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Traps and Trajectories of Entheogen Law - Richard Glen Boire Interrogated is yet another well-stated set of observations that point to a re-invented fascism. The last century of psychic repression has foisted on us a personally relevant tyranny equal in every way to those of Hitler and Stalin; yet because of the internalized rather than physically fatal consequences of the repression, we rationalize dis-connection.
"I think that a person's mind can be imprisoned or enslaved just as much as a person's body. In fact, this is a trans-religion maxim. In my personal opinion (not as a lawyer), people should break the anti-entheogen laws because abiding by them is to yield autonomy over their own mind, their own consciousness, to the government. I really don't understand how we in the U.S. can be said to enjoy any freedom if we don't have the most fundamental freedom of controlling our own minds and internal states. Freedom of mind is the essential foundation of every other freedom."
Places of Peace and Power - The Sacred Site Pilgrimages of Martin Gray During the past eighteen years, Martin has visited and photographed over 1000 sacred sites in eighty countries.
"The Earth and the Heavens are speaking just as loudly now as they did in the long ago past. Come with an open mind, a gentle heart and a patient spirit and surely they will speak to you."
The inquiry is whether it will lead to the dance of the soma-significance...

As Jaron Lanier informs: The spectrum of attitudes in consciousness studies is strikingly similar to the variety of coping mechanisms for the existence of death. There are those who imagine they already somehow possess more knowledge about it than they have means to achieve. There are those who believe nothing can ever be said about it. And then there are those who seem to wish to deny its existence. It is these latter who interest me the most. Death: The Skeleton Key of Consciousness Studies?
"Note that you do NOT have to die to test a Brainorama, so long as you use it gingerly."
Paul H. Smith [Major, ret.] writes an introduction to The Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual, a production of the DIA/Army/Swann. I can see it now... actual manual begins here.
"For a number of what I consider to be very good reasons, I strenuously resisted making the DIA CRV manual public. Since some of my former colleagues had fewer reservations about its dissemination, it now appears inevitable that the manual will become widely available, beginning with its posting here on this webpage. The best I can do now, it would seem, is to at least provide its context so people will better know how to take it."
To venture as far toward the edge as I'll ever go, Implosion-Fusion-Grail Research - Genepool Immortality from the Principle of Compression leaves me bwain short-circuited; yet I have an insatiable desire to hug a tree.

Y'know, when ya run across a whole bunch of good ideas, find yerself nodding yer head with uncommon frequency, thinkin' ta yerself "yeah, I already knew that to be true but this writer puts it in a way that transmits, man", and then coming to the unfortunate recognition that what you've been grokking is part of an agenda spouting ists and full of isms? Well, if you've followed me thus far, then go forth and enjoy PROUT - PROgressive Utilization Theory, a socio-economic philosophy that synthesizes the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of human nature.
"Imagine a world where herbs, plants, and other living things can be patented by corporations, so that ordinary people cannot use them without first paying the patent-owning corporations. To prevent "illegal" agricultural use of seeds, corporations have genetically manipulated seeds so that the seeds of each new plant are sterile. The seeds of the genetically manipulated plants pollute the seeds of traditional plants through pollination, rendering new seeds sterile. Farmers and ordinary citizens become utterly dependent on corporations for new food-growing seeds, year after year.

Now imagine a point in time where all this hasn't quite happened yet-not entirely. Imagine that you are still at the crossroads between two worlds--a world of transnational corporate rule that is beyond the reach of people's will, and a world that continues on its difficult, bumbling way toward genuine democracy. Imagine being at that point in time where people can still choose which world lies ahead."
First Monday offers Crisis Communication and the Internet - Risk and Trust in a Global Media as an objective take on the issue; especially post 11/9. Can I trust this investigation?
"The single citizen is much more responsible for his level and quality of knowledge than ever before. As trust and risk are, as stated above, subjective categories, the individual has to care for his or her information security. In a global information world, citizens can no longer delegate the risk associated with information to journalists and other professionals."
Bread and circuses. The oxymoronic combination of 'health' and 'welfare' within government, media (and so collective understanding), deliberately misappropriates common sense for corporate cents. Let's start with welfare. The state of being happy and healthy and prosperous is not what most of us think of when someone says "I'm on welfare".

Okay, how about health? A state of well-being is not generally what we're talking about when we discuss the issue. We are more apt to be concerned about costs, controls, care, or chemical coersion.

