Richard Diefenbeck, Jr | Writer

I first knew I wanted to be a writer when my seventh-grade teacher in New Jersey read a story out loud that I wrote to all seven classes she had that day. And I first learned about that when some strange kid I didn’t know asked me as he passed me in the hallway: “Hey, how’s your leg?” Because in the story my leg gets macheted by a crazy Haitian who escapes from a detention center in Puerto Rico (I wasn’t really very culturally sensitive back then).


nice words

  • “If you like Warren Ellis, you will like the fiction of Dr. Menlo.”Philip Shropshire
  • “Very funny” — Cory Doctorow
  • “Man oh man, ‘Dr. Menlo.’ Now there’s an alternative blog. Kindness to animals, Seattle anarchists, nudism galore, SubGenius, anti-Bush black propaganda, jeez louise, Doc, that thing sure is happenin’.” — Bruce Sterling
  • “Ye fucking gods!! Are you nuts!? Those Jesuit bastards will eat you alive!” — Hunter S. Thompson


selected works

Malcolm | A Satire, Part One by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.
Malcolm, Part One | A Satire
by Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.
1.99 @ Amazon, approx. 122 pages

Acerbic space alien has less than 30 days to save Earth from global warming without killing anyone. Stupid humans!


shorts (as Dr. Menlo)