy too far, but as the "brains" behind the wider "mind" we humans need to develop our social intelligence. We can presume to design artificially intelligent systems that don't argue violently, but when the creator is out of order can the creation be whole?

Rupert Sheldrake has been examining the phenomena of psychic pets; like mine, who invariably know when it's time for a walk or supper. While he refutes the research from the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, he does have his own new book out just in time for Crispness. Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals


Quantum key distribution (QKD) is the future of encryption. "Heisenberg's uncertainty principle ensures that an adversary can neither successfully tap the key transmissions, nor evade detection because eavesdropping raises the key error rate above a threshold value."

Entheogens could be considered an essential spiritual nutrient, or perhaps a catalytic enzyme. An interview with Mark Plotkin, Ph.D, and author of Tales of the Shaman's Apprentice, peels the bark from the rotting log of ethnobiological understanding and reveals the dynamic life within.

Gregory Palast observed: "Wackenhut will open a new Child Prison in County Durham for the Home Office. It wasn't a convict but an employee who told me, "My 15 months in the prison were Hell on Earth. I'll never go back to Wackenhut." Those sentiments need not worry the company so long as they are not shared by a Home Secretary mesmerized by the free market in human misery."

Many children are imprisoned, either in jails or so-called rehabilitation centers, for victimless crimes. Directly and indirectly, these children are victims of every facet of our culture that presumes to limit their potential. William Blum details the history of the CIA in the illicit drug trade, and illustrates who the real criminals are.


Last week Canadian PM Jean Cretien decided to engage (enrage) the Quebec separatists. I challenge both sides to injest the writings of Henry Flynt, and specifically his treatise The Legal Legitimacy of Sovereignty. Perhaps political dyspepsia will have them remain on their "thrones" for the holidays. Hey Jean, Lucien, read this.

Arthur Paul Patterson takes a look at the markers of our lives in a wonderful essay; Time and Time Again. "Viewed merely chronologically, life can appear like a Kafka novel; caught in the horror of mundanity it seems to contain very little significance."

Would a marketing and management company have the straight goods on 24 Qualities That Geniuses Have in Common? When trying to establish credibility, sell perfection?

The winner of a "first sentence of a novel or short story" award:

"There was no alternative; I had to paint the cat red."

...and a runner-up (both from the Globe and Mail):

"The Englishman, Frenchman and German broke free of the joke that had long contained them, each determined to exact a unique revenge on the teller."


"Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. We owe our minds to the deaths and lives of all the creatures that were ever engaged in the struggle called Evolution. Our job is to see that all this work shall not end up in meaningless waste." Marvin Minski concludes that our future is indeed biologically limited. He also asks a vital question: Do cultures have rights?

A good measure of a culture's health is the tolerance of unpopular or even seditious literature. Judging by the Banned Books Resource Guide, we live in an age of deeply fried hypocrisy seasoned with spiced irony. Hmm, maybe I just need a walk in the snow.

Some things just have to be home made, if only to give you something to trade. The M(arijuana) C(ultivation) A(rchive) provides a good deal of properly weighed information in a handy re-usable package. What more could a green thumb want?

Serendipity, it seems, comes in clumps. Continuing yesterday's focus on consciousness studies led me to David Chalmers, asking the question What is a Neural Correlate of Consciousness? The search poses many difficult empirical problems, but it seems to be tractable in principle, and some ingenious studies in recent years have led to considerable progress.


"As you read the first sentence of this review--trying to find out whether this will be an interesting book, one you might like to read yourself--what exactly is the content of your conscious experience?" It's not often that I'm tempted to lay down hard cash for a new book, but this review by Thomas Metzinger of The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness, by Antonio Damasio, has me checking my funds. Consciousness and wakefulness, as well as consciousness and low-level attention, can be separated. Interestingly, what cannot be separated are consciousness and the emotions.

Research that has truly profound implications seldom makes the popular media. Brain-like computers and transpacetime states are just the tip of this iceberg of intrigue. "Having in mind that an EM field is only one of the four manifestations of the unified physical field - it might be that the very unified field is a nonlocal internal collective conscious display for various physical processes at different structural levels, from microscopic to macroscopic ones."
The bibliography of this work is also an astounding read, as is the assistance of Eldon Byrd of the Naval Office of Surface Weaponry in its preparation.


