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The relationship between irony and hypocrisy is akin to that of estranged lovers desperate to be together despite all. When they arrive at the desired unitary state, however, recognition breeds contempt; and the tyranny of thought is reborn in an explosion of dichotomous creation.

What happens when a lad of exubererant demeanor rushes into the cabin and cries "wolf"? We of more mature understanding, if not behavior!, calm the child and remind him that yes, there are wolves out there, as well as coyotes, wolverines, bears (chocolate and fudge), cougars and other macro-dangers (cars etc.). But we don't panic; we don't bomb the forest (or highways).

We do gently refresh our memories that many of the most dangerous threats we face are of miniscule proportion. Bacteria, viruses, and other small nasties like worms kill orders of magnitude more people than all large-scale threats combined. Wash your hands, eh?

To attend media-directed attention, however illdefined, is to exactly fulfill the intention of the current Goebelians (Shrubs by any other name...). Those issues that are truly pressing globally and locally, such as poverty, education, and equal rights, are automatically subtracted from the mis-placed focus on a few insane despots and despicable diseases. These are easily if distastefully dealt with as is needed, and warranted by a humane Gaia.

Distraction from our primary needs can only serve to enrich further those who hardly need it, empower the minions of the enriched, and perform the Orwellian obfuscation of the obvious. If a majority of Americans support the current military action, then the forty year success rate of subliminal coercion is quite incredible.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was one of the seminal thinkers of our time but few paid attention despite the renunciation of his Theosophical and Vedantic roots, either because the fire of his inquiry was too hot or we just didn't get it. In this excerpt he puts it as plainly and honestly as possible. Are we grown up enough now to see it?
He spoke now calmly, with incisiveness. "I will tell you what a religious man is.

First of all, a religious man is a man who is alone--not lonely, you understand, but alone--with no theories or dogmas, no opinion, no background. He is alone and loves it--free of conditioning and alone--and enjoying it.

Second, a religious man must be both man and woman--I don't mean sexually--but he must know the dual nature of everything; a religious man must feel and be both masculine and feminine.

Third," and now his manner intensified again, "to be a religious man, one must destroy everything--destroy the past, destroy one's convictions, interpretations, deceptions--destroy all self-hypnosis--destroy until there is no center; you understand, no center."
A valid test of a world view is whether it stands the test of time. If few heed the call however, the picture may be static. Ivan Illich wrote A Constitution for Cultural Revolution in 1971.
"In the United States, for all its gargantuan prosperity, real poverty levels rise faster than the median income. In the capital-starved countries, median incomes move rapidly away from rising averages. Most goods now produced for rich and poor alike in the United States are beyond the reach of all but a few in other areas. In both rich and poor nations consumption is polarized while expectation is equalized."
John Pickering points out that Artificial Life Is Real. An incredible essay that enables a shift in view of world and mind. A movement away from Western humanism and towards Eastern post-humanism.
"Minds, whether natural, artificial or a hybid, participate in the life of self-organising forms. Nothing has enduring self-identity. Everything flows. Minds, forms and actions, lacking any persistent essence, are malleable, not immutable."
all you need is love
deepest thanks Sri Harrison
Thinking of Dear Neighbor Rod, I am led to ask: When did George Harrison visit Illinois and Why?... a rather random link to a most influential musician and psychic/spiritual mentor. I'm left rather wordless.... and feeling utterly mortal.
"...also indicated that George played two gigs with the "Four Vests" during September 1963 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall in Eldorado, Illinois and also at the Bocchi Ball Club in Benton."
Few "conspiracy theories" are quite as bizarre as the legend of Ong's Hat.
"...this time the journey outward can only be made simultaneously with the journey inward - and because this bootstrap-trick can only be attained by a consciousness which, to a significant degree, has overcome itself, liberated itself from self-sickness..."
What I feel - I can't say-
But my love is there for you any time of day
But if it's not love - That you need-
Then I'll try my best to make everything

(and tell me) What is my life
without your love? -and tell me, who am I 
without you, by my side? 

What I Know I can do; if I give my love 
to everyone like you-
But if it's not love that you need; then I'll 
Try my best to make everything succeed 

(and tell me) What is my life 
without your love? -and tell me, who am I 
without you, by my side?


