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Below is linked a compendium of composition i created in the period 1989 - 1996. Though much of it is in need of polishing, revision or even rethinking, i believe it has an archival place; and i stand by the vision.
Naked Truth
this is the end

Those that claim knowlege of methods of reconciliation, a cure, are egotistical in their claim and deluded in their understanding. To preach "look, see the light, accept my/our way to salvation/ enlightenment..." is to further deepen the problem. From a primary illusion of separation, I actually exist in an illusion of separation from the illusory resolution to the primary separation.

"Let's put the question another way: is it really possible for time to end - the whole idea of time as the past - chronologically, so that there is no tomorrow at all? There is the feeling, the actual reality, psychologically, of having no tomorrow. I think that is the healthiest way of living."
J. Krishnamurti

The amazing thing is that when I am fully aware, I am fully amazed. This is not a condition that is in general encouraged.


abuddhas memes

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is concerned with trance-ending religion, ideology, isms and ists.
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