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"When a finger points at the moon, only an idiot looks at the finger." Chinese aphorism quoted in Contemplating The Finger: Visuality and the Semiotics of Chemistry, which aims to show that imagination plays as much of a role as fact.
"Chemistry's symbolic language is shown to mimic many features of natural languages, including the ability to construct fictional worlds. I argue that these 'scientific fictions' are as cognitively valuable in chemistry as they are in ordinary life, and that chemists creatively mix 'true' and 'fictional' representations of molecules and substances."
electrical upgrade at the isp - see ya manana

Best snap up the franchise options while they last, I'd say. The Power Grow System is a solution for medical marijuana growers that is analogous in price and efficacy to an electric wheelchair; there'll be one in every home within twenty years (yes, we're getting older, and we all could use a grow closet; we're already out of it). thanks ribbit
"The Power Grow System is a complete turn key product that produces a very high yield of plants from a controlled growing environment. The Power Grow System is CSA approved and is the safest system for growing plants."
A product that would blow away all floral intentions is glyphosate. 21st Century paraquat serving 19th Century sensibilities, we deign to spead our inanity over the fields of coca and pot in "other" parts of Gaia but if another tried it on our sacrosanct patch we would call it chemical warfare. Greenpeace provides the Glyphosate Fact Sheet - Hard to Swallow and I awake to the nightmare that only we are allowed to wage war on ourSelves.
"Glyphosate is technically extremely difficult to measure in environmental samples. Only a few laboratories have the sophisticated equipment and techniques necessary. This means that data is often lacking on residue levels in food and the environment and existing data may not be reliable."
Apologetics Research Resources on Religious Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines, Etc. Academic dishonesty is common among cult apologists. 28/8

Las Vegas - Utopia of Clowns is a chapter excerpt of James Howard Kunstler's book The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition ; due out this fall. Before trundling off to scoff at Lost Dufferville, the very same Jim Kunstler could ingrate-iate us with a concise tally of the score; as he remonstrates about the Clusterfuck Nation: A Glimpse into the Future.
"Events unfold fractally, so to speak, with surprising zigs and zags, with unexpected amplifications, resonances, and outcomes, showing up would-be smartypants prophets like me. But it strikes me as more foolish, in the face of what may be epochal and disruptive change in how we live, to put on a show of excessive humility and pretend that we can't make any sense of our unfolding circumstances."

"They say that Antarctica is the worst place on earth, but I believe that distinction belongs to Las Vegas, hands down. For one thing, Antarctica is more pleasing to look at."
Personal Responsibility in the Global Economy - an interview with William Greider shows that to espouse pragmatism is not equal to grouse profligatism.
"It was the worst industrial fire in the history of capitalism. It was reported on page twenty-five of The Washington Post. The Financial Times of London ran a short item on page six. The Wall Street Journal came along with the story a day late-and so on. I thought that was such a vivid expression of the gap that exists in our human consciousness.
This toy factory made Bart Simpson dolls, Playschool dolls and Sesame Street dolls. We buy those toys for our children at Christmas and other occasions, utterly oblivious to the conditions under which they're made. You can't escape that."
I discovered Ronnie at a critical point in my psyche-spherical expansion, and it would not be exaggerating to say that once I entered his event horizon my understanding took a quantum leap. The Legacy of R. D. Laing is a special issue of Janus Head with essays, deconstructions, reflexions, and even poems; and will become a hard-drive keeper for the sages.
"I submit that in a better world we would try to effect a working alliance between the best that psychopharmacology has to offer (for those who want or need it, administered in a sparing and judicious way) and the best features of Laing's existential-phenomenological approach to psychotherapy, minus all the sensationalism, hoopla and the wildly expansive speculation in which Laing sometimes indulged."
Daniel Burston
"If I could turn you on,
if I could drive you
out of your wretched mind,
if I could tell you,
I'd let you know."
I broke my table's leg and can't find the saw.