By way of the ironically named humanunderground.com we get a glimpse of altered perception. A military willfully drug-enhanced, an executive branch of government disinclined to psychophamaceutical testing within its leadership, and all the while there are more than two million incarcerated individuals within the U.S.A. - a good proportion there because of draconian, nonsensical and unevenly enforced laws. ...And they went dancing to war on amphetamine wings and with Paxilated hearts; Gulf 2 - All the way to Baghdad. Note the date of this press release.
"Iraqi 'Secret Surrender' Efforts Under Way - CNN

Wed March 12, 2003 11:36 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is engaged in "secret surrender" negotiations with key Iraqi military officials in hopes that some units will not fight should there be a war, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing U.S. officials.

CNN, citing its sources, reported that communications with these Iraqi military officials were not being handled by the Pentagon, but by other "elements" of the U.S. government."
Irony continues apace in this Briefing on Human Shields in Iraq from February, many of whom turned out to be intelligence and special forces operatives (counter-countertargeting).
"I should emphasize that the use of human shields is in fact a violation of the principle that civilians must be protected during wartime, and it's a most serious violation of the law of armed conflict."
From Congressman Brad Sherman
"First, I would point out that intelligence is the most explosive thing in the universe. There are those who think fusion is the most explosive thing except when you realize that intelligence gave us that fusion. There was less than a decade between when Einstein wrote to Roosevelt of the possibility of a nuclear explosion and when we had to develop a nuclear non-proliferation regime. Now we are engaged in a regime change as part of that regime."

The Still Before the Storm was presciently penned in 1995;
say no more...Xept that the conclusion is bad Brie.
"This government may be on the threshold of upheaval unprecedented since the Civil War. That is the cryptic message coming from multiple well-connected sources close to the intelligence community, who say big things are quietly afoot that could fundamentally shuffle this country's political deck. And that may be just fine with Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who sources say is quietly maneuvering to use this impending turmoil not just to "re-engineer government" but to purge both political parties and effect what amounts to a bloodless coupe d'etat."
Letter from Prison: Jim Traficant Speaks
"America is in trouble... not from without, but from within! The Central Government has become too powerful. Citizens fear the Government. This is wrong. This is dangerous!"
Looking from the outside in is no more appealing.
Police State: SWAT Teams and Toy Soldiers
"I have a confession to make, as a professional soldier, I don't like SWAT teams. I don't like the concept of SWAT teams, I don't like the way SWAT teams are deployed and, having met and trained many SWAT team members, I don't like very many of the "men" in the SWAT teams either. Nothing personal you understand, I just have a low tolerance for cowards who brutalize and terrorize people and pretend that it makes them some sort of hero. While I realize that there are some exceptions to this (you know who you are), by and large SWAT teams are populated with authoritarian cowards, sociopaths, thugs, goons and other human refuse."
Is it conceivable that the global ether-community could come to the rescue? No; and yes. On the one hand there is incredible ability, and even greater potential, within the digital transfer technologies. I am a very happy consumer/producer somewhere within this matrix.

I am, and the community of sanity is, also, instantly disposable. By way of disrupting connections, overloading servers, or a number of other equally effective techniques the U.S. government or any other determined adversary can disrupt and shut down electronic freedom.

If we are to continue an effective defence of our trans-personal freedom and pray to maintain global trans-i, the particular medium of webogs may be a key. Do not think that your particular voice is impotent or unimportant. Do not believe any voice is important or particularly potent. Find those who speak to you, and listen. Speak your mind, and care not who listens.

From inside Occupied America
"It is said that all politics is local, and local begins with me at home and inside my head. Gotta get myself free before I can help anyone else get free... "
Cannabis may become 'the aspirin of the 21st century'
"Cannabis, the third most popular recreational drug after alcohol and tobacco, could win a new role as the aspirin of the 21st century, with growing evidence that its compounds may protect the brain against the damaging effects of ageing."

