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Somewhere in an alternate dimension 'Sane America' is impeaching its War Criminals and restoring its Constitutional Republic.

Follow Me Here is irrepressably accurate in his observations of psychiatry and psychology in flux. Excuse the pun. This is the normal state of Eliot's weblog, and his excellence decries The Revival of Disgust and Shame in the Law
"It may even be that a society in which people acknowledge their equal weakness and interdependence is unachievable because human beings cannot bear to live with the constant awareness of mortality and of their frail animal bodies. Some self-deception may be essential in getting us through a life in which we are soon bound for death, and in which the most essential matters are in fact beyond our control."
Jamming with the Cosmos
"I have experienced astronomy while working through blackbody calculations at my job, while working through homework sets with my classmates, and from listening and giving planetary science presentations at conferences.

In all of these situations, my method of experiencing astronomy was by using my rational, analytical tools. Any emotions that I experienced about the beauty and wonder of the universe appeared as a secondary effect.

Fiorella Terenzi's method of guiding your experience of astronomy, in contrast, is to appeal directly to your emotions. To show you astronomy, she wishes to evoke your emotions first, then use your curiosity and thinking processes to carry you through the experience."
sive diversorum poetarum in Priapum lusus - Sportive Epigrams on Priapus - by divers poets in English verse and prose (translation by Leonard C. Smithers and Sir Richard Burton)
"The word labda (a sucker) is variously derived from the Latin labia and do, to give the lips; and from the Greek letter lambda, which, is the first letter in the word leíchein or lesbiázein, the Lesbians being noted for this erotic vagary. Ausonius says, 'When he puts his tongue [in her coynte] it is a lambda'- that is the conjunction of the tongue with the woman's parts forms the shape of the Greek letter {lambda}. In an epigram he writes:--
"Lais, Eros and Itus, Chiron, Eros and Itus again,
If you write the names and take the initial letters
They will make a word, and that word you're doing, Eunus.
What that word is and means, decency lets me not tell."

The initial letters of the six Greek names form the word leíchei, he licks."

Peace Through Pleasure - by way of Dearest Dr. Menlo (what a cutie, eh?)


As I have vouchsafed on this page too often, I am a man. This makes me a co-respondent within the field of humanity, and amazed at my immersion. What Is Man?
"O.M. There are gold men, and tin men, and copper men, and leaden mean, and steel men, and so on--and each has the limitations of his nature, his heredities, his training, and his environment. You can build engines out of each of these metals, and they will all perform, but you must not require the weak ones to do equal work with the strong ones. In each case, to get the best results, you must free the metal from its obstructing prejudicial ones by education--smelting, refining, and so forth.

Y.M. You have arrived at man, now?

O.M. Yes. Man the machine--man the impersonal engine. Whatsoever a man is, is due to his MAKE, and to the INFLUENCES brought to bear upon it by his heredities, his habitat, his associations. He is moved, directed, COMMANDED, by EXTERIOR influences--SOLELY. He ORIGINATES nothing, not even a thought.

Y.M. Oh, come! Where did I get my opinion that this which you are talking is all foolishness?"
Chapter One's title, Tyranny by Delusion, says it all. Everett E. Allie outlines the means by which those who would have control mete out the drivel that is accepted as a desired end - 'personal freedom' (media-tion). This document predates the neocon coup d'etat by two years. The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion
"The problem itself, as is the case with most problems, points the way to its own solution. The basic needs of humanity are objective. They concern themselves with measures and means necessary for the survival, effectiveness and positive growth of the species, and are not matters of opinion. Human survival and real progress depends upon real stuff and specific activities. The mandates of existence cannot be abridged by dogma, governmental proclamation or a fantasized interpretation of the universe. Nothing is more persistent than reality. You cannot make it go away. If you turn your back, it gets you in the end."
One view is wonderfully mused by David Deutch in his screenplay for Man, the Mobile Mineral.
"Music reaches climax and stops."
Could President Designate Bush, or any of his Tribe, add a whit to Two Myths and Two Rites for the Origin of Christianity? One thinketh not.
"The texts of the NHL are partly found for example on P. Kirby's site on early Christian writings." (I had no idea hockey was an ancient past-time...sorry)