Inexorably heading toward '02 (naughty-two, as in, this decade is the 'naughties'), the state surveillance apparatus continues to arachnitate. Carnivore could eat into wireless e-mails.
"The CTIA fears the FBI might start using the DCS1000 system because the wireless industry has so far been unable to develop a standard for law enforcement agencies to monitor e-mails sent between handheld devices."
Duh! you think other contraband might just be involved in these sanctioned bootleg ops? Clarke Company Faces New Smuggling Claims
"BAT insiders estimate that up to a third of BAT's £1bn annual profits in recent years, have been the fruits of cigarette smuggling, not only in Latin America, but mainly in China, as well as Africa and Asia, and such markets as Vietnam, where Kenneth Clarke returned from a recent BAT trip seeking official entry to the Vietnamese market."
If any group strays too far from PanoptiCorp's parasitic perusal, the military arm is ready, waiting and willing to perform the Strategic, Policy, and Operational Application of Shock and Awe - Achieving Rapid Dominance.
"These same techniques also apply to law enforcement agencies targeting international crime and drug cartels using the highway. Closer interagency cooperations and coordination between military and law enforcement activities and capabilities must be established. Experience with the military involvement in the drug war revealed considerable cultural differences between these organizations. Overcoming these cultural differences among organizations is not easy."
Excepting for perhaps the agoraphobic, one need look no further than Dream Jobs - A Definitive Directory to the Top Careers in the Outdoors
"The perks are fantastic, and you'll be earning a lifetime supply of adventure."
Tomorrow May Rain/I'll Follow the Sun

Contradicting capitalism, communism, patriarchy, and all arch-enemies of Gaia add your own example here, Revolutionary Ecology - Biocentrism & Deep Ecology is an essay by Judi Bari that gives a basic overview of this wilder field of attention.
"How can it be that we have neighborhood movements focused on the disposal of toxic wastes, for example, but we don't have a worker's movement to stop the production of toxics? It is only when the factory workers refuse to make the stuff, it is only when the loggers refuse to cut the ancient trees, that we can ever hope for real and lasting change."
The Urban Ecology of Cannabis points out how much more friendly a hempen world would be.
Cannabis in silvis primum natum est

Biodegradable plastics from cannabis-derived cellulose have many advantages over conventional hydrocarbon based plastics."
Computer Psychiatrist meets random Quote Generator
"I need a little more detail please.
I request a weekend in Havana with Phil Silvers!
Earlier you said you would like to urinate?
I just forgot my whole philosophy of life!!!
Is it because of some problems in your childhood that you are going through all this?
You can't hurt me!! I have an ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE!!"
After having an extraordinarily poignant summer (and yes, the first whiff of fall blew in a week ago), I hope to heat weblogging things up as nature cools things down. I'll let you know when we get our first major snow - Oct.5th last year.

Blistering in-sight, and pungent; Of Bugs and Rats: Cyber-Cleanliness, Cyber-Squalor, and the Fantasy-Spaces of Informational Globalization.
"At all the more important moments while he was telling his story his face took on a very strange, composite expression. I could only interpret it as one of horror at pleasure of his own of which he himself was unaware."
Freud, "Notes Upon a Case of Obsessional Neurosis [The Rat-Man]" (1909)
The Principia Cybernetica by means of author F. Heylighen puts The Social Superorganism and its Global Brain under the macroscope, and decides that at the moment we more closely resemble slime mold than panoptic sentience.
"Although many people tend to see the super-organism philosophy as a totalitarian or collectivist ideology, the opposite is true: further integration will basically increase individual freedom and diversity."

Ghost Rocket brought to my attention an issue that should have been at the top of my agenda some time ago. I live within the boreal forest, the largest single ecosystem on our planetship. We are not only home to the macro-species such as lynx and grizzlies, but far more importantly to a host of "minor" species that provide the basis of it all.

To think that global corporations, with agendas whose bottom line is obvious, could destroy boreal forest for your (world) use as a resourse is alone despicable. To think that this somehow has to do with relative morality, in other words that the gain is worth more than the loss, is at best short-sighted; and at best wishful thinking.