A Cannabis Chronology shows that the sacred herb's relationship with Christianity is fundamental, and perhaps should especially be used at Easter - the most holy days of the Christian calender.
"A.D. 42 - St Mark establishes the Ethiopian Coptic Church. The Copts claim that marijuana as a sacrament has a lineage descending from the Jewish sect, the Essenes, who are considered to be responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls."
A bit more depth into the history of The Weed of Controversy. This is part of Writeups and illustrations of economically important plants, within which we are led to Realize only that none of these (blackberries, raspberries) is truly a berry in a botanical sense--they are drupes. Mmm, Yummy groups of drupes are my favorite fruits! - We now return to our scheduled programming.
"In fact, some botanists classify the northern (cannabis) plants, used for fiber and oil, as C. sativa, a plant that can grow very tall, versus southern types, including C. indica, the densely branched plant about one meter tall and high resin content, or C. ruderalis, a shorter form with few or no branches. Other botanists treat this as one unstabilized species that has been under intense artificial selection for many centuries."
Cannabis in the Bible; and other juicy tidbits
"The Hindu scripture from 1500 BC, the Rig Veda, says: drug plants preceded even the gods by three ages. Hindus believe that cannabis was brought by Lord Shiva for human use and enjoyment. Apparently one day Shiva went off by himself in the fields. He sheltered from the sun under a tall cannabis plant, which he tasted. He adopted it as his favorite food, and became known as 'Lord of Bhang'. Cannabis was also called Indricana, the food of the god Indra."
Medieval Alchemists and Cannabis demonstratates with considerable scholarship that marijuana in all possible forms has been catalytic in our social, economic and spiritual well-be-ing. (part 4 in a series that will cause retro-volition - be forwarned!)
"In fact, the description the Salamander in The Book of Lambspring has similarities to the sacred drink of the Mithraic Mysteries, and the details of its production allude to alchemical laboratory operations that produce a sublimate oil by carefully maintaining heat necessary to vaporize the psychoactive resin produced on cannabis leaves and flowers. Just before the dried vegetable matter carbonized in the retort a viscous red oil would appear in the neck of the glass receiver. This oily sublimate they called the eagle, salamander or red lion. In 1939-40 chemist Roger Adams produced what he called marihuana red oil by distillation, from it he isolated over sixty psychoactive therapeutic compounds."
Thanks to Scribbler I was informed that, finally, the Liberals plan pot law reforms. My objections to decrim. rather than outright legalization have been laboriously elucidated previously - expect me to continue to bitch!
"Prime Minister Jean Chrétien backs the bill, which is expected to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a mere ticketing offence that would not carry the stigma of a criminal record, said a senior government source."
Ask Dr Hump - serendipitous sexual sensibility? - utterly and pointedly out of context for today's sermon from Mount Green


I made humblest of apologies to our local telephone monopoly, and with sufficient cash on the table they managed to hook me back up with decent haste. I now offer you, Dear Reader, my sincerest (and sic-est) apologies for any wasted time going to a site going nowhere. If you took temporary solace in the archives or subject catagories on this site, you are wiser than your average bear. If you took immediate redirection to one of the great weblogs on the left, you are smarter that your average bear. If you didn't notice I was gone due to being outside, joyfully being spring wonderlove, then You are That; and truly blessed.

Mooooving right along to munch the daisies and clover of our cognitive nourishment, Max Tegmark pens Parallel Universes, an astounding, concise examination of just that.
"Is there a copy of you reading this article?""
Vingerian, Yudkowskian or Goezelian groknesses as minor hypothetical differences, accelerating change is the Einsteinian-Newtonic bomb, a retrospectively obvious observation for all those paying attention. Shrubbery be damned!, the maturing fruit of a cosmic hyperconsciousness is a Friendly hope - time is of the essence. ACMAIDS: Seven Memes of the Singularity
"Assuming a multiverse with boundary conditions that are stable to the replication of universes, the high degree of observed self-organization in our universe provides early evidence that the developmental parameters which created our present universe have been carefully self-selected, through a multitude of prior self-improving developmental cycles, for the emergence of universe-modeling intelligent systems (our ancestors, humanity, and our descendants)."
Decoding the Imagination of Charles Stross - An Interview by Lou Anders is a bit dated but in no way not timely....uh, excuse me, just go to his weblog
"The stuff I write about and the tools I use to do it were beyond the imagination of Verne or Wells, because those guys thought of industrialistion in terms of big machines with lots of moving parts, rather than information.

