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Can the speed of light be the ultimate speed limit and yet not? This anonymous article titled Quantum Magick explores the area where mainstream science meets magick. "What we are coming to understand however is that quantum state is a form of information, and is not so limited. It is everywhere, at once."

In a news report worthy of national attention McCain Foods, one of the largest french fry manufacturers, stated that in future they will not purchase genetically modified potatoes. Phil Bereano and Florian Kraus investigate The Politics of Genetically Engineered Foods: The United States Versus Europe.


Time, time, time, is on my side... According to Meyen, time may be mine. " Each object has its individual time, and a class of similar objects has a generalized time or time archetype." I just don't like to be objectified as it rejects my relative state, generally speaking.

How is it possible that massive protons and neutrons can be built up out of strictly massless quarks and gluons? Frank Wilczek takes a massive subject replete with weighty opinion and lightens the burden of understanding.

Pourquoi le lettrisme? A treatise from 1955 concludes that However it is put, it will be understood that we must start with everything. It has also been said that humanity has never posed problems that it cannot resolve.


Dr. Randell Mills, CEO and chief researcher of BlackLight Power, unveils today, at the 1999 Pacific Conference on Chemistry and Spectroscopy, the results of his research into the area of novel hydrogen chemistry. The future of energy production and sustainable technological development will be fueled by hydrogen, and this team is on the leading edge.

Pick your brain disorder and get the facts. It's all there at Dana BrainWeb.

At the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Scientific Visualization Studio one can get the macro-view.

Is mathematics essentially about seeing "differences in similarity, similarity in difference"? How about "mathematics makes the invisible visible"? Do you feel a virus coming on? Just "Cut the Knot".


The Information Resources Management Partners Services provides so much information on information that one needs an information manager to garner the information one needs. Do not attempt to resource this information while enjoying entheogenic space.

Now here's a date I'm looking forward to. May 11, 2437 A.D. Terry Alden provides a timely read for this season of myth and rememberance with The Mill of Time; subtitled Celestial Cycles And Ancient Mythological Science.

In order to survive that long as a singular semi-transtemporal consciousness unit, some form of transbiological existence can be imagined.


"It might seem odd that much is yet unknown about the inner magnetosphere." IMEX aims to change that. I am especially interested as we get almost nightly northern lights here and would like to know if whistling really does attract them (har, it brings the dogs anyway). There are great descriptions of solar activity: Buffeting by turbulent fluctuations in the plasma density, velocity, and pressure of the solar wind may excite MHD eigenmodes within the magnetosphere.

Going from the sublime to the subjunctive, here is a couple of guys who postulate that Earth's geological upheavals are due to a close approach by Mars.

Everything you wanted to know about knowledge and weren't afraid to learn is available in this text: "Implications of the Ecology of Knowledge for Multicultural Synergy" from Kognos.

On the other hand, Liane Gabora writes that "Knowing everything there is to know about how concepts or ideas can get represented in the mind of an individual would not take us far toward an account of why individuals understand the world the way they do, or explain why their understanding differs from that of their ancestors." in her essay A Day in the Life of a Meme.


I am a smoker. Corporate criminals have been tampering with, and are perhaps responsible for, my habit. Just released are the Guildford Papers which document some of the depraved and truly bad behavior by tobacco companies. It's all here from additives and aerogels to "Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamine Accumulation". You'll need an Acrobat Reader for these. Do I hear the pitter patter of approaching lawsuits?

Perhaps the most misunderstood Palestinian since Jesus, Edward Said is a remarkable human. It takes incredible courage to tell the truth when entire value systems and ideologies rest on mutually agreed upon deceptions. "One must always begin one's resistance at home, against power that as a citizen one can influence; but alas, a fluent nationalism masking itself as patriotism and moral concern has taken over the critical consciousness, which then puts loyalty to one's "nation" before everything. At that point there is only the treason of the intellectuals, and complete moral bankruptcy."
To be fair, here is a critical analysis of the man.