16 Hotspots for Boreal Forest Conservation is five years out of date and yet pretty well right on. (In your best Janis - cry...cry...)
"All in all, this is by far the largest area in the world damaged by air pollution."
Striking close to home, our Yukon Government to Open Important Wetland to Oil and Gas. Now, there is no reason other than economic to persue this inanity. You want gas, feed me brussels sprouts!
"The Peel Plateau wetland supports a population of endangered Peregrine Falcon, contains key waterfowl habitat and is an important staging area for migratory waterfowl."
My initial reaction to the question Beyond The Limits To Growth(?) is that of the singularitarian - nah!. Yet, a new update to The Limits to Growth reveals that we are closer to "overshoot and collapse" - yet sustainability is still an achievable goal.
"That pessimism is the single greatest problem of the current social system, we think, and the deepest cause of unsustainability. A culture that cannot believe in, discuss, and develop the best human qualities is one that suffers from a tragic distortion of information."
dig it, eh


Lest my comments of yester-perception got misinterpreted, I love the people but can't stand the scene. thanks Leonard AmeriCanadians are not served by our governments. We, the people, have instead been co-opted by the most widespread and insideously pervasive propaganda-geist; and may we pray for a speedy demise of the mass in media.

Michael Parenti sagely clears the pitch with an expose of Monopoly Media Manipulation.
"In sum, the news media's daily performance under what is called "democratic capitalism" is not a failure but a skillfully evasive success."
Internet Voting Project Cost Pentagon $73,809 Per Vote
"A pilot Internet voting project to encourage voter participation by Americans abroad cost the Pentagon $6.2 million and received high marks from its director, although it delivered only 84 votes in the November election."
Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade
"There are millions of Americans who care about morality in the marketplace. But few Americans realize that when they buy Exxon stock, or when they fill up at an Exxon gas station, they are in fact supporting a criminal recidivist corporation."
As if we needed any more evidence of the subethical nature of MegaCorps. Gideon Burrows argues that the price of arms is so high we'd be better off not trading them at all.
"The world arms market is all but sewn up by a handful of giants: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and European Aeronautic Defence Systems (EADS). They roam the globe sourcing arms contracts through countries where subsidies are highest and export license requirements are minimal."
Booknotes, besides inspiring the browse above also led me to Foraging for Music in the Digital Jungle.
"Not too long ago, the wry Scottish songwriter Momus came up with his own twist on Andy Warhol's aphorism, claiming that in the future, everyone will be famous not for 15 minutes but to 15 people."

The only harm to Bush that the court wanted to prevent by halting the vote count, was that he would be harmed by the truth.

What more can be said of a democracy usurped by !big! Thank goodness for the rest of us in the "developed" ideosphere providing at least some counterpoint to the capitalist hegemony.

We, as in the truly liberal democracies (Canada, EU et al.) have, to the degree our politicians perceived as relatively possible, achieved a degree of balance. Unable to mitigate the multinational milieux, since to do so would be economically suicidal, the concensus is that while we recognize that the Americans are nuts; we can work around it (praying, of course, that the war on ourSelves goes no further). Power is not Super unless it is sane.

Subversive Rationalization: Technology, Power and Democracy
"Why has democracy not been extended to technically mediated domains of social life despite a century of struggles? Is it because technology excludes democracy, or because it has been used to block it? The weight of the argument supports the second conclusion. Technology can support more than one type of technological civilization, and may someday be incorporated into a more democratic society than ours."
The Rusty Tools of Peace
"For the moment, the threat of nuclear war has mercifully abated, the jousting of superpowers has receded, and the world has more international machinery for keeping the peace than ever before. Yet ironically, not since the Second World War has violence been more widespread, and international institutions and regional coalitions less able to control it."
IF we accept that democracy in some form is our penultimate step into a just transhuman state, then it would behoove us all to grok, integrate, and discuss/deconstruct Alternate Conceptions of Democracy. Somehow I can't see Shrub paying any attention.
"This chart was developed by Frances Moore Lappé and Paul Martin Du Bois and was published along with their article Living Democracy."
Conceived at the cusp of actual net-connectivity, Democracy and Network Interconnectivity provides a well thought argument that illuminates the obvious - we're all in this together.
"First, interconnectivity consistently emerges as a powerful predictor of democracy. In univariate analysis, the correlation coefficient for interconnectivity on democracy is larger than that of any other variable."
Darker shading indicate higher levels of democracy - um...yeah...

