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August's Brief Alliterative Alterbations

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I suppose there's nothing for it but to say summat', as to remain silent is akin to assent. And I do not assent to government dictating my mores, education as the arbiter of ethics, nor how 'hard' I work as the definition of my moral worth. The "Church of Jebus...of Flatulent..." can foist as many shame inducing ads as they like, but I ain't buying.

If we actually inhabit a place in which our individual status is arranged according to a mere redefinition of feudal tenets, in other word(s) 'capitalism', then we have come no psychological distance from the "dark ages" of a terrified Europe and an insular East. I don't buy this either, if only because the fruit is infested by wasps. Perhaps the fruit is poisonous only to those who choose to eat of it, perhaps only for those who over-indulge.

Y'see, a real life of loving community may be full of the contradictions inherent, yet also replete with the dynamic balance neccessary for creative potential. Whether this is a possible state within the current political context is moot; mine is not to bemoan and decry but to be - and cry.

Be-ing, isness, is not accountable. A person who is not accountable is the bane of capital, and must be dis-counted.

How on earth does this impact my daily flow, the energetic throughput that creates, ages, experiences in concert with you? It is easy to quantify, which is why those who deign to lead jump on numbers. Quality, what it's really all about, lands on the back sections of the NYT or Globe and Mail. It is magic to lead in the polls, it's pagan to actually lead.

What if I told you that I'm an overindulgent sad pagan? Would you have more sympathy for an apparenty moderate, neurologically adjusted, mild mannered manager? How about a Perpetually Pampered President on Paxil with Rumsfeldian reflux?

Our hearts are indeed burning, not with the fever of trans-human grokness that is our evolutionary heritage but with the anti-thesis - a burning desire for hegemony; damn the accountants.

Let me bring you down - the cry of the wild neo-con freezes all souls. None of us are alone in this, yet none of us are willing to acknowledge our lonely defence - and so the fascist default laughs; all the way to the bank.

Summerhill School
"Summerhill is first and foremost a place where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie in the safety of a self-governing, democratic community."

The transcription of James Keys' Only Two Can Play This Game is coming (excuse me) apace, and I have now completed the Prescript. Watch the left table for the next chapter - no guarantees on my available time, but certainty of the cosmically correct nature of this effort will keep me motivated.

Some Thoughts on the National Socialization of Children, and a wake-up call for the sleeping minds of freedom-inspired parents. In the past 75-100 years two ideas came insidiously into American political life in the shadow arena of public policy-making. One, the notion that common people thinking for themselves constitute a crisis of governance; the other, that local control of education must be stamped out and transferred through a series of progressively remoter masking layers to a small centralized Úlite of decision makers.
"Thus is the road to the national socialization of children being paved. It is a road running through every state's Department of Education these days, filled with buses carrying children to a collective destiny planned by experts without names. And it will continue to happen until each one of you begins to ask what your country wants to nationalize the education of children for. And says NO to it, and NO, and NO, and NO."
Recovery of Community for Learning Societies:
Learning from a Japanese Educational Pioneer
"from the "dominator" world view of contemporary industrial culture, with its central values of competition, self-interest, authoritarianism, materialism, violence, survival of the fittest,

to a "Gaian" or ecological world view based on the insight that everything is connected to everything else; that we are interdependent entities, systems within systems, in a grand and mysterious holistic cosmos."

In my mind there is only one reason to write/project/hope a weblog. One could be forgiven the most human desire for personal recognition - observed objectively the odds are that obscurity rather than noteriety are the norm. Another dismissable yet decent motivation is to provide current, alternate, views. This consume-mately valuable effort is valiantly fulfilled by globe-spanning correspondants of copyleft proclivity, and so easily assimilated into our common dreams, in these times, on the alternet.

Linking to these harbingers, and attributing how my attention was drawn there, is noble. I will continue to do so as long as my fingers and brain are linked - the impetus is now independant of the internet, of whether distributed power is available -;.

The real, valid reason for publishing on this incredible globally available medium is to add (wealth of understanding independant of wealth); this can be done in as simple a fashion as abuddhas memes, which merely gives a personal context to the eminently haphazard translation of my set, setting, and interest-of-the-mo', or as source-fully convicted and responsible as Alternet.

In these dire times I am as deeply distressed by introspective, narcissistic "blogs" as I am by the solitary driver in an SUV on the way to score (whatever) who pointedly ignores the hitch-hiker. Both move on without care for the wider consequenses of wasted energy and opportunties for interaction and understanding.

Over more than four years of following my search engine dharma and colleague-directed attentive imperatives I find myself at a crossroads. I can say with no rodomontade whatsoever that there is more wisdom contained within the linked articles of abuddhas archives and my occasional additions than would have been available to all humanity a mere century ago. This is at once incredibly humbling and amazing.

The intersection of Main and 1st, science and soul, me and thee, and communicating its location, implication and explication, is the domain of GSB. Writing under the pseudonym of James Keys, a treatise of immense importance has been virtually lost - a lack I intend to remedy.

In complete contravention of copyright laws, I'm sure, and GSB's sensibilities so I am led to understand, I am going to serialize Only Two Can Play This Game, as its psychohistorical value is inestimable and its pertinance for mher beyond ken.

Without further adieux or ado here is the Prescript, and the preface:
"Very few people would write such a book,

and fewer still could.

This is a rare document,

of high quality,

and those who cherish such things,

will appreciate it."