This is a book by Jeremy Bentham to remember....."Deontology: or The Science of Morality: in which the harmony and coincidence of Duty and Self-Interest, Virtue and Felicity, Prudence and Benevolence, are explained and exemplified. From the MSS. of Jeremy Bentham. Arranged and Edited by John Bowring." This is from Chapter 12 of Henry Hazlitt's 1964 "The Foundations of Morality"

"Imagine if you will a memetic attractor pulsing at the heart of your mailing list community. This memetic attractor is a gravitational force, comprised of the topics and interpersonal dynamics which make the mailing list a community. It is likely what brought you all together in the first place; and it is an evolving thing, growing as the community grows." The Resonance Project presents the concept of netrip.


Comparative Human Cognition involves the study of transformations in person-context relationships over time. This ignores the mind/brain problem in favor of recognizing developmental factors as relational. I think this approach is critical to get at a more complete view, which must be balanced with the tendency to individuate doing and wrongdoing.

The arguments in favor of life being universally endemic keep piling up, while the thought of Earth as the sole repository in the vastness grows ever more quaint.

"Is the light I see in my mind the same light as the light I see in the world?" Alice in Quantum Land is a great little fable for the budding cosmic flower in us all.

For an extremely thorough cosmic look-about, the Cosmos in a Computer is where you can witness the birth of the cosmos, watch the universe unfold, all from your desktop.


Summerhill School is unique. Founded by A. S. Neill in 1921; in his own words, it is a `free school'. It is also in need.

Stanley R. Carpenter brought to my attention one of those words that brings more depth of understanding by its' very use. "I wish to build on the now accepted fact that anthropogenic activity, what has been descriptively termed "technometabolism," has grown in scale to the point that it rivals in environmental impact some of the earth's natural systems."

What is sophrosyne? The Greeks tried to cultivate it, we have no word for it; and this essay claims we have even lost the concept of it. I see it as yet another statement of the "perennial philosophy"

A number of much advertised products are just common items. What the capitalist ideal loses is reality


Division, identity by type, is the mother's milk of advertisers. This CNN article provides a good overview of the modus operandi of these predatory capital suckers. Think I'm being a little harsh? As George Gerbner, one of the world's most respected researchers on the influence of the media, said, "For the first time in human history, most of the stories about people, life, and values are told not by parents, schools, churches, or others in the community who have something to tell, but by a group of distant conglomerates that have something to sell."

The Degree Confluance Project has as its goal to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take at least one picture at each location. I'm going out to 62N and 135W, but maybe I'll wait till spring, eh?

There's a war going on that really has only one side! It takes two to tango right? Not when we declare that we are the enemy.


The study of how to tackle the engineering of emergent order: to identify the engineering principles and languages that can be used to observe, control, organize, and exploit the behavior of programmable multitudes; is called Amorphous Computing. This is one of the keys to progress in microfabrication and nano-technology, and the implications are astounding.

I gorged on geography as a student, though the lectures seemed glacial at times, and to this day I find representative reality mountainous in its scale. In this essay on capital the authors add the cultural factor. "We need a third dimension, what we refer to as cultural capital, as well. From a systems perspective, we emphasize that the three types of capital are strongly interrelated and form the basis for guiding society towards sustainability."

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific Order was first published over twenty years ago. " The models I propose are only points of departure for reflection; in no case are they points of arrival." What a departure it is (was). The insights and cautions are as valid today as they were then, and perhaps more poignant.


Seven judges on a secret court have authorized all but one of over 7,500 requests to spy in the name of National Security. They meet in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. Covert Action Quarterly is a good way to keep tabs on those who would keep tabs on us. In this article, Philip Colangelo fills us in on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Successive administrations, including the Clinton/Cretien reign(s) of error, have increased the court's power. Drawn from that same deep well is a telling section taken from Nicky Hager's book Secret Power entitled Exposing The Global Surveillance System

Here's a unique, rather tongue-in-cheek holiday idea. Float serenely above the most secure communications facility in England, and watch the watchers.

To complete a worrisome triumvirate of secretive links, here's the low-down on HAARP. This is not too far from my northern home, which just goes to prove that one can't get away from it all; anywhere.


