Nelson Mandela: “. . . towards the betterment of the life of all people all over the world” . . . via Virulent Memes.

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. . . didn’t Dick Cheney vote against letting Nelson Mandela outta jail? Didn’t Cheney also vote against placing economic sanctions on South Africa? . . . Of course, those very same economic sanctions which were placed on South Africa way back when which helped to end apartheid would be illegal today under the WTO–which ‘both’ parties wholeheartedly support. Cheney also voted against the Clean Air and Clean Water Act–who could be against clean air and clean water? (Of course that’s anti-clean air and water for the poor people–obviously, his family will always have clean air and water.)

. . . Now how could a racist, anti-clean air and water Good Ole’ Boy rise so far in America? How, indeed.