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Nothing says loveecstasycrime like being pointed to new site that is well written and poignant and appropos and... well, you get the picture. Sex, Drugs and Poststructuralism is not about any of that, yet profoundly means it.
"In our age of the hedonistic imperative it is sentimentality and love that are shocking and obscene..."
I want to thank Craig for so succinctly stating that: "To anyone with a conscience or a brain, George W. Bush can only be an utter embarrassment."
" No new help for the sick and unable to pay, $106 billion more dollars in tax cuts for the rich and drilling in ANWR."

I can't stop crying. This is a paranoid condition brought on by the untenable mass of suffering that is; and no sublimation could begin to hide my internalisation, which is embla-zoned on my face. Each wasteful act I commit shits on the desperation I understand to be endemic.

Adding to the accumulated sense of all those Edgy Laws, The Anxiety of Clearings by Paul Carter brings IT all together.
"Every kind of seeing is a vision."
Okay folks, enough of the melodrama. Here is some of the real thing: ? MessiahGate - A Tale of Murder and Deception.
"As many eminent historians have concluded, Jesus probably lived in Palestine in the first century, and was executed, as Tacitus records. But how did the followers of Jesus begin to announce that their leader had been raised from the dead must remain under a shroud of obscurity because of the lack of contemporary, objective testimony."
Cut the Knot
"Devlin wanted "to capture in a single, easily remembered slogan, the very essence of mathematics." "Cut The Knot!" reflects on a more modest goal. People will always disagree on the essence of mathematics (Sylvester thought that mathematics is essentially about seeing "differences in similarity, similarity in difference.") but they may agree that innumeracy is a diminishing condition, that mathematics appreciation enriches one's life, and they eventually may agree to do something about it."

I can't stop laughing. This is a neurotic condition brought on by the untenable mass of double binds that are foisted on my otherwise stable understanding of life-in-general and so I sublimate, making the black holes of modern society a source of comedy rather than One of abject despair.

Sri David Deutsch

"Successful representations of reality become more important than the reality they represent."
Dr. Deutsch's Law, part of the Edge question 2004, is one of a multitude of ama-Zing brief insights - short perfectly compact stories of our ability to question IT.
"Every problem that is interesting is also soluble.

Corollary #1
Inherently insoluble problems are inherently boring. Corollary #2
In the long run, the distinction between what is interesting and what is boring is not a matter of subjective taste but an objective fact.
Corollary #3
The problem of why every problem that is interesting is also soluble, is soluble."
Endosymbiosis is Lynn Margulis boggling contribution to Lovelock's Love. IT all comes together. Microbiological Collaboration of the Gaia Hypothesis
"Lynn Margulis contended that symbiosis, not chance mutation, was the driving force behind evolution and that the cooperation between organisms and the environment are the chief agents of natural selection -- not competition among individuals."
I come back to this analysis by MLK concerning GAI every year or two. Such an obvious re-distribution of wealth is of course anathema to the capitalist mien, and de-mean-or-else. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Final Words of Advice
"The contemporary tendency in our society is to base our distribution on scarcity, which has vanished, and to compress our abundance into the overfed mouths of the middle and upper classes until they gag with superfluity. If democracy is to have breadth of meaning, it is necessary to adjust this inequity. It is not only moral, but it is also intelligent. We are wasting and degrading human life by clinging to archaic thinking.

The curse of poverty has no justification in our age."

I feel compelled to restate: knowledge is not understanding.
"There was a young man who said
'though It seems that I know that I know,
What I would like to see
Is the I that sees me
When I know that I know that I know.' "
From that entirely basic grok, I can relax. I need fear no more the idea that because I have no qualification, per se, I am a sub-liminal human. Any literate person can obtain and put to work the crafts protected by professional bodies for the initiated. Apologies to those whose jobs depend on bureaucratic verification but, y'know, I'd rather see a compassionate shaman than a dispassionate scientist parading as care-giver.