"Among other things, our physicists have also postulated some five "fundamental forces" associated with particles. Yet, when matter and anti-matter annihilate, all these forces, and several other "fundamental" things, vanish. Puff, like magic, they are gone! How can something fundamental disappear?" Frank M. Meno writes an essay that is a "page turner" (scroll bar grabber?), understandable and complex. Quite an achievement when the basis of everything/nothing is the subject.

I intended to include this a few days ago but the insights and foresights in this article are great reading any time. Vannevar Bush writes in The Atlantic Monthly of July 1945 on the role of science, and especially physics, in the post-war, ante-information age.


""It" is not a thing, not a substance nor a subject. We cannot answer the question in a present-at-hand way. What we can do is to try to find the right way to be "with"it." Befindlichkeit is a term introduced by Heidegger to describe how I am with where I am. Choice is dealing with what is, rather than a projection of what might be or was. Robert G. Fox of The Institute for Existential-Psychoanalytic Therapy presents an essay on thrownness

Following a link from SciAm one comes upon Neadertal: A Cyber Perspective. This is a very comprehensive and pleasurable site which tickled my anthropological bone (erk).

On a somber and sobering note, this interview with Dusan Vasiljevic details the human and environmental cost that the NATO countries were willing to exact to put Milosovich in his place.


"Could we live happily ever after? Perhaps." So begins what should be a requisite grade eight course entitled The Responsible Parent's Guide To Healthy Mood-boosters For All The Family. Interesting, very interesting (in yer best German). I think I'll have an order of paroxitine with a side of deprenyl.

In Wild Computing: Steps Toward a Philosophy of Internet Intelligence Ben Goertzel has a look at networked consciousness. "Purely electronically, wild being agent interactions do not seem to be happening yet, because the agents out there are too unsophisticated. But, there are no fundamental obstacles in the way of this happening."

A double bind is the cognitive equivalent of Catch 22. It is that point at which culture intersects truth and, since you have to draw the line somewhere, I must choose. As a primary factor in behavioral conditioning I believe that it is essential to recognize the double binds that I'm in, as well as those that I propagate.


William H. Calvin is a theoretical neurophysiologist who brings together cognitive and evolutionary theories. His conclusion that It may be that the Darwinian processes are only the frosting on the cake, that much is routine and rule-bound., causes me to have less hope for our species. Perhaps this is the right role for entheogens; to catalyze original thought.

Lessons may be learned, as in a Pavlovian response, but I don't think that will help us to understand. Hitler, Stalin, and all the others of this ilk are in no way out of context; an abberation. Be very careful what you wish for, you just might get it. We must make the leap, now, individually to grok peace. There is no time in understanding.
Today we are asked to remember those that gave their lives to ensure freedom for future generations. We need to honor that commitment with our own focus; to end poverty (material and ideological), to render insignificant our differences by acknowledging a deeper equality, to intelligently put aside our desire for conformity and to celebrate diversity. That is the strength that got us here and is the talent that will ensure our survival with this earthship.


"When serendipity is active, a very unique kind of positive energy is created; related conditions, events, and objects seem to fall in place, components begin to dovetail, and systems start to function with a definite sense of unified purpose." Nicholas Fabian takes a solid look at one of the adopted lexicons of this (abuddhas memes) site. Seredipity cannot be cultivated however, as to attempt is to fail. All one can do is pay attention.

In researching meta-systems theory I came across this remarkable statement: "The kernel of cognitive abilities and cognitive function amplifiers is composed of three principal components: 1) knowledge, 2) physical structure, and 3) [inter and intra system] communication channels and protocols." This was penned in 1993. It sounds like my computer meets all the requisite conditions. Hello Fred ( 140kb download ).

Hockey legend Guy Lafleur played in our fair city! Read all about our northern affairs in the Yukon News Online!


"Yet how on earth are consciousness, mathematics and the quantum field(etc)-theoretic ontology of mainstream physics to be brought together in practice? " Why Does Anything Exist is a good start at asking the right questions, as well as laying a firm ground of not-knowing into which we may slide our understanding of what it's likeness.

Coming at this from the philosophical rather than mathematical angle, Arthur Witherall asks "why is there something instead of nothing?" Existence is mysterious, and the philosophically tantalising aspect of the awestruck response to something instead of nothing is the idea that we can come so close to the mystery as to feel it in our bones, even while we believe it to be irresolvable.