Orion's Arm - where science meets mythology
"The megacorporation has been called the most enduring legacy of terragen society. Dating back to the age of nation states and Old Earth European colonial and cultural expansion, they came into their own with the great economic superpowers of the information age (USA, China, EU, Japan) and continued to expand their reach throughout the solar system."
nano nano

We never know what kind of winter we're going to enjoy. The last two have been warmer than usual. Now, remote as it is from here, the Peruvian Slosh undoubtedly effects our weather. (I just love the image that the Gaian ocean acts like a giant bathtub depending on whether it's an El Nino or La Nina period.) Weather is not climate however; and I'm afraid, folks. Impacts of Climate Change in the United States
"As scientists, community activists and interested stakeholders in both the process and outcome of the national assessment, we have developed a package of short impact guides to a number of key regions and sectors covered in the report to help summarize the important findings."
We are all becoming cyborgs - or maybe not? Douglas Rushkoff interviewed by Ferenc Komlodi. My interpretation is that we are pretty well all cyborgs already; from wearing glasses and sporting artificial hips to computers and cars, our lives are a symbiotic dance of technology/life interfaces. We wouldn't be who we are without 'them', and 'they' can't be without us.
"The first step of my cyborg vision was an extension of human emotion, human love, human will just using technology in a way to reach more people, to experience telepresence, empathy and compassion for people in very faraway places. To function as neurons in a global brain rather than individuals in a competition in a war of interspecies or subspecies. But I no longer see the current direction of our cyborgian development as empowering the individuals, the culture or our organic, higher nature, but rather empowering the faceless monolith of an economic engine."
Oh, man, ya gotta endure a green and white-print interface, which I suppose would be the musical equivalent of an F# minor played flat, yet Psychic Sonic Harmonics is not only worth the visible discrepitude, but hamonically plural.
"The cyber shaman is an info-warrior out of necessity and what better way of dismantling obsolete thinking and action, than with the cyber artillery of the techno-fluro-tribal party."

Psychiatrist and researcher of the highest water, Oscar Janiger has died. The Cosmic Baseball Association provides a short overview of his early contributions, as well as contextual counterpoints; and includes Oz's batting average!
Dr.Oscar Janiger Interview, by Douglas Cruickshank explores his ties with Lenny Bruce and Lord Buckley (et al.); and provides the surprising flashback that Allen Ginsburg was Oz's cousin.
There is a more wide-ranging interview available here. On death: ...my thought is that, for myself only, that I'm simply shut down in my present state, and that somehow I -- which is now a kind of fruitless phrase -- am somehow restored to the earth, or to the matrix, or to what the Germans called the urschlime, or the fundamental substrate of all things, the fundamental primitive primordial stuff of which we are constituted. Dr. Janigen recieved LSD, as requested, two hours before he died (as he provided for Aldous Huxley; and as I hope someone will for me).
"My initial contact with the drug [LSD-25] was so remarkable that it moved me to spend the next 45 years of my life in studying it."
Lord Buckley Online is a fabulous resource of hipness; and gives me some pause - is it really possible we could laugh our way clear of the current dis-temper? I anticipate release.
"And I, in humility, say, "It is the duty of the humor of any given nation in times of high crisis to attack the catastrophe that faces it in such a manner as to cause the people to laugh at it in such a manner that they do not die before they get killed.""
Another Lordly humanstate is housed within Hempton Manor - The Altered Stately Home, within which wend a welter of words on weed; and the 3P's - Plants, Prohibition and the Politics thereof.
"I propose gentlemen that the human soul is real, that we are all on a transformative journey whether we acknowledge this or not. And that through the alchemical effect of rare entheogenic plant substances, we can contact the Other, that numinous agency which can inform us what it is that we must do. And further, that the Other be bound up with Nature itself, that all of Nature is in the business of unfolding its purpose. A Gaian Mind then, a transcendental intelligence distributed in all things and composing all of Nature. Which means that consciousness must indeed have a function within the scheme of evolution, a function connected with the soul, a function relating to waking up to Nature's real and ultimate agenda..." "Which is?" asked Lord Hempton tentatively. "If we accept for the duration that human consciousness has a unique function within Nature," said the professor, "and if we likewise accept that Nature has a supreme purpose and that the 3 and a half billion year-old negentropic wave sweeping the planet is leading to some final state, then an Omega Point of transcendence must surely..."
The Natural Mind: A New Way of Looking at Drugs and the Higher Consciousness

As an exclamation pointing how far down the road of totaliatarianism we have gone, Costa Rica, Past & Present - Part 3: The U.S. Military Wants In observes that the canary in the mine of freedom is asphyxiating from the sulphorous breath of the Ameri-dragon (and drag on it does).
"In fact, Costa Rica appears primed in many ways to repeat the mid-1980s (unless something is done), because the foreign circumstances are similar and many of the same cast of characters are involved."