I acknowledge that truly vetted doctors are in general at the top of their field; and I certainly wouldn't fly without one.

Clusterfuck Nation:
A Glimpse into the Future
"It seems true that history is anything but linear. Events unfold fractally, so to speak, with surprising zigs and zags, with unexpected amplifications, resonances, and outcomes, showing up would-be smartypants prophets like me. But it strikes me as more foolish, in the face of what may be epochal and disruptives change in how we live, to put on a show of excessive humility and pretend that we can't make any sense of our unfolding circumstances. Hence. . ."
Psychedelic Shamanism:
Old World to New Age
"Two notes of the Chord, that's our full scope
But to reach the Chord is our life's hope
And to name the Chord is important to some
So they give it a word, and the word is ... "

Spurred by a Whiskey River quote of Rene Daumal I ask; why not? Balance is indeed built in to nature, but this average does not exclude exeptions - were that so, evolution would be banal rather than observably dynamic.

Knowing (which is by definition rooted in hindsight) that something is true-for-you, is false samahdi. All is Now, even that knowing that we would temporally attribute to accumulation. If I Know It, it is dead, if I See It I am Here with It.

I know how to drive - I have mastered the art and science of propelling a two ton machine safely and with discretion. Understanding the vageries of of my instrument, in this case a motor vehicle, is Not an application of past experience. That merely allowed me to learn the skill. What is actually happening, if I am performing at peak, is a fully present explication of implicate grokness - very Zen, wot?

Those that know how to drive and are in an autopilot state are quite dangerous. Carmic Kareoke. Full attention is required.

Remember my lack of short term memory? Neither do I. Anyhooch, a blog of escaped identity reminded me of Gary Webb, and his San Jose Mercury News articles that exposed the crackingly tangled "Contra" web - The Dark Alliance.
"These were the CIA officials who were responsible for the contra war. These were the men who were running the contra operation. And the text of Bush's pardon not only pardons them for the crimes of Iran-contra, it pardons them for everything. So, now that we know about it, we can't even do anything about it. They all received presidential pardons."
The above is provided courtesy of The Architecture of Modern Political Power, a resource that should be accessed as often as neccessary to ensure memetic innoculation. This too!


'Weirdly blown away' is my immediate reaction to being linked by The Wall Street Journal's best of the web. Stranger still is that the link is not to any current work of mine but to August of 2001. Albeit that it was a good blogmonth, and I may now feel free to plagerise myself, it does not explain why that august (ook) publication would care to notice my existence. Hey, referer logs don't lie, do they?

Heading Left at the intersection of Capital and Main, I find an old friend in Lord Buckley.
"A few words about the royal court. Buckley truly believed that most of the world's problems would go away if we all just treated each other like royalty. If he liked someone and felt that he wanted them around, he'd simply make them a member of his court. From then on it would be prince so and so, Lady such and such and the respect accorded to royalty was employed. If you're all treating each other that way, how could things ever turn nasty? A noble thought indeed. He really put it into practice too."
Thirty-some years ago Alan Watts elucidated perennial observations. Truth, plainly and well stated, is immutable yet always fresh. In my mind, evil is embodied in those who would confound our re-cognition of The Nature Of Consciousness.
"Well, in a few years, it will be a matter of common sense to many people that they're one with the universe. It'll be so simple. And then maybe if that happens, we shall be in a position to handle our technology with more sense."
Psychedelic Shamanism: Old World to New Age
"If you think it's a joke, that's all right
Do what you want to do
I've said my piece and I'll leave it all up to you."
"Although it is a prevalent attitude amongst present-day scholars that late medieval and Renaisdance witchcraft was essentially a fiction created by the Church, recent research has brought out another side to the story. For the medieval witch, it seems, was the forerunner of the modern psychedelic drug "tripper" as well as having been heir to shamanic practices with which some of our world's greatest religions have links, if not their genesis."
Ah, I finally figured out the oddness from the Journal. An obviously enlightened editor linked the words "chinese proverb" to my well done but long gone monthly archive. Whoever you are, thanks, but it's still strange. What's interesting though is that 8/01 was that blissful time prior to GC3 (general conflict three) when we could still hope for sanity.

