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I had intended to focus on something entirely more edifying but somehow got slimeballed. I suppose I can blame it on the BBC, who brought back to attention the unsavory goings-on perpetrated by our intelligence communities. Twenty reported dead in Colombian clashes.

I could feel bilious verbs and other anthropomorphized grammatical projections starting to well up from that place within that harbors intolerance of intolerance; that soundlessly screams Why?. AmeriCanada is awash with drugs to order. We wage war on the farmer, the kitchen staff and the servers, and yet expect our meal to still arrive in a timely and tasteful manner.

Tracking The CIA Through Snowdrifts Of Drugs is a wrap-up of the CIA-Drugs Symposium hosted at Eugene, Oregon last summer. As Representative Peter DeFazio then said: Unfortunately, the intelligence establishment is given vast deference by many of my colleagues, which has led to little accountability and virtually toothless oversight by Congress.
"US financial interests, he (Mike Ruppert) diagnosed, "protect, create, and arm both sides of the conflict so they can profit from both sides. We have the best enemies that money can buy."
Can the dupe really be so grand? Is it possible that highly complex systems, measured from the institutional to the individual, by virtue of competing internal interests are played for, and play at, fools? Guise for Murder
"The CIA bears some responsibility for drug trafficking in the Magdalena Valley since it supported rightist counterinsurgency forces that run drugs. But the CIA has also helped combat drug trafficking in Colombia. In other words, different units within the agency have pursued contrary goals.

Colombia is not the only place where CIA elements appear at odds with one another. In Peru, the CIA coordinates its counterdrug efforts through the office of the powerful intelligence chief, Vladimiro Montesinos—even though DEA special agents have produced no fewer than 49 different intelligence reports about Montesinos and his suspected narcotics smuggling. It's no wonder that CIA counterdrug efforts in Peru have failed."
I do promise to avoid the "drugs" issue for a while now. There is so much wonder to wander about and I want to be (t)here, now. As a last kick at the can of worms that is our anserine feast, I have copied a list of words and phrases that could be included in any correspondence. If employed by enough people, the ability of the intelligence communities to do any meaningful interception would be severely limited. JAM ECHELON


An analogy drawn between the (hard or soft) Anthropic Principle and evolutionary selection is at the core of Evolution in the Multiverse, a short but vital essay by Russel K. Standish.
"The Anthropic Principle is a statement that the universe we observe must be consistent with the existence of us as observers. In the all universes hypothesis, the anthropic principle acts to select those universes that are ``interesting'', i.e. capable of supporting self aware consciousness."
By way of the erudite and bang-on-objurgate Ethel the Blog I learned of Richard Evans Schultes' passing. This is indeed sad, and causes me to reflect on the still (mostly) intact biodiversity of my Yukon home. I am going to make a project of investigating who is doing what research in this (local) area and will post what I find as it enters my consciousness (erk). In this essay the Wise Ethnobotanist (a Shamen by any other name...) describes The importance of ethnobotany in environmental conservation.
Theodor Koch-Grunberg, 1910
"Hardly five years have gone by since my last visit ... Whoever comes here now will no longer find the pleasant place I once knew. The pestilential stench of a pseudocivilization has fallen on the brown people who have no rights. Like a swarm of annihilating grasshoppers, the inhuman gang of rubber barons continues to press forward. The Columbians have already settled in at the mouth of the Kuduyari and carry off my friends to the death-dealing rubber forests. Raw brutality, mistreatment and murder are the order of the day. On the lower Caiary, the Brazilians are no better. The Indian villages are desolate, their homes have been reduced to ashes and their gardens, deprived of hands to care for them, are taken over by the jungle.

Thus a vigorous race, a people endowed with a magnificent gift of bright intellect and gentle disposition will be reduced to naught. Human material capable of development will be annihilated by the brutality of these modern barbarians of culture."
Thought Contagion News 2000a: Old Works, New Works, and Terminology brings us recent neurofectious mutations as we continue to explore the relation between biology and consciousness.
"An amino acid is just a prion's way of making another prion."