Probably by this time in the next century the information age will seem laughably quaint, the first decade one with the digital dark ages (of proprietary file formats and repressive copyright laws that have caused massive bit-rot to deprive future generations of any non-first-hand knowledge of the past).

I don't know whether you'd call that a singularity, though."
Interview with Christine Peterson
"Mother nature already uses her own version of molecular nanotechnology to make foodstuffs, which are bulk materials, so that is a clear proof-of-concept. However, the question of whether nanotechnology will be used to make bulk materials is a fairly boring one. A far more interesting question is: what will molecular assemblers be able to make that is new and exciting (or scary)? What can you create in terms of medical devices, environmental cleanup equipment, and military weapons? Those are the key issues."
The Far Future Universe - Eschatology From A Cosmic Perspective

Murdered microbiologists, a massive increase in ability to sequence genes, a press distracted by airs of war, a population psyoptically set up for panic and putative presumption, and we are setup for a eugenic application of Genetic Engineering Super-viruses.
"Hutchison's team is trying to figure out the genetic recipe for creating a free-living organism from scratch. While that task is proving difficult, viruses are much easier, as they are not free-living organisms, but genetic parasites that depend on hi-jacking the cell's metabolism to replicate. According to Hutchison and other geneticists, it will soon be a relatively easy matter to tinker with existing micro-organisms to create new, more virulent varieties, and to recreate organisms that have lately become extinct."
Recombinant Vaccinia infects lab worker - Development of pox-like lesions suggests vaccination doesn't protect against altered viruses. and What's life like? are a couple of articles from New Scientist that exeplify our vulnerability; and life's indisputable strength.
"This (Titan) is a place that has existed for 4.5 billion years with a solvent other than water."
On another hand, perhaps we need to refine the definition of "dressing appropriately". New clothes stab bugs with molecular daggers
"When bacterial or fungal spores approach the fabric, their negatively charged fatty membranes are attracted to positive charges on the nitrogen-rich rings and to the fat-seeking blades. This forces the bug or spore onto the blade, which then penetrates the bacterial membrane."
Just looking at one grouping of dis-ease, Gastrointestinal Pathology, is enough to make one sick. Take an exam (version B no less) concerning Principles of Infectious Diseases. How d'ya feel now?
"The bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease (Legionella) are common environmental organisms that can form large biofilms within pipes and water tanks. Legionella are a common cause of community-acquired pneumonia (with fatality rates reaching up to 40% in outbreaks) and are often spread via inhalation of droplets of contaminated water from cooling towers, sprays, and drinking water."
Distraction is the point of media in all its forms. To "break through to the other side" as Jim would have it, requires rigorous attention to the forest while not running head first into a tree. Doing the US's Dirty Work - The Colombian Paramilitaries and Israel
"According to the DAS report, "Personnel graduated from these schools to incorporate into the 'paramilitary-narcotrafficking' structure with an aim to undertaking four specific jobs:

a) Protect the community and the properties of narcotrafickers (sic) from the guerrillas and rival groups...

b) Be responsible for the personal protection of the heads of the cartels and those of the paramilitary forces, functioning as bodyguards."

Iraq War Culture, by Joe Lockard, explores our inexorable slide into a spate of slate-gray fascism, lowlighted by one way transparency and entrenched economic dichotomy.
"A new culture of systematic automated surveillance and Total Information Awareness has established itself, one that points to a vista of unending conflict as its self-justification. There is no particular note of social apocalypse here, only a gray statement of the rationales of perpetuation required in order to integrate an information economy with an economy that produces and exports violence, then must guard against its return."
The Militarisation of Scientific Research in Europe
"In many ways, it raises the question of how much democracy is really left in the post-industrial nations of the west, if any at all. One just has to look at how the US has transformed itself into a hybrid of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World."
An article by George McGovern: The Reason Why - attention well directed from mousemusings.
"Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die."
- - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
A Tale of Two Colonies
"So there you have it: Yemen and Eritrea, two case studies in the war on terrorism."
Having failed to block war in Iraq, China and Russia are retooling strategies to attenuate US dominance and ensure that Washington cannot override their interests with impunity in the future...
"Extracts from Conversations with the Dead, written at San Quentin in 1990, taken from Doing Time: 25 Years of Prison Writing