London England
15 day of May 1972
The Invasion of the Memes - Is It Science Fiction?
"I'm reminded of a whimsical old poem about ghosts that I will take the liberty of bowdlerizing: "Yesterday upon the stair, I met a meme who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish that he would go away.""
Economic Fascism
"The state and its academic apologists are so skilled at generating propaganda in support of such schemes that Americans are mostly unaware of the dire threat they pose for the future of freedom. The road to serfdom is littered with road signs..."

Man is the only animal that blushes - or needs to. - Mark Twain

Questions dog me today (yes, Aurora, walkies soon!). The first to irritate my craw is why, given the advanced state of EMP weapons development, the UKUSA forces did not spare countless lives and employ them? The only answer I can come up with is that mass casualties are in some twisted way expedient to the occupying forces. There is nothing secret about these non-lethal weapons - I could create my own in an afternoon from readily available components a la Radio Shack.

Another fatal mistake is that the bevy of other non-lethal technologies ubiquitously available to (and abused by) our domestic law enforcement personnel have not been supplied to the military forces occupying Iraq. Why not?

Intelligence, wit, courage and vision: Terence McKenna Interview by OMNI Magazine, May 1993
"I can't stomach the human tragedy of somebody going to the grave ignorant of what is possible. I make the analogy to sex. Few people can avoid some kind of experience with sex -- sex informs the experience of humanness; sex is a great joy and travail. I don't like to think about someone going to the grave without ever having contacted it. This work is that big. It's ours. It makes available an entire domain of being that somehow got lost, to our detriment.

When the scientific establishment was informed that there would be no government-grant support for psychedelic research, they just bowed their fuzzy heads and went along with it. The consequences of their failure to stand up to that decision is a mangled society and a science that hasn't fulfilled it's agenda. In no other instance has science laid down so gutlessly and allowed the state to tell it how to do its business."
While we wouldn't dream of teaching our children obscene attitudes towards sexuality we offensively, if often defensively, persevere. We also, and even more consistently, persist to do so with and to their intelligence. This is not merely isolated incidents of abuse. This is institutionalized social control from the ground floor; a manifested Huxwellian future-now. Teach your children well... The Schaffer Library of Drug Policy and The Drug Library offer rational study guides for both adolescent and co-attendant elder.
"Reaction toward the use of psychotropics by adolescents is diametrically polarized between Western cultures and indigenous groups."
When I first mentioned modafinil on this site some four years ago, having run across this seemingly magical addition to our pharmacopoeia by way of The Good Drug Guide, I immediately grokked: (!) this would be the drug that would plumb the line - that could and would not be able to be ignored by those on either side of the prohibitionist ridgepole.

The Great Awakening, cum The Washington Post (detect irony here), finally broaches the Provigil "problem". I can personally attest, with my doctor's considered assent, to the following - Lay down for a two-hour nap. As researchers say, this stuff doesn't prevent you from sleeping, it just controls the desire to. Arose alert. Went back to productive work. Naps are good, as the sleep researchers ceaselessly point out.
"Originally aimed at narcoleptics, who fall asleep frequently and uncontrollably, modafinil works without the jitter, buzz, euphoria, crash, addictive characteristics or potential for paranoid delusion of stimulants like amphetamines or cocaine or even caffeine, researchers say. As with an increasing number of the so-called superhuman, posthuman or trans-human drugs or genetic manipulations rapidly entering our lives, modafinil thus calls into question some fundamental underpinnings of hundreds of thousands of years of thought regarding what are normal human capabilities.

The implications for Washington are profound."
As a committed Canuck I don't care if my PM smokes an occasional doobie, or enjoys extramarital outercourse (not that I'm suggesting any such proclivities in our present prime person), as long as the governance is level-headed, fiscal policy steady, and human rights recognition ubiquitous. If megaliths such as Nations can exist, big-picture 'leaders' are essential.

This Imaxian vision we demand of the politically erected makes demands that are in many ways diametrically opposed to the demands of the daily diadribble, and dubious deservings of sensationalist stories.

A question that keeps returning to attention, and has direct relevance to present affairs, is transparency. We, the mass of western consumerist society, are at best behind a gossamer film of privacy. Those in power (whether elected or civilly serving) have an obligation to be an order of magnitude more transparent.

A vast cross section of (mostly U.S. American) society is subjected to random drug testing - a positive result (false or not) equating to possible job loss and many other social and professional sanctions. It is not the rich or connected that are subjected to anti-entheogenic excrescence (unless a more nefarious end is meant), but rather you and me; the subjects of materialist carnality promoted to exorbitant exogenesis.

To get to the point of this soliloquy, I think that all politicians and those that support them must be subjected to the same rules of self-adjusted neurochemical restriction as they impose on the hoi polloi. You, the people of the world's only superpower, need to know what medications Dubya and his minions are taking - whether it's a President on Paxil or a General on steroids, a pilot on modafinil or a battalion on ergogenic substances. This information is vital.

Drugs, Brains and Behavior
"1. The brain is the organ of behavior.
2. Brain functions are controlled by unique interactions between neurotransmitter chemicals and specific receptor sites.
3. Ancient folk medicine and modern pharmacology are both based upon these principles of chemical specificity.
4. The sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system have served as models for understanding the more complex systems of chemical coding in the brain.
5. Brain chemistry, behavior and the environment have interpenetrating effects."

Do we lack the visceral fortitude to demand transparency from the top down, a precondition of true democracy, or are we content to suckle the teat of false economies that lead to Gaian exhaustion maintained by greedy grinches?

Does our actual fear of freedom prevent us from demanding exactly what psychoactive substances the "Leaders of the Free World" are injesting?