"In 1997 The Oxford English Dictionary apparently took note of both the early profusion of definitions and the recent shifting of definitions to come up with a very broad definition for meme. By that usage, some thought contagions are "memes," some thought contagions are not memes; some "memes" are thought contagions, and some "memes" are not thought contagions."
Life, The Multiverse and Everything: an introduction to the ideas of Humberto Maturana
"Maturana defines the living as 'autopoietic'. Autopoiesis is a very particular type of organization characterised be a recursive self-production where it is impossible to distinguish the product, producer or production. It is this recursive self-production which constitutes the so called 'organizational closure' of the living system."
Eleven years after it's initial publication, and replete with disclaimers, A Declaration of War - Killing People To Save Animals And The Environment is Screaming Wolf (we hope) crying wolf. A poignant counterpoint to the news-verted scenes of bovine extermination. Wouldn't ya know, but as soon as I linked to this page it was removed. hmm. Here's the googly-cached memory.
"This is a glimpse into the world of animal liberation terrorism. We suspect that the life and message of a 'Liberator' will be a difficult one for most people to understand. But we feel that the public has a right to have this information. After all, if the 'Liberators' continue to carry out their tactics, it may be a matter of life and death."
Cows With Guns
my cat killed a mouse, eaten by dog...now, where's that moose?

Every day the drug war rages, thousands more lives are disrupted or ruined, all needlessly. Maybe remembering that fact is the best way (to) keep in mind the importance, the profound urgency, of the goals for which we labor and strive.

The hegemonic Excited States, always right even when being left behind in the dust of our actual understanding, continues an insane course of putting non-violent offenders in jail. Why are we waiting for the inevitable break in the pressure vessel of intolerance? There is one quick, sure way to end the madness. I will even arrange the statement for Shrub to make:

"All self-administered psychoactive substances are, effective immediately, de-criminalized. All those in jail for non-violent drug offences will be freed. We will make the transition from enforcement to harm reduction and quality regulation with all possible haste. We will facilitate, in all ways possible at the federal level, to ensure alternative employment for those displaced, encouraging reconciliation and appropriate reassignment."

And so on..., the affirmation continuing in like fashion brings the nation to tears with realization that the nightmare of institutionalized intolerance is finally over. The mixture of fear and joy does result in some few anomolous psychotic episodes, mostly on the part of individuals and groups within now defunct draconian institutions like the DEA. In general though the world settles easily into a courageous new Age of Tolerance, and within a few short years the redistribution of wealth from the tri-oligarchical* patrimony to the general holonomy ushers in a true Age of Reason. Now, about alcohol...erk
*big business, big government, organized crime
"After 5,000 US troops come to Thailand next month to participate in joint military exercises, a small group will stay behind to act as "instructors" for newly formed Task Force 399, a 500-man anti-drug unit manned by Thai Special Forces, two infantry companies and Thai Border Police."
The National Drug Strategy Network contains a bevy of links provided by DRCNet, which led me by infogravitational attraction to Drugs and Human Rights ; a vital part of Human Rights Watch.
"A black eligible for a life sentence for drug offenses was five times more likely to receive it than an eligible white; as a consequence blacks received 98 percent of the life sentences imposed for drug offenses."
While I do not live there, California resonates deep within the collective undercurrent that informs my present. Drug Use and Justice: An Examination of California Drug Policy Enforcement, October 2000 is an amazing, disgusting, riveting explosion on the statistics of dis-order. If the "ten years ahead" cultural myth has any truth to it at all, we are in a dire spot at a time when the chronic malaise becomes a critical dis-ease. We can see the asteroid of fascism coming - now is the time to release protective memetic missives.
"During the past two decades California experienced a 25-fold increase in the number of drug offenders sentenced to state prison."

Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda: The Birth of Patriarchy and the Drug War is a book (here reviewed) that details an obviously significant research effort into the history, and perhaps more importantly the psychic transtemporality, of prohibition.
"Kannabis, as Professor Allegro teaches, is derived from Sumerian BI-US, 'erect,' and GAN, 'mushroom head' or 'penis.' It is related to Panacia, 'offerings of all kinds of fruits and cakes.' That is, kannabis is a Mycenaean sacramental name."
The Absolute Motion Institute asks a question for the ages: Dark Matter: WIMPs, MACHOs or Sacred Cows? As well as being a great historical overview of the various ways in which this problem has been approached, there is also a seditious plop of dis-equivalence just begging to be flushed.
"The underlying obstacle preventing the scientific community from solving the dark matter problem has nothing to do with a technological inability, but rather, an almost religious faith in the Equivalence Principle."
Time for a wake-up whack of Skepticism 101: A Love Affair With Reality , brought to us by the incredulous Scratching Post.
"The effect of misinformation creating doubt appears to be cumulative. That is to say, no matter where it originates, in consumerism, in how you value your job, in your trust of the political system, or your role as a parent, any doubt in one area will make other areas more doubtful as well. This is the stuff of anxiety and depression."
The Reality of Now by William Seager must be approached with gravity, lots of time, and _ space . A subject as immediately vital as this, that also requires logical interpretation (temporal orientation), may just be a cognitive non sequitur; and yet here I am.
Mickey Mantle: What time is it?

Yogi Berra: Do you mean right now?

Futurefeedforward announces a network link to the future. While aiming to $ell the pre-succeeding information to the highest supplicant, we are offered a review of their Temporal Networking ability. In only a few short years, according to this shocking (for Canadians and those of self-satisfied penile dimensions) prognostication, Microsoft Announces Handguns with Web Access.
"Ballmer also demonstrated the Kodak Gun-Cam, one of the many peripherals in the works. The small camera plugs into the e.Colt's USB port and gathers real-time footage through a patented down-the-sights view."
How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud? Well, I do know that within the confines of my relasphere a tire iron dropped on my foot hurts as much...; so a curse to the Sensorium of God for being relatively accurate. What Phil Holland and Raeto West are attempting here is to undress our assumptions, give them a shower of cleansing skepticism, a soak in a steamy cloud chamber, a dry with superliquid helium, and take us beyond the facade.
"In the popular mind, there is a firm link between Einstein and the mushroom cloud, encouraged by mediocre education, media, and science writers."
Regarding day-afore-yesterday's post I received a very polite yet pointed rebuttal to some stated and unstated implications of my anti-globalization stance. Zac made very salient observations that I feel impelled to digest here, rather than privately, as they really get to the crux of the issue; and I think I must get clear on these thoughts for myself.

Indeed, we, I, am responsible for aiding and abetting the direction and intensity of the movement toward centralized economic control. Every time I spend money on a product that is not local I add another farthing's worth to the accumulated thrust. The question is then, who has the controls of this massive snowballing aggregation of trans-locally directed wealth?

Me? I think we live in a reconfigured Industrial Age milieux where slavery has been abandoned within immediate sight, in sensible (business) favor of creating a small-er pool of energetic consumers able to do so with little guilt (out of presence, out of present attention), and a large-er ocean of cheap labor that has no chance of escaping the productive cesspit; if for no other reason than the earth's resources and environmental balance will not stand for it. To pretend/hope that we are heading toward some kind of trans-Gaian capitalist communalization is a polymoronic ideal.

Our leaders, business and political, are well aware of this inability to actually share the wealth. Instead of looking for realistic resolutions to our species' chronic problems however, the thrust is misapplied to the redirection of attention so that the consumptive fantasy may continue as long as possible. We think of economic growth as a good thing, with no attention to the underlying assumption of 'no end-point'. And yet we live within the gravity well of a self-contained galactic spacecraft whose life-support systems must be protected (now that we can) but cannot be controlled; and whose recycle-ability is a matter of time, often measured in geological scale.

Trade agreements are about how to use resources, not conserve them. Although proclaimed at election time, and repeated many times since, that Canada's water was "not on the table", the fact is that for it not to be so, we would have to abandon NAFTA - not impossible but highly improbable considering the impetus is strongly in the other, globalized, direction.

Does this mean that I'm advocating a protectionist alternative. Absolutely not. What I am trying to touch is a middle way of very decentralized, community-level control of resource useage combined with leadership that elucidates long-term sustainable goals and short-term realizable projects that enhance the general wellbeing. Business then returns to it's roots as something people do with each other for mutual benefit - whether globally, regionally, or locally.