If I can make my point (albeit from a radically reductionist set and seductively succinct setting) within two very short paragraphs what, exactly, are we talking about?

To moo-ve along little calf, spring has finally come to the Yukon. Our last few weeks are what I imagine a first glimpse of an ice age would be like...a winter that never really ends, and an autumn that begins when it does. I have no doubts that human impacts are warming the planet, but as usual the generalism is not applicable to us of (in a) particular part of nature. Today edged +8C and tonight's low under clear skies will not get below -10C. Yay!! Gotta go fer a Friday Night Jam....love y'all.


Portending a proliferation of presentable prose within the polyglot of blogdom, ?, some 50,000 journalists have been laid off in the last year. Surely surly, I expect to see a plethora of these recently redundant reporters set up shop as independant investigators. Media Layoffs
"Rutland (Vt.) Herald to cut three jobs."
(Associated Press, March 18, 2002.)
GW Bush, Jesus and the Manhattan Institute provides dyspeptic evidence of unpalatable, conspiratorial gruel.
"Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . we need believing people."
Adolf Hitler, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933
A truly enthalpic attempt at Dubyography is made at Undernews, whose focus for today is on the entropic collapse of the American empire and its associated culture.
"Empires and cultures are not permanent and while thinking about the possibility that ours is collapsing may seem a dismal exercise it is far less so than enduring the dangerous frustrations and failures involved in having one's contrary myth constantly butt up against reality like a boozer who insists he is not drunk attempting to drive home. Instead of defending the non-existent we could turn our energies instead towards devising a new and saner existence."
The Manhattan Institute: Launch Pad For Conservative Authors is a well entrenched weed within the Shrubbery; a healthy dose of herbicide would only be a non-environmentally-friendly stop-gap measure - perhaps there's a natural Bush-eating bug.
"The Manhattan Institute was founded in 1978 by William Casey, who later became President Reagan's CIA director."
Welcome to the McFuture! is the prescient cry of the Munich Futurists, who meet for drinks and discussion every week in a downtown bar in Munich, Germany. New Brunswick, listen up....
"John then joined us and we switched to his area of professional expertise which is voice recognition and natural language processing. It is likely that within only 3 to 5 years or so all call-center human operators will be replaced with artificially intelligent answering machines."
Biological evolution is indeed at a unique point in its journey.

Statistics of Democide - Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900 By R.J. Rummel is but a small part of a massive endeavor exploring the anti-nature of human conflict.
"All this further confirms our fundamental findings in previous chapters. Whether looking at this across regimes or years, Power kills, either directly in causing democide, or indirectly in causing war and rebellion which themselves then cause democide."
Michael Parenti brings it home, with Hidden Holocaust, USA. The level of suffering is truly obscene, and at least partly due to mechanisms and misguided legislation designed to alleviate suffering. For example, every year 1,300,000 suffer some kind of injury related to treatment at hospitals, 2,000,000 to 4,000,00 women are battered. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury and second largest cause of death to U.S. women, 5,100,000* are behind bars or on probation or parole.
"Official bromides to the contrary, we are faced with a hidden holocaust, a social pathology of staggering dimensions. Furthermore, the above figures do not tell the whole story. In almost every category an unknown number of persons go unreported."
I think that if we all, personally, take the bullshit by the bollocks, there is hope. Peter A. Zuckerman's Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction? A Survival Manual for Humanity
"Only the fearless can look into the eye of the tiger and still come away unvanquished. This is what I am asking the reader to do."
A Radical Cookbook Project , from Tao - Vancouver
"In short, this is not just a cookbook with recipes for food - but also recipes for action."
The Generosity Game More fulfilling than a win at solitair, less psychically destructive than snakes and ladders, astounding in anonymity yet intensely personal. Just do it. All you need is love.

"The government whores sell themselves
to foriegn lands
and ejaculate their sexually transmitted oppression into the unprotected bodies of the Third World;
a cheap thrill for whores
a cheap lucre for the imperial pimps
they praise their rich- white- male jesus
and pass the crackpipe."
Unexplained Powers of Animals

Robert Fisk, whose journalistic and humanistic proclivities are beyond reproach, is unfortunately not above using the same memetic tricks as those very memengineers he, and we, would discredit. Take this quote, wherein "A bespectacled man with long white hair in a ponytail shut him up before declaring that the Israeli-Palestinian war was identical to the American-Mexican war that deprived his own people of... well, of Los Angeles. I began to calculate the distance between LA and Jenin. A galaxy perhaps."