Well, we all know how that turned out.


As hilariously described by a newsreader on CBC Radio a couple of days ago, the Church of the Vegetable is seeking religious exemption for an elixir containing dimethyltryptamine. Go Veggies! Significant sci-history is ably transmitted by Rick Strassman, M.D., in his unique book DMT: The Spirit Molecule.
"The overriding concern for the optimal use of psychedelics is to use them in a helpful manner, instead of only accumulating more information about how the brain or "reality" works. This caveat extends to learning how even the most unusual conscious experiences might be taking place."
What is the matrix within which molecules such as DMT are given Schedule One status by the blind ayes of America? Does sociology have a dogma to walk? The Collectivity After the Abolition of the Universe and Time: Escaping from Social Science
"The "society" discerned by social science is a hypnotically instilled hallucination. The notion of causation which subtends it is humiliating and enslaving. I have exposed crucial junctures at which sociological causation–deeply plausible though it may be–is annulled. Beyond that, there comes a point in historical time at which the historical time-axis evaporates. The collectivity awakens from, outgrows, the imaginary order with which it had surrounded itself."
Attempting Googlingus, here is an orgasmic infinity of space courtesy of Tim Leary. The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos
"The Temple, of course, is your body. Your minds write the theology. And the Holy Spirit emanates from that infinitely mysterious intersection between your brain and the brains of your crew.

The attainment of even the suburbs of Paradise involves good navigation and planning on your part. Hell is a series of redeemable errors. A detour caused by failure to check the trip maps. A losing streak.

Reward yourself for making choices that lead to friendship and pleasure. Build a cybernetic cycle of positive feedback. Only from a state of free selfhood can any truly compassionate signals be sent to others."
Reflexive Ethnographic Science
"As a contribution to a scientific cultural anthropology, it constitutes a foil to those in cultural studies and related fields who deride the possibility of verifiable ethnographic representations. Instead, it points the way toward a unique combination of traditional and post-modern objectives -- in effect, a reflexive ethnographic science."
Meme Warfare - A Dispatch from the Forebrain of the Global Culture Jammer
"In our information age, whoever has the memes has the power.

Right now, corporations have the power.

Every outburst of cognitive dissonance is useful, but to mount a serious challenge against corporate rule, we jammers must build our own meme factory."
A well cultivated field of memes is presented by Nancy Owlglass in a fertile assay of The Reasons for the Unexpected Difficulties of Modern Life.
"I apologize for the title. It's more formal than I really intend to be. I think I've come up with a pretty good explanation for why so many people seem to be so unhappy, dysfunctional and degraded while all around them society succeeds in so many incredible and novel things; the title is my summary."
Do not expect the Theory of Options to help your investment strategy, but it does give a credible account of how we evolved into moral, "free" creatures.
"The Theory of Options provides an elegant solution to the dualism issue, based not on rationalistic argument but the neurology of the brain. Dualism maximizes the options of acquiring knowledge, and evolved during human emergence."
Meme Storage in DNA, superbly elucidated by Douglas C. Klimesh, seeks to bridge the dichotomies inherant between culture and nature. Combine this view with the Theory of Options above and ...?
"This theory also supports the idea of multiple copies of a gene in the genome where the exon is the same, but the introns are different. So there would be different instructions expressed from a particular gene at different times."