"This FAQ shows how quantum paradoxes are resolved by the "many-worlds" interpretation or metatheory of quantum mechanics. This FAQ does not seek to prove that the many-worlds interpretation is the "correct" quantum metatheory, merely to correct some of the common errors and misinformation on the subject floating around." Consider Schrodinger's cat; poor/lucky thing!
Michael Clive Price provides a most comprehensive and understandable overview of this metatheory.

Huxley's satirical fiction Brave New World has caused a cultural resistance to happiness engineering, says this review. "And it is we, trapped in the emotional squalor of late-Darwinian antiquity, who neither know nor understand the lives of the god-like super-beings we are destined to become. "

Seymour Boorstein builds upon his classical training as a psychiatrist to show the dramatic results of blending the traditional with the transpersonal approach to psychotherapy. A review by Ken Wilber.


You could describe this book simply as a rather nice history of the number zero. You could also describe it as nothing less than a history of the human race's philosophical struggle with the idea of nothingness. In his tome 'The Nothing That Is', Andrew Leahy writes what is probably the only book-length history of a natural number ever written, and he does a good job of it. It is not flawless (-0-), however.

In this interview with none other than the founder of Memetic Engineering, we explore the present and future of nanotechnology. Currently, the enacted consequences of the memes that we carry are causing the greatest reduction in species diversity on the planet of the past 60 million years.

Writing that gets the point across with minimal fuss has a better chance of repetition (contagion).
"The ideosphere has been evolving at a much higher speed than the biosphere. We are now in the region of a discontinuity in the pace of evolution of the ideosphere catalysed by the deployment of pervasive broadband digital networks. Future engineering now demands the creation of consensus in favour of moving towards some distant desired state. "
Got it.


"The best hope for the world's poor is to raise their living standards. We cannot condemn them to perpetual misery by giving an unjustifiable power of veto over sensible, progressive policy measures to an unrepresentative and reactionary minority living in relative comfort in the industrialised world." I completely agree, and suggest that decentralization of decision making is the key. This is in opposition to the current trend of centralization of power (EU, Free Trade) which will culminate in the MAI. Anti-Ecohype provides much needed balance in our understanding.

Maps are wonderful, maps are grand, maps are bountiful, beautiful, and planned.

Al Seckel's Richard Feynman is a look at the more human side of a world reknowned physicist in this collection of anecdotes.

The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 329 July 9, 1997 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein
M THEORY considers that all the matter in the universe consists of combinations of tiny membranes which come in various dimensionalities. Here is a compendium of achievement and discoveries that make one go wow.


Are you ready for The Watchword Technique? "Now try to clear your mind of any current preoccupations. Close your eyes and focus gently on the sensations of breathing slowly in and out. Relax any obvious tensions in your body, adjusting your position if necessary. Try to forget what you are about to do."

"Enlightenment thinkers knew a lot about everything, today's specialists know a lot about a little, and postmodernists doubt that we can know anything at all." Atlantic Monthly presents the idea that perhaps the thinkers of 'the enlightenment' had it right in the first place, in an essay entitled Back From Chaos

David Bohm makes a proposal that we ignore at our deepest peril. Dialogue, as we are choosing to use the word, is a way of exploring the roots of the many crises that face humanity today.

I don't know quite what to say.... Commission on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered Issues in Anthropology....except that I want my own commission. Hey, wait a minute, I am a commission just waiting to happen.


" It is possible therefore to imagine that the central core of a future air vehicle might be a linear accelerator which would create a local weightless state by use of electrostatic energy and turn heat into energy without chemical processes for propulsion." This is from a 1956(!) classified USAF document showing that research into anti-gravity was (and surely is) of prime military concern.

If a valid grand unified field theory were to be posted on the web, would the melody of sense be discernable from the cacophony of non-sense?

Zenergy Corporation offers to pay US $100,000 to any individual or corporation who can demonstrate a working "free energy" machine. Well, my kids seem to put out more energy than they take in. I wonder.....

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