Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

I was born in Alaska but grew up on the US east coast. I came out to the magnificent PNW in ’95 and stayed — ‘cept for those three years I detoured to plant a subtropical food forest.

From the time I was a boy living in New Jersey, I always wanted to grow up and be a writer. Which I partly did while also going off in a thousand different directions. Not until last year did I realize I had a problem with attention deficit. Armed then with that knowledge and treatment, I dedicated the rest of my life (work-wise) to two things only: writing and web development.

Now all I do is write and code. This planet and all her beautiful creatures on it circa Holocene ain’t gonna save itself, people.

Moving anyone I can reach thru word and web to lean toward humanity developing and maintaining homeostasis with its environment is pretty much my life’s number one remaining mission.

You can read about my writing past and present, with links to selected works here.

My journey on the world wide web has been long, strange, wonderful and magical — and much of it has come as a complete shock and surprise to me. You can read about that here.*

* en route