drmenlo.com was founded in 2000 by Seattle-based writer and web developer Richard Diefenbeck, Jr.

Originally intended as a outlet for his online persona “Dr. Menlo,” he was soon joined on the domain by the blogging efforts of many more . . .

drmenlo.com - the archives

Eventually the blog age died down and all the mucking around on this domain returned to the sole province of its original progenitor.

top hits (of this domain, home to the world’s:)
* 1st picture blog
* 1st group political blog
* 1st erotica/nudes/’sex’ blog

original drmenlo landing page 2000

(original drmenlo landing page, 2000)

menlo histoire
drmenlo.com was launched in 2000 as a classic weblog using blogger.com CMS on Laughing Squid hosting.