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"Either theology is pure nonsense, a subject with no content," Mr. Tipler writes, "or else theology must ultimately become a branch of physics." George Johnson reviews The Physics of Immortality by Frank J Tippler. I ask,even if I am emulated within the Omega Point, is it actually *me*?

If I were to be converted into energy, how much would I be worth? This is one of the questions posed to Dr Berk; an irreverant and quite refreshing science Q&A.
A Canadian group dedicated to anti-ads - popular media won't run their messages for fear of alienating clients - is using the anti-meme approach.


Except for the fact that we are temporally challenged, and have to deal with relative chaos, we are wonderful self replicating units; and earth is a fabulous spaceship. The universe may belong to these however.

Each day that our species survives the technologies that we are psychologically unfit for, is a small way through The Great Filter.

I can just imagine the carnage were the Skycar to become the replacement for the automobile. Ah, but I forgot, the higher we go the more onerous the regulation.


For Albert Hofmann there must be more. To leave it as it is would be like discovering penicillin, having a bottle full on the shelf, and watching people dying of infections all around you because physicians were afraid to try your new medicine.

The more one knows how to deal with the propagators of ideological phages the better.

Mystery of God ended, human problems solved. This geriactric philosopher has grasped the stone, and crushed it.


Mark Monmonier has famously observed that maps must as a matter of course mislead their users. In the networked era, the heart of darkness is an interstitial formation--which is to say, its borders are drawn around and between us. The maps we now have obscure this emerging terrain.

Serendip is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. This site has a great deal of content of significant depth; be prepared to be not only surprised, but satiated.

I believe it is vital for our balanced (and our species') health that we take an honest, unbiased, scientific and comprehensive look at entheogens. Here Dr. Sasha Shulgin breaks his long public silence and provides perhaps the most passionate defense of psychedelics to date.


In The Power of the Meme Meme, Susan Blackmore argues that Without the theory of evolution by memetic selection nothing in the world of the mind makes much sense.


Language has disparity of understanding by nature. Irony reminds us of this.

The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing experiences for which our language has no vocabulary. Alan Watts takes his next step in exploring conciousness. Here is the entire text.

A taste of where interactive body/art/music/AI is going; not brought to you by Sony.

What's really going on? Take these guys and CNN and split the difference and you still have insanity.


What will be the next neuro-analogy; popularized and then debunked?

Prohibited from speaking as moral and political agents, youth become an empty category inhabited by the desires, fantasies, and interests of the adult world. (Henry A. Giroux). I think that , in other words, we are too busy worshiping to mentor.

Insight (exsight?) and the pineal gland. About the size of a grain of rice, deep in our brains, this structure may be the seat of the "soul" after all.

An inner state of utter tension with little or no percieved path toward resolution. How would you define panic?


Weblogs are a signicant step in the evolutionary chain of new media.(Jon Katz) Amen. The redefinition and reperception of what is "news" is a vital step in our general evolution.

When the government lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. Here's how you, too, can win elections and influence people.


Heidegger surf-boards along on the electronic wave as triumphantly as Descartes rode the mechanical wave --Marshall McLuhan
Anti-humanism, humanism, dogism, godism; we sure make a lot of noise for a species whose individuals would almost universally claim to want peace.

Life as endemic, necessary and seeded by oxidized polyaromatic hydrocarbons? We are stardust indeed.

Our sense of wonder is fashioned by our interfaces.


Is it possible that a deadly "virus" is actually caused by a common toxin?

Shake yer bootie but hold on to your pipe, let's go seismo-surfing.

I wanted more than anything to attend Summerhill....if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


While some may take exception to the name "Many Worlds", 71% of cosmologists and quantum field theorists see the theory as fundamentally valid.

This unitized regenerative fuel cell is on my wish list....2Kw please.

If you like Scrabble you'll love this free game of Networds; can even be played over IRC.


R.U. Sirius asks "Who am I to question the wisdom of the National Security State in such a time as this?" Rhetorical and yet barbed; like a dull knife with a sharp point.

Okeedokee, now that yer (sic) well and truly disgusted, in-jest a phattie and take a boo at this use of ani-gifs.

Here is the incredible story of the longest wire on earth.


An International Suggestion Box for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects, with £1,000 UK sterling awards annually for the best ideas or projects submitted.
I suggest that p'raps a Guaranteed Annual Income would do more to bring the neccessary redistribution of wealth, and democracies the dignity required for sane governance.

This is an interesting look at evolution.


If I'm bored I'm not paying attention. Quite. This self described cornucopia will certainly transform what I'm paying attention to.

When paying attention is simply not an option anymore, a visit to "Creative Endings - designer dying & celebratory funerals" may be in order.

Transhuman, n.
1.A human in a trance, mesmerized by a reflection in a magnifying glass. An ape with aspirations. One who feels that being meat is murder. Theme song: Über the Rainbow.
2.A public-domain Extropian.


To be a specialist fine, a generalist divine.

Here at last perhaps some competition for ICQ, which for my money (none) has become bloated and overtaxes my 16meg system when I run a browser with it. Worst of all, ICQ (AOL) has removed all traces of the original (small and fast) version from download sites.


As soon as I had learned to speak the language a little, I became greatly interested in the people and the system of government. This is from an Atlantic Monthly article by Mark Twain, dated 1875.

HyperHistory Online is based on the synchronoptic concept. Yes, this is a different perspective and that's cool, but still selectively inattentive.

When a great scientist dreams the universe groks.


If you've not heard of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), you will. It's pervasive, you can't help but use it every day, and it can kill!

Can an experience be halcyon?

More specifically, I see it as the great master-game to which the arts as a whole lead -- and also mathematics, and no doubt the sciences, too -- and I think Hesse consciously intended it this way.


They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me. I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game. Exactly, R.D. Brings new meaning to "will you play with me?".

On the face of it, there is something rather strange about human psychology. So saith Celia Green in subtitling her examination of sanity. I would modify that to There is something fundamentally strange about everything.

J. Krishnamurti claimed to have read little of the sacred texts. Here you can read most of them.


I always knew that philosophers had a point.... but a purpose? Now that sounds like my kind of job.

This paper outlines the case for believing that we will have superhuman artificial intelligence within the first third of the next century.

At what level of progress is human activity sustainable? Here's John McCarthy's hyperessay

In order to have the right conditions for life in the first place appears to be so unlikely. Cosmic serendipity as evidence of fundamental intelligence?


Somehow I just like the idea of a space tether....sort of an umbilical to the cosmic mother.

The popular press dares not pick up on the ground breaking research that is taking place. Am I, are we, afraid to grow up?


The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.
-- Albert Einstein

So what is the self? "Mental" phases, as experienced by human subjects, alternate with phases which have evolved to transmit well to, from and between subjects. This is from The Ecology of Intentions: How to make Memes and Influence People: Culturology yikes

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