. . So my significant female friend now works at The Lusty Lady in Seattle. I am proud of her! . . .

“The Lusty Lady doesn’t look like a comforting place, a place to find yourself or harness your power. It looks like a peep-show . . . ”

–Erika Langley

. . . & via the Seattle Art Museum . . .

“There are no venues like this for women, this intersection of public sex and fast food. Sometimes I feel like a naked waitress—other times, a quarter-operated social worker. It’s not so unlike other jobs. I punch a time clock, look forward to my breaks, and then I go home. But I love it best when my friends and I are howling with merriment in the shadow of Hammering Man.

“I have yet to come up with a reason to quit. Ten or 12 hours a week I strap on some improbable shoes, and paint my lips pouty. The laughter of the ladies keeps me young, vibrant. I’ll never be sorry I took the Lusty’s dare.”–Erika


On Erika’s book in German & Espanol . . .

Here! Here! My honey works here! I am so proud of her!

. . . Her moniker, btw, is “Catwoman Natalia”–we are kindred spirits, me and her. I told her: “Well, if they would pay me to dance naked in front of a buncha masturbating women . . . I’d do it.”–we are kindred spirits in more ways than this, however . . . more soon.


Dancer’s POV:

San Francisco Lusty Lady Photo Series by Cammie Touloi