Traps and Trajectories of Entheogen Law - Richard Glen Boire Interrogated is a well-stated set of observations that put a light on re-invented fascism. The last century of psychic repression has foisted on us a personally relevant tyranny equal in every way to those of Hitler and Stalin; yet because of the internalized rather than physically fatal consequences of the repression, we rationalize dis-connection.
"In my personal opinion (not as a lawyer), people should break the anti-entheogen laws because abiding by them is to yield autonomy over their own mind, their own consciousness, to the government. I really don't understand how we in the U.S. can be said to enjoy any freedom if we don't have the most fundamental freedom of controlling our own minds and internal states. Freedom of mind is the essential foundation of every other freedom."
First published some two years ago, Pharmacotherapy or NeuroCops? Internal Policing and the Future of the Drug War frames the cultural inanity with a subtitle: From Demand Reduction to Desire Reduction.
"The way a problem is conceptualized or defined often dictates what measures will be employed to solve it. The fact that the government characterizes illegal drug users as "carriers" and "vectors of contagion," and that some of the new pharmacotherapy drugs have been given the moniker "vaccines," would dovetail with a future move to make the use of pharmacotherapy drugs compulsory, at least for some segments of the population."
The oxymoronic combination of 'health' and 'welfare' within government agencies, re-enforced by mass media's misuse of the terms, deliberately misappropriates common sense for corporate cents. Let's start with welfare. The state of being happy and healthy and prosperous is not what most of us think of when someone says "I'm on welfare".

Okay, how about health? A state of well-being is not generally what we're talking about when we discuss the issue. We are more apt to be concerned about costs, controls, care, or chemical coersion.

Within a radically reductionist set and seductively succinct setting, what, exactly, are we talking about?

Statistics of Democide - Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900, by R.J. Rummel, is but a small part of a massive endeavor exploring the anti-nature of human conflict.
"All this further confirms our fundamental findings in previous chapters. Whether looking at this across regimes or years, Power kills, either directly in causing democide, or indirectly in causing war and rebellion which themselves then cause democide."
Michael Parenti brings it home, with Hidden Holocaust, USA. The level of suffering is truly obscene, and at least partly due to mechanisms and misguided legislation designed to alleviate suffering.
"Official bromides to the contrary, we are faced with a hidden holocaust, a social pathology of staggering dimensions. Furthermore, the above figures do not tell the whole story. In almost every category an unknown number of persons go unreported."
Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction?
A Survival Manual for Humanity
"Only the fearless can look into the eye of the tiger and still come away unvanquished. This is what I am asking the reader to do."

Heard from various people recently is an idea that the legalization of currently repressed drugs would be bad, like really bad. There is not much point in being too vociferous in 'face a mano' rebuttal, as these kinds of entrenched opinions are not amenable to logical or any other sway. Let's call these people of narccissitic / oblivious personality dis-order "Diamonds". So hard and set that change would shatter their Self.

What cultural effect could have created such intransigents (punnishly sic), and how endemic are socially negative belief systems? Just looking at the one issue, and recognizing that a majority of those polled have been persuaded that use of some drugs is inherently wrong, we can form a conclusion that inanity has become socially normal.

Where inanity and insanity meet, for example in cases of dementia, we don't hesitate to prescribe probable panaceae. Antidepressants and benzodiazepines combined with pseudoamphetamine attention boosters are common. These may be appropriate, but where do we draw the line? Could I, at a young 48, not benefit from such pharmacological intervention? How about if I was 58? Did I mention that I have chronic short term memory loss? I can't remember whether I care.

Artists are not judged on the basis of drug use. Ath-elites are. Businessmen? How about pilots? How about you? I don't think that I would trust a high performance professional that did not optimize on-the-job ability, however she sees fit to do so. Of course this does not include spurious or addictive use of psychoactives. That would be silly, um, yeah.

What is far from frivolous is the dictatorial propaganda that forces an end to discussion. Due to its position as the self-described leader of the free(ak) world, the U.S. has completely lost any credibility insofar(out) as consistancy concerning drug use. Pilots within combat zones are routinely given uppers and downers, Oliver North et. al. free-basically created the crack cocaine epidemic in North America, mid-east fundamentalist groups, including Al Queda, were and are financed by illicit opium, itself abhorant within Sharia Law, yet bilateraly expedient, and newsreaders and musicians pop beta blockers as prescribed manna. Where does Stephen Hawking stand?