Well, I'm sorry Robert, but the only difference between L.A. and Jenin is money; or more accurately, wealth. Can we imagine two societies in relative economic parity and with equally liberal human rights having any serious, violent, antipathy? Is there a difference in intelligence? Nah. Is there a difference in ability? Nope. Is there a difference in the quality of ideas? Quite the opposite perhaps. Is there a difference, most importantly, in feelings? None - we are human.

To attribute more (nay, galactic!) importance to the reality of the "progressive" slave masters while denigrating the oppressed and dispossessed without attribution for their state, is to further rather than diminish the "us" versus "them" dichotomy.

We are the people of Gaia, a spaceplanet coursing around a dynamic fusive experience on a journey measured in galactic revolutions - around 100,000 years. We have self-divided quite enough, and now is the time for recognition of Joni's songsight that we are stardust.

Reflexive Ethnographic Science (a proposed book)
"I believe the most important benefit of taking variation seriously is that it forces the ethnographer to focus on intra-cultural variation. A powerful objection to typological approaches is that they can too easily lead to a denial of the metaphysical and ethical preeminence of the individual. The great temptation is to treat ideals as real; indeed, to "do violence to reality in order to prove the real validity of the construct," as Max Weber put it."
Robert Aunger, author of the above article, has an abiding interest in testing the memetic model within cultural anthropology. Culture Vultures
"But the groundswell of enthusiasm about memes, including Blackmore's, has largely glossed over a number of problems the idea poses. In my view, those problems are not fatal. But they must be appreciated if the meme hypothesis is to skirt the empty circularity it has been accused of (namely, that whatever gains cultural currency is the product of memes, but the only evidence for the memes is cultural currency)."
I do not (necessarily) see the necessity of countering a cognitive virus - the proactive act of innoculation, and it's attendant cross-meme immunity being far better. An ounce of prevention: Hang with youngsters, comment and laugh at all attempts to meme-ipulate that come to attention, laugh, laugh, laugh (what is that pungent odor?)....add standard hypocrisy disclaimer when purchasing favorite beverage and/or bypassing person in need on the street. Oh, and prepare yourself and loved ones for ideational combat. Meme Warfare - A Dispatch from the Forebrain of the Global Culture Jammer
"Every outburst of cognitive dissonance is useful, but to mount a serious challenge against corporate rule, we jammers must build our own meme factory."
The price of every product in the global marketplace must tell the ecological truth.

Okay!!, enough of this ageist anti-bragging! Congratulations Eliot, but there has been nowhere near enough bragging about bum knees, abjectly non-cooperative southern organs, memories that reflect personally ancient yums but forget today's; habits that define rather than excite life.

Huge thanks to the seniors of blogness. Being a whippersnapper of 45, I would like to suggest that if blogdom survives the decade, so making those still 'doing it' in their teens (blogwise), that there will have been a supplanting of what we today call the mainstream press by those intelligent independants we now denigrate as 'mere' weblogs. Four promising medalists for this attentive marathon are Follow me Here, Wood's Lot, Booknotes and Dr. Menlo; the latter qualifying not by age but by sex - I mean moxie of course.

I just got a message


Those promulgating the war on ourSelves would deny, nay denigrate, calumniate, and besmirch work/play (plork?) such as An Amateur Qualitative Study of 48 2C-T-7 (a fairly novel entheogenic compound) Subjective Bioassays.
"Created by Dr. Alexander Shulgin, 2C-T-7 is properly known as 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine. [4] 2C-T-7 is a phenethylamine compound like mescaline and MDMA.