"These are the graves of the executed ones,"/ he announced with a sombre, indifferent/kind of respect / and yet later, in quiet reflection,/ I understood his tone came out of/that secret reservoir of the soul which knows/ "I, too, could end up as forgotten dust;/ I, too, might die for nothing." Often now I think back upon my journey/ through that phantom land: a land caught/ like evening haze at dusk, soon to perish/ into the gathering darkness of night/ but, for one brief moment, beyond time. I recall those I, too, have slain:/ those by my wrath seized, stolen from life,/ becoming but candles lit by children/ who became adults before childhood lived. These are the executed ones," he stated, eyes/ small sparks, and then was gone, dissolving/ into the umbra arts of night,/ leaving but those sparks which smoulder in my soul,/ like candles surrounding the powerless and/ charred Virgin's image in a chapel/ "These are the executed ones," he announced,/ studying a horizon of tombstones. "Pray for them / and for those to come."

Get Ready for the USSA (The United Soviet States of America)
"Just in case you thought that the Al Martin article below is an April Fool's joke.....

Homeland Security Projects at CSIS"
Are Independent Journalists Being 'Executed' By the Bush Administration? - by Cheryl Seal
"I am putting my money on theory 2, especially as McAllester has written extensively on the plight of Iraqi children in the wake of UN sanctions and received the full accreditation of the Iraqi government to write on Iraq just a few months back."
Two Psyops - SARS & Saddam: Enemies Within and Without
"If interpersonal boundaries fall, where will we end up? Dancing naked as in Woodstock? Shock. Horror. We still need our psychological clothes and we hesitate to shed them."
Lest we forget who's doing what to whom, Disinfopedia offers articles that Anyone, including you, can edit...., as well as research suggestions and a vandal report.
"According to British scholar F.M. Cornford, Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in very nearly deceiving your friends without quite deceiving your enemies."
Official Story Vs. Eyewitness Account
On Najaf killings, some outlets seem to prefer the sanitized version
"The New York Times, however, did not, instead running a story that only presented the official version, under a headline that stated as a definite fact that adequate warning had been given before soldiers opened fire."
Vmyths.com - latest rant
"Thank you for Purchasing viruses from Symantec. Please fill out this warranty registration card to protect your new investment. Your answers will also help us to market new viruses that meet your needs & desires."
And yet another gratuitous reminder: An Introduction to TEMPEST
"A normal TV receiver made suitable for this purpose will in some cases be able to restore the information displayed on a video display unit or terminal on its own screen, when this field is picked up. Depending on the type of video display unit or terminal, this reconstruction may under optimum conditions be feasible from distances of up to 1 km."
The Battle for Your Mind - Propaganda, PR and PsyOps

...caused by high energy particles from the sun entering the magnetosphere of the earth and following the magnetic field down to polar regions. Here, they strike molecules of air in the upper atmosphere at around 100 kilometres causing the atoms to radiate light. This radiation gives aurorae their characteristic colours and the patterns of the magnetic fields give them their interesting shapes.

In lieu of a normal infofiltration regimen, of which I am currently incapable due to a fantastic famillial assembly, I am going to requite some retrolinkish reason.