L. S. D. 25 As an Aid in Psychotherapy demonstrates that prior to fearful proscription of this valuable resource, the possibilities were less bounded. ...what's this, the understatement of the day!?
"Response to L.S.D. 25 was increased activity and interest in surroundings, as well as ability to discuss her problems (Schizophrenia Catatonic), which was as good as, and probably better than, discussion under sodium amytal."
Alastair McIntosh performs a vital dance to bring us Psychedelic Shamanism: Old World to New. I am brought to think of a quote from an Inuit drummer that I heard lately: "They just go to school, so how're they gonna learn."
"Although it is a prevalent attitude amongst present-day scholars that late medieval and Renaisdance witchcraft was essentially a fiction created by the Church, recent research has brought out another side to the story. For the medieval witch, it seems, was the forerunner of the modern psychedelic drug "tripper" as well as having been heir to shamanic practices with which some of our world's greatest religions have links, if not their genesis."
One of the nonpareil people of our modern cognisphere spoke on The Nature Of Consciousness; and for those paying attention opened the doors of reperception.
"There was a young man who said
'though It seems that I know that I know,
What I would like to see
Is the I that sees me
When I know that I know that I know.' "
- And this is the human problem - we know that we know."

Well, in a few years, it will be a matter of common sense to many people that they're one with the universe. It'll be so simple. And then maybe if that happens, we shall be in a position to handle our technology with more sense.
Alan Watts

This challenge is eminently sensible, considering that a truly intelligent artificial sentience will have to solve the 'insoluble' as a matter of course. Think of the most banal social interactions... Can your approach break new ground in artificial intelligence?
"Imagine playing an unknown game against an unknown opponent. It's your turn to make a move. The only thing you know for sure is the different moves you can make, and they are represented by meaningless symbols."
The Implications of Cognitive Studies for Teaching Physics gives me insight as to why, although imbued with a natural love of physics/maths, I performed on the negative margins of the bell curve.
"One implication of this is that different students can have different reasons for giving the same answer. If we formulate our questions too narrowly we may misinterpret the feedback we are getting. This observation has influenced the style of educational physics research in a way that at first seems strange to a physical scientist."

Code Redshift might be the right moniker for this expansive potential glitch. A Warhol Worm: An Internet plague in 15 minutes!
"There is no current defense against a malicious Warhol worm. The author of a Warhol worm could easily cause hundreds of billions in real damage, through corrupted data, destroyed machines, and lost time. By the time the world realizes what is happening, all the damage would be done."
Malicious intent is a by-product of semantic discontent? In a thought-provoking examination of how the mathematics-ness of language has created more precision, and dichotomies of understanding, Frits Staal puts Noam Chomsky Between the Human and Natural Sciences.
"We cannot act responsibly unless we know the differences between violence and non-violence, tolerance and intolerance, love and hatred. But we should never forget that these acts and dispositions are not restricted to the human animal. All I have been implying about the humanities is that they are not concerned with knowledge or scientific insight. They continue to be constrained by a particular peculiar European cultural background."
Jonathan's Space Report is a resource that takes current events, and delivers a payload of interest; fast loading and informative.
"Galileo passed Io at a distance of 200 km at 0459 UTC on Aug 6. Closest approach to Jupiter on this orbit was an altitude of 350000 km at 0452 UTC on Aug 6."
I'm pretty sure that it was Follow Me Here that led me to grok the latest DSM addition: Identiopathic Personality Disorder, yet another example of memetically transmitted dis-ease. Don't forget, use a cognidom.
"This pattern has also been referred to as Identiopathy, Subsociopathy, and Inverted Self-Aggrandizing Psychosis."
also from Follow...: Cricket Explained
"The length of a cricket match can be whatever."
now, finally, I understand!

mailto:100 bonus blogpoints (I'll send 'em to ya) for indentifying the author of this nihilism
"There is nothing. There is no God and no universe, there is only empty space, and in it a lost and homeless and wandering and companionless and indestructible Thought. And I am that thought. And God, and the Universe, and Time, and Life, and Death, and Joy and Sorrow and Pain only a grotesque and brutal dream, evolved from the frantic imagination of that same Thought."