To put an end to this protracted angle, here is an example of the complex holovision created by competing rather than co-operating interests. as John said, Imagine...
International Conflicts Related to Transboundary Water
"Social scientists say that institutions are routinized pattern of behavior creating stable expectations over time. These patterns are driven by values that over time are often latent and unexamined."
time is millennia, not million$

While my fellow Canabinadians, and myriad other highly foreign nationals (assuming they made it through the exclusive queue), are having their civil and human rights imperiously squashed by the Royal Constabulary, I am led to reflect on Aldous Huxley's statement:
"Only the vigilant can maintain their liberties, and only those who are constantly and intelligently on the spot can hope to govern themselves effectively by democratic procedures. A society, most of whose members spend a great part of their time, not on the spot, not here and now and in the calculable future, but somewhere else, in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical fantasy, will find it hard to resist the encroachments of those who would manipulate and control it."
Bread and Circuses, evinced in proper modern fashion, would be more than adequate to distract the vast majority from more than a passing glance at the rape of true liberal values by Bureaucrats of Illusion. Could be, but won't be because some brave souls recognize these "trade talks" for what they really are: Big Government and Big Business deciding how they will divide our resources, including human capital (us).

Having said that, so implicitly recognizing that civil disobedience is not only a right but sometimes an obligation, why did I not park my dog team, enable my motorized vehicular hardware, and head for Quebec?

Excuses come rapidly to mind in a vain attempt to amoeliorate the conspiring trio of poverty, hypocrisy, and distance from the fray. But the fact of the matter is that I, and most of us, are just where the corporations and bureaucrats want us to be.

Do our demonstrators need to get radical? You bet; after all this is full-on ideological warfare whether we recognize it as such or not - and how else will we wake from a self-possesed consumerist reverie but by being immersed in the lacrimator stench of fetid media-ocrity.
"People want a sense of belonging, security, equality, respect and personal development and freedom. These can be fulfilled best in socially supportive, democratic and egalitarian communities. The globalisation vision of the transnationals is not indifferent to these needs and aspirations, it is hostile to them."
Social Solidarity, Democracy and Global Capitalism , 1993 Porter Lecture by Gordon Laxer

In the process of describing A new revolution in physics, Russell K. Standish manages to convey both retrospective acknowledgement of understanding, and prospective realization of our own creation.
"Physics is but a branch of (machine) psychology''.
Bruno Marchal
David Deutsch clarifies with a Comment on "Many Minds' Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics by Michael Lockwood"
"The distinctive assertion of many-minds theories is that the universe perceived by any one mind is not an objectively separate 'layer' of the multiverse. It is merely the view of the multiverse from the perspective of that mind."
Become an Objectivist in Ten Easy Steps gives welcome relief in a parody that, if v(r)igorously inserted into B, then A, Rand(y) observations come.
"Do you want to become an Objectivist but do not have enough time and patience to read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged?"
Right about now would be a good time for a Reality Check. Buddy, Can You (spare a) Paradigm? is a great little essay that promotes a more prosaic rendering of the history, future, and current perceptions in the shifting sands of understanding.
"Quantization then arose from assumed commutation rules that were chosen based on what seemed to work. Similarly, the Schrödinger equation was derived from the classical Hamilton-Jacobi equation of motion. These were certainly major developments, but I maintain they were more evolutionary than revolutionary."

