Last Sunday on “60 Minutes” Chinese President Jiang Zemin was interviewed by Mike Wallace–Wallace got all holier-than-thou on Zemin about America’s “2 Party System”–showcasing Mike’s oncoming senility [the ‘2 Party System’ is a ONE PARTY SYSTEM, DUH–where debating is NOT ALLOWED] . . . also of note is the fact that while Wallace got all high and mighty over America’s ‘Democracy’–he never once asked Jiang Zemin about Tibet, or the Dalai Lama’s recent exclusion from the United Nations religious leaders convention [toy-girls and boys shipped in for that one!] . . . Especially after the numerous Police State tactics used against Human Rights Activists in Seattle, DC, Philly and LA [an Indy Media tv show was shut down by the cops and the corporate media didn’t even BLINK], can we really hold our ‘American Model of Democracy’ up to China’s and declare ourselves that much superior?

Case in point: Jiang Zemin referred to the Tianamen Square Democratic Protests as a “disturbance”. This morning on National Public Radio (possibly via local Seattle affiliate KUOW especially; I wuz just waking up), what were the Seattle Anti-WTO protests referred to as?

. . . a “disturbance.”