In a fit of 'fair use' practice I decided to convert the below .pdf-linked, The Tao of Drunkenness and Sobriety into html., to allow the widest possible readership. This is a document of rare clarity; sublime.
"So. I could be drunk, but I dare not. I will not. The question of drunkenness as an ethical question. Not because a moral prohibition has been broken, but because it arises between us. When the Other comes calling, it is my innermost door he knocks upon. This one will always find me at home and I am always called to answer, to be where he finds me. The very meaning of presence. I am here."
Bush's Freudianism (n+1)
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," George Bush told an audience of military brass and Pentagon chiefs. "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
I laughed, I cried, I thought of whipped cream (?) The Coalition of the Willy - musings on the global challenge of penile servitude
"Given that it is the ever increasing pressures of overpopulation that are exacerbating the problems of the planet -- and the irresponsibility of "willy" in the process -- perhaps there is a case for learning more from the paradigm shift in which he so readily engages in response to his micro-environment, when sensitively understood. Humanity's failure to do so, despite the stimuli of the macro-environment of nature, may continue to leave Gaia yearning and unsatisfied -- she may seek another lover!"
Engagement: 14 Contrasting concepts of meaningful employment

Re-enchantment of Work - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off to Work We Go: Engagement in the 21st Century
"So, will it be an ordered interface, or a chaotic interface, or rather, how does the individual manage that interface between order and disorder? At this point in time I do not think that we have helpful frameworks for understanding this interface -- especially for the individual trying to navigate in a complex society with a multiplicity of concealed opportunities."
Totally pressed for time today, let me just implore you to pay rapt attention to How To Save The World. I can't praise Dave Pollard's contributions enough; and yes C., I have!
"The best, simplest road to success for the entrepreneur is to make your own sandbox."

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) provides an unclassified analysis of Climate Change, Migration and Security. This is a very well done overview, and obviously beyond the capacity of the massive U.S. American intelligence apparatus. Ignore-ance by Presidential decree.
"Future climate change is expected to have considerable impacts on natural resource systems, and it is well-established that changes in the natural environment can affect human sustenance and livelihoods. This in turn can lead to instability and conflict, often followed by displacements of people and changes in occupancy and migration patterns. Therefore, as hazards and disruptions associated with climate change grow in this century, so, too, may the likelihood of related population displacements."
August 4th, 2004

Andrew Feenberg provides a document that could provoke productive water-cooler discussion, and once distilled and drunk should be micturated all over. From Essentialism to Constructivism: Philosophy of Technology at the Crossroads is a dense but vital read as we accelerate.
"What does a broader historical picture of technology show? Contrary to Heideggerian substantivism, there is nothing unprecedented about our technology. Its chief features, such as the reduction of objects to raw materials, the use of precise measurement and plans, the management of some human beings by others, large scales of operation, are commonplace throughout history. It is the exorbitant role of these features that is new, and of course the consequences of that are truly without precedent."
Featured in today's NYTimes is old news made new (the well-worn state of nouveau-journalism), so I thought that a refreshing look would be in order. Buprenorphine treatment of opiate and cocaine abuse: clinical and preclinical studies
"Buprenorphine, an opioid mixed agonist-antagonist, is a potent analgesic that appears to be effective for the treatment of opiate abuse. Recent preclinical studies have shown that buprenorphine also significantly reduces cocaine self-administration by rhesus monkeys for periods up to 120 days."
Buprenorphine Replacement for Heroin - If you stop taking heroin, buprenorphine can prevent or reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.- via Patient UK.

For a mind expanding gamut of essays, fiction, poetry, et plus, Janus Head has a special edition dedicated to An Interdisciplinary Approach to Addiction.
"It is my conviction now that alcohol played a perverse trick on me when we said farewell to each other: although, as everyone should know it is a major depressant, it had never truly depressed me during my drinking career, acting instead as a shield against anxiety. Suddenly vanished, the great ally which for so long had kept my demons at bay was no longer there to prevent those demons from beginning to swarm through the subconscious, and I was emotionally naked, vulnerable as I had never been before."

The Tao of Drunkenness and Sobriety (pdf) - This essay considers the meanings and relatedness of sobriety and drunkenness with reference to Levinas, Taoism, Sufism, the Bible, and the Beatles.
Political Mugging in America
Anatomy of an "independent" smear campaign
"...it is still astonishingly easy to assassinate a political opponent's character, with little or no accountability or basis in fact. It is hardly new to politics anywhere that money and the messages it buys often create devastating perceptions.

It absolutely will not be the last, considering the remarkable cash advantage and sordid reputation of White House political director Karl Rove, who years ago taught negative campaigning techniques at the University of Texas."