Videoecology is a rather dense book (excuse the pun) by an esteemed memeber (sic) of the Russian Duma. This mini-tome does make some good points about "agressive visual fields", invigorating walks in the forest, and the Automation of saccades as the basis of visual perception. Za Vas.
"Nystagmus. What does it mean?"
There are many deeply unfortunate effects of the war on ourSelves. One of the most diabolical because it is implicit, and one which causes untold collateral damage, is the quality of drugs available for those who would use them. Most know that heroin users face an uncertain cut, that ecstasy may actually be any number of analogues or even methamphetamine, but many marijuana smokers are unaware of the risks of an improperly prepared product. Marijuana Research Reviews is a collection of double-blind studies whose results are without exception negative toward the sacred herb - which if nothing else goes to prove that while the microbe, on the bug, on the tree may be a problem, science's micro-attention can not see the afforested beauty. There are however many scary fungi, molds and other dangers inherant with clandestinely produced wares.
"Aspergillus spores are found throughout the environment in soil, air, and vegetable matter, including tobacco and marijuana. However, smoking contaminated plant material, puts a concentration of the fungi directly into the lungs and blood stream placing smokers/ patients without intact immune systems at extreme risk."
Proposing a combination of common sense and technology, John R. Skoyles deconstructs the arguments for and against drug proscription, and asks for feedback on Drugs, rationality and smart cards .
"But modern technology in the form of smart cards allows a third option: partial prohibition: banning for some, and legal access for others."
HAARP Running at Full Power - Can be Easily Heard Around the World on Shortwave Radio. Has Space War Begun?
"Last summer's "failure" is exactly what a HAARP device is supposed to do; destroy the electronic controls of a vehicle so the second stage cannot separate from the booster."
Waking Up from the Economy of Dreams - or - The Intricate and Peculiar Torture of Taking One's Tech Company Bankrupt is Ben Goertzel's recounting of the Webmind journey. It can't be good for the economy or the species to have highly creative people chasing venture capital.
"The bottom line is, creative research is inherently inefficient – even if you have a basic plan for what you're doing, and you know what sorts of things you have to try, there still has to be room for a lot of experimentation."
Many thanks to Brent for bringing Entheogens and Psychotherapy, by Andrew Feldmar, to my attention. We do indeed suffer from psychophobia, a term coined by R.D. Laing to describe fear of our own and other people's souls.
"How close can I get to another person, without anybody getting hurt?"
Gustave Courbet, The Origin of the World, 1866
mid-April 2001 - can ya believe it?!

The BC Compassion Club was the first place I headed when there seemed to be a virtual media shut-down on Canada's new medical marijuana legislation. Now, I'm still not sure why this isn't getting due attention, but I am sure bureaucrats everywhere are smirking (damn their dis-funtionary scribblings!). BC Compassion Club Initial Reaction to Draft Regulations

Traditional Environmental Knowledge: Alienable or Inalienable Intellectual Property is a paper presented by Eugene S. Hunn to the VII International Congress of Ethnobiology. Incredibly tricky questions and grey shades of trust confront all those living and working in these ethical jungles.
"Inalienable property is in many ways the opposite of alienable property, certainly with respect to how its value is realized. To share alienable property is to be deprived of its value. Sharing inalienable property, however, enhances it value and the more widely it is shared the greater its value."
The Christ of Daoist Alchemy
gratuitous seasonal link
"Not only do we have the testimony of the adepts themselves (no texts from Jesus have come down to us), we have eyewitness testimony, second-hand reports of eyewitness testimony, third-hand garbled reports, the testimony of the adepts' opponents (there is no corresponding record from Jesus' enemies), and inscriptions (none of Jesus). Clearly, by the standards of evidence applied to the New Testament by apologists, Daoist adepts were ascending into heaven on a regular basis."
For some odd reason I just love to see how we look in retro-ante-spect. Daedalus - or Science and the Future. A paper read to the Heretics, Cambridge, on February 4th, 1923, by J.B.S. Haldane.
"I do not say that biologists as a general rule try to imagine in any detail the future applications of their science. The central problems of life for them may be the relationship between the echinoderms and the brachiopods, and the attempt to live on their salaries. They do not see themselves as sinister and revolutionary figures. They have no time to dream. But I suspect that more of them dream than would care to confess it."
A location-bar page-turner, Closed World is a book of extraordinary value. Putting our exclusionary cultural construct into perspective, we are led clearly, unequivocally, and ultimately irrevocably, to see - sort'a like a bad DMT journey in which the setting was divine, but the set mine(d). In the beginning was the switch... Computers made the closed world work simultaneously as technology, as political system, and as ideological mirage.
Artificial Intelligence, chapter 8
In the Theater of the Mind: Machines and Subjectivity in the Closed World, chapter 10
"Thus in the theory of discourse that informs this book, fictional forms do not merely and passively "reflect" political and social "realities." They are political and social realities, because they actively and directly participate in the ongoing construction of subject positions. In this sense, engineering projects, grand politico-military strategies, scientific theories, and fictional forms all generate discourses that are simultaneously political and personal, public and private, abstract and concrete, factual and fictional.

Ultimately, closed-world discourse represents the political logic of the cyborg. Seen against its backdrop, military support for cognitive research and artificial intelligence is part of the practical future of military power. The closed world, with its mathematical models, tactical simulations, and electronic battlefields, represents the form of politics and war for brains seen as computers and minds conceived as information processors."