Hypocrisy has become de rigeur and honesty defunct.

The Rhetorica Network
"Journalists are notorious for failing to correct their errors.

Arrogant? Yes. Intentional? Sometimes. Its causes are broadly cultural. And that should be a warning to those of us typing away in cyberspace--a place very much a product of the culture. We who blog are not immune to these same forces. Blogging arrogance emerged long ago."
Gore Vidal observes The Undoing of America, in which we are subjected to ruminations ...on war for oil, politics-free elections, and the late, great U.S. Constitution. Shabby Dee brought me there and is utterly responsible for all fallout.
"Well, the Congress has ceded--which it cannot do--but it has ceded its power to declare war. That is written in the Constitution. It's the most important thing in the Constitution, ultimately. And having ceded that to the Executive Branch, he can declare war whenever he finds terrorism. Now, terrorism is a wonderful invention because it doesn't mean anything. It's an abstract noun. You can't have a war against an abstract noun; it's like having a war against dandruff. It's meaningless."
Bits of Rubble gets an auspicious blog-start providing chunks of questionable insight. Thanks Lisa, keep on coming...
"What would other-focused philanthropy be? Philanthropy with no focus on gaining merit, or praise, or recognition, or just a good feeling about oneself.

I think that if this was explored in great depth, it could signal a change in the philanthropic movement..."

I have spent this afternoon reveling, or is that wallowing, in a viral infirmity gained from amazing grandson - one infectious two year old. Having a cold is par for the being alive course. What has caused me to revel, apart from a bit of top notch anandamide self-stimulation, is an orgasmic re-introdution to The Beatles.

As Bach reeducated the 18th Century ear and esthetic grokness, John, Paul, George, and Richard realigned the 20th Century mind. Our already rock-ready ears, sublimed by our rich Western heritage of gospel, folk, R&B, jazz, and yes, Bach, were ripe for the entheogen inspired transcendance to musical Cosmanity.

Unfortunately we ran into the brick wall of political expedience compounded by neo-political propagandist urgency. So, these decades later, we are shackled by a War on Everything; languishing in the solitary confinement of someone else's goal. This is especially an offensive action on freedom of thought, experience, indepen-dance. When was the last time you had a spontaneous explosion of joy? The last time that dance took over your body with unabashed explication of profoundly implicate beat-sight?

The Beatles coalesce all into one; music, philosophy, insight; and all we need is love. The politicos, intensely partisan by nature, could not and cannot abide such unifying bacchanalia and did and do what they do best; divide and rule. Our loss of psychedelic integration, of entheogenesis, is profound; and perhaps irretrievable.

Is America Preparing for Martial Law?
"The terror exercises under TOPOFF serve to condition public officials and key decision makers. In turn through media disinformation, citizens are being prepared and gradually conditioned for the unthinkable."
I enjoy referrer logs, since ya never know, eh? 12:28:59 pm 11:32:23 am


Six years ago today I began abuddhas memes. Today I am a different man.

The massive amount of research done over those years, and the inescapable personal development thus foisted (excuse me!) has taken its toll, and I have reaped the inordinate profit. You, Dear Reader, are not the reason I do this weblogging thing. Le'ggo the ego, eh? Ow, quit it! Neither am I especially partial to any other pseudo-altruistic projections on my part that would amount to self-congratulatory nonsense.

Writing every day (yeah, I know) has provided me with the proverbial million words, so with serendipity and insight I may, perhaps, actually, now, be able to communicate my be-ing-ness with some alacrity. On the other hand, which feels like someone elses, my commentary has been seen as obtuse. Yes, all of that.

I think that our communal weblogging weight over these years, as 'outside the box' thinkers, left, liberal, labels beyond ken, has had a real and counteractive effect on the media of the banal; though any credit is due to the mass of independant thought and certainly not to any individual's efforts. On another hand (which feels like mine again), each of our small efforts adds up to one large impetus. Come again? Oh yeah, that's nice.

