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September's serendipitous temporalizations
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A really good source of stellar wallpaper, I think these are also a wonderful free association meditation. I especially like the Trifid Nebula

John C. Lilly, M.D. has the insight and courage to explore that which, I am convinced, will be of critical importance to our species' survival.

To look at the way "she (nature)" designs the universe was to unlock the most useful direction one could take in designing the artifacts that would make the world work for humanity. Buckminster Fuller is the subject of this essay.


Arcosanti is hosting a conference on "Cyberspace, Habitat, and Human Evolution" this weekend.
A turning is in the air. Slowly, tentatively, a 'network path' arises from the midst of yearning and confusion, a multifaceted but integral mode of spirit that might humanely and sensibly navigate the technological house of mirrors without losing the resonance of ancient ways or the ability to slice through the greed, hate, and delusion that human life courts.


Prof. Chomski hits the nail on the head again with this essay.The free market is 'socialism' for the rich: the public pays the costs and the rich get the benefit - markets for the poor and plenty of state protection for the rich.

The mission of the Department of State is to develop and conduct a sound foreign policy, taking fully into consideration the science and technology that bear on that policy. It is not to advance science. Therefore, scientists have not been, and probably won't be, at the center of our policymaking apparatus. A grizzly thought, that.


A great world citizen and, unbeknownst to him of course, a mentor of mine, turned 65 today. Happy birthday Leonard "...first we take Manhatten, and then we'll take Berlin."

Here's the home of theoretical string.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the views of the Department of the Navy. Spin control for serious research; can you imagine Microsoft claiming that its' programmers aps are not the work of the company?

If you are a Dad going through the hell of a child custody dispute, Divorce for Men provides a valuable resource.


Quantum nondemolition and much more...the new SciAm is here.

I'm sure it won't be many years before this face reading lie detecting software makes it into general use; perhaps a handheld portable that can be discreetly consulted. Where are we going with all this stuff, folks?

Life is a cosmic imperative. The universe is awash with life. This is a great essay by Christian de Duve entitled "The Beginnings of Life on Earth".


I love to read SF in bed. Now, grunt, if I could just get my monitor hung from the ceiling....

Uncertain of our path we grok new understandings. I first read Heisenberg on the VIA train going from Ottawa to Regina when in my early twenties. A distance of some thousands of kilometers for my body, of vast depth for my soul.


John G Cramer, hard science, soft and comfy reading.

Do viruses and prions make it hard to define life? No, just as trailers don't make it hard to define motor vehicle traffic. We know what motor vehicle traffic is. And we know what life is. I ask, is a Pantheist automatically a Panspermist? Or should that be Polyovarist??


Back from my travels and I'm completely astounded at my 1974 Datsun B210. This was its ninth Alaska Highway voyage. Her name is Carma and even when a system failure occurs, she finds the perfect place to break down. This time it was the distributer. The next vehicle by pulled over and the driver knew what was wrong and rebuilt the thing on the spot. We were back on the road in 20 minutes! Thanks Harry.

Is modern medicine akin to quantum physics? Hmm, I'll let that one hang, but this group will expose the frauds. Quackwatch, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies.

Here is an attempt at an Esperanto for computers.

This speaking clock even has a Cherokee lang.dat file available. Cool freeware, and if you are fluent in a language that is not already available, you could make your own.
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