Gary's Theory of Everything is at once the funniest and the most accurate exposition of idealist philosophy that I have read since James Keys' (GSB) Only Two Can Play This Game.
"Instead of a defined plane at which the Big Bang changes from a quantum event to deterministic evolution, picture a Big Bang distributed throughout all of space and time. That is, the plane separating the quantum event from the deterministic evolution is a multitude of tiny interfaces everywhere. Radioactive disintegrations that occur today (including some that are injurious to cats) are parts of the Big Bang still happening, and the "interface" is our observation."
Mooving along, Karen Kellock PhD suggests that my diet of moose and bannock (well, hamburger and potatoes more usually) is killing me; not only with artery-clogging goop but spirit-popping molecular over-excitement. RED: the Fruit Path to Spiritual Sanity is just part of a massive basket of raw fulmination - probably best picked clean, enjoyed with a sprinkle of s&p, and left behind with diarrheal aplomb and a tinker's damn.
"All psychology comes down to a clean bloodstream."
I doubt that many Angry White Guys With Guns would countenance berry much fruit - rapacious chokecherries perhaps. The Rise of Citizen's Militias by Daniel Junas is presented by the Covert Action Quarterly.
"These guys are dangerous and armed, some literally, some with a hatred so acid it consumes the fabric of society."
Zen ... And The Art Of Debunkery does an admirable job of double-checking our assumptions at the doors of perception.
"Always refer to unorthodox statements as "claims," which are "touted," and to your own assertions as "facts," which are "stated.""

On the razor's edge I tread with sure hope, understanding that my mere continuance goes against all probability; and so must be of magical incarnation. With the overwhelming pathology that co-habits my relesphere, surely I should have become raven food long ago. Biological Threats, as exposed to us by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, examines the gamut, from naturally occuring pathogens to biological terrorist weaponry. I'm going for a shower.
"Clear-cutting of forests in developing countries results in the introduction of new microbial species into human populations not previously exposed, leading to pandemics that quickly jump out of the region, growing, and ultimately--after several deadly years circling the globe--abate."
As the author informs: The purpose of this book is to show what a scientific theory of psychiatry should look like. Fascinating reading, though one has to manually change the chapters in the location bar as there is no apparent urlage. Future Psychiatry (.com!) is worth the effort - especially for it's Aussie directness.
"There is an ancient and universal notion that there is something we can add to or subtract from the diet which will cure all sorts or mental woes. In a sense, this is what biological psychiatry is all about, because underlying this belief is the concept that, even if there is an immortal and immaterial human soul which separates us from the beasts of the field, it has a very touchy stomach."
Murray - Counterespionage Consultants to Business and Government could be excused for not including people; after all I'm not gonna cut them a check! Spybusting is the game, and this site is the repository of rigged dice. Oh yeah, some pretty nifty headlines too...
"Government steps on Dung...
Vietnam arrests Pham Van Dung on espionage charge..."
Renegade in Babylon - Terrance McKenna and the Descent into Chaos
"I feel that the transformation of the human species is possible, not in the far future, but now," says McKenna, "Somehow we've become imprisoned by our expectations. Change will never happen until our expectations are de-conditioned. The change in thought must proceed the change in reality, and things need to start changing soon -- or we'll be dragged kicking into our own destruction. Then there'll be nothing, we can do, except maybe hang on and try not to scream."
J.R. Mooneyham tries to put some ist in the future and provides a bit of a counterpoint to McKenna's postulation of a singularity-type event in 2012. An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Future Technology and Social Change has a ring of plausibility, but is far too conservative in my opinion, as he places "... final elements fall into place to allow software-based human level intelligence to become widely available " in the period 2026-2049.
"....troops enjoy numerous micromachine-based aids and supplements; environmental decline due to pollution, accidents, terrorism, war, and excessive harvests becomes alarmingly obvious now, but business continues to actively lobby governments for minimal regulatory remedies."
bacteria just wanna have gum