Is the Conscious Mind Subtly Linked to a Basic Level of the Universe?
Stuart R. Hameroff
"Can conscious experience-feelings, qualia, our "inner life"-be accommodated within present-day science?"
now, just a minute...

Okay, ok, I think I get the point. For those who were also watching tonight's CBC News, please bear with me. The point is that we are, individually, culturo-collectively, utterly dependant on the whim of the military complex transfigured with industrial wont. Our only hope is to make sure that the military is accountable to the principles of freedom.

With the use of military systems - from GPS (we know where you are) to mag-stripe ID (we know where you've been), to cookies (we know where you're going), to space cams and Echelon (we know who you are) - we are in a vortex of transparency; and each of us in a state of denial.

As a pseudo-Canadian-I'm-a-lumberjack-and-I'm-okay type, I'd really like to know that I could wear high-heels 'n a bra, if'n I wanted to; in the pool, with Barney - ..that okay with you Space Command?

More seriously, autonomy is the basis of democracy. We lose, in more ways than can be counted, to the collectivity of shared attention. Thus the absolute value of weblogs.

To allow media to mediate is to allow the scorekeeper to run the race.

let's not forget that all we are is love

...apropos spyness: lets get real...ly stoned

"RAF Menwith Hill actually houses the European Relay Ground Station that will form part of the part of the US Space Based Infra-Red System (SBIRS). The SBIRS project is a passive system designed to detect the launch of ballistic missiles by detecting the exhaust plumes on launch. The satellite picture is then used to cue ground-based tracking radars to detect and track the missiles.

SBIRS is composed of two tiers: the high-altitude system is developed by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman;
the low-altitude system will be developed after a competition between TRW teamed with Raytheon and Northrop Grumman teamed with Spectrum Astro. The combined constellation will replace an existing but ageing infra-red detection system called the Defense Support Program, which was used during the Gulf War to detect 'Scud' and Al Hussein launches from Iraq.

The RAF Menwith Hill facility is necessary irrespective of any decision by the USA to proceed with a missile defence system. It is also associated with the targeting of the UK's Trident 2D5 submarine-based ballistic missiles.

RAF Menwith Hill is British Crown property made available to US Visiting Forces under the 1951 NATO Status of Forces Agreement."

Towards Implementing Free Will goes all the way; to conclude that:
"Although it is probably not possible to implement the facility for free-will directly in an agent (i.e. by designing the detail of the decision making process), I have argued that it is possible to implement a cognitive framework within which free-will can evolve."

"The Federation of American Scientists (FAS), an organization which includes half of all living Nobel Laureates, agrees that the military is presently actively conducting domestic investigative intelligence operations in preparation for military control of civilian affairs."

Playing with cow pies and water in a grassy pasture equals fungi-licious tiffin. Cube2, or The Outdoor Cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis. Also new at Leda: How to Make Mead, by Glider Onair
"...you can microwave 4 cups dung with a 1 cup of water for about 5 minutes."
At The Edge, where temporal compression combines with cognitive expansion in detonations of keenly observed intellections, Seth Lloyd joins The Reality Club to investigate How Fast, How Small, and How Powerful?: Moore's Law and the Ultimate Laptop.
"Indeed, as the above calculation indicates, to take full advantage of the memory space available, the ultimate laptop must turn all its matter into energy."
I think most of us know that we inhabit an Apartheid Economy. There are three responses to this fact: buy the game, don't buy the game, buy Kraft Dinner.
"Rising earnings inequality. Stagnant real wages. A declining middle class. High child poverty. Insecure workers. A dying union movement. Homeless people. Bursting jails and prisons. A falling social safety net.