Not one person reported the same experience as another. This is the true blessing of the subjective bioassay. The subjective bioassay tells us that we must always take into account the differences in physiology and rates of molecular metabolism as well as rates of recognition of semiotic pattern. Indeed, we are all unique and one of a kind."
In aid of those who may be inclined to directly experience the acuity, Sputnik could have The Foolproof.....Culture Technique as a pre-orbital booster manual.
"Because the vision that is received through P. cubensis appears to be so consistent across multiple people, I am inclined to believe that it is an actual, useful view of the way the universe is organized."
In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual experience through psychoactives
1. The LSD consciousness includes everyday consciousness, yet the everyday consciousness does not include the LSD consciousness.
2. It may be impossible to prove the validity of the higher state using tools evolved in the lower, normal, state such as logic and language. This limitation of the normal state does not invalidate the higher state.
Bruce G Charlton MD suggests that we live in an age of endemic psychopathology, one reason being the mismatch between stone age brains and silicon age culture. Psychopharmacology and the human condition
"Human happiness under modern conditions is neither expected, nor necessarily adaptive - partly because ancient instincts are operating upon modern stimuli, partly because biological 'adaptiveness' works towards enhancing reproduction rather than personal satisfaction, and partly because humans have devised non-adaptive ways of getting happy."
The dearth of open-minded investigation certainly means death for many. Just as the 'war on ourSelves' is an utterly wrongheaded approach to neurochemical self-adjustment, the disease concept that underlies current treatment paradigms is the antithesis of a sensible response to overuse of these substances. Stanton Peele asks Why Are People So Upset With This Retiring Philosopher?, in his review of the controversy surrounding Herbert Fingarette, Radical Revisionist.
"The alcoholism field actually resembles a dysfunctional home dominated by alcoholic parents where irrationality becomes the norm, where those inside the home, even those who don't behave this way themselves, accept the crazy way things are done as normal, and where those who blunder in from outside get out as quickly as they can."
I believe it is vital for our balanced (and our species') health that we take an honest, unbiased, scientific and comprehensive look at entheogens. In The Philosophy Behind the Writing of Pihkal Dr. Sasha Shulgin provides perhaps the most passionate defense of psychedelics to date. Caution, page may take a bit to load but it's the only place I could find this great essay.
"I understood that our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit. We may choose not to find access to it, we may even deny its existence, but it is indeed there inside us, and there are chemicals that can catalyze its availability.

It is now a matter of history that I decided to devote whatever energies and skills I might possess to unraveling the nature of these tools for self-exposure. It has been said that wisdom is the ability to understand others; it is the understanding of yourself that is enlightenment."
This book will be different things to different people. There has never been a work like it...


Big Bang Cosmology and Atheism - Why the Big Bang is No Help to Theists is a criticism of the Theist logic:
1.Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
2.The universe began to exist.
3.Therefore, the universe has a cause."
by means of scientific cosmology.
"But the more important point is this: not only is there no evidence for the theist's causal assumption, there's evidence against it. The claim that the beginning of our universe has a cause conflicts with current scientific theory. The scientific theory is called the Wave Function of the Universe. It has been developed in the past 15 years or so by Stephen Hawking, Andre Vilenkin, Alex Linde, and many others. Their theory is that there is a scientific law of nature called the Wave Function of the Universe that implies that it is highly probable that a universe with our characteristics will come into existence without a cause. Hawking's theory is based on assigning numbers to all possible universes. All of the numbers cancel out except for a universe with features that our universe possesses, such as containing intelligent organisms. This remaining universe has a very high probability - near 100% - of coming into existence uncaused."
Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do (The Only Chapter In This Over-Long Book You Need To Read)
"There's no need to accept the validity of all these arguments; the validity of any one is sufficient reason to wipe away all the laws against consensual activities."
The Cosmogonicon - A Postmodern Cosmography by John P. Lynch, Jr. does rather require forging ahead through all seven chapters and conclusion. Attentive tenacity pays off though, and could even produce transient, I'm afeared feelings of hope.
"The Humans of Terra, the alternative ultrameme which includes the Confederation of Terra (the Society megameme with Alto-Confucianism, Democratic Anarchy, Egalitarian Socialism, and Secular Gnosticism) and Homo Maturus (the Knowledge megameme with Gnosis reunited with Philosophy, Science, and Technology), is offered here to replace our suspended state of reality in the globalizing and constructivist postmodern era, and allow a new era of cooperation to begin. It will probably not take the world by storm. Even if it was to become the global ultraparadigm, it would not happen over night. The birthing process is long and painful. Confucianism did finally succeed in changing China, but only after the Period of Warring States. The question then becomes how to implement the new ultrameme so it has the best chance of success."
Psychohistory: Childhood and the Emotional Life of Nations is a tour-de-force. Lloyd deMause brings our world to the couch, and boy do we need therapy!
"The purpose of this book is to reveal for the first time how the ultimate cause of all wars and human misery is the parental holocaust of children throughout history--an untold story of how literally billions of innocent, helpless children have been routinely killed, bound, battered, mutilated, raped and tortured and then as adults have inflicted upon others the nightmares they themselves experienced.