Crimes of War - What the Public Should Know
"Crimes of War was conceived as a handbook for reporters. But just as war is too important to be left to the generals, war coverage is too important to be left uncritically to the news media. The general public, too, should know the moral and legal benchmarks contained in the law. One reason for a commonality of interest is that coverage of contemporary conflicts increasingly is available to the public without a filter or a framework or context. A second is that every close observer has a restricted field of vision."
Scribbler conducted me to the Onion's Tom Lehrer Interview, directed by Stephen Thompson and accompanied by "Weird Al" Yankovic on the sidebar.
"People are stupider than anybody."
Nutrition, Cannabinoid Receptors, Anandamide, Economics is a document that, according to its highly dedicated researcher Debby Moore, was so powerful, it made my computer disappear through a seizure that involved the CIA, the FBI, local and state law enforcement.
"Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: 1976: Volume 19, N9. 4: Drugs Derived from Cannabinoids: Basic Esters of Nitrogen & Carbocyclic Analogs: by Raj K. Razdan, SISA Incorporated, Cambridge 4, MSS: page 461: Drugs derived from Cannabinoids. 5. Tetrahydrocannabinol and Heterocyclic Analogs Containing Aromatic Side Chains:...They found that the nitrogen analog 4a had analgesic activity ranging between that of codeine and morphine with no physical dependence liability."
Cantheism - I recognize cannabis as a sacrament within my community. Therefore I shall receive it with thanksgiving and deep respect for its resinous powers.

Lest we forget, Professor of Computer Science Vernor Vinge first warned the scientific community in 1993. Within 30 years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will end. Technotopia & the Death of Nature by James John Bell
"Yet there is something missing from this discussion of the technologic singularity. The true cost of technologic progress and the Singularity will mean the unprecedented decline of the planet's inhabitants -- an ever-increasing rate of global extinction.

A 1998 Harris poll of the 5,000 members of the American Institute of Biological Sciences found 70 percent believed that what has been termed "The Sixth Extinction" is now underway. A simultaneous Harris poll found that 60 percent of the public were totally unaware of the impending biological collapse."
The Last Wizards Book of Green Shadows, from which I culled the essay above, is replete with fantabulous reports, papers and disquisitions that spell us to attention. An example is The Secret Battle for the American Mind - An Interview with John Stauber
"The propaganda-for-hire industry perverts democracy. We try to help citizens and journalists learn about how they're being lied to, manipulated, and too often defeated by sophisticated PR campaigns. The public-relations industry is a little like the invisible man in that old Claude Rains movie: crimes are committed, but no one can see the perpetrator. At PR Watch, we try to paint the invisible manipulators with bright orange paint. Citizens in a democracy need to know who and what interests are manipulating public opinion and policy, and how. Democracies work best without invisible men."
Huxley, Hesse and The Cybernetic Society
Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen
"... the world we live in is a consequence of what men have been and a projection of what they are now. If men continue to be like what they are now and have been in the past, it's obvious that the world they live in can't become better... But, on the other hand... they have it in their power to climb out and up, on to the level of eternity."
Juliet Schor gives us things to keep in mind during this time of phthisisic (yuck) demand. The New Politics of Consumption
"How about making "access," rather than exclusivity, cool, by exposing the industries such as fashion, home decor, or tourism, which are pushing the upscaling of desire? This point speaks to the need for both cultural change, as well as policies which might facilitate it. Why not tax high-end "status" versions of products while allowing the low-end models to be sold tax-free?"
Yukon Photo Gallery

Aprill, a day, keeps the reality away.

So here we are, immersed in a day in which fools are using tools that that are outside sense and perfectly within the bounds of the insensibility of murderous criminals.

Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, March 30
"The [US] Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - the main planner and lobbyist of the military operation against Iraq - accuses the coalition command and Gen. Tommy Franks personally of being passive and indecisive, which [in Rumsfeld's opinion] led to the lengthening of the conflict and the current dead end situation. In his turn Franks in front of his subordinates calls the Secretary of Defense the "old blabbermouth" and an "adventurist" who dragged the army into the war on the most unfavorable terms possible."
Henry Kissinger signed off on a Presidentially ordered National Security Study - Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests in April 1974. This a document of historical and, considering current events, bizarre contextual relevence.
"AID's budget requests over the next five years should include a major expansion of bilateral population and family planning programs (as appropriate for each country or region), of functional activities as necessary, and of contributions through multilateral channels, consistent with the general funding magnitudes discussed above."
Although slightly dated, considering the potential pandemic nature of SARS one is again led to wonder about the List of murdered scientists...
"In the ten weeks prior to December 12, 2001, two additional microbiologists were killed, and possibly another five. The period also saw the deaths of three Israelis holding high-level positions in either medical research or public health."