Nick Bostrom makes a most eloquent case for the polymath in this essay subtitled "How philosophers could make themselves useful". The purpose of Predictions from Philosophy is no less than to propose a new type of philosophy, a philosophy whose aim is prediction.

It is good to know that our earthship is not going to be devoured by a black hole or a voracious strangelet when the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider is unleashed.

Human life is limited, but knowledge is limitless.
To drive the limited in pursuit of the limitless is fatal;
and to presume that one really knows is fatal indeed!

Many centuries ago Chuang Tzu made a truly bionomic statement. Lin Yutang offers a translation of selected texts.

An arachniography is a bibliography of web pages, such as this one (built using Arachnophilia no less). Autoscient is how I would describe the transhumanist dictionary.

Have fun with evolutionary manipulation at the Virtual Flylab. Here's what a fly in my universe looks like:


From the Sicilian and New York mafia to the Colombians, from the Triads to the Russians, from the Hells Angels to the native hoodlums on Canada's Mohawk reserves, the core reality of modern gangsterism is an increasingly borderless world. The Globe and Mail reviews Jeffrey Robinson's The Merger: How Organized Crime is Taking Over Canada and the World.

A novelist and biblical scholar, Reynolds Price takes a fresh approach to cryptic passages and creates his own apocryphal Gospel.

As Spider Robinson has so succinctly put; Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased; thus do we refute entropy.

Okay all you conspiracy/alien/x-files loving folks, here is an imprecisely prescient essay from three years ago on the loss of Mars exploring craft.

How did I miss The Haddock Directory?


Telling partial truths in an attempt to mollify the masses, the NSA says that it won't spy on Americans. Well right you are; the Canadian equivalent, CSIS, is more than happy to have a reciprocal arrangement and do it for them. Exchanging information allows both agencies to stick to the letter of the law while in fact setting the stage for Orwellian intrusions. As Erich Fromm said in his afterword to 1984: " `Doublethink' is already with us, and not merely something which will happen in the future, and in dictatorships"

While I'm on the subject, here is George Orwell's seminal essay Politics and the English Language.

Gauge theory is now recognized as one of the most revolutionary discoveries in physics since the development of quantum mechanics. The study of the physics of consciousness, and Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD), provoke rather exciting speculations about the possibility of 'collective consciousness'.


The CBC production "Ideas" continues to brave the outer limits of radio. Demon Drugs explores the dichotomy between the public hype of those engaged in the war on ourselves, and the private understandings of those involved in drug research and harm reduction. This documentary is of the highest water. Audio excerpts and lots of information are available at the web site. The series continues Monday, December 13 at 9:05pm Eastern.

Humor relieves the tension of that we know to be disgustingly true. This is from the Onion. I have been responsible for countless barbarous acts, committing far worse crimes against humanity than that so-called madman Slobodan Milosevic. Yet it's as if I don't even exist! How many atrocities does it take to get into USA Today?

In the strange but apparently true department, the new Northern Irish legislators voted themselves a raise!

A leading light in transhumanist exploration is Anders Sandberg. In The Calculus of Identity he looks at personal identity and how it can change. "The framework will be based on elements of basic calculus, but is intended to be qualitative rather than quantitative. A non-mathematician would likely have explained things differently but possibly equivalently."


The short term pressure for corporeal productivity, to fulfill the corporate need, is changing the nature of scientific research. The direction this is taking will lead to a decreased capacity for original thought and creativity. Over the last ten or fifteen years, basic research groups at, for example, AT&T, IBM, and the petroleum companies have mostly been dismantled to be replaced by more applied and directed efforts.

I had never heard of Steven Johnson Syndrome. In these days of increasing numbers of allergic reactions and sensitivities (it's all their fault, eh), this one is really scary due to being easily diagnosed wrongly.

Find out the five principles of the positive revolution and help the earth spin a little easier on its axis. This is a FAQ inspired by Edward de Bono's book The Handbook for the Positive Revolution.