Most of what you will read here will be new, upsetting and difficult to believe, despite the extensive historical, anthropological, clinical and neurobiological evidence I will present. But after you read it I think you will be able to understand for the first time why what Kierkegard called "the slaughterbench of history" happened, where we are today in the evolution of humanity and what we can do tomorrow to bring about a peaceful, happier world."
four American group-fantasy cycles have been drawn for the past two centuries of American history, each consisting of four phases: (1) Innovative, (2) Depressed, (3) Manic and (4) War.


I have been doing abuddhas memes for three years now! Woah.

A dear friend currently residing in the south but of auroral northern spirit sent me a pointer to an Unusual Photograph, which I immediately associated with the nefarious military experiments ongoing in Alaska. Rather than HAARP on about it, I want to find out about Dr. Bernard Eastlund, patent holder of this technology.
"In the future, Dr. Eastlund's technologies will change our planet. Electrical energy will be available everywhere, without the need for transmission lines. Disasters from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes will be minimized, climates will be made milder, and food production will be enhanced by illuminated skies and ample rainfall. Global communication will be inexpensive. Critical ozone will be replenished. And, most importantly, nuclear weapons will have been made obsolete by the abilities to detect and destroy enemy installations. Terrorism will also be made much more difficult. In short, Eastlund's discoveries provide inexpensive energy and an end to draught and hunger-- the major causes of human violence.

But these humane applications are still in the future. Eastlund's patents remain under the control of the military industrial complex. We are more likely to see an instantaneous "death ray," or mass "mind control" mechanisms, before Eastlund's discoveries make the planet a better place to live."
First fruit of this intrigue tree is that, despite the highly sensitive and thoroughly questionable nature of his work, Dr. Eastlund's company openly promotes - Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation
"ESEC has recently completed a contract with the European Space Agency to review the weather modification potential of the HAARP facility in Alaska and to perform numerical simulations of tornado suppression with high power electromagnetic radiation produced with Solar Power Satellites. Two papers, available below, have been published.

Some of the highlights contained in these reports are:
MISSILE SHIELD ANTENNA (terrawatt phased array antenna)
Vandalism In The Sky
"HAARP experimenters do not impress common sense Alaskans such as Barbara Zickuhr, who says "They're like boys playing with a sharp stick, finding a sleeping bear and poking it in the butt to see what's going to happen.""
The real action is happening at Poker Flats, near Fairbanks. This government web site General Information about the HAARP Program tells us all we are allowed to know. Again, where is the mega-press on a story that is surely of global proportion and significance.
"HAARP is developing an extensive set of diagnostic instrumentation to support ionospheric research at auroral latitudes, to characterize the processes produced in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere by high power radio waves and to 'ASSESS THE POTENTIAL OF IONOSPHEREIC MODIFICATION TECHNOLOGY FOR DOD APPLICATIONS'."

Every once in a while I find (or, in this case, am led to by referrer stats) a weblog that rekindles my fading with age?? embers of outrage; and sparks my interest with yummy link-steaks (medium rare with a piquant sauceiness). Sassafrass Log exudes the gamut of vital attentive char while maintaining quick wit and finger-linky goodness. Happily slid to the left.
"Yes, IN-Q-Tel (ed. COINTELPRO squared) is a project by the dreaded "them!" It's a chilly wind indeed that blows our direction from Ground Zero, but it's been blowing a long time."
Reprinted without any permission but with abject dufference to Robert Anton Wilson, and by way of Reboot!, witness the Perils of Cocaine Abuse
"Two recent political leaders allegedly had this nefarious habit.
Both came to power after dubious elections, by non-electorial and irregular methods.
Both nations immediately experienced attacks on famous public buildings.
Both blamed an ethnic minority before forensics had any evidence.
Both led "witch-hunts" against the accused minority.
Both suspended civil liberties "temporarily."
Both put the citizenry under surveillance.
Both maintained secret and clandestine governments.
Both launched wars against most of the world.
One had a funny mustache. Can you name the other one?"
One of the superfluous downloads that filled my accumulative drive last month was HB4 - HardBall 4 - d'ya remember that great arcade baseball game from the turn of the 80's/90's that sucked up yer quarters? Anyway, this is just a spurious way of preluding my opinion that the spirit of baseball is hiding in the minor leagues; and more particularly in Canada, the true home of modern "rounders".