"A third world economy heading toward disaster? Or perhaps a bizarre neo-Marxian vision of the future of capitalism? Or is this a description of the United States moving into the 21st century? "
Critical psychology and traditional psychology differ in fundamental ways. So saith Critical Psychology - An Introduction; the nineteen chapter introductions of which we are offered being merely a teaser. What we really have is a performance of "The Changing of the Guard" in which the banner bearers get shot from behind - Freud that!
"Psychology is not, and cannot be, a neutral endeavour conducted by scientists and practitioners detached from social and political circumstances. It is a human and social endeavour."
Beyond semantics or p'raps utterly buried within it, and certainly a reflexion of our cultural double-bind, is genitalder identity. Walking the Sierras of who I am I encounter old growth of mustosterone giants, freshly burned areas of newmotional uprisings, climax forests of provident groktrees juxtaposed with a rising terrain beyond ...
Beyond Nurture - Finding the Words for Male Identity
by Ross Minsky
"An eclectic reading of psychoanalytic approaches suggests that what has been described as a crisis in male identity in some, but perhaps many men, may be intimately connected with recent psychical as well as social changes in the position of women which have taken place in the context of unprecedented high levels of male unemployment and job insecurity in recent years."
the sound of one hand clapping

I've asked this question before, but I believe it bears repeating until properly answered. Is George W. Bush using any psychoactive substance(s)? Examples could be Prozac, Paxil, or one of the other SSRI's. These are commonly prescribed for recovered alcoholics, addictive-type people; which Shrub has recognized, if obliquely, in himself.

There are of course many other temptations that leaders (and the rest of us overworked minions) could use to enhance neuro-performance - such as modafinil for alertness, beta blockers for calmness, etc.

I think a perfectly valid requirement for the world's leader in the War on Some Drugs would be to let us all know what medications he is presently on, and the exact nature of his poly-pharmacological past. Don't you agree?

The Runner Stumbles - an editorial by Michael King
"Bush has now pushed his "post-drug" years back to 1974. From 1968 to 1973 he was flying jets in the Texas Air National Guard. Can he or his handlers truly believe the drug questions are likely to stop?"

"As I understand it, the current form asks the question, 'Did somebody use drugs within the last seven years?' and I will be glad to answer that question, and the answer is 'No,' " Mr. Bush told The News."
For one more deep dig at the Presidential Portmanteau, George W. Bush - Scorecard of Evil tallies the ever-growing inanity.
"It's getting harder every day to remember all of the truly mystifying policies the Bush administration is pursuing, so the Wage Slave Journal offers this scorecard to help you keep track of all of the evil deeds Bush commits and, more important, to provide a record for your perusal when November 2004 rolls around."
Plus ca change Bush, plus de meme-Bush. Defense Power Games
October 1990
"The power politics practiced by the Pentagon and Congress continue to drag our nation deeper into a quagmire of spiraling weapons' costs, shrinking forces, and high defense budgets. This essay describes how bureaucratic gaming and political logrolling weaken our military, corrupt behavior in the Pentagon, and subvert the checks and balances of the Constitution."

"Although the data in this report is now eight years old ( ed.,now eleven), the basic arguments describing the origin and conduct of the Defense Power Games and their relationship to the skyrocketing cost of defense are as valid today as they were in 1990."
Drug War Clock