So, my self-blogesteem resides Life-fully-rich yet yet pointedly virus free, dis-eased yet as healthy as consumer cultured shit can be. Six years! Why? Not!

What has remained of the linkages from so long ago and far away? To start with, and new and improved, The Care and Feeding of The Press rots fresh and meaty. Can we say eww.....?
"Remember: Less is more."
BLTC Research offers up a toasted version of The Hedonistic Imperative. Ah, plus ca meme chose...
"This manifesto outlines a strategy to eradicate suffering in all sentient life. The abolitionist project is ambitious, implausible, but technically feasible. It is defended here on ethical utilitarian grounds. Genetic engineering and nanotechnology allow Homo sapiens to discard the legacy-wetware of our evolutionary past. Our post-human successors will rewrite the vertebrate genome, redesign the global ecosystem, and abolish suffering throughout the living world."
Bringing the light of reason to the rainbow of practice is noble, to have the courage to teach our children, divine.
"The problem to consider here, however, is not the relative merit of alternative spiritual practices, but the psychological consequences of joining a group that purportedly offers spiritual self-realization."
What do I need? Water.: Frequently Asked Questions
"Water, W, Hot Ice, Liquid Crystal... all these "street" terms refer to the same substance, known chemically as H20. Water is a highly addictive and toxic chemical, which in its natural state is completely odorless, tasteless, and clear."

Memetics: A Systems Metabiology


The need for security is basic, and accounts for our willingness to endure what by any logical standard would be obcene. The abused woman repeatedly accepts sweet make-up, but this is merely the most readily explicable behavior in a range of psychological phenomena that extend as far as Hitler's "vile love" for Mother Germany. Plep brought me to the 1943 psychoanalytical tome Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler, prepared for a singularly motivated American leadership. This is remakably adroit insight for the still-free precursers to the modern CIA. (... a rather large 21meg .pdf download for those like me that are bandwidth challenged...the parts are individually available @ 2megs.) Here's just the Introduction)

The saccarine orgasm of resolved tension drives too many of us; not so much to distraction, though that is endemic, as certainly to disorder. Surely we crave a reasonable consistancy, a security of be-ing present without conflict? Is this not a basis of being civilized? So we choose, experience a fall from grace, and significantly die to personal or societal calmitude for ever. We maintain tolerance of intolerance, and haul our trunks of trinkets to purgatory.

Lightening up, but barely, Canada must make the humanitarian choice to accept Reefer Refugees, make that decision now, and pointedly damn the consequeces.
"Her name is Renee Boje and she's an international fugitive who is wanted in the United States where she faces a mandatory- minimum of 10 years in jail for allegedly watering pot plants at the Los Angeles home of an ailing friend who had a state license to grow and consume cannabis."
As an addendum to the above, this L.A. Times article from '03 makes a more comprehensive, if somewhat re-strained case for The Drug War Refugees.
"It isn't about being drug free, it's about being free."

Okay, well, due to personal interventions the Fool's Day update didn'a happen either - there was nothing foolish about the links or commentary, but the subsequent night was full of foolish behavior. If you are on a dial-up connexion please excuse the expanding waste due to not being able to create a new blogfill; being landless has been frustrating. I don't think anything on this page is starting to stink yet, and yes, I am acutely aware of my responsibilities to all of us in the electronic slow lane. Asap, eh? mmm yummy additions to the subject catagories on the left - gosh I love and cognitively despise puns!

PUnitive approaches to most any of society's well elucidated ills is misguided, and usually counter, to the desired liberal serving of koanic sense: 'harm none and do as you will'. As we have observed, and is so well elucidated by the insanity of the War on OurSelves, legislation leads to generalization. This renders the prohibitionist approach inappropriate and unethical. Likewise, a piece of paper does not protect a woman from abuse. Only a close, caring and involved community can fill the void created by the deep separations inherent in the Capitalist imperative.

I tried to gable
This sentence with

The spikes hurt too much.
So I resorted to

The joists of community
May groan
with material agreement.