Baseball has perhaps the most grand literary tradition of any sport, and this is because baseball is undeniably that perfect combination of skill, altruism and greed that, to those who Taoistically grok It, pulls perfect possibility from chaotic opportunity. An American Werewolf from Wabash
"Kuhn bought the team when it was fading fast in the Kalamazoo, Michigan cityscape. A year later, he moved the team to Canada, where the team is thriving."

With such subheadings as Defocused Attention, Flat Associative Hierarchies, and Conceptual Fluidity, Liane Gabora takes us on a pub crawl through ouriginal nether-lands. We next awaken to realize that The Beer Can Theory of Creativity makes perfect sense.
"For the recurring example used in this chapter, I did not chose Einstein or Mozart but an everyday individual, a graphic designer at a Brewery, to emphasize the point that everyone is creative. Every inkling in every mind alters, however minutely, the structure of a worldview which, through the spoken word, the holding of hands, etc., interacts with other worldviews, and is part of a vast chain of worldviews evolving through space and time. Nevertheless it is interesting to ask: was Einstein a seven-pack? Or was he a regular six pack like most of us, but one in which the plastic thingy melted and resolidified in a truly exceptional way?"
Trust Insurgent to get me back on anarchist track by act of creathaotic Googlism. Jared James, Getting Free - A Sketch of An Association of Democratic, Autonomous Neighborhoods And How to Create It -- And Other Essays -- Plus An Annotated Bibliography in English for the Libertarian Left
"The main purpose of this essay is to try to persuade revolutionaries to shift the sites of the anti-capitalist struggle, and to select new battlefields. I identify three strategic sites for fighting - neighborhoods, workplaces, and households - which I believe will not only enable us to defeat capitalists but also to build a new society in the process."
Attempting my own version of Googlingus, I may now bring you, dearest reader, to an orgasmic grand personification of the infinity of space preceding creation of the universe; courtesy of Tim Leary. The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos
"In the last decades of the twentieth century, scientists began to study the complexity within the human brain.

Talk about Chaos ! It turns out that the brain is a galactic network of a hundred billion neurons. Each neuron is an information system as complex as a mainframe computer. Each neuron is connected to ten thousand other neurons. Each of us is equipped with a universe of neurocomplexity that is inscrutable to our alphanumeric minds.

This brain power is at once the most humiliating fact about our current ignorance, and the most thrilling prospect of our potential divinity; once we start learning how to operate our brains."
Blotting up the dose of synaptic fluid that I leaked with the discombobulatory nature of today, what with the time change and serendipitously blogical web trawling, and retreating to more prosaic surroundings, I now present The Collectivity After the Abolition of the Universe and Time - Escaping from Social Science; by the one and second Henry A. Flynt, Jr..
"1) Societies don't have selves.

2) To recognize diverse and relative contributions at the level of societies can only mean taking successful myths as the topic.

The scope of "choice" includes the possibility of shaping your loyalties. Such shaping of loyalties covers

-reconceiving effectiveness and gratification;
-reconceiving the purpose of life;
-reconceiving the arena of action."

An absolutely superb resource, engineered by the American Institute of Physics, is Exhibits and Online Source Materials for History of Physics and Allied Fields. A journey from Marie Curie to Andrei Sakharov, this collection demonstrates the web at it's best - minimalist, easy, fast, and chock full of neuronummy goodness.
"[1] The division of mankind threatens it with destruction... Only universal cooperation under conditions of intellectual freedom and the lofty moral ideals of socialism and labor, accompanied by the elimination of dogmatism and pressure of the concealed interests of ruling classes, will preserve civilization...

[2] The second basic thesis is that intellectual freedom is essential to human society -- freedom to obtain and distribute information, freedom for open-minded and unfearing debate and freedom from pressure by officialdom and prejudices. Such a trinity of freedom of thought is the only guarantee against an infection of people by mass myths, which, in the hands of treacherous hypocrites and demagogues, can be transformed into bloody dictatorship. Freedom of thought is the only guarantee of the feasibility of a scientific democratic approach to politics, economics and culture."
I am going to promulgate a crisis of the mind, proceed at risk of your self.
"Our minds, it seems, are not well equipped to understand how they themselves work. You, in fact, may at first be very confused or distracted, or suddenly get tired as you read this, or even get angry just from reading these words. Although right now you may think this statement absurd, those feelings and symptoms are actually the defense mechanisms of mind viruses. They have evolved to be very protective of the parts of your mind they have stolen, and any attempts to cleanse yourself of them can trigger reactions.