Bushwacker led me to Washington Whispers, wherein I think the point, Sir Fred, must be to take the poll; which is in inexplicable need of disapproving F votes.
""Don't worry about it, man."
President Bush, to former President Carter, who recently criticized the current president."
With the World Championship of Athletics currently underway in Edmonton, it's only fitting to explore the clinical opinion of Dale M. Ahrendt, M.D., San Antonio Military Pediatric Center: Ergogenic Aids: Counseling the Athlete.
"Numerous ergogenic aids that claim to enhance sports performance are used by amateur and professional athletes. Approximately 50 percent of the general population have reported taking some form of dietary supplements, while 76 to 100 percent of athletes in some sports are reported to use them."
SciAm provides a detailed analysis of how the dopers stay ahead of the anal-ists. This has a direct analogy with digital systems, non? The Chemical Games
"Today the dishonest athlete can choose from an assortment of about 36 different anabolic steroids (among them a couple originally intended for veterinary use)."
William Fields directed me to an article that points out that chemical warfare takes unacknowledged forms. US used hallucinogenic weapons against Iraq My investigative sniffer fully aroused, I found An excerpt from Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties and Beyond, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain (Grove Press), 1985, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain - BZ Bombs Away
"It was from Hoffmann-La Roche in Nutley, New Jersey, that Edgewood Arsenal obtained its first sample of a drug called quinuclidinyl benzilate, or BZ for short. The army learned that BZ inhibits the production of a chemical substance that facilitates the transfer of messages along the nerve endings, thereby disrupting normal perceptual pattems."
To end on a higher note, cognitive enhancement (optimum-ness) may just be 5mg. away. Vinpocetine: Nature's Mind Booster
"Vinpocetine is chemically related to, and derived from vincamine, an alkaloid found in the periwinkle plant. Vinpocetine recently became available over the counter in the U.S.
Experiments with vinpocetine indicate that it can dilate blood vessels, enhance circulation in the brain, improve oxygen utilization, make red blood cells more pliable, and inhibit aggregation of platelets."

Intact wilderness needs to be just that; complete, whole, natural. The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative aims for a continuous corridor of undefiled mountain, valley, muskeg, forest that would stretch for thousands of kilometers. Aside from some issues that I might have with "management" issues, this is a very bright eco-idea whose opportunity must not be missed.
"In the summers of 1998 and 1999, biologist Karsten Heuer walked 3400 km from Yellowstone, Wyoming to Watson Lake, Yukon. Travelling through one of the wildest landscapes in the world, Karsten emerged periodically to deliver presentations on Y2Y to over 40 communities along the way. The trip was more than an adventure of a lifetime - it was a trek with a mission."
chipmonks are noisy, eh?

missing matter instructively brought me to Content is Not King, by Andew Odlyzko; a wonderfully put yet strangely depressing alter-view of the forces that are joining us. The fabulous table is worth many tomands of words. Our peceptions are certainly skewed; but content is most important - right?....
"The general conclusion is that content has been less important than point-to-point communication in the past, including the recent past involving the Internet. Still, the argument that "content is notking" that is presented here should not be taken to an extreme. All it says is that most of the money is in point-to-point communication."

How To Grow Medicine - 5meg. pdf. download - oh yeah!

"This is the strangest life I have known"

The FBI, and now the CIA
The Spy Who Funded Me - The CIA's great cash giveaway
"The 2-year-old concern appears to be just another fast-paced company in the high-powered world of high-tech high finance. Except for one fact, a fact that it doesn't make any attempt to conceal. In-Q-Tel is owned and fully financed by the Central Intelligence Agency."
Aw, man, Canadians are cool, ...eh?
"On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb decimated Hiroshima, Japan, ultimately killing 200,000 of 350,000 residents. Three days later, a second bomb fell on Nagasaki, finally killing near 140,000. Fifty-six years later, the world's nuclear arsenal is stronger than 400,000 Hiroshima-style bombs."
i can see you
August 1st, 2001

It's time, dear children, that we wake up and smell the pheremones. Undisguised by the latest offering by some Channel dis-guise, the fact of the matter is we all love each other.

You may not love any particular part of me, or for that matter any part that is particular of me, but that is neither here nor there. Love is a feeling; not an ideology or preference.

The golden glow of an accepting touch, the golden glow of accepting a touch, the acceptance of touching our golden glow - these are all beyond the consumerist ken, whose entire thrust is within the virtually worthy.

Make-up conceals. Clothes reveal. Nakedness is our natural state and yet the most reviled.

Mooving right along - holy re-design Batman! SciAm has revamped it's look, which in some small way has caused a re-grok for me - do you like it?
Scientific American

Gleaned from the above mentioned, increasingly populist mag-tome, Chet Raymo reviews Three Roads to Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin; and gives us A Spin on Spin Foam.
"Quantum gravity theorists may be engaged in the modern equivalent of calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but we shouldn't forget that some of the best minds of our species once pondered the properties of celestial spirits. It may be that practicing with angels helped to prepare our collective imaginations for quantum loops."
cosmic erection