Alexander Esih Muvrin gives the ultimate Chrispness gift - everything. GUT MU-27 (Grand Unified Theory of the Universe, MU27) is an amazing, brain bending read where I had to get my mind around threesmalize. The geometry of our theory connects us to here and there and now and then.

Alta Vista, which also asked me to "Comparison shop for grand unified theory", led me back to a site I reported on some months ago. The design and playing of variants on Hesse's Glass Bead Game is a project analogous to the quantum physicists' search for a Grand Unified Theory.

Join Mr Objective and Mr Relative in the succinct neuro-drama Relative Ethics, by Steven McKinnon.

In a deep review of patterns, pattern languages, and Christopher Alexander's latest work: The Nature of Order, we come to understand that Unlike other disciplines, software is not confined by the same laws of nature as the physical world: It doesn't have to obey the laws of physics, nor is it subject to other such things that might somehow serve to prevent nightmarish spaghetti code.


In a far reaching essay entitled Posthuman Development in the Age of Pancapitalism, the Critical Art Ensemble detail the ideological and material purification that will result in a very "Borg" like species. The Hughes Corporation has successfully developed a custom-fitted techno-organic interface for the infantry which offers an integrated system of vision, communication, and firepower. Soldiers are no longer soldiers; as the military says, now they are "weapons systems." The posthuman has announced itself in a happy moment of military efficiency.

A Hindu understanding of time spans the ages. The present yugapada, a kaliyuga, is said to have begun on Friday 18 February, 3102 B.C. of the Julian calendar.

The Books of Bokonon are self described as "nothing but foma!"
The Fourteenth Book of Bokonon:
"What can a Thoughtful Man Hope for Mankind on Earth, Given the Experience of the Past Million Years?" This is the only book which we have in its entirety. It's contents are as follows:


In this Modest Proposal from 1729 the author claims that "I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavoring to promote this necessary work, having no other motive than the public good of my country, by advancing our trade, providing for infants, relieving the poor, and giving some pleasure to the rich." Sounds very like something we would hear from a modern politician except Jonathan Swift, perfectly dropping an anti-meme bomb, was advocating eating the children of the poor.

Culture jamming is the responsibility of us all, as that is the only check able to provide balance to the otherwise overwhelming force of mass media and advertising. Steven Downs aims to crack the memetic egg in Hacking Memes. A simple and expedient example: "A popular tactic reacts to the increasing commercialization of the Web. A number of sites are creating and spreading spoof Web ads. Such ads are meme hacking at its best - they lay generally ignored, silently spreading subversion."

Kerry Thornley provides the comic relief with Zenarchy Stories Says Gary Snyder, "Three-fourths of philosophy and literature is the talk of people trying to convince themselves that they really like the cage they were tricked into entering."


Is the cosmic microwave background the remnant of the big bang? Yes, but, hmm, mighty odd all this: "In other words, the whole of Einstein's theory rests on the assumption that physics works the same irrespective of what speed and direction you have. So the fact that there is a frame of reference in which there is no motion through the CMB would appear to violate special relativity!"

There are those who would have us believe that psychoactive substance use is an illness of the spirit. Stanton Peele writes a brilliant rebuttal. Above all, everyone must acknowledge that alcoholics are not powerless. With the right resources, more often than not they hold the keys to their own recovery.

I was exposed to sodium hydrosulphite as an employee of a water treatment company in the late 1980's and have since developed a strong allergy to any sulphite containing compounds. I now have to cook without onion or garlic. Imagine! In searching for more information I was brought to realize the impact of chemistry on all of our lives.


To inaugurate our procession through the last pre-bimillennial lunar cycle, perhaps Gaia is preparing to extrude catamenial forces. Or maybe she just has to take a good shit. I see, among those of us alive enough to contemplate such things (for the partial death of eeking out an existance does not lend itself to the ponderous domain), a grand yearning and ability to transcend our mere humanity. Our roots will always be in the humus, but our imagination en(un)folds the (micro)cosmos as we evolve to Cosmanity. This phylogenesis is always now, and the insight divine.

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