If you experience one or more of these reactions while reading this book, don't worry: the reaction will pass if you ride it out. If you do, you'll be rewarded with a powerful tool for your future and the future of humanity."
Scott's Excellent Adventure in Nigeria


Recently mentioned J.R. Mooneyham, whose WebFlux is now part of my readerly flow, has put together an evolving compendium of techniques and technologies which may significantly improve life for minimal cost in many places (if not all) worldwide. Living Well Within Our Memes: The Best Ideas for Obtaining the Essentials of Modern Human Sustenance for Minimal Cost
"Algae can be made to produce substantial quantities of hydrogen gas by way of photosynthesis. This breakthrough means valuable high quality and pollution-free fuel may be generated with a combination of water and sunlight."
A Transhumanist Perspective on Human Genetic Enhancements, by Nick Bostrom, broaches discussion on a topic most would like to ignore. Ignore-ance is no defense, and this essay is sure to raise offended hackles.
"Supposing, then, that we agree with the transhumanist view that we ought to go forward with genetic enhancement of humans in some manner, how should we go about it? This question leads to a host of interesting and constructive issues about how best to proceed."
Skepticism and Naturalism: Can Skepticism be Scientifically Tested? is an alternate take on the same fundamental issues. Dr. Mark Walker's argument develops the naturalistic insight that there may be no particular reason to suppose that nature has selected Homo sapiens' epistemic capacities such that we are ideally suited to forming a true theory of everything, or indeed, a true theory of much of anything.
"If the argument here is correct, then skepticism is intimately intertwined with arguably the most profound question which humanity must face: ought we to take charge of our own cognitive destiny or do we continue to be directed by the forces of natural selection?"
Many resources for those of extropian bent may be had at the Extropy Institute Resource Directory. Rife with conception challenging material, in this essay Daniel Dennet asks Did HAL Commit Murder?
"In other words then, if a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent. There are several theorems which say almost exactly that. But these theorems say nothing about how much intelligence may be displayed if a machine makes no pretence at infallibility."
(Turing, 1946, p.124)

Canada ranked a mere 26th in this Mother Jones look at U.S. arms sales worldwide. There is something very strange about this... , let's see, who's number 1? - with a bullet. Arms Around the World stop hugging, it hurts
"It was the early 1990s and then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton was on the campaign trail making promises: "I expect to review our arms sales policy and to take it up with the other major arms sellers of the world as a part of a long-term effort to reduce the proliferation of weapons." "
I've often caught Radio Netherlands on CBC latenight, but never thought to seek out their webhome / newslog. Wereldomroep
"The UN Security Council will meet soon to decide on the future of the Western Sahara. This stretch of desert in North Africa has been the scene of an intense struggle between Morroco, which controls the region, and the Polisario, which wants independence."
Jan Lundberg, founder of Culture Change magazine, has a go at private property and the false security it offers. Private Property: Insecurity amidst overpopulation
"The walls of the universities and of the houses will crumble and not be rebuilt. They are unsustainable, and are only necessary in a self-defining culture. The alternative is being created in front of everyone's eyes, but is invisible in the mounting petroleum haze and the blindness of materialism."
It would be meaty and righteous to grok a history of those we will do. Erroneously called The Cradle of Civilization, which we all know to be an inner no-spime neurochemically lit with projected insight, Iraq - History and Culture from Noah to Present is quite concise and well hyperized.
"Although he was a successful military leader and administrator, Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC) is primarily remembered for his codification of the laws governing Babylonian life. Under Hammurabi the two cultures which compose Mesopotamian civilization [the Assyrians and the Babylonians] achieve complete and harmonious fusion."
You Are What They Ate: A Brief Survey of Entheogenic Foods and Their Possible Roles in Human Evolution is just part of The Infinite Mushroom. Quite.
"Oral Cannabis ingestion seems to have reached a peak during the Victorian era, where it was consumed in the form of candy, butter, or jelly. An entire genre of Victorian literature is based on these expereinces."
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