Daniel C. Dennett investigates, in his own inimitable idiomatical implementation, The Role of Language in Intelligence .
"Comparing our brains with bird brains or dolphin brains is almost beside the point, because our brains are in effect joined together into a single cognitive system that dwarfs all others."
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography is a massive endeavor by David J. Chalmers. I can only attribute to serendipity, then, that I found myself returned to the elegantly spun words of Sri Dennett - this time with Marcel Kinsbourne, as they ex-temporize Time and the Observer.
"While this is a "theoretical" paper, it is addressed especially to those who think, mistakenly, that they have no theories and no need for theories. We shall show how uncontroversial facts about the spatial and temporal properties of information-bearing events in the brain require us to abandon a family of entrenched intuitions about "the stream of consciousness" and its relation to events occurring in the brain."
Gratitude to Stephen Jones and The Brain Project for allowing my various biles, phlegm, and sanguinity to enjoy renewed balance with the very well presented Galen's Humours.
"The fourth creek behind the head is common to the cerebral or little brain, and marrow of the back bone, the last and most solid of all the rest, which receives the animal spirits from the other ventricles, and conveys them to the marrow in the back, and is the place where they say the memory is seated."
What better way to get the week off to a co(s)mic start than the liquid reflexions of Spider Robinson: boosting morale in a society with plenty of time to complain .
"I think we need more lazy people. Most progress is made by lazy people. ... It's always the lazy ones who will think "There must be an easier way to do this." And those are the people who are responsible for all progress. They're invariably persecuted for it, and it serves 'em right."

We are (almost) (all) sick, y'know. Primary symptomatic relief, and on occasion effical (efficacious and ethical) cures, can be had by injestion of cannabinoids. Does this imply that we are, due to cultural as well as other factors, suffering from a deficiency similar to scurvy? That may be pushing the point somewhat, but the specialized cannabis-specific neuroreceptors suggest that we (co)evolved with marijuana as a mainstay in our herbacious shopping basket.

With the new Canadian marimedical mandate it may aid our next visit with the friendly family physician to refresh our (long-term) memories of all the beneficial properties attributed to the green goddess. A quasi-official overview courtesy of the NIH, Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana, or a more anecdote-accurate version by Kevin B Zeese and Common Sense for Drug Policy - Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana , provide essential information with which to enlighten the doctor-patient dialogue.
"Marijuana has long been recognized as having medical properties. Indeed its medical use predates recorded history. The earliest written reference is to be found in the fifteenth century B.C., Chinese Pharmacopeia, the Ry-Ya."
Inviting everyone to trans-seditious gardening delight is How To Grow Medicine , a rather hefty 5.1 meg. download in .pdf form. Spring is in the air, la, la, la, la, la.


While not going nearly far enough, and with the previous day's new anti-gang legislation providing sober counterpoint, Canada has become a world leader in decriminalizing the medical use of cannabis. Allan Rock, our beloved (unh huh) and pancrefreshed Solicitor General (chief law ma(r)ke(te)r), acknowledges that There have been concerns about the policy in the United States... Canada boost for medical marijuana
"Asked two years ago if he had used marijuana, Mr Rock - who spent a day with John Lennon in Ottawa in 1969 - said: "Not for medical purposes."
China's Technological Strategems from Jane's Intelligence Review

April, a beginning...

I won't tweedle you with the glory of it all - cabin (small house, really) in the bush surrounded by mountainous potential, canines free to roam whence their noses doth point, feline allowed outside again at long last (though I think I'll keep her in when the songbirds arrive); and to top off this cornucopiac environmental orgasm, it is still a local phone call to my ISP! Mind blowing when I think of it - from the middle of one of the last true wilderness areas on earth...I am home.

Each year with the arrival of spring I am drawn to the linguictures of Alan Watts. Especially apt this time around as I, too, can only wonder at The Joyous Cosmology while revelling in The Mountain Stream of consciousness.

Getting right down to anti-business at hand, somehow my mousie ran into the black hole of The American Religious Right. Subtitled Restoring Democracy After the Bush Coup, this is a broad-brush diatribe that illustrates innumerable inconsistancies and downleft diabolical dis-ease; as well as providing links to more right-dissin' writin' than any self-respectin' circle could read without gettin' squared.
"what used to be called liberal is now called radical;
what used to be called radical is now called insane;
and what used to be called reactionary is now called moderate.. or compasionate;
and what used to be called insane is now solid conservative thinking."
Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor of The Nation