There is no excuse for hypocrisy.
On to the cognitive mastications that grabbed my fancy today. As an amateur memeticist and confirmed generalist, I think it is vitally important, in this age of faux-ease, to not allow ourselves to become complacent. The cries from the battlefield, hungerfield, fields of inhumanity, do not have the impetus for change by my inattention. The bulk of the sins of my life have been ones of ommision rather than of commission. Observe, weep, act.

A timely note from Sri Mooneyham and we have an expose that is vital grokness for all those of western consumerist wont. What are your TRUE chances of getting rich in America?
"As pointed out in The super-rich, the 'plain' rich, the 'poorest' rich... even winning the maximum prizes available in high-profile sweepstakes like the Publisher's Clearinghouse won't get you into the 'rich' category without still more large gobs of luck to go with it. Some winners may find themselves in worse financial shape a few years after winning than they were before! And prestigious awards like the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, or MacArthur Foundation Award fall even shorter in regards to propelling winners into the 'rich' class.

Inheritance of wealth is by far your best bet. Flip side? If you have no such prospects your chances of ever attaining riches dims substantially."
John Harms and Douglas Kellner, whose hypothesis comes to the rather counter-intuitive conclusion that agency control of the media is required to ensure freedom of expression and diversity of opinion, move Toward A Critical Theory of Advertising.
" is legitimate for critical social theory to dream of a world without advertising of the sort that litters contemporary capitalism. In a rational society, information would be made readily available to individuals through data bases concerning any product that might wish to buy. A computerized information system would thus eliminate the need for advertising. In a democratic society, individuals would freely determine their needs and desires and would resist being molded by institutions which mainly wish to manipulate and exploit them. Image production would be so diverse, so inventive, and so exciting that advertising would lose its allure and seductive power and might well wither away. And in a world without advertising perhaps individuals could finally attempt to discover and determine what they really wanted to be and to discern for themselves what kind of a world they wanted."
Perhaps all specialists could take the graduate course in Conversational Terrorism to help boost their cause. A word salad, or sesquipedalianism, can easily create enough cognitive dissonance to ensure compliance. Don't you agree?
"In view of the federal budget deficit, civil unrest, and international politics, we need to consider that, notwithstanding the mitigating circumstances, this country has got to get back on its feet. Don't you agree?"

Needless to say, I was unable to upload the last entry. Assuming that I get the ftp-a-happenin' let's me take you on a brain food picnic; no Champagne but the bore is sicly good.

First attention is drawn to this admission by the pentagon. Assuming that they are still under the control of the political arm of the American dreamscape, we can only assume that this is the will of 'the people'. Pentagon Confirms That Unilateral Pre-emptive Strikes Are Now US Policy
"(There are) Significant trends in Mr. Bush's second-term appointments -- like naming Neocons John Bolton as his UN Ambassador and Paul Wolfowitz as the World Bank's president -- confirm both his unipolar worldview and his ongoing intention to pursue a unilateralist national-security policy that' will be centered around "preemptive war."
Included in the 'well duh' department is the revelation (don't get any ideas now!) that the end is indeed nigh. Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered Well!, I'll be damned! Army geddon notwithstanding, here is the .pdf report. Can a roomful of PhD's be wrong?

"Either something was wrong with the exit polling, or something was wrong with the vote count."
Now, I realize that I can't sit around on Global all evening. My favorite Uof O Prof. begs a cursory and quite honorable mention before I move my feast elsewhere. New Undeclared Arms Race: America's Agenda for Global Military Domination
"This redirection of America's military strategy seems to have passed virtually unnoticed. With the exception of The Wall Street Journal (see below in annex), not a word has been mentioned in the US media.

There has been no press coverage concerning this mysterious military blueprint. The latter outlines, according to the Wall Street Journal, America's global military design which consists in "enhancing U.S. influence around the world", through increased troop deployments and a massive buildup of America's advanced weapons systems."