abuddhas memes - april 1999

A biosphere that entirely surrounds its parent star? Oh yeah...

Alan Watts is at once one of the most profound and funniest philosophers I know. In this speech he explores time.

Time may be of the essence if the doomsday argument is valid.

And if you have an argument you wish to publicise, best read this self interested article by the meme broadcasters.


This grand site is, like, totally phallic, man.

Viewing oneself through a psycho- filter can be more fun than another tetris game.

Going to the virtual hospital may help me almost feel better.


I quite agree that our anhedonistic age will one day be viewed as an extended period of psychosis in our species history. To the future, people!

Serotonin may hold many answers in this regard, even though today's wonder neuro-drugs are blunt instruments for a highly delicate operation.

The world's last unpleasant experience will be a precisely dateable event. I am left with deep philosophical angst by this....besides, how can one have pleasantness (whatever that is) without unpleasantness by which to define it?


The self-replicating ideas are conspiring to enslave our minds. This quote is from Metamagical Themas by the inimitable Douglas Hoffsteader, but this review shows that if you're laughing yer alright.

Are many mental disorders caused or exacerbated by viruses?


It is said that Canadians are the most frequent visitors to this Tantric site. Makes me proud....

As our conciousness expands so does our understanding of what constitutes life.

Are we opening the way for a theory of everything/nothing?
"....quantum theory is more than a theory of physics--it's a theory of information."


Sometimes taking a quote out of context can actually get to the deeper truth...
" And victims are not selectively chosen, everybody's a victim, predominantly children, women, all people uh, civilians, civilians, and civilians."...Milosovich.

Here's a view of the people supposedly on the democratic side.

If you're as depressed as I am after cogitatevely masticating all that, then a visit to Dr. Ivan's may be in order.


This is a beautiful example of mad science; or perhaps a dedicated generalist enjoying a day off.

Bringing the light of reason to the rainbow of practice is noble, to have the courage to teach our children divine.


With the CIH virus due April 26th (the anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe), security becomes an abiding interest...what a drag.

Thinking of which, these guys drag the bottom for information; and come up with fishy things.

I like the quote that not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, but is stranger than we can imagine.

Here we can take an apocalyptic pause; that refreshes.

We have come a tremendous distance technologically, but our journey has just begun.

These may well be stones we cross the river on, but research has its problems..."...very difficult for researchers to abide by the regulations which govern efforts to obtain legal approval to do work with these compounds in human beings...."

What is an atom anyway?


This book contains a live mind virus. They warned you!

I've always been fascinated by the power of ten, and I think that if they hadn't done it I would've.

Only by understanding how they do it may we see the light of freedom.

Who are they anyway?


As Huxley so aptly notes in his novel Island, utopian societies are doomed by the corporate (corporal) needs of the profit takers. The Venus project aims to change that; with a theme park even.

The power of the tyranny of the majority can now be yours. Or at least the ability to ask otiose and redundant questions. Speaking of which, have you tried the enlightenment quiz?



What form the sane world order? Einstein takes a look.

As Ursula Goodenough puts it: "My somatic life is the wondrous gift wrought by my forthcoming death."

No, this isn't the magical mystery tour but it sounds like a gas with magic, mystery and, come to think of it, touring...


Are you a "lumper" or a "splitter"? Quantum and the Tao - An Unified East-West Psychophilosophical Synthesis

Imagine the gravity of breaking this law; or is it a theory?

If GE owns NBC, and GE stands to make a huge profit from the sale of war machines, can we count on unbiased coverage of a U.S. war from NBC?
Noam knows.

Are you having trouble describing your depuscalatory experience?


Today I am attentively avoiding vegan input, and going right to the meat of the matter.

This adds tremendously to my understanding of soup.

Now appropriately satiated I can turn my gaze on a wonderful essay.

Ken Kesey has a downright sensible idea when he says you can't raise conciousness with lead.


Something that we can all be attentive to is The Global Surveillance System.
Sort of a macroscopic version of the uncertainty principle don't you think?

The war on drugs is no less than a war on ourselves. At Ya-Hooka ya can find the information you need....

One further (higher) note in that melody is the Library of entheogenic wisdom.

Mind is matter, matter is energy, energy is mind...
The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul

Life as a metaphor for sex. Hey, I can dig it: time as the universal vagina into which YES proves NOs' point. Hey, maybe Nerve would hire me as cosmic correspondent.
© Abuddha